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Afro Punk

Tea Time Romance (Looking for Straight Female Character)

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In the link below you'll find a first post involving one of my characters, a blindsighted P.I. who's taken some time to enjoy some tea and waiting for the future love of his life to walk through the door and offer to share his table.

Points to note if you're considering joining up:

  • I like wordy posts. So much I ensure that my posts are at least 150 words long, though it usually reaches the 200-word mark. I expect the same
  • This character is good-aligned. No evil characters, please.
  • This character is also straight. That means female charrie, not genderless.
  • You must be willing and able to post at least once every few days, though everyday is preferable (this extends until the 25th, after which my posting speed will slow down to between "1 per week" to "1 per 2 weeks"

Any takers?

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Well im torn between two right now

It all depends on what story your after, the subject material i mean. I have several girls ive been wanting to use who come from all walks of life (good aligned aswell)

Im down for however you wanna do this boo :kiss:

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You know it, B!

I'm after a friendship turned romance, they spend time together and realize da feelz! Boom! Serious relationship. Plus if the babe is a Terran.

If the girl is a little crazy and needs someone to care for her and help get her shit together, then that works too.

Not like Daichi has fully moved on from his dead girlfriend. 

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Well i read through Daichi' info and love what i saw and from that i have a perfect choice <3 heres a sneak peek since i havent had a chance to add her to my archives. (I swear to the gods i she was feline blood before i read his profile lol)






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Fyedahlia (Fye for short) was born in the rural town of Hyde (A small village in Terranus) that is primarily comprised of beastfolk. Her parents possessing a deep heritage of feline history from bandits and burglars to her mother Deedra who was a grand sorceress and helped rekindle magic in the hardworking farming town. Her father Melbourne was a farmer that acted as the head of the farming community and kept everyone happy and healthy, making sure the bountiful harvests were always due. The village was small enough where everyone knew eachother and it turned from a small village built as a sanctuary, to a thriving community, to a tight knit family. Fye only bringing them closer together; She was the light of Deedra and Mel's life, and the more she grew the more that charm of hers bloomed. Fye a curious ditsy cluts who wanted to one day be a witch like her mother (eventhough her mother constantly tells her that witches and Sorceresses are different).

Fye is a six foot feline humanoid with calico fur from head to toe. browns, grays, blacks, and oranges all mashed together as the calico trait does. Her face having mostly black fur with a splotch of orange on her right eye and a speck of white on her nose. Her tail eight feet long and striped with grey and white. You will always catch her wearing overalls and some form of T shirt (mostly ones with paw prints), wearing a black witches hat with purple accents that her mother had made for her. The cat girl preferring to go bare foot. 
She has grown up into a twenty year old girl that finds joy in everything, and while the feline in her blood gets her into trouble from time to time. Her adventurous and bubbling nature is almost a stark rarity in an otherwise chaotic and bleak world. 

That's the jist of her! I don't want to give away too much, but I figured I'd use one of the most profoundly good aligned characters I have since I am curious on how it will improve (or complicate) Daichi



Also yes, unfortunately the stereotypes are true with her. She loves fish, catnip, and chasing little red lights that vanish into nothingness from time to time


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I like her! Sold! Go ahead and post! 

And both are 6 feet too. She's slightly older, though, he's 18. He has his police rank at his age because of both connections (his mother was in the force) and his skill.

Don't worry though, they both love fish and catnip... 

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