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House Uldwar

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|The Noble House of Uldwar|

This is the Noble House of Uldwar, who are known by many for their ability in waging war. Each patriarch of House Uldwar is an accomplished warrior, leading the next generation into glory and valor.


A black circle with a black sword inside the circle standing upright, with a golden ribbon wrapped around the blade in a red field.


In combat we are whole.


|Rank, Reputation, & Advancement|


Signing up is simple, though a deep background check is required for those not born in the family. If you are considered trustworthy, you will be allowed to remain within the group, and given special assignments for a chance to advance through the ranks.

|Allies and Enemies|

Primary Location: An island on Ursa Madeum
— Allies:
— Enemies:
— Neutral Parties:

Goals and Activities
To advance the status of the House of Uldwar and to prove themselves as a superior military power.

House Uldwar Rises: Leading the charge against a group of radicals loyal to the dead regime of the Tyrant King, Oscar proves his loyalty to the Taen empire. Now House Uldwar prepares its new home in Misral, where many more challenges await him.

Current Plans

To establish their land holdings and to develop their own private property.

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Children of House Uldwar

Henry Uldwar: 22 years old, blonde of hair and blue eyed, he was the pride and joy of his father, Oscar Uldwar. Trained in the art of war and tactics, he squired under various knights, many of which were under employ by his father. One day though, during their battle with the Taen empire, a poisoned arrow struck Henry through a chink in his armor. No efforts could be made to treat him on the battlefield, and he died in the arms of the knight sworn to protect him at all costs, Sir Gerald Ultin.



Godric Uldwar: Eighteen years old, blonde of hair and blue eyed. Now the eldest son of his father, Oscar Uldwar, after his brother Henry died in battle, much was expected of the young lordling. Unable to cope with the pressure being put on him as well as still grieving for his late brother, Godric left the family to make his own name. Now out in the world by himself, he seeks personal glory and recognition for his talents.



Illyana Uldwar: Twenty years of age, blonde haired and blue eyed, she is the eldest daughter of Oscar Uldwar. So utterly disgusted by the violence of her family legacy, she has devoted herself to a life of pacifism and healing. Her talent has grown to such lengths that she has risen to the sole caretaker of her family's health, but still she feels bitter about the legacy her name carries with it.



Mia Uldwar:  Sixteen years old, black of hair and green eyes, second eldest daughter of Oscar Uldwar. Mia struggles with being recognized by her father, Oscar, and believes he does not see the strength she holds within. Determined to show her worth, she secretly trains with a sword and shield, under the watchful tutelage of Sir Gerald Ultin. It is her dream to embody all that is House Uldwar.




Luis Uldwar: Fourteen years old, black of hair and blue eyed, he is the third eldest son of Oscar Uldwar. As the fifth oldest child in a large family, Luis has resigned himself to different pursuits in order to occupy his time. The arcane mysteries of magic are his escape from his loneliness, and so he aspires to be a powerful mage one day. Though he is still far from this goal, his dreams still keep hold of him.



Hanna Uldwar: Twelve years old, blonde of hair and blue of eyes, third eldest daughter of Oscar Uldwar. She has utmost loyalty to her mother, Cassandra, and wishes to make her happy. For years she practices what she needs to become a proper lady, a proper woman of House Uldwar. Never does she believe that anything bad will befall her family, so long as they stick together.



 Eric Damien: Fourth born son of Oscar Uldwar, red of hair and green of eyes, a bastard child of the patriarch and a maiden from a nearby village. Eric is a playful child, more willing to play pranks on others than to take life seriously. He doesn't feel he has to, since everyone already views him as a trickster as soon as they hear his last name. Life for Eric Damien is a difficult one, as he vies not only for the attention of his father but to dodge the scorn of his half siblings and of Cassandra Uldwar.




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Designation: Order of Knights

Name: Dogs of War

Etymology: As a warrior clan, House Uldwar has always held in interest in holding martial superiority over others, thus the greatest of their knights were taken and tasked personally by the Patriarch to be the best soldiers on the battlefield. In accomplishing this feat, the knight is given the title of Dog of War, and is placed in the high echelons of the court.

Moniker: The Heralds of War, The Thunder on the Battlefield, The Hungry Weapon of House Uldwar

Heraldry: A snarling red hound with a black sword behind it on a gold field.

Hierarchy: Initiate > Knight > Knight-Commander > Grand Master

Founder: Matthias Uldwar

Current Leader: Sir Gerald Ultin

Members: Sir Gerald Ultin, Grand Master of the Order. Sir Marshall Gamesly, Knight Commander. Sir Lorry Kingson, Knight. Sir Aron Redford, Knight. Sir Roderick Julian, Knight. Sir Marten Daymare, Initiate. Sir Henry Julian, Initiate. Sir Doren Lucario, Initiate. Sir Darius Yorefield, Initiate.

General: The Dogs of War are an elite group of knights who answer directly to the Patriarch of House Uldwar. Each member is a finely honed weapon capable of holding his own against a variety of enemies, even in large groups if he must. Being part of the Dogs of War is a lifetime commitment, where one is only able to be freed by this commitment through the permission of the Patriarch of House Uldwar. Their dedication goes beyond that of an average knight, with each Dog of War pledging victory or death to their master. Only the Grand Master is exempt from this blood oath, as he is required to continue on the traditions and rebuild should all other members perish.

Location: Port Mars on the island of Misral and in Inns'th in the land of Yh'mi


— Allies: House Uldwar, House Hildebrand, House Karradeen and The White Hand

— Enemies: House Singlance, with an aggressive outlook on Unnaturals as per religious doctrine within the Gaian Church

— Neutral Parties: House Mythal, House Dali, House Senaria and House Tankred

Establishment: The Dogs of War are afforded their own tower within Uldwar Keep, the stronghold of Port Mars. This tower and a selected amount of land around it, are where the knights train and conduct themselves before battle.

Agenda: To achieve victory for House Uldwar on the field of battle, and to protect the noble family at any cost.

All knights within the Order must follow these rules, or else be banished from the Order and stripped of their knighthood.

1. A Dog of War must be an adamant follower of Gaia and the doctrine of her holy works.

2. A Dog of War must follow ever command of the Patriarch of House Uldwar, no matter what the order may be.

3. A Dog of War must always answer the call to battle, no matter what.


— Ongoing:

— Completed:

— Abandoned:


Background: Matthias Uldwar had a loyal hound with him, one who followed him wherever he went, and protected him. He was the strongest dog Matthias had ever known, and continued the legacy of the stalwart pet in his new order of knights.

Recent Events: After striking a deal with Chastity, all initiates of the order of the Dogs of War must venture to Yh'mi to prove themselves worthy of the title, or face banishment.

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