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Londeran Bilner

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Race: Vampire



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Clothing/Armor: Deeply enchanted cloth. It would take about five arrows to pierce the cloth.

Weapons: Magic infused darts. He fires them through a blowdart. It has a range of about thirty feet. He also hold two hunting knifes on each side of his hip.

Skills: Skilled alchemist. He makes all of his own darts and clothing. He also has the ability to enhance his movement speed for a limited time.

Weaknesses: He is vulnerable to most types of metal. It will cause his flesh to start burning.

Likes: Blood, gold, fame.

Dislikes: Happy Families. He never had a family when he grew up. Why should anyone else?

Backstory: Born a normal child, Londeran didn't want this life. He started out opening his own small mercenary business. It started as small jobs, but his group began to grow. He was soon very wealthy. One day he got a call about vampires in a den nearby. He sent some of his mercenaries to go check on it. After a week later, they never returned. Londeran decided to check it out for himself. Approaching the cave with a group of about ten people, he walked into the cave. They were quickly ambushed by an army of around one-hundred vampires. He screamed to flee but none of the mercenaries heard him. They captured all of his group and bit their necks one by one. Londeran was never the same again. He had to kill everything he saw. He wasn't like the other vampires, he was uncontrollable. Over a span of around seventy years, he learned to calm himself. He had to have a daily consumption of blood. If he did not, he would go berserk and lash out on everyone. He now is looking for ways to make money. He hopes everyday to get enough money for blood, or else.

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