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 Athoxyhx Signowr di Nymeria

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NAME: Athoxyhx Signowr di Nymeria
IS A(N): Nymerian
AGE: 200
WEIGHT: 200 lbs
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
EYES: Black sclera, white pupils 
SKIN: Pale Grey 
HAIR: Shaved
BODY: Muscled, but lean
OUTFIT: Slate grey vest, red trousers, red sash
PERSONALITY: Hot-blooded, friendly, bloodthirsty
ABILITIES: Powerful Mage, Storm Magic, Telekinesis, various Bio-augmentations
BACKSTORY: Athoxyhx was born well after the fall of Nymeria, but the country was often on his mind as a child. His parents brought him up on the legends of Kings and gods from a country that many now thought of as a myth. But Athoxyhx believed, and had faith that he would live to see the return of the Kings. Old legends were not his only interests, as it was discovered early on that he possessed a great talent for magic. Though skilled enough to learn almost any school of magic he chose; he gravitated toward Storm Magic, aiming to become a great hunter of giant beasts. Over the years he racked up kill after kill, becoming a legend among the hunting community. When the two Kings returned, Athoxhyx was one of the first to believe in them, and fought with them to reunite the kingdom of Nymeria.
TRAITS: Athoxhyx is an energetic person, always looking for a new challenge to conquer, a new limit to surpass. When he is forced to slow down and wait for any reason he quickly becomes restless and irritable. Despite this, he is quite friendly; always ready to have a drink even with someone he's just met. One of his defining characteristics is his lust for the hunt. Fascinated by giant creatures, he decided to become a hunter, and soon gained a reputation for his prowess. It is said by those who know him that Athoxhyx feels most alive when on the hunt.
REPUTATION: Athoxhyx is a famed hunter; known for slaying all manner of giant beasts.
SEXUALITY: Straight.
OVERVIEW: From a young age Athoxyhx showed great talent for the magical arts; showing an aptitude in almost all of the schools. Knowing that he wanted to hunt giants, he gravitated towards the Storm school; powerful magic that is traditionally used to slay such beasts. Now he is a fully fledged Storm mage, capable of summoning gale force winds, torrential rain, and lightning to defeat his opponents. Later on, he also picked up Telekinesis to add some utility to his magic skill set. 

After joining the Deepwatch, Athoxhyx gained a number of biological augmentations to make him a more effective soldier. Most of these augments were taken from species of shark; however some were taken from a combination of other oceanic wildlife. From the shark he gained an incredible sense of smell, an ability to sense electrical fields given off by living beings, a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth, and tough, resilient skin. From various other creatures he received claws, and six tentacles tipped with sharp, durable spurs of bone that spring from his back.
ITEM 1: Embedded amulet on left pectoral muscle. A symbol of his authority as a Hso're, or Harrier.
Athoxhyx is a tall, athletically built man with pale grey skin, sharp, shark-like teeth, and black eyes with white pupils. While his physical appearance can be intimidating, he is quick to reassure people with his friendly personality.

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