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(dead) Redeye Ruckus [Quest B]

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Redeye Ruckus


The Free City of Izral was a field of poppies. Scarlet blooms reaching desperately for the sky, to drink in the light that nurtures. But, rise too tall, and the harvestman’s scythe would swipe off your head. 

Torek Redeye had rose high in the past month. 


The cards favored him, promised him sweet, sweet dreams in the form of pills, a nice place to sleep, and perhaps a vacation to one of the villages. 

Then the cards bent him over and fucked him. Such was life.

The difference, was, this time, he had bit off too much. Too many favors burned, too many loans taken. Redeye had gotten this far from pushing his luck, but push it any more and the reputation he had won for himself would break, dragging him screaming into the abyss. So just as always, he took it upon himself to find honest work.

Honest casing, honest deals, honest blackmails, honest frauds and an honest group of rebels descending upon the Daius’ shipment only to find the weapons and supplies cleaned out. An honest, anonymous letter to one of the 12 Kings. 

An honest fee that would wipe off his debts.

With the side deals he had made, Redeye had already set up some understandings with his creditors. The harvestman’s scythe passed over him, and he found himself alive and smelling like roses and sex.

He was standing in front of a window, the revelry of the nightclub rumbling below, the gentle snore of an escort in his suite. His coarse hand pressed on the glass pane as he downed some more beer.

There, in the jungle of buildings, he hid his stash. The rebellion would pay him handsomely for the weapons. He had his big break after the worst week in his life.

“Mmh, enjoying the view?” his partner said. 

Turning from the window, Redeye grinned and wasn’t sure which view he liked better.

“Oh, yes, very.”

What could possibly go wrong now? He hummed happily to himself as he headed back to bed, ignorant of the metaphorical gaze of the Daius, and the literal gaze of a Daius agent, reading his name on a piece of paper, somewhere far away from the brothel.




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Vanilla sat outside in the tree branch. She said nothing as she watched the view. It was a quiet and peaceful. Yet as she sat there she wondered what the day would bring. 

The seed sighed in content as she sat there. Her mixed eyes looking for something to catch her interest, an adventure mostly. Though she was from another land, it didn't stop her thrill of adventure. 

And so Vanilla sat there in wait.

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Angus had decided long ago that he hated cards with a passion. Baccarat, Pharo, Poker, Tarot, it doesn’t matter. They always hated him, and he hated them back. It was a paradox to him then why he always found himself sitting in taverns with a conspicuous lack of chips and attempting to ascend to a higher plane of existence through sheer willpower so that he didn’t have to pay up.

“Welp, I’m out, heh,”

The Carib Fixer managed a smile, and a part of him was thankful he left some of his tenders in his hidey-hole, and another part wished he had more cash on him so that he could win back what he had just lost.

He hated cards so much. Something about the damned things would always suck him in and bleed him dry like a vampyr with no dietary scruples. Even roulettes and slots were kinder to him, and those were supposed to have house edge.

Players stared at him over the Tarot cards and their fat stacks of chips, trying not to show worry as Angus’s hand slipped into his satchel. Only familiar face in this crowd was a lass what goes by the name of Rosemary, and she seemed to take Angus’ sobriquet of “Trickster” seriously, judging by how resistant she was to the young man’s attempts to befriend her.

“Relax, relaaaax, your boy Angus always pay, yeah?” that wasn’t exactly true, but Angus was fairly sure the fellow with the glowing left eye was a mage, and he didn’t want to get a fireball to the face if he tried to run. He produced gold coins from the bag after a painful minute of searching, and slapped them on the table.

“It was fun playing with you all!” Angus resisted the urge to ask for work, because hustlers don’t work for hustlers. He grinned at Magic-eye in particular and was rewarded with an awkward grin.

“Wait! Wait, Trickster, before you’re leaving, I got somethin’ you wanna see!” the bartender shouted over the din as soon as she noticed Angus stand up.

“Aw, I love you, Erika!” Angus shouted back.

“I didn’t even say it was work!” she shouted, laughing.

In the back room, the Fixer was handed an imperious-looking notice, from The Daius. Presumably, Erika was supposed to pin it up on the noticeboard.

“You do merc work too, right?” she asked.

“I do now,” he grinned, did a quick math in his head and signed the check the bartender produced with comforting alacrity. “Man, if only more people treated me like you…”

“I know you love this place, so you wouldn’t fuck me over.”

He made a mock-hurt expression to her as he left the bar.

“Torek Redeye, huh? Never heard of the guy… but he don’t seem to keep a low profile either…” Angus mused to himself as he studied the wanted poster, “Weeeeelllll, all I need to do is to find people stupid enough to tangle with the rebels.”

And Angus knew just the right place for that. Basically any freakin’ adventurers in Izral, that is.

"Hello! I'm a recruiter! Are you looking for any work in the city?"

"Hi! Want work?"

"Want to eat real Izral food? Money can help you, and I have just the work for it!"

"Oh, sorry, I thought you were a BRAVE adventurer."

Angus went on and on, accosting almost anybody who didn't seem to belong, as he tore his way through the city.

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Luxury is something rarely afforded in these parts of Alterion. The wilds of Izral a severely marred mark on its map. So when a crazily sprinting and excitedly hopping Angus jostles her in his rampage to acquaint himself with the people, she curses. The paper she was rolling is knocked from her fingers and caught by the wind; herbal contents once nestled within, spill in a scattering of dust. 

"What in the name of the Crystal?!? What's wrong with you?!?" Of course Angus is moving too quickly to take much notice of the chaos he just stirred up. But Ina intends to let him know as soon as her quickly pumping legs allows. The chase begins. Shoes and hooves slap the pavement as girl and pig run after the enthusiastic man.

"You can't-" Bouncing off of man carrying a large grain bag. "Just come through here and knock-" A squeal sounds as someone trips over Freckles. "People's stuff out of their hands!!! SLOW DOWN YOU CRETIN! THAT COST A LOT YOU KNOW!!!"

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Blood upon the cobbles- no, just  some pots of cheap wine knocked to the ground. A furious, frustrated merchant shouts for recompense, but there was confusion. Someone was jostled- by who?- him? Angus was already out of earshot and humming quite happily with the carnage he had stirred in his wake. It wasn’t for malice. It was for chaos. The wine was probably dirt cheap anyways.

Even if they saw themselves as solitary, even if their soul wanted peace, adventurers are drawn to the scent of chaos. The Trickster slowed his pace as the heat rolled from behind, to past him. He did not have to hide, though, not really. This was disorder, but disorder within Itzal was like honey in sugar water. Enough to excite the microbes, but not enough to draw any real notice.

“I’m recruiting brave adventurers! To apprehend a wanted criminal! ANYONE?”

To everyone else he was just some guy looking for brave adventurers, squeezing himself into groups of loiterers with the subtlety of a mosquito as he made conversation about the barely concealed weapons on his new friends.

Though, perhaps today was a slow day, after all? It would have appeared that the bravos he stopped to chat would already be tied to some obligations, just here to enjoy the city’s ambiance.

'More like to look for a fight...' 

Mages coughed and excused themselves, or some just stalk off. It appeared he would need to look around in taverns. That was not a very good prospect for someone with debtors throughout Itzal. His debtors were probably even complaining (-about this tiny guy, this height? With the exotic-looking getup? Yeah, he owes me and my friend here a lotta money. Oh, he hasn’t been ‘round here for a while?-) right now.

Look, there. A curious-looking lady sitting on a tree branch. Angus had an eye for these sort of people. The sort who might as well have screamed: ‘I want to look around for commotions and see what it’s about, but I also don’t want random people approaching me.’

‘Too bad for her, ‘ he thought. He wasn’t having any luck finding any good commotion today either, so he might as well-

"What in the name of the Crystal?!? What's wrong with you?!?"

At first, he was only faintly aware of the collision as he made rapid pace through the park.

"You can't-"

A yelp as something dropped to the ground, presumably his unseen but definitely not unheard pursuer colliding with someone. The young man tried to play dumb, continuing with his high velocity. He wasn't shouting and recruiting anymore.

"Just come through here and knock-"

A pig’s squeal. The problem was that there wasn’t a crowd to lose himself in. A few stragglers making their way through to wherever they need to go weren’t much concealment. At some point he must’ve given up trying to be subtle and broke into a full sprint.

...Not that he could be any faster than he already was with his short legs.

He really hoped whatever he knocked off whoever is (are?) following him wasn’t worth the effort of chasing him down.

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Vanilla eyed the things going on. She smiled giggling as if she loved the misery and suffering of those that dwelled in it.

As the young man escaped into the crowd, her keen eyes would see this and she would follow him. Though not too close as that would scare the lad even more. 

Vanilla smirked to herself. Pity he didn't start hitting people. Could have been hilarious. She thought to herself. 

And so she continued following the man who ran from the building.

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Leo_zps15a56ee4.pngA well-practiced hand grabbed the sprinting individual being chased by not only one person, but apparently two. Her interest in his pursuers is relatively limited, for she is standing here for the rambunctious person who stirred up a ruckus earlier. Her hand lurched forward, allowing her fingers to glide across his torso and then underneath his right arm; the action was a smooth one, something escapable though she doubted he could dodge her random appearance. Skulking through the shadows as she does, the tall woman had materialized out of thin air to catch the fellow off guard. 

The tall woman had a gentle touch, figuring it would be better to act as she cared for his well being by not clotheslining him. She scooped him up and then forced him back, whether he fell backward or not hardly matters to her. His comfort came to no to concern to her, considering how rude he had been earlier when trying to draw the attention of others - actions that did catch her attention. A somewhat spur of the moment, why not I have nothing better to do, kind of thing that made her follow after him and rethink her hasty decision. 

"Still looking for some help?"

The blonde woman smiled, causing the corners of her green eyes to wrinkle. 

The Empress of Kadia only came to Alterion to visit her daughter, the last thing she expected from the day was a wild goose chase. Her pockets are not empty; she isn't in a position where money even means anything to her anymore; adventure is often limited to a woman like herself, with a heavily guarded life. It is very much in her nature to find trouble, instead of waiting for it to come to her, knowing well enough if she remains stagnant she will surely die of boredom. This is a perfect opportunity to be involved in something she shouldn't. 

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Well that's not fair. I was about to ask the same thing...

Came the thick accented voice of the woman only known as Vanilla. She eyed the woman not out of comtempt but a bit of wonder. And of course her attention was on both. The seed wondered why he ran still. Puzzled, Vanilla shook her head.

I was following this man to ask if he needed help. Guess I'm a little late.

Vanilla laughed as she smiled and held out her hand in a friendly manner. Of course she wasn't being threatening, she had no reason to. 

I'm Vanilla by the way.

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As Angus dashed through the streets, the sounds of his pursuers died down. There was no point for him to look back, because he had no idea what they even looked like, but the young man did so anyways out of habit. He glimpsed the lady whose attention he was trying to get, earlier, but there was no sign of angry people after him. No sign of disorder, either, so it would seem that he only got one person from all his hard work.

“So much for not having to go to a tav- Guh!?”

As he absentmindedly jogged forward, he turned too late to see an intimidatingly coutured woman grabbing him in a lock. He instinctively flinched away, baring his teeth in a fight or flight response.

“Watch where you’re going!”

An irate porter yelled behind Angus as he collided into him.

“Ah, sorry, sorry! The streets are a little crowded, isn’t it?”

He turned to the woman, as if he didn’t snarl at her a moment earlier.

He groaned a little, rubbing his fortunately-cushioned-by-a-hat head, before blinking at the two strangers towering over him. “I ah- Yes! Indeed! I have need of brave adventurers to aid me in the capture of a criminal!”

Even as he stood on his feet again, it was obvious that he was much too loud for someone so diminutive. If it wasn’t for the brass-shaded daggers on his belt, he might even be confused for a rambunctious teenager. A very loud and intense teenager.

“-A criminal by the name of- of…. uh,” there was a blissful few seconds of silence as he rummaged in his bag, producing a parchment, “Red-eye Torek! A dangerous criminal mastermind, indeed, one who had orchestrated a raid on the Daius’s weapons! Now, he intends to give this looted firepower to the rebels.”

Angus made an attempt at what may be a confident grin, but only a glimpse of his sharp teeth was seen before he remembered about them, and settled for an amiable smile instead, “It is our duty, of course, to prevent that from happening. The Daius would reward you handsomely for your help!”

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Leo_zps15a56ee4.png"Our duty huh?"

The woman glanced at the parchment, only for the sake of feigning interest in what they're to do. He could have told her that they need to pick carrots for a lovesick fellow thinking that carrots were just the thing for a love potion. The idea was conjured, obviously, but the feeling the same - she would have tagged along for just about anything. This little adventure won't inconvenience her daughter and plans for Alterion's future, and if luck were to grace her, Leoa could enter and exit this escapade without being noticed by anyone. 

The woman didn't mean to ignore Vanilla's courteous offering; it just happened to fall outside the woman's attention. It's not every day you get snarled at and then invited to go along on a mission of the utmost importance. At the time, her attention was drawn somewhere else. To better her rudeness, she gave Vanilla her best smile and tipped her head in a bit of a bow.

"Well Vanilla, it looks like we're doing our duty to capture this man," a ring covered finger pointed at the parchment.

Such things shouldn't be too difficult, but she isn't well educated on the do's and don't's of Alterion, so there may be a bit an issue there. Don't kill the innocent and don't involve the unnecessary are usually the go-to rules when it comes this kind of stuff. Perhaps their illustrious leader will fill them in on the plan?

"Where do we go from here?"

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So bounty hunting eh? Those are the best. 

Vanilla only smiled. She didn't noticed being ignored. Probably cause she was a smaller woman. Eyeing the two, she nodded. This would work well. The apothecary would be a great addition to the team.

Let's get going then. Before someone else gets him. Though any idea where exactly we are going?

Vanilla was easily excited. She couldn't help it. She loved hunting people. Though most of the time they got killed on accident. But hopefully this would work out.

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His sharp teeth were tucked out of view as Angus scratched his cheek, grinning at the lady's question. A glint of greed glittered in his eye as he considered whether the finely-dressed woman was a daughter, or even a wife, of a powerful crime-lord. The idea that he was in front of the Empress of Kadia herself didn't present itself to him. There was also the other woman, with whom he felt a kindred bond. The kind of kindred bond, however, that a wolf would make with another.

Angus despised his fellow wolves.

"Well, I don't exactly have a lead, 'cuz if it was that easy the Daius would've just grabbed the guy, yeah? But they don't call me a fixer for nothing!"

In reality, if one was to ask a local about Angus' occupation, they would likely nod laconically to him sitting at a card table, or him in the process of trying to avoid the ire of someone else. Much like a sage of old who would pester honest (kind of) folks hoping to scrape a living, the Trickster had made himself a reputation of being a general nuisance to those parts of Izral that recognised him. Nevertheless, nosiness has its uses...

"I know a few taverns and bars here and there in this here part of town for, well, just about anything! In fact, there's this fella, runs the Gorgon's Eye. He keeps a pretty close ear to the ground," the Trickster plodded forward, gaining speed as he cut through the reforming crowd before they could hem in the party.

"It's not a safe place, of course. That's why I'd need some mea- some friendly folks like you two to keep me company. I'm sure we won't run into any trouble, though!" he smiled with the sincerity of an anglerfish.

The streets of Izral was a gritty, grungy ordeal, the culmination of miserable lives, miserable rebels, poverty and treachery distilled into a single vista. That was, as one would expect, the nice part of town. Angus led the group in a seemingly haphazard route, making way to the city's edge before turning sharply away from a gate that would lead out of this cesspool. Pedestrians thinned as if they were approaching some secret part of the city. The atmosphere was a thick concoction of industrial ash and filth. 

The term 'urban jungle' was no more literal anywhere else other than here, where rats the size of kittens stared hungrily at them from the dark recesses of passed alleys. Glowing eyes of wild creatures and humanoids alike seemed no distinct from each other. It was as if they had made their way to another city entirely when they finally came upon a dilapidated building. 

A crumbling sign may have said ‘Gorgon's Eye’ when Valucre was young. Before Angus could so much as breathe, the door slammed open, the thick wood enduring yet another trauma to its frame. A pair of bloodied, drunken brawlers were deposited onto the street by a burly individual of indistinct gender. A long pair of downturned ears and ashen skin betrayed the drow’s race, though they were much bulkier than any of their kin. 

They paused, glared at Angus, then scanned the other two before retreating back inside, leaving the door open.

“Nice place, innit?” Angus smirked.

One of the brawlers groaned in pain.

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Leo_zps15a56ee4.pngLeoa was quick to smile at his evaluation of Daius and their abilities. She didn't think him wrong to believe that such people would merely hire anyone to take care of their issues, especially when they are powerful enough to do the work themselves. Thinking (and speaking) from personal experience, she believes that it's not a straightforward case of they don't know where or how to begin, just they needed this matter to be cleaned by others, so Daius isn't wasting precious bodies on an insignificant person.

Easy or hard, it doesn't matter. What matters is how much money and time is being wasted on an individual, and if they are worth the attention on the men and women who have lofty titles. Emerald hues glance at the gentleman and then the other woman - there is her answer. 

She padded next to him, hands lazily dancing in the confines of her pockets while she thinks about his words. Leoa could offer some advice, perhaps nose her way into the lead, but this isn't her task, and she is more than happy to just be a decoration on his lapel or a weapon on his waist. 

Silence nearly rendered her still as the flow of memories invaded her current line of thought. The sight of the dinge and filth made her lose her smile, replacing it with a range of familiarity that said she was slightly uncomfortable. Far from home she never felt closer to it, and it surprised her to be so clean with her reaction. Renovatio is often known for its absolute beauty, that everyone forgets that it too has its terrors and destitution. Having lived in the filth for so long, she had forgotten what life in the sun was.

"Looks like they're having a bit of fun, that's all!"

A delicate laugh escaped her at the sight of the brawlers. 

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Vanilla eyed the brawlers as she did something unusual. She used Lenoa to lean against. The seed was quite tired from the walk. And she was a thin light being. Though she didn't interfere with the fighting pair only because she didn't care who won or lost. 

Chuckling to herself, she stood up and tilted her head. 

So, where are we going? I might have spaced out when you told me. I tend to do such. Bad habit of mine. Also, these spoils... plenty?

Vanilla smiled as she shook her head. Sometimes playing with others meant she had to play by the rules. And it was hard at times. But right now she would be good so she watched on. 

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The crowd inside the tavern, as it would have turned out, was no less in chaos with the eviction of the brawlers. Angus wondered to himself what the bouncer’s rubric was, in deciding who to throw out, and who to tolerate. To their advantage, the shouting and revelry meant no one took notice of the three entering. Given that Angus took them on as circumspect a route as possible, that was what he was hoping for. You never know who will be racing you for a job.

He beckoned for the two to follow him through the tables and the ruffians coming and go as if this was an open-air market. He chuckled at the remark of the one known as Vanilla. He would’ve forgotten why they were here, too, were it not for the bounty money promised. 

“Oh, we’re doing nothing except asking someone about our mark,” he paused a bit, then decided to recap that as well, “Torek Redeye.”

What he didn’t mention was the price for that information. Obviously, he wouldn’t pay for it- That would hardly be profitable. Instead, he’d be promising work to the proprietor. It’d require finessing to make it look like he wasn’t roping the two in, of course.

“Fredericks! It’s good to see you again!” he shouted suddenly to the man cleaning the bar.

The old man, one would notice, wore two eyepatches. Old Fred had a cynical sense of humour, so when he lost his eyes, he decided to dress like a double pirate- or so that was Angus’ theory.

“We know each other?” The blind man grunted, brushing strands of his long white hair from his face as he worked, “Dun’ ‘member yer voice.”

“It’s Angus! The… Fixer! Yeah, we’re lookin’ for this guy by the name of-”

“Oh, Angus, that explains yer obnoxious voice. I’ll talk with these two ladies instead.”

“-What? I mean- I’m sure I’ll be more suitable to explain-” he wasn’t sure how Fred determined the gender of the two. He wasn’t going to ask.

“Yeah, nuh. You, ma’am,” he pointed at a random direction, “What’s this monkey yammering on about?”

It was an inconvenient time to remember that Old Fred was a bit of a bastard.

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