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Mapping the Depths

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Jinsoku made a direct hit to the shield as he intended. Due to such, it wasn't hard to tell that he was most likely being baited further into the undead's range. You see, the shield and it's user lacked the movement that Jinsoku would've expected from the connected punch The worn metal was hardly dented by his fist, gauntlet and all, and the rigid motion of pulling away was a far cry from the fluid motions of knocked away. Regardless, Jinsoku obliged the skeleton completely, stepping into the space it so generously offered him as his right fist retracted to starting position. Before he could press with an actual follow up, the skeleton a blood curdling shriek that absolutely rattled his entire body. As his eyes shook he tried desperately to look through his disturbed vision. His hearing dampened, and his mouth dried rather quick as he felt himself becoming nauseous. A dizzy spell finally forced his eyes to close as he grit his teeth in protest to what was obviously a sonic assault. 

In Jinsoku's personal experience between various methods of travel including a myriad of ships that contest one's ability to travel, and his own ridiculous amounts of exposure to self produced sonic booms, he was well versed in coping with these debilitating effects. His steel stomach resisted the urge to regurgitate, and his eyes remained shut. With his five natural born senses dampened, Jinsoku focused on his sixth sense solely. While he had not gained a supernatural tolerance to sonic anything, he was rather capable of pushing through these effects. A few years had taught him at least that he could endure whatever it was he was not resistant to. One of the best qualities he had seen first hand, and learned from Master James and Rei alike. His ridiculous training regiments alone had taught him that endurance was one of if not his best quality. With diligence being a hard second.

As clear as any one of his senses would be at their peak if not even more so, Jinsoku felt the electromagnetic pulses all around him. Given the limited area, he could sense all within the area, including the summoned pets. Despite the undead enemy, he boasted something that could be read and felt better than the lack of pulses found in the undead compared to the living. Armor and a weapon, each composing of metal. It wasn't hard to assume the opponent would either thrust or slash, but to feel the swords motion confirming one option over the other made reacting that much easier. Focusing on the sword as it began it's attack, Jin executed the half step maneuver demonstrated earlier. This brought him just inside the thrust before he rolled his left shoulder and crunched his abdomen, his fist hosting that building energy still at this very moment. (1)


He exclaimed as his left was brought into the lead, his left foot bisecting the shrieker's feet as it's sword created sparks as it scratched his own armor. His charged fist cocked and ready launched out and upwards as his abdomen stretched, a flawless uppercut aimed to slam into the torso of the shrieker just before releasing the charged energy that had been accumulating. Crashing Thunder. Impact warranted the expulsion from his fist, into, and likely through the shrieker from torso to head. The yoki threatening the shrieker with concussive force in excess of 2500 pound of force, and accompanied by it's own sonic boom as but further evidence of his own witnessed endurance in even this very moment. Already debilitated, he threatened to worsen or prolong his condition just for the chance to cripple or kill the enemy in as swift and efficient a manner as possible. 


Crashing Thunder (1)


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Dan had to abort his swing. He used his sword hand to spring off of the supermodel's maul. In a stylish fashion, he spun his body about to make a passing slash at the supermodel, but had no idea where it hit, or if it hit at all.

He landed gracefully, then ran with blinding speed at the supermodel. He made to slash at it, but feinted instead. He stopped in front of it, and pointed a finger gun at the supermodel, facing away from his teammates. The roaring wind around his hand condensed into a small ball. The wind was so powerful and concentrated so strongly one could easily see it swirling about. Dan's finger gun was a mere two inches from the discount Smough's torso.


Dan fired the finger gun. The wind ball exploded outward violently, letting out enough force to blast a semi-truck down the road. Storing and unleashing a force that strong and still containing it as much as possible to avoid collapsing the place was not easy, but Dan still managed. Though, it took a bit of stamina to do. He had a suspicion that after the adrenaline wore off he was going to be winded. But, that was fine. Most likely by the time it ran out the supermodels would all be dead.
At least he hoped they would.

For all of you, here's what was going through the boys mind as he thought of doing this-


Image result for matrix dodge this gif

 Fitting, yes?
What.... are you talking about?
Nothing. Forget it.

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The momentum being expressed between the two of them, is inexorable. Her sword lands its blow and becomes wedged in the decrepit bone joint of the Horned Beast Elbow. As quickly as her attack occurs, his ferocious rebuttal nearly sends her crashing straight into the cold stone ground at her feet. Again, with quick thinking, she uses the force of his movement to her favor. The thumping of her heart is erratic. The fear of having her skull bludgeoned by the swiftness of its backhand, very real.

Although she can feel the strike of air that gusts behind the swing of his hand and arm, she doesn't feel the collision of bone on flesh she frighteningly expects. This is not a game of doubt or hesitation, but of chance. The arch of her back grows with the extension of her arms as she folds and drops, her legs leaving the ground only to follow her upper body in its backward flip. Despite, the quickened pace she exerts on herself, she is still found flipping on her only to be forced further in a rolling wind.

It is a painful tumble, but she places a precedence on ignoring it. Allowing the penetrative feelings would only weaken her overall resolve. As much damage as it could have potentially incurred against her fleshy facade, it does not. Bruised, scraped, and infuriated, she finds finger holds on that same rocky earth in order to bear crawl herself to a stop. Once her hands and toes have firmly rooted a hold she is springing forward towards the beast once more.

Due to the loss of her blade, there is little she can do outside of recovering it. With this as her first task, she closes in and drops herself into a slide to capture the haft and kick it forcefully free of its position. With the blade back in proper hands she rolls and jumps back onto her feet, striking again at the claymore wielding elbow, but this time from behind.

I will no longer be doing Die rolls. ; - ; They do nothing for me here.

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