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Consider the roots of a tree [quest]

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Minor Summary

A Gaian priest and two apprentices (Yates, Mae, and Kai, in that order) are on task to explore an underground access tunnel discovered by a commercial construction crew; a common enough task for an order of geomancers. Underground they discover a murder, the town of Anchorage with its stone-people, and a volatile religion with an ominous creed.

Full Summary

Yates is sent to Hell's Gate, where he is to accompany and evaluate two apprentices on a mission to consecrate ground at a construction site and to investigate a newly discovered underground access tunnel that isn't on any municipal maps.

The consecration gWoes off without issue and is syncretic in nature, one-half of the ritual the more traditional Gaianism as performed by Mae, and the other half skewing towards the Demio Munde school of thought as performed by Kai.

No long after descending deeper and deeper still into the access tunnel, the clergy members come across a crime scene. Two dead bodies, their lives lost in what was clearly a violent struggle, and with bloody marks leading further into the dark rather than back to the light. The clergy members are all compelled to investigate, and so do.

Following the tracks, and then anticipating where the trail leads once they lose the blood, they come across the underground town of Anchorage. Yates warns the apprentices that they do not know the temperament of the natives of Anchorage, or where their moral compass might point, so Yates suggests that they go about Anchorage to gain a better of understanding of both before revealing the murder they uncovered. At this point Kai goes back to guard the crime scene.

Four  notable interactions occur. The first is with Ines, a blind surface-dweller who is staying in Anchorage for reasons unknown. She points them towards the temple, where they meet Zhivago and Metier, the first an acolyte to the second, and the second dismissive of Yates and Mae, particularly of Mae. He excuses the two and they find themselves on the outside once again.

Further investigation eventually leads them to a civilian police station, where Mae meets Elter the bard, the latter cuffed to a bench and singing a song about an uprising against the surface-dwellers. Elter reveals to Mae that this is the religious prophecy of a growing minority of zealots, but that he's not too concerned, and gives her the name of Captain Jocko, a name which Yates also comes across in his own subtle interrogations of the various officers.

Jocko, a half-breed Anchorite and surface-dweller, shows unsurprising sympathy to Yates and Mae, and accompanies them to the crime scene, where he takes over the case.

Notable Consequences

  • Gaian clergy consecrate construction ground
  • The clergy are asked to explore an underground access tunnel and discover a crime scene
  • Further exploration reveals the town of Anchorage, and uncovers a radical religion with a growing laity
  • The clergy manage to put the crime in the hands of the proper authority but are concerned as to what far-reaching consequences may come of this interaction between surface-dwellers, police officers, and the zealots


  • Further exploration of the city of Anchorage, including mapping (I.E. creating) hotspots
  • Further interaction with the religion of the Father, whose worldview pits the underground citizens of Anchorage against the 'oppressive surface-dwellers'

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