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Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

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I learnt a new word today! And I'm sure it's not impossible, someone managed to tame a Saevion before. I'm not so sure about Agony's friend-making skills though.......

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Sorry again guys for taking so long. I just found out there some technical difficulties at my internship, so no computer for me to work on. Ill get stared on a post (since the universe has given me this reprieve). also my jaw has healed for the most part so my last post about my schedule is in effect again.

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T-the Cyclops is deeply offended at Karuna's continued racial slurs.

It's also wearing a necklace inset with Ercaniron, a metal known for chaotically affecting and destabilizing magic.  Did this Cyclops collect it himself, reaped from a fallen foe or a hidden stash?  Do Cyclops tribes give them to warleaders or to exiles?  There are many questions indeed.

But for now, I'm going to roll a d6 in the die roll thread to see the result of the slush pit using this simple chart:

1. No change at all

2. Magic effectiveness is enhanced

3. Magic effectiveness is diminished

4. Imbues weapon instead

5. Imbues Cyclops instead

6. Imbues caster instead

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Dang Karuna's lucky.  Got a 6.  😓

This means the pit won't do much to the club at all, but Karuna will get quite a boost.  Maybe in the form of temporary geomancy mastery, or a suit of mud/slush armor even the Cyclops would have trouble breaking through.  However you wish to play it.

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