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Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

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The wounds were slowly easing off, the pain passed rather quickly. Normally he'd been stubborn and moved but circumstances were different, there were others here that could handle themselves well enough. Being back where they started was a strange feeling, it felt like no progress was made other then being closer to death. 

"Abigail.." A name he'd make sure to remember now that it was certain he would have to rely on her. A series of grunts followed as Kodiak shifted and moved about trying to get comfortable. "..uuhh..I went to sleep..and woke up..here.." The blood and adrenaline loss was beginning to manifest a migraine. "Call me crazy...something's wrong.." He felt a strange connection to the area around him, almost feeling it speak. There was a large disturbance, breaking into these woods as they did, now, he wasn't surprised. 

"Leave me..if you must.." What was the worst to happen? He'd be killed but the others might survive. From what he felt, there was something big coming, something angry. All he could think of was how he should not have disturbed that grove. 

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On 5/12/2018 at 7:02 PM, P.N.See said:

"Ellie..." - Sho'Horo spoke nervously. - "I don't think Mr. Bear would like to talk to us. At all."

"You were the one saying we shouldn't just run around killing everything!" Ellie snapped.

On 5/12/2018 at 7:02 PM, P.N.See said:

"Back me up, guys!" - He exclaimed, addressing his words to Ellie and Hurttoto. - "Gotta try something..."

He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and concentrated his mind onto his hands. With palms open wide, he moved away his arms and exerted the muscles as if he was gathering up the energy for the frontal blast. Then with a rapid "...h-h-haaa!" he thrust his hands forward, palms stretching towards the bear, and...


Literally nothing.

Nothing came from Sho'Horo's fingertips. No lightning bolts, no fireballs, no steam, no acid. No cues on any special power.

By performing his "power move" Sho'Horo had just dragged the bear's attention toward himself. Now the beast was measuring up the new prey that happened to be more meaty and wiggly than the previous one.

Oh, how stupid he was, Nick thought in terror. And now he would be stupid and dead.

"Well, fuck." - He mumbled out his possibly famous last words.


Ellie looked at the bear, and back at Sho'Horo. Then back at the bear. 

She had to do something! She'd broiled that dryad, surely a bear wouldn't be a problem, right?

She shoved her hands out like she had before, as if it was the semantic motion that had conjured the superheated water rather than anything more complicated. Her hands felt a little damp, but that was all, and that could have been just sweat. 

She wrinkled her nose up and tried again. A few droplets of water spritzed from her fingertips, like a hairspray bottle that was down to its last pump.

Superpower was a no-go. 

Well, what was left? 'If it's brown, lay down, if it's black, fight back' went the little rhyme in her head. But this bear was white. 'If it's white, good night' was how the rhyme actually ended, which didn't make her giggle like it had back in her safe, bear-free world. 

To Ellie's odd sense of logic, the rhyme said there was a 33% chance that playing dead was the right choice, and a 66% chance that being aggressive was the right choice. Cuz that last one, well, what, you're just supposed to stand there and let it eat you? No, obviously not!

She looked around for a stick, but didn't find one big enough. Just as she was sure she'd have to walk up and punch a bear in the face, her hand landed on a big rock. 

"Go 'way!" she yelled, as loudly as she could, and chucked the rock at the bear. 

At least it wasn't looking at Sho'Horo anymore. That was a good thing. Right?


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