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Honor Among Thieves

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Dan strolled through the streets of Mezthaluen, a city whose name he was likely never going to pronounce properly, despite probably being fully capable of doing so. He was here on two sets of business. One of his little birds mentioned that this place had some kind of thief issue, but couldn't find more details, and one of his less innocent little birds said that a suspected member of an intercontinental pedophile ring was here to scout the place out for a possible location in Genesaris. He knew perfectly well how tight lipped those people could be, and had no love for their type, so he had no intention of questioning him.

After wandering the streets for a good two hours, he finally found someone that matched the description given to him. Short, silver-white hair. Highly muscular. One green eye, one hazel eye. And a tattoo of a serpent biting into his neck.
Dan subtly opened a red vial into his left hand, put the vial back in his pocket, approached him from behind, and bumped into his left side suddenly.
"Hey! Watch where you're going, kid!"

This guy did NOT have a pleasant voice at all. It sounded to Dan about like the same sound if you tried roasting a toucan while it was still alive. Dan adopted a timid, cockney English urchin boy voice.
"S-sorry sir! I promise, i' won' 'appen again!"
Dan gripped the mans impressively large arm with his left hand, hand and lower lip trembling. The man pulled away, clearly not wanting to cause a scene.

"Yeah just.... Watch it. Lot of unsavory people here."

Dan nodded vigorously and quickly left, disappearing into the crowd. After he was out of sight, he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, and slowly, deliberately, and very very thoroughly wiped his left palm off into it. He then took a small blue vial, and downed the contents, redepositing it in his pocket.
He took out the wallet he had nicked, and started going through it. I.D., store savings card, LOADS of cash. Nice. He would further inspect it later, when he was well out of sight.

Then he heard the piercing screams behind him as the man collapsed and started bleeding from the nose and mouth, clawing at his throat until he stopped moving entirely. Dan wore a satisfied grin. That worked even faster than in Game of Thrones. The poison he had used, named for its sister in the show, The Long Farewell, worked wonders for when Dan needed to subtly kill a target. No one would be able to figure out it was him, and he would be well away before they started looking for suspects.

As Dan got further away from the scene, he failed no notice someone was shadowing him. And that someone was most impressed with what he saw.

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Cal was, on most of his days, working in the mines. He generally liked to look for rare gems and minerals. Some he sold, some he kept. Mages especially loved buying the things to enchant their staffs and talismans and whatever. However, sometimes he liked to take a day off. He could afford to do this, as he made quite good pay from simply selling gems.

On one of these days, he was standing in a shadowy corner of a building, arms crossed, observing the people moving around. He was quite fascinated in watching people and loved to see how different emotions could be between two people only a few feet from each other. He probably looked like a thug in that corner, but that was only so he didn't get robbed. Only a bad criminal would look to rob another criminal. He could probably fight them off anyway, but he didn't want to make a scene or draw too much attention to himself. 

Then, he saw it. A shady-looking character moving quickly through the crowd of people moving past. He was quite keen at seeing the "odd one out" in most situations with his mining experience, and this clearly was one. Then, he heard a loud THUMP and shrieking from nearby people. "Ooh, he must be good,"  he thought to himself.

Cal climbed up onto the roof of the building he was sitting in the shade of, found who he was looking for, and decided to travel the rooftops following him.

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