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Under The Hot Desert Sun

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Eyes locked on Scarlett, not looking away or closing them, she bit her lip as she began to cut. Soon screams of pain ripped from her throat, so loud were they it was likely they could be heard in a different realm entirely. She didn’t feel Scarlett’s soothing hand in her hair nor hear the soothing words. The searing pain was such that even though her eyes were open they did not see, Her ears worked but they did not hear. 

She fought with Ahab at first, his attempts at easing her pain mistaken for his attempt to poison her in her weakened stated. But when she recognized the taste of the liquid on her tongue she drank it down quickly and in large gulps, the burning in her throat nothing compared to the burning in her side. It would take several more minutes for the alcohol to take effect, by then she had gone limp, tears streaming down her cheeks, she wasn’t even embarrassed by them. 

A grip, followed by a familiar jolt that traveled up through her arm caught her attention. She gripped it back in a strong firm grip, holding to it like a lifeline that would keep her in this plane of reality. 

As her vision cleared and the pain began to subside, her brain registered she was actually holding someone’s hand, the first thing she saw was Scarlett - those swirling eyes. Then she wiggled her gripped fingers again, brow furrowing. She tensed, thinking it was Ahab and immediately thought to punch him. Her other arm wouldn’t respond however and she looked next to her ..... and blinked....and blinked....and blinked.....

”Ruban?” Her words were a little slurred from all the alcohol, she wiggled her fingers again, “Have I died fated one?” 

She looked back up at Scarlett, “Scarlett - you died too?” 

She squinted, “Who is rubbing sandpaper on my cut -“ 

It was Phillip and she pat his head gently, “goodkittycat” 

Looking back over to Tobias, who was clearly still there, her eyes glazed over for a moment and a tear ran down her cheek again. The predatory woman suddenly as docile and gentile as a kitten. 

“I - I thought you were dead - “ She said, “But here you are - and I cant be dead if Philip is here.....” 

Her drunk logic making no sense she continued to babble until she felt the pain finally subside, and then like a cat, she sprung on him and tackled him. Wrapping her limbs around him and sobbing uncontrollably. 

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Scarlett held her close at first, seeing these tears. For once in a very, VERY, long time, Scarlett felt remorse. She felt bad for Khepri. A goddess of chaos... War... Feeling sorry. Now that was a thing to behold. 

The next thing she saw was a man that had sneaked up on them. 


She flinched up amd almost threw the dagger she had just used at him, then saw that he was there to help. She was a little upset that someone might have seen her in a very weak state, so her heart raced and she put on that rough she'll once again. She didn't say anything though. What could she say? That she was impressed that Khepri didn't die from the pain, because she was. It was actually the one thing she left out, that there was a high possibility of death in general. The blade causes death to weak/vulnerable people. Not from magic or anything, but simply from the pain. Scarlett did think (and hoped) that Khepri would be strong enough, and she was glad the she was right. 


Philip purred after being called a "good kitty cat". He kept licking her wound, it slowly starting to heal and feel better.

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