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Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

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So Obtenebra is likely going to lap up that blood sprayed on it due to its gluttony. What would consumption of said blood do under usual circumstances? Obtenebra is ancient and has a formidable digestive system and defenses but I want to make sure I play things right since that doesnt mean it will be void of any affect.

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The blood from the Admiral wouldn't do much I'd think.  The only thing stopping the Admiral reforming is Lunara's active suppression of her eternal nature.  When Lunara moves on, the Admiral will respawn with her blood like anyone else (though she's lost the rights to act or make decisions outside of the 'herd').  If she were still Lirrey's Avatar, it would probably have more effect.  Drinking Lirrey Star's blood directly is the big one.

So at most maybe a mild taint?  Obtenebra might feel a greater need to comply to HOA standards and improve Lirrey's community as a whole.

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