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Landing at the bottom of the pit, the daemonslayer surveyed the area once again, always alert, only tilting his head slightly in response to Jinsoku as he landed and voiced his concerns.

"Depends on how smart they are." James breathed. "I'm sure they at least know we're down here" The pair of them hadn't been exactly subtle. 

After making sure the immediate area was at least clear, James muffled and blew out his torch, and held out his other hand, his right hand. His ki ignited, and swirled about in his palm, and after another few heartbeats, coalesced into a shining sphere, a small ball of fire not unlike that of a miniature sun in its brilliance, James's Sunsphere technique, and it lit up the area much better then his torch.

"But it doesn't matter how smart or how many there are. They are a threat to the civilian populace. We kill every last one that gets in our way."  James ended with his voice hard and uncompromising. There was more then like some type of ambush ahead, but it was their job to walk straight into the teeth of it if they had to. 

In the next moment however, it would seem as if that ruthlessness had disappeared as James casually reached into his pockets and pulled out, and put on a pair of ruby-shaded sunglasses. "Pop quiz Jin, lets see how scholarly you've been, how would you usually deal with an infestation in a cave system?" he asked as he led the way. 

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Following his Master without being too close or too far from him. He had been under his guidance and teachings for long enough at this point that little ever surprised him anymore when it came to James. From philosophies to nut checks, Jinsoku had been physically and mentally put through a crucible, in which the blacksmith that was his Master had tempered and folded his mettle into one of the finest blades on could ever hope to become.

"Typically in cave infestations, the key is to locate, identify, and destroy all the hives hidden within the cave system itself. Failure to eradicate all hives leads to re-infestation."

His answer was certain, precise. He needn't even the time to consider his words in this instance, for he was certain that this was the right answer. He found himself curious to know his Master's thoughts in comparison. Would he agree with him, or would he yet again ultimately surprise him with superior opinion that yet again would warp his perception even the slightest. It was about then that the putrid scent of dried blood and decay began to assault their senses. Despite the superior light provided by his master, Jinsoku kept his torch lit and continue to host it readily, in case it once again, suddenly, became necessary. Random patches of old dry blood started to appear on the ground beneath them, their patterns indicating that something or someone had been dragged through the corridor. Random splatter of both humanoid blood and otherwise unidentifiable origin painted the walls around and even above them, telling the tale of skirmishes past. Still, nothing seemed to be fresh. Perhaps the hunts died down as more and more warriors became lost in the caverns, never to be seen or heard from again.

"I know the blood is obviously blood, but what about this bile looking crud? Perhaps it's some sort of monster blood, certainly doesn't look like human waste that I've ever scene."

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