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Somewhere between the "videos worth watching" thread and the "learning" thread we have around here lies this twilight zone of interesting and cool articles that aren't necessarily academic or whatever. 

Here we go!

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On 3/7/2018 at 10:41 AM, supernal said:

Had a nice chat with Praetorian about this one


I can elaborate a little further on that. There are also studies that show crime rates drop in urban areas where they incorporate more greenery (trees, bushes, etc.). Individuals also tend to function better in cleaner, nicer looking settings and are much more likely to engage in upkeep than they are if it looks rundown. 

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Google is beginning the shift to mobile-first indexing, which means that it will prioritize the mobile versions of site over the desktop versions, as the majority of users accessing the internet now do so over mobile devices

This will have interesting implications I think! It's been critical to serve a good mobile experience for a while now but I think Google going mobile-first over the next few years may even see mobile experience becoming the priority rather than just an important secondary factor

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