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The Mystery of the Bloody Red Specter

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"Where...where did you get that?" His eyes went wide, his heart rate speeding up as he gazed upon the picture. "Oh Julia..."


Getting up, he wiped his forehead with the back of his sleeve, now wet with perspiration. "I...I think its time for you to leave. That thing is still out there and can hurt someone!" his breathing was getting ragged, the memories torturing him with their damning reality.


The scene was beginning to shift, and the shopkeeper began to feel like he was being cornered in by the good doctor. He had no idea how much Silas knew, but he knew that it was time to go on the offensive. Justice came swiftly for those who could not keep a secret, and he refused to end up in the gallows. "I...I won't say anymore until the investigators arrive, they should be informed the Specter was in my house for goodness sake."


The walls were closing in, and if not for his initial inebriation, he would have actually acted to try and contact the authorities. Now his adrenaline was beginning to pump hard in his veins, the fear running wild in his mind.




Silent steps and agile moves put the Specter close to the gatehouse. Performing the task would be easy for a creature so skilled in stealth, the Cloaked Figure having already proven itself a greater match against the Hyperion police. However, when it came closer to the entrance, there were frustrated rumblings between the guards stationed there. Stopping around the corner, the Bloody Red Specter listened in on a conversation between too guards.


"Damn that masked freak. Its bad enough we have to deal with that Bloody Specter, now we have one of those outsiders stumbling into us. We could have already caught the damned thing if our captains didn't have their heads up their asses."


"Yeah, I could have had a solid shot at that freak once when I saw it crossing into an alley, but our orders are to take it alive for questioning." He shook his head and spat. "Damn beuracrats."


Backing out, it understood just what had transpired moments earlier. Clearly there was another hunter in the equation, and it was setting a trap for the Specter. Turning around towards the south, it would find a different route out of the city. Ducking underneath a bridge, the Specter understood that it needed to escape and quickly. After spotting a sewer drain, it knew its opportunity had arrived.


With its small and compact frame, the Specter was able to slide its way through after some effort. Having entered into the subterranean world of Hyperion, the Specter would begin its trek towards one of the various drains leading out into the wilds. From the intricate levels and design of the sewer system, it would be difficult to know where it would exit from, making its escape almost assured. 

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As the shopkeeper sputtered and struggled to catch his breath, Silas knew that he had found the right button to push. Given the way the man had spoken the name, and the fact that the girl in the locket bore some resemblance to him, It seemed that the doctor was correct in assuming the two were related; father and daughter most likely. The desperation with which the man insisted he leave only further convinced Silas that the man was trying to hide something. Though he was fairly certain what had happened to the girl, he wanted to hear it from the shopkeeper himself. If he was to damn this man, he would hear the truth from his own lips.

"It's fine if you don't want to talk," Silas pointed behind the man, "I can simply ask Julia herself."

For a moment confused silence hung in the air before a little girls voice spoke, "Daddy?

When the Matreyan man turned to face the source of the voice, he would find the girl from the locket standing in front of him, wearing the same garb she wore in the photo. She would walk forward hesitantly never breaking eye contact with the shopkeeper.

"What did you do daddy?"

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Ferris sensed the specter's movement for a few moments but then...the entity's trail was becoming cold. Could it have maybe find out that ferris was hot on it's trail, it doesn't matter if in ferris's mind if the entity knows or escapes this time, afterall ferris was in it's territory, it's home turf and as such ferris was at the disadvantage in figuring out where the specter could have gone if not through this gatehouse. 

Ferris growled to himself and decided to go back and retrace the scent of the specter, to the guard on the route that ferris was taking now it would look like he's starring at the ground as if there were was an ant crawling by, but of course with the mask on they wouldn't be able to tell that ferris's eyes are actually closed. He was focusing on sensing the lingering magic of the entity, locking onto it as he walked. 

Under a bridge....

An open sewer hatch....

"Damn thing went into the sewer..." ferris looked at the sewer entrance but he would not enter for now, he would let the specter escape for tonight, ferris learned plenty of it. He reached into his back pouch and poured an orange liquid drop on his finger to write out a rune along the edge of the hatch, a smell that mimicked salt and ginger, the symbols themselves glowed before fading away. Won't get through this spot again, ferris remarked in his head as he then went back to walking around the town wondering if the other man from before was making progress.  

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