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Lirrey Lines

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The Forbidden Snack was doing something weird again.  Geeze, she looked so tasty.  But the Shadow couldn't eat her cause she talked.  The flighty creature wasn't talking at the moment though... She was making some strange gestures.  Probably still not allowed despite the apparent  loophole.  Hmm, if the Shadow was this hungry, it probably should get something to eat after they get away from the painful wailing place.  So wait, what did the Forbidden Snack want?  She had pointed to the cave exit, but that kept moving away so that couldn't be it.  Maybe she wanted to keep the skeletons away from the exit while they tried to get there?  That makes sense.  It wouldn't do for a bunch of unwanted attacks keeping them from escaping.

Shadow tendrils slither along the floor across the cave, spreading like a disease of darkness.  Any time one of the Unnatural get too close to being able to grasp Karuna or Agony, one of the tendrils rises up and takes hold of the bones.  Suddenly the monsters looking to keep the group in place find their position reversed as they become affixed to the floor.  A few scratch and claw at the shadows, but any that dissipate from the struggle reform and rebind quickly.  The darkness in the cavern might not be the Shadow's domain, but it does bend to its will.


Karuna's plan succeeds quite well.  When she moves forward and the exit moves away, the Shadow senses it getting closer and moves towards it as well, giving off the illusion that it understood Lunara's suggestion.  Lunara keeps the exit from traveling off in unusual directions.  There's a tense moment once it's close as to whether it'll explode outwards In a random direction like something put under too much strain, but Agony sets foot into the exit and the moment passes.  So long as even one of them is there, the exit can't move.  With the power of teamwork, the four of them leave the Wailing Cavern and its puppets behind, heading into a bright future.  

At least a moderately bright future after traveling away from the muted area.  The smell of fresh air providing a lure, the group soon finds itself capable of emerging onto the Broken Plains once more, revealing a moonlit night.  They've managed to cut through to the other side of the hill past Furthest Point, saving themselves at least a day or more of elevation climbing.

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She...couldn't believe that worked. She would be the second person to pass through the exit, though she was not certain she was safe to speak. She could still feel her ears ringing form the constant shrieking of the death chamber and she did not want to take any chances. The ringing slowly passed and as they gained distance from the chamber, and she noticed that similarly to how sounds slowly muffled to nothingness as they grew nearer to the chamber, she could begin to hear the sounds of ambience. She never thought she would have never thought that the sounds of distant chitons and vague echoes would be so comforting. And yet another miracle at the end of the tunnel, a light and from it the vast emptiness of the broken plains. They made it...out of the caverns...but still a relief no doubt. She slowly flopped to her knees, panting into the sky. A few chuckles slipped from her lips as she mentally pat herself on the back for, well, not dying. One more deep breath, and she looks back at her companions, ensuring all made it out unscathed. 

The other side of the Furthest Point. She couldn't even make it this far, and though she could not see Agony's face, his appearance looked barely fatigued. How could he be so strong? Does he really need them to be here?  She shook her head, bringing herself back to better thoughts. She was safe, they were safe, everyone was safe...relatively anyway. They still had quite a ways to go before they reached the village, but from the looks of things so far, they have gotten through the thick of it, and she'd rather not think about how things could get worse.

Back on her feet, she took a good look around. Nothing in site. Though there was moonlight, it was still very difficult to see. She could see the Furthest Point behind them and some distance ahead, but nothing in particular that would aid them further. Furthermore, she was extremely fatigued, hungry, and thirsty from all this travel. She couldn't even fool herself into thinking she could continue the several miles of journey in this condition, especially after such an endeavor. as much as she would like to be this juggernaut of a demon, she was just a girl. And she supposed now was a time as good as any to make that apparent. She turned to Agony.

"Look I..." She paused before continuing. "I don't like to be a drag but...I don't think I can keep going after all of that. I need time to rest. Caveat to being human you know?"

It really was though. Karuna has gone toe to toe with vampires of old, warlocks, and mutated goblins, and yet, when it comes right down to it, a stab wound is more than enough to put her in the grave. It was sometimes embarrassing to be in the presence of non humans and seeing her in such a state. And in times like this she remembers what her Teacher told her when she brought it up to her.

"You don't have to be human if you do not wish to be." 

A chill went up her spine. Was she really willing to give up her humanity to reach her ultimate goal? She supposed, for now, she would bare the burden of being human, and wait for the groups response.


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The momentary ingenuity of Karuna’s actions caused her to earn some respect from her usually gruff travelling companion who had labelled the young woman as nothing more than an inexperienced witch with potential that he did not have the patience to hone. Now free of the nuisance of the cavern, Agony stood rather statuesque as his eyes scanned over the Broken Plains. The soft light of the moon caused much of his armor to gain a harsh luster which was an odd property of Obtenebra’s peculiar texture. The amorphous being did little more than stand there robotically as Lunara and the Shadow situated themselves. Karuna’s next words, however, caused his head to shift and his red gaze to fixate on her fatigued form rather eerily.


Humans and their limitations. Agony regarded Karuna’s carnal husk with even more attention than he had offered back in Purgatory where they had started this journey. He witnessed her labored breathing and her slumped positioning once again reminded of the conditioning he held from centuries of hardship. The other members of the Triumvirate held similar limitations and he held little sympathy for those shortcomings as well. He had taken this route to expedite the completion of this mission and now this dainty little girl wished to delay him further? The intensity of his gaze heightened as his desire to ensure that Karuna would not become a hindrance to the success of his absolution urged him into action.


“Do not cling to your humanity as any excuse for your weakness. You have ten minutes to gather whatever energy you can. Fail to use your time wisely and you relinquish yourself to me.”


Stepping forward and away from Karuna, he moved up another slight incline and attempted to see further into the distance. A massive hand fell at his side and caused a metallic clank that evinced the currently hardened texture of Obtenebra as well as his growing impatience though this was likely a baseline for his faerie companion. The reasoning behind the annoyance would perhaps surprise them all, however. The desire for redemption scratched at him relentlessly as the burdens he had caused needed to be lifted. The power he had allowed to become stifled by distraction back at the Anima Imperium needed to evolve and he would not allow any fairy or human to divert his momentum now.

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Yeeees! Lunara wanted to scream that when Agony stepped through the exit, but instead she had to make do with a little victory fist pump. Not wanting to be left behind if the hole decided to be temperamental again, the faerie followed right behind Karuna as she exited. As soon as Lunara heard the first whispers of normal cave noises, she heaved a huge sigh of relief, as though she had been holding her breath to the point of asphyxiation. “Now, am I glad that’s over!” she reflexively winced at sound of her voice echoing through the passage, but it was just normal echoes that died off in seconds.

Agony was as stoic as always, and his ridiculous demand came as no surprise. Although the ancient being had already become more tolerant and less stubborn than when she had first met him, he was still far from being a team player. The faerie had no problem with it in this instance though. She was small enough to fit into whatever crevices Obtenebra offered if she wanted a rest, if she ever desired it. The faerie supposed she could say something snark (as always) to help Karuna prolong her resting time, but she could sense the blob’s growing impatience. She didn’t want to be at the brunt of Agony’s fury. With the witch’s sharp tongue, she could probably take care of it herself anyway. Perhaps more than that, Lunara was also curious as to what Agony meant by Karuna relinquishing herself to him. If he had been an actual man in the armour he was parading around, there would have been no doubt as to what the lewd statement implied. But for the ancient blob, she wasn’t so sure. Things could get entertaining. 

The faerie settled down on a protruding rock, pulled out a dried raisin from seemingly nowhere, and started nibbling on it.

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The Shadow doesn't know why the cave doesn't move anymore, but the Unnaturals don't seem to be chasing them out of the cavern, so it has no complaints about the results.  Nor is it too upset to emerge from the underground tunnels entirely.  It was nice and dark out.  A pleasing setting, even if the Broken Plains did lack a picturesque environment.  Even under the thin moonlight of a waning moon, this was no place for a picnic.

Ironically, that seemed to be exactly what was happening though.  The Flesh Dancer was calling for a break.  As far as the Shadow knows that usually meant a fire, a meal, tents and a long sojourn of staying up staring into the sky all night while everyone else slept in shifts.  The cretin didn't mind the sky much at night.  It had strange points of light that didn't hurt except for the big white one sometimes when it was especially bright.  Fortunately tonight wasn't one of those.  The Shadow had no idea how the Metal Dancer expected to get all that in in only ten minutes.

The Forbidden Snack was already getting started though, so the Shadow rose up from the ground beside the her, a torpid looking rat tightly embraced in one of its tendrils of darkness.  The rat's lethargy swiftly faded away when it was brought up under that hooded cloak where a mouth is presumably, based on the rodent's last horrific dying squeals.  A few drops of blood dripped carelessly to the ground, but the majority of the creature was soon consumed in its entirety.

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She would be lying to herself if she didn't see that one coming though, especially from macho over there. Though it was sound advice, it still hurt her pride to hear out loud. She supposed it was a wake up call she needed, she she didn't take it to heart. She was taken back by his second statement.

"Relinquish!? " She repeated, chuckling between the words. "As much as I would love to 'relinquish myself to you, I'm gonna have to take a hard pass." She crossed her legs to get in position and rolled her shoulders around to ease her tension. "10 minutes is plenty of time."

She rested her upward palms on each knee and closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and sunk into her mind.

To those who may be watching her, it took her about 3 minutes to fall into her trance. now completely motionless she would be speeding the healing process of her body by allowing energy to flow through her naturally, rather than commanding it to. It was a trick she learned from her father.




Deeper....deeper....and even deeper she delved. she needed to be clear of all thoughts. All influences. So that she could allow her body to recover from the mana overuse in this speeded process. Mundane thoughts and visions passed her by in this stagnant venture into nothingness. And soon those sounds and thoughts fell silent. 







Her eyes opened. but she was not in Yhimi anymore. She was standing on a singular path surrounded by thick forestry. This was a familiar path, one she dreamt about once or twice, but could not quite comprehend. The trunks of the trees varied in thickness and their leaves full with charcoal black leaves. On examination of the dirt ground, black leavs can be seen littering the path down it's length and with each step Karuna took forward, the crunch of the leaves would echo unnaturally in the air as they would disintergrate into dust and flow away into ambient nothingness. She continued down this path, knowing who she would see at the end.

An Alter a several meters down the way is what awaited her, along with  the man she always sees there. The trees in that area were mor alive, more colorful. They were as if straight from autumn, untouched by whatever darkens this land. As she approached she could see the runes engraved all over the stone. every step, every wall, held some sort of symbol; symbols Karuna never understood. However with every step she made on this alter, the runes would glow purple under her feet, though she was not looking at the floor. No, the man at the center of the Alter is what caught her interest. It always has. A lightly tanned man cloaked in leather black robes constrained by chains onto the altar. he had black wings which probably would span three times the mans length if extended fully, chained down as well to teh altar. All she could decipher from the mans face was from his nose to his chin, everything else remained hidden. She sat down in front of him cross legged just like the chained man. from teh vel of his cloak, she could see the peircing yellow demon eyes that have haunted her nightmares. 

She was not afraid though.

"Why am I here?" Her voice echoed.

"You tell me." The raspy voice responded. "you keep trying to come back." his eyes were unblinking.

"You haunt my dreams... every night it's the same. I enter my home. and reach a door, and...I'm-"

"Attacked by a flock of Ravens?" 


"Because you keep coming back."

" Where is here?"

"You ask a lot of questions." The creature growled. His eyes dialated.

"Because I want answers." She snapped back.

The man rose immediately the chains rattled echoing violently, however, this time, karuna rose in defiance. She wasn't going anywhere. she would not be feared from her own mind. 

They stared for a while before the man turned and looked off into the autumn trees.

"You are just like him" He snarled to himself, "It will get you killed. It got him killed."

"Don't you dar-"

"This place is your minds manifestation of you. Its where you find your peace, or used to anyway."

"I don't understand."

""God, if only you were smart like him." He turned back around. "This place is your void. It's where you go when you meditate, but of course you wouldn't remember because its been so long since you've been here, since you've accepted yourself as you are. Because of mwah of course. Ive made sure you would never see this place again., or thought I did" He smiled smuggly. It was unnerving but she continued.

"Why me?" 

"Because you're his daughter. And he commanded that I protect you."


"Oh. Didn't know your father signed a contract with a demon? Guess he's not the goody two shoes you remember him as huh?" he chuckled in his throat. "Not by a long shot honey."

"Liar! he wouldn't associate with demons-"

"Like he wouldn't be apart of some demonic cult, or marry a witch? Such a human thing to say. At least he was honest about who he was. Though it doesn't matter. We're helping each other out."

"I don't see how this is helping anyone."



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Whatever ritual or routine Karuna decided to initiate now produced no response from Agony as he had pivoted to move away soon after she claimed that ten minutes were enough for her recovery. With Lunara and the Shadow enjoying a meal, Agony took these ten minutes to survey the landscape before him. What many might have considered uninhabitable piqued his interests and he found himself considering this a haven within Terrenus that was far more reliable than Patia ever could be. The darkness that decorated his surroundings wherever he journeyed and the pleasant comfort of realizing the lack of accommodation this land lent to the outer lands made this journey Lunara had forced him to come on far more enjoyable than she might have liked. The Broken Plains were ripe with opportunity and he’d be a fool yet again to not take advantage of the power that lingered here.


There wasn’t much else for the amorphous being to do now other than count the minutes until either Karuna emerged from her brief trance or he jarred her into motion himself. With a statuesque stance several feet in front of the rest of the group, he just stood there without uttering one word while he extracted some temporary enjoyment from being left alone in such a relaxing place.

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“Awww,” Lunara said, kind of disappointed when Karuna declared that the ridiculous amount of time that Agony allocated to her was sufficient. She had hoped some kind of argument would ensue. Even though their path here had been fraught with danger, it still felt as if nothing exciting had happened. 

A lump of shadow rose up next to Lunara. Even though the doctor’s pet was a small bundle the size of a human child, it still towered over the faerie. Her dimensions were closer to the magnitude of the rat that was being held by black tendrils. “I was hoping there’d be a fight between them. You too, didn’t you?” She didn’t expect the shadow to understand, and furthermore, it seemed to be preoccupied with its supper. Lunara scooted away uncomfortably when a drop of the rodent’s warm blood spattered onto her arm. It was kind of disgusting, but you wouldn’t chide a wolf for eating a raw rabbit, so the faerie saw nothing wrong with the pet gnawing away at the rat. So long as the cretin didn’t mistake her for food. She had no idea what the pet was, but then again she wasn’t exactly sure what Agony was either, and she had never been bothered about it.

Looking at Agony’s back as he surveyed the land, she wondered what it was about the blob that had made her stick with him for so long. He was abrasive and selfish, just borderline tolerable. But for some reason, he always shielded her. At the same time, there were expectations of her that would never fade. It was an unspoken understanding between them that if she were to fail him one day, he would destroy her with his own hands. Well, if such a day were to come, she would be long gone before he realized it. But there was no point thinking these thoughts. She was a doer, not some kind of old philosopher.

Ten minutes was almost up. Lunara yawned and stretched her wings. It seemed like they would be trekking through the whole night.

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Everyone went so extremely still, it was a little disturbing.  Usually when surface dwellers went this still they were either dead or started making loud, annoying noises with their mouths.  At least the Forbidden Snack could be counted on and didn't become statuesque.  The Shadow would be concerned about time itself if that was the case.

"I was hoping there'd be a fight between them.  You too, didn't you?"

The Shadow creature stares back intently at the enabling instigator.  Was... Was she serious?  She didn't actually want them to fight right?  This must be one of those adult things where they say something they didn't mean only to laugh about it afterwards.  A joke the Shadow believes it's called.  Adults preferred it if you played along with those 'jokes' and it was one of the many, many times where they'd get mad if you answered truthfully.  Well the Shadow would truthfully prefer it if they didn't fight.  So then... the Forbidden Snack was looking for the other answer?  The dark cretin takes this to heart and visibly nods back to the pixie.  Yes, it too wanted things to devolve into fisticuffs between the two dancers.

Rat thoroughly devoured, the creature takes up the same stoic silence that concerned it mere moments ago.  Perhaps it's just not used to such discipline emanating from others.  This was nothing like traveling with Dawen, Lun'silth, and the Happiness Doctor.

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The man sighed, unamused by how much he was surely going to have to speak to give this explanation. he pulled off his cloak, revealing tanned skin and raven black hair which spiked back aggressively. He took a few steps forward and shrouded Karuna with his cloak, only to find herself back in her comfy home in blairville, accept it looked a lot newer, and less cracks in the walls. Her mother and father approached, a baby in her mother's arms. they reste the child on the table before looking at each other with concern.


"Remember that cult your Parents were apart of and escaped? Well it was more than a cult, it was your mothers coven. Your mother was a witch apart of a special group of witches. They were very powerful, but they quite literally can't control the copious amounts of dark energy that swells within them during their developmental years. It is the job of the familiar, in this case me, which the Witch signs a contract with in exchange for her eternal damnation to inferno, to moderate the darkness within them but your mother and father did not want that for you. they wanted you to have a 'happy life'." He quoted the air. "So instead of you making that deal, they did, only the issue was that your mother already signed her soul to inferno, so..."

They watched as her father slices his hand with a blade and allows it to drip on the brown baby.

"My father sacrificed his soul for me...there both....in hell?"

"Yup yup kinda! Inferno, there's a difference. One actually exists...anyway, this was a special deal, one that was both professional and personal."

She looked over to the man in confusion, a tear in her eye. Meanwhile the scene they were in fades back to the alter they were at in the beginning. "What do you mean?"

"I owe a great debt to your father for reasons I will not go into. but I am responsible for protecting you. and this is how I plan to do it." He gestures at the black trees around them. "I take your darkness with me to inferno, and all is well. Oh, and your emotions, but you won't be needing those if you are doing what you say you are."

"Excuse me?" She yells taking steps back from him. "Why would you do that?"

He walked towards her once more, making her walk back. "Absorbing the dark magic in totality will kill me, and send me back to inferno, and your emotions with it. You won't have to worry about dying from darkness, your lack of emotions will not get you killed, and quite frankly, I despise you." He growled the last sentences as he leaned in dangerously close to her, she backing up further in response.

"I've never met a human so certain they were weak because of their species. It repulses me and I want no part of it.  If you only knew what your family has accomplished; what your father has done in his prime... heh." She chuckled to himself, gliding his black clawed fingers through his hair. "I'll hold up my end of the bargain for him. And sure, you become a psychopath, but it's safer that way for you. clear mind equals clear judgment, and you've been lacking in that department. And I get to go home." 

She remained silent for a moment. Despite everything the familiar said, all she could think about is her mother and father being damned to inferno, sparing her the fate in the process. She looked back up to the man.

"You have to help me control it."

He remained silent.



"Help me get revenge!"

He paused for a moment. Then he responding.

"It's suicide"

"So is doing nothing apparently! You're right. I blame my humanity for my weakness, and I don't know what my father and mother have done in their prime. But you do. So you know what I could be capable of. You are all I have left of them now...if what you say is true, I can't loose you too..."

"...You can't control it."

"Let me try. Ive already lost everything..." She responded sternly. He laughed, his voice echoing throughout her mind. 

"I havn't given you enough credit." He placed a finger on her forehead. " You are like your father...we'll start off small, just to test. But don't say I didn't warn you..."  He flicked, and reality set in.


Her eyes shot open, a slight gasp escaping her lips. She looked around calmly, grounding herself in her surroundings before standing on her feet.

That was....intense. 

She took a deep breath and evaluated herself. She felt...here. Not watching a scene from behind her eyes, but actually here. It felt nice, but also terrifying at the same time, especially considering where she was. Yh'mi was not the kind of place you would want to be emotional in so she would have to take especial care of that. She could also feel her body had, for the most part, healed enough to generate magical spells. That was good. At least she was not a liability anymore, though the idea of loosing control again made her nervous. She would have to be weary of her emotions since they apparently will play a role in everything magical from this point on.

She looked back at the group who were waiting for her. She made a mental note to do everything in her power to NOT be the weakest link of a party before making her way towards Luna and the Shadow. "Sorry for keeping you waiting guys. Won't happen again." She looks at Luna, then the Shadow, smiling just the same. She then looks over to the grumpy giant who stood dominantly in the distance. "Has he been like this the whole time?" she inquires to Luna taking a seat near the fae and shadow on the mini bolder. Crossing her leg over the other she pulls out a piece of jerky from her stash and takes a bit out of it, wondering not only how long he was going to brood in the distance, but how long it would take for him to realize that she had finished her rest. Probably a minute after the previous 10 minutes. By the time he would turn around, she would wave at him. "You ready? We don't have all day you know!"

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The luster of the moonlight continued to fall upon Obtenebra as he stood there much like a sentinel monitoring for anything foreign or detestable though it was becoming increasingly clear that Yh’mi was neither of those to this ancient being. Crimson eyes stared forward until he quickly snapped his head in the direction of Karuna almost immediately after her eyes opened. The witch would find his unrelenting gaze upon her a considerable amount of time before she even started addressing Lunara and Sasha. Her decision to apologize to them was ignored but he made sure to remember her mention that it would not happen again should she think to use her humanity as the brittle crutch that it was. Karuna then decided to make matters worse by continuing to make light of the fact she inhibited him. The amorphous being was half tempted to abandon her to Yh’mi’s fickle whims and it showed in the brash way he responded.


“Get up…all of you. Lets go.”


Rough steps started to take him forward, his form starting to move out of their line of sight as he didn’t bother extending the courtesy of waiting for them to comply. Agony’s acidic behavior now was merely a product of the annoyances that he had yet to endure traveling with those behind him as well as defending them against creatures he’d much rather place under his rule than destroy to absolve himself. With steady pace, he battered the ground underneath him and silently hoped he would reach their destination soon.

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After a pause, the pet nodded to her casual question. Lunara was surprised. Perhaps it had more intelligence than she assumed. She was going to ask it more questions, when Karuna came out of her trance, smiling. The witch’s sudden light-hearted attitude felt out of place, even to Lunara.

"Has he been like this the whole time ? ”

A little loopy too, considering that Agony was staring right at her now. But perhaps it was hard to distinguish between his front and his back in the darkness of Yh’mi’s night. Lunara pointed at Agony to bring Karuna’s attention to him. “He was. But he’s not now.”

”Get up…all of you. Let’s go.” The ancient being stormed away without waiting for them, and Lunara laughed. “He’s throwing a tantrum! How cute.” She took off after him. “I wonder if we can reach Lirrey before sunrise. A bed to sleep in sounds nice. I heard Lirrey’s a quaint village.” She was half-kidding, of course. Even if it was inviting, an intact village in the middle of Yh’mi.. there was much to be cautious of there.

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The Shadow stared blankly at Karuna as she apologized.  It didn't understand what she needed to apologize for in all honesty.  The Shadow found the whole thing strange.  Usually breaks were a whole lot longer and everyone took them.  Not to mention the Metal Dancer was now telling it to get up.  Wasn't- wasn't it already up?  Standing out in the open like this is far more up than it normally would be.  Granted, it definitely preferred being up here.  It was a lot less dangerous and the creatures above the surface were far more interesting.  It will just have to chalk this one up to just that.  The creatures being 'interesting'.  Quirky.  Weird.  Silently, the cretin of darkness followed the group as they begun their march once again.


Compared to their travels thus far, the period that followed went by in relative peace.  Anything grinding on their nerves came solely from their own insecurities and doubts, a natural effect of traveling through Yh'mi.  Traveling the Broken Plains is never easy, but it's much easier on this side of Furthest Point, as elevation gently lowers over time instead of climbs.  The gentle blanket of darkness starts to give way to the harsh reminder of the light as the extravagance of twilight takes hold, like a spoiled child of night and day.  With it comes a clear visual of their goal.  The unassuming town of Lirrey, just up ahead, maybe an hour or two out.  

Any exuberant exaltations are cut short, though the group's composition already suggests they would be minimal anyways.  The intruding force being the sound of several loud thumps, recognizable as oversized footsteps running in their direction.  Barreling over a nearby rock formation is a ferocious four and a half meter tall cyclops.   Adorned only in a loincloth and a necklace bearing a glimmering orange stone, the enraged creature closes the distance with speed belying its size, swinging a large club in a sweeping motion at the party.

Uninterested and unwilling to let this offender hurt whom it pleases, the Shadow reacts swiftly, black tendrils swinging a weapon up, tearing it out of the ground as if it was merely born of stone.   The Shadow's scythe intercepts the club and the tendrils do their best to hold fast, but just the force of the two weapons colliding is extreme.  Amongst the resulting wind, the tendril holding the cable dissipates and the spool skitters away as the darkness focuses upon staying cohesive around the scythe.  The Shadow manages to hold fast this time, but this only makes the cyclops more furious as it roars with frustration and winds back for another blow.

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Karuna snickered at Luna's comment as she began to chase after the large one. "Hey! It was just a joke!" She giggled as she followed luna. In reality, Karuna was very much so terrified of this place now. With her emotions in full throttle, she was much more paranoid, and much more fearful of what lurks. But what hasn't changed is her ability to pretend that everything is okay. So she crossed her hands firmly, to the best of her abilities to not appear to be in fear. It could very well be  just as much a liability than not having emotions at all though it seems that was to be discerned soon. She still was a pretty skilled sorceress and confident in her abilities. Those years of training were real and she isn't about to let some condescending brute define what she's about.

She caught up with the larger man fairly quickly, following beside him. She remained quiet, silently walking, not really having anything to say, though she continued to hold herself in her arms for what little comfort she could find in these lands. She looked around the golden lit plains and for a moment pondered if she could consider this a beautiful sunset.  Was it always like this, or did something happen?  she attempted to calm down to sense the aura of any creatures that may attempt to ambush them, but her racing heart and paranoia, restricts this greatly. She has not felt this way in a very long time; not since her first kill in Blairville, (Though she knew it as Blaurg when she lived there) It only reminds her how fragile she really was.  Sighing to herself, she shook herself of such thoughts and instead kept her senses alert for any sudden surprises the old fashion way.  In reality, this fear only reminded her of what Dolor said to her before she rested. It reminded her that if she was weak, it wasn't because she was a human. Eventually though, she would speak. 

"I'm a pretty petty, spiteful,  vengeful person, but even I know humility. You were right for what you said back there. I won't make that excuse again...not that I owe it to you or anything." She brushed her poncho past her shoulders and placed her hands behind her head as she continued walking, exposing her waist as she looked forward to what she would find the village they've been traveling for for god knows how long. She sighed. "About time."


It grew progressively louder, and is stopped karuna in her tracks. The sheer vibration of the feet rattled her and natural echo of these lands disorients. Like an angry silver back, the Monstrous beast hurtled over a a large rock fixture and reeled a wooden club their way. She could hear the wind associated with it's strike, and with little time to react, the shadow would be first to defend the group. The gust of the impact was enough to blow karuna off her feet grunting as she scrambled to get back up like a building were about to fall on her. It was essentially what was about to happen next when the beast reeled back it's mighty club again and suddenly, it was as if all her training were thrown out the window.

She couldn't focus. Her heart was racing. An almost shell shock for what was happening. She had just enough sense to tumble out of harms way as the Troll struck again but In reality, the only thing keeping her from fleeing was her need to protect her comrades. To avoid the shame of running away as she used to. It kept her here. Now she just needed drive to fight back. This would be a bit more difficult to do though the Troll granted her more than enough reason to. It turned towards her in its feral state and reeled it's club back once more. She clenched her fist, reciting a spell from memory in anticipation of the strike.

"BAB CARBAF" She yelled shakily, her voice in fused with arcane energy. Just then she leaped from where she stood, and the club would thrash in a thick pool or tannish slush that was once solid ground. The slush rose and attempted to pull the Club with it into it's depths, but it would be apparent quite soon that it was not nearly enough to stop the troll from eventually pulling out the club as the thick tendrils of slush would already give signs of letting up. She looked in shock as she realized, it's not just the beasts strength that was overwhelming, it was her fear, and it made her magic weak. 

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Agony had remained silent for much of the advancement toward the town of Lirrey which had come into view earlier than he had expected. Steely nerves prevented him from getting lost in the myriad of doubts or emotions that many would wade through without any social interaction amongst company but he elected to not respond to Lunara’s comment about Lirrey and even Karuna’s admission that he was correct. Something brewed within Agony’s mind that had no room for the women around him. The Order did not deserve to hold power over these lands and Yh’mi was weak for allowing it. There was a measure of power all around him and a potential for even more lingering within every crevice that remained untapped. It would begin with the creatures that limited themselves to this home.


So even as the cyclops imposed his height and strength upon the group, Agony remained stationary. Sasha employed a defensive maneuver and Karuna dug into limited reserves to disable the threat before them. As the texture that Karuna concocted along the ground pulled the club further in, Agony could have delivered a potentially fatal blow with Oathripper. Lunara might have expected her companion to seize this opportunity but the ancient being in the guise of a black knight just began to walk forward a bit before digging into the ground before him just a few feet in front of the cyclops but far enough away to respect the creature’s space. A quick telepathic message was offered to Lunara this time, the mere fact he was communicating his intent something the fairy might see some value in.


<”I will attempt to sway this creature to my side. His power will be our power”>


He did not know how advanced the creature’s mind was or if his rage could be quelled but his mind reached out telepathically to deliver words with intent that were just born minutes ago.


<“I am not your enemy. Calm your rage. Divert your weapon to a better cause for all of your brethren”>


He attempted to access deep enough into the cyclops’ mind so that his words would be interpreted in whatever language the creature understood. An inundation of peace and tranquility would soon attempt to be injected toward the creature as he slid an arm outward with his palm facing the women he traveled with to have them hold any further attack. Obtenebra rippled along his back excitedly, wanting to bring Oathripper forth yet again but being held at bay by its host. Agony remained prepared enough should failure arise but the amorphous being’s zeal to avoid failure again only enhanced his attempt far more. Larger beasts than the one before them have been tamed throughout Terric and Genesarian history. How hard could this be?

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