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[Lessertown] Squeeze Me!

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Welcome to the Squeeze ME! Lemonade Stand! Where the drinks are almost as sour as the puss on the girl’s face at the counter.

Like most things in the gutter, it's all about funds. Funds for food, funds for drugs, funds for guns, funds for skin, funds for travel, funds for funs. Where this stand stands, is currently in the realm of unconventional.  Here we have the antagonist, literally biting at every customer who walks up. For example…

“What are you selling here, young lady?”

Low lids exuberate the fickle light of annoyance placed tenuously on the girls facade. “Lemonade, the sign says ‘Lemonade’ you muck.

Albeit taken aback the man just nods in confusion at the girls temperament, but is not deterred. Delicate fingers take on separate duties, one hand holding down a lemon while the other uses a plasma scalpel to slice quickly through it. A few squeezes into a metal pitcher and the process is repeated several times, all the while the possible customer watches.

“You're pretty quick with a blade, but I guess that's not so unusual around these parts.” Of course he is referencing the dung heap that is Lessertown. Children younger than her apparent self, need multiple weaponry skills in order to survive. Lest they be eaten up by the waves of despair they trudge through.

“Where did you get it? Is your mother a doctor, you seem well dressed for the underground.”

Eventually the focus she was placing on making lemon juice for the lemonade she needs to mix while ignoring his idiocy,  comes undone.

Oh this old thing? There is a doctor that comes around every once in awhile, or at least she used to. I really liked it, and she said I could have it if I did some wetwork for her. All I earned was a headache for my troubles, so I stole it from her before she left.” Long flat auburn tendrils twist against the pivot of her neck, “Hey Pork-Butt, I need more lemons.

“I see, well what about your outfit? It's very cute…”

You're one of those types, aren't you? You know, the kind that likes the young ones.

Her view of him doesn't alter in the slightest while her head remains turned; as she awaits the arrival of a small rotund little creature. Smooth pink skin, splotched with a dash of pepper like color. Though its eyes are red as blood with tiny black pupils, they elicit a severe expression of disgust. A basket tied to its back allows it to carry the lemons requested of it.

Let's go, I don't have all day.

“You're a bit snappy for such a small thing. I don't really like fighters, but you'll do-"

The rest of his sentence goes unfinished. The luminescent blue tint of the scalpel in her hand being pressed dangerously close to the sweet spot at the base of his jawline, shuts him up rather nicely. It isn't the quarrel that catches attention since situations like this happen every few seconds here. However, the hungry eyes of onlookers in need of seeing fresh carnage does. The unfortunate man becomes a means to an end in this way. His body would be dismantled before it ever hit the ground. Damn vultures,  that's all they are, waiting to take whatever he has that can be used for their own personal purposes. Almost anything will sell at these depths of Cosanastre.

Here's a lemon for your troubles.” one half of the citrus endeavor is snatched up and squeezed straight up into his face, dousing his eyes. Let the masses have him, he gave us what we needed. So do your part.

Wiping her juiced hand on the pale blue alice-in-wonderland type frill of a skirt that offsets the tightly stretched shirt adorning her torso that screams ‘SQUEEZE ME!’, she adjusts the lemon decorated headband-most unamusedly-atop her head before proceeding.

Now that we have your attention fine people, please come take a gander and enjoy the sugar that fills our lemonade and sweetens our lives, enter the almighty Hal and his blades of fury…” Morbidly monotone statements are followed by the lackluster clap of her dainty hands as she steps carefully aside from the counter to let he who does greatness, take the stage.


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Bad and boujee were the terms one might use to enlighten another about their wealth standing. It could be taken in many shapes and sizes, but for this conundrum it was quite negative. The streets of the Lessertown, a concentrated hum rolled through his chest as Halvar sat with his back to Ina in meditation. It had been a while since the herbal sections were administered to his body to enhance the levels of his training before wearing off. He folded and readdressed the teaches of Corvin over and over again much like the creation of a katana. Heating the metal then folding it over and over and over till you heat it once more and fold it over again and again. A repeating cycle that could often prove to be very tiring, but Halvar was a devoted to the cause un-augmented unlike majority of his peers. The boy would become one of the purest studies yet to ascend to the SoulSeeker levels and beyond. 

Their first guest was a rather interesting yet sketchy fellow who would shortly learn it was not best to mess with Orphans on the street. Looking over his shoulders the crimson optics glowed from the shadows as he embodied Corvin's influence into himself. He did not cut off the powers of others here, but he did make sure to increase the pressure upon the man who now clutched his face in pain. The announcement of his name brought him to full attention rising to his feet. Since the intake of the herbal boost the lad had grown maybe an inch. The muscles upon his body had toned immensely and well his hair could not be seen at the moment. For he wore a beret with a Lemon design upon the crest facing the crowd.  A 'Squeeze Me!!' shirt that matched Ina's own it was kind of cute really, the lad pulled forth his K-bar and stabbed it into the table. 

Beckoning for the people to draw closer pointing a finger at the wailing man the crowd shoved him forward with ease. Halvar responded swiftly almost as if it were written in the Annals of history that this man should die in such a manner. A unspoken law of messing with the Squeeze Crew of Lesser town; metal left wood and met flesh cutting away with a fresh edge. The first strike met the man at the rib cage cutting open his clothing and piercing the hided alloy in hand. The force k-bar swiveled in his grasp coming back point first into the spinal cord. Kicking out the back leg he held his posture with the blade facing upward, as the weight and gravity took the man down the blade cut up his back detaching the spine from the  flesh and out into open air. Hungry eyes remained focused upon the now gasping man who bleed from lips and body. Mobility was no longer and option, there was only a slow death by blooding out. Cleaning his blade on the edge of the mans shirt before giving a large smile to the crowd. 

"Take as you wish, but please enjoy the real show~." Halvar said lightly with a voice deep like a slow flowing river with milk and honey. Stepping over and around the body the masses moved to consume the body before a bloody pile was left. When the crowd was satisfied the calm returned to the people, Halvar sheathed his force K-bar and pulled out the ordinary one of the same caliber. Throwing up several lemons he opened Corvin's Influence upon himself and inhaled deeply. The world to him turned dark as if he were on a center stage the k-bar in hand glowed a pale white and with a flick it left his hand. Into the air the blade cut and split halves into quarters, taking up several cup the lemon slices landed upon the edge perfectly. The next came two halves that landed in one hand. The blade landed in the other pressing the lemons down he juiced them with ease before pouring some of the beautiful mix into a few cups. Taking up a sugar cane root he diced and cut it then squeezed it as well pouring the purest of glucose into the yellow liquid. Artistic one might say or even Masterful with the blade and ingredients used to make their lemonade. How they had come across such materials in Lessertown would remain unknown; however things would definitely become more interesting over time.

Halvar could not put a finger on it, but no doubt his quarry was coming very soon. Tossing up more lemons he started passing out the drinks as the knife worked in mid air above him. It held the eyes of the children for the longest of times. The infuse of his soul changed colors every cut like a light show. 

"Single file line!! No pushing everyone!!! Please Ina if you will.." The lad gestured as he resumed making more lemonade.

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Dance the dance, that’s how they do. A duet in an orchestra of unpredictable body counts. Polar opposite twins stand side by side for the briefest of moments. Alluring to the crowd before them like diamonds in a glass case. Set apart from the masses, but filling the immediate space with a lustrous glow that radiates towards them. Ghostly fingers of light that draw them in, only to turn around and allow them to leave with puckered lips appeased only by their offerings. It is a business, though, everyone pays the toll to indulge in the pleasantries provided by Squeeze Me. Simple as they appear to be.

Whether or not the two Orphans delude themselves in fancy over the world in which they prosper, cannot be deduced merely by approaching their wares and watching their show. It is a long and arduous haul of measured thought and analytical observation that spins some sort of tale they two are guided through. Where it leads…? Is anyone’s best guess.

For now, the young lady takes a gander at those faces set before them. Dirty, empty, scarred. All shadowed in the same muck that leeches from the 'city proper' down into this dung heap in which they all currently reside. Despite that, one can pinpoint certain aspects of cleanlier faces, adorned by stubbornly set chins. Angled high as if it will help their nostrils avoid the stench they’ve surrounded themselves with by trudging down to Lessertown. These are their targets, though one, in particular, is to set the standard of the day. The clock ticks like a pulsing vein. One second, two seconds...thirty and so on seconds. When their time will come is left unknown, but they will know it when it arrives.

Until then, Ina follows suit. Money for unspecified resources are exchanged from their hands to hers, Halvar’s doling out the refreshments in turn. Nothing here is freely given or taken. But that doesn’t stop her partner’s admirers from sweetly trying. Hitting a cold, dank, and thick brick wall is not as endearing as many may think. It is abrasive, painful, and has no remorse for those who throw themselves against it.

It always ends the same, penniless and knocked abreast of her side, like the scum she scrapes daily from the bottom of her shoes. There is no pretense, no regret, no guilt, nor is there any empathy whatsoever. There is only the harsh reality that there is work to be done and that she will do. Anyone in want of deterring her…

“Aye, missus… Can we ‘ave a taste? Jes a lil’ won?”

“Have the money?”

“No, we ain’t, but we’ll fetch ya somfin’ nice if ya do.”

“Scram, you little flea-ridden pains in my damn ass.

"Get the fuck out of here before I gut you like the deadbeats you are!”

More often than not, it elicits a squeal of dismay from a very startled freckle bottomed pig usually taking refuge at her feet. These are the hard days, playing the long game. Luring out the necessary subject of their mission eventually begins to wear on an already worn and disturbed little girl.




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Despite the stench of LesserTown, the Squeeze Me stand emitted a sweet fresh yet sour scent. The lemon juice dripped from the air, it's aroma clung to the air around Halvar and Ina as they worked. The ill temperament of his companion was completely understood and translated through his own expression. Crimson eyes darted from one muck to the next. When would their quarry arrive? Did they get swallowed up among the mob? The more he searched the crowd the more he began to think about ancient Rome and amusing the mob. In an ancient time such as then, holding power meant keeping the people happy. Here, however, was a place bound by harsher rules. Rules that often brought its people to their knees in prayer for salvation. Not the salvation of a god, Halvar doubted a single deity would step foot into such a place. 

The people ruled over the people, a King ruled over them placing heavy loads of displeasure upon the poor. With a gentle smile, Halvar wanted to spread the word of the Kadain Empire's goodness and grace. Spewing such good tidings would only invite danger where they did not want it. For now, the role of being poor was his to own along with Ina. "Porky... More Lemons.." Halvar grunted to the little Pig which squeaked and rushed to push another box to him. Taking up the last few lemons inside of the first box; Halvar cut them freshly through the air before letting the knife seed itself in the wooden top. Not two seconds passed as a greedy hand reached out to snatch the blade. Halvar's eyes watched the hand as his body moved without pause. A scream ripped out as the people backed away. "Now now!! Look what you made me do..." His voice remained calm and deep like the ocean with a smile on his face. The lad dropped to his knees holding a bloodied hand. 

"Why!!" Cried the boy as he slowly rose to his feet. Tears welled up in his eyes slowly washing away the dirt as they ran down his cheeks. 

"Simple, you do not touch what is not yours. Be happy I did not take the whole hand and only a finger.." As Halvar spoke he picked up the boys finger and fed it to the pig at their feet. There was no pause as the pig began to gobble up the finger, having an omnivore for a companion was super helpful. Taking a small rag from his pocket he cleaned the bloody spots and the knife he used to cut the boys finger off with. Next, he cleaned the Kbar with ease as he watched the boy leave with two others who had stopped in their tracks upon seeing his finger fully removed. "Now everyone! Please get in line~. If you do not have money, do yourself a favor and get out of line. If not I will gladly let Ina deal with you personally. She is far less sympathetic than I am." Let his head shift to the side the smile became one riddled with insanity, a slight hint of blood lust.  The crowd shaped up within a few minutes before Halvar began making more lemonade. His eyes never left the people as the quarry came into view. Well dressed and seemingly respectable individuals waded their way forward through the crowd. 

The line began to move at a faster more organized pace now that most of the rifraf had wondered off. No doubt those who had already paid would have a fight on their hands to keep their drinks. 


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Opportunity arises. Halvar’s acknowledgment of the target felt by her and the pig causes the anxious shift of hooves beneath a basket of lemons.

It's almost time, be ready...

Were Freckles so inclined he would squeal the alarm, but coldly watchful eyes deter him from such behavior. Ina picks up the pace to move the line along a little faster in order to see their ordeal over with sooner. Despite her appreciation of the facade of lemonade princess, her mind is elsewhere.

At this point in the game, she is further ahead in the plan, plotting different routes of escape well before necessary. Three alleys nearby, plenty of shanty roofs with drop-down metal ladders, open doorways, lots of people to get lost in. In the long run, none of those things are protective enough against the backlash they will face if things go well or badly. She had spent a lot of time watching the target through a kaleidoscope, where at every glance he had multitudinous eyes staring right back at her.

Of all the worries, recognition isn’t one of them. His is easy enough, while hers is a tad complicated. If there could be an instance of an outside being walking in her shoes, they’d most certainly mistake caution for fear. Experience deals a heavy hand in this aspect, knowing the monsters you’re dealing with help to better understand what actions may predicate particular choices. Ina's only purpose at this point and for several after is to ensure Halvar’s safety to the best of her ability. But the threat of destruction is ever present the closer their target gets to the stand.



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