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Talia; The Battle of Iblis; Breaking Apart the Grand Library

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[Semi-Closed, Ask before Joining]

1, January 1768AY

Yuhalla Serphus-Ahalla, Talia

Sunday, 1:00p.m.

Talia had remained neutral in all battles that dealt between Athentha and Lyonesse. But lately they couldn't just stand by and allow their island from becoming tainted. They looked away from many battles. 

Yet, this time it couldn't be helped. The tainted/corrupted ones had reached the city of Yuhalla Serphus-Ahalla. And here the Talians had no real plan to battle them. The Yellow Leaf Brigade, one of the many groups of knights were no where to be found so it was fell upon the Dragonheart Syphus knights to take action. 

And that was the plan. Corrupt more and more knights to infuriate and become a part of the knights. However Yuhalla wouldn't fall so easily.  As the corrupted and tainted stalked it's way into the land, a lone knight came running through the masses with his spear drawn. The elf, merely only age of 17, didn't want his land to fall.  

His name, Fearghas, as humans had intertwined with the land bringing many nationalities and humanities. His mother and father were the ones who founded Talia itself.  And he had studied in both Talia and Rowan to gain knoweldge and stragetries to try to find a way to stop the coming war. 

Yet in all his time, the elf knew that he could just shut himself in a dark room and read away. It was time to take action and so he signed up for the Dragonheart Syphus knights. 

So here we are now. Fearghas sighed as he cleared away the next round of tainted as he pulled out his spear. The other knights had slowed in keeping up with him. But he knew that he had to keep going. 

The land needed heroes more than ever in the dooming hours.


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His name was Ferghas. Born from a line of royal knights, he felt his had always been wronged. That his father acquired such wealth and fame was because he stole it without consequence.  That he took what he wanted and gave it unto his sons. Ferghas believed loyalty and honour was to be uphold and taught. And he tried to do this to his brother.


Yet Ferghas stood there covered in blood from the demon he had killed not even moments ago. He was lost in his thoughts of how this could happen to Talia. The island that remained neutral and remained out of its sister’s islands arguements. Now war wanted to claim Talia. The woman stood next to him, one known as Yuma. And she was claimed to be the third Legendia sister. One that was barely known.


Ferghas had been lead here by her. And he didn’t know why. Why would Athentha and Lyonesse drag Talia into its war? Why would his father stain their family name for fame and fortune if he was such a good knight?


Yuma placed her hand on his shoulder. “Ferghas, Talia cannot linger forever in a neutral state. War is coming because Ashlyn created a child to destroy us all. She gave her unto Miach to create a dead legend.”


He sighed. “Yuma, Talia mustn’t allow its land to fall. Vex and Sayndar must still be out there in hiding. There must be a shimmer of hope within the knights. Manah believed…”


Yuma shook her head as she lowered her hand. The brash knight known as Manah was lost to the corruption of the beast known as Rin. It seemed that anyone that went up against her didn’t make it out alive. And yet they didn’t truly die either.


“Manah lost as well.” Yuma’s voice came with such a sorrowful tone. “She tried so hard to fight against the darkness, the corruption. In the end Rin got her too. Ashlyn wanted to tear the islands asunder. She corrupted even the mighty Absolon. We have no hope.”


Ferghas couldn’t allow this. Alone he would be the one fighting, standing there trying to protect his home. Yuma watched him walk down the pebble like road as she followed behind. He was determined.


“Was my father the same in the end?” he asked changing the subject for a moment. “Did he too fall under the beast and rot away? You say we have no hope? Do we just lay our swords down and let her win? Talia isn’t that.”


Yuma looked up with those soft heterchoma white yellow eyes. Such questions this youth had. Determination that laid as fire in his heart to break through the princess’s dark desires. And she didn’t speak of the demon hunter or the hero of Lyonesse.


“Your father was such a brave knight. In the end he too was consumed. He began the tyranny of the legends surrounding him. All that walk this land fall to corruption in the end. Sayndar has vanished and Vex… I do not know what became of him.”


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Ferghas walked among the fields as his footsteps graced along the grass. Yuma said nothing as she followed along, unable to understand the knight before her. Sure he wanted to bring peace to the land like Vex and Sayndar yet his determination got in the way. Yuma wondered how he would be the difference to the land when the other two had wanted the same thing and vanished.


Yuma shook her head knowing the tales of the land, how her own sisters played a hand in destroying it. Ashlyn was so hateful, destesting anyone who didn’t believe what she did and cursed the land. She birthed the legend of the beast, corrupting Miach to make a monster out of his own child. Yuma knew that Ashlyn seduced Miach, giving him anything he wanted so that she could create something to bring the world to it’s knees.


Some even rumored Rin was Ashlyn’s daughter and not Rian. That she was the product of an evil plot to bring forth a new age to Athentha.  Ferghas looked at Yuma noticing how deep in thought she was.


“You worry too much.” Ferghas replied. “I know we can save the land. We just need to research what H.H Dylan wrote. I mean he did study everything in the land. I’m sure we can find a way to kill her. Once we find Sayndar and Vex we can get the answers.”


Yuma shook her head. “And what will you do different they did not? Ferghas this is not some game you can just play. You have no plan and we do not even know if Sayndar or Vex even made it to the resistance.”


Ferghas grabbed Yuma by her arms as he embraced her into a hug. The gruff warrior knew she was afraid as she had every right to be for they were in uncertain times. But he wouldn't let Rin harm her. Wouldn’t let Talia fall if he could prevent it. And Yuma was precious to him even if she was Ashlyn’s own sister. He didn’t care. She kept the corruption from taking his life.


“I know. But you need to relax, I won’t let you fall. We need to keep going. The last location of the resistance group lies deep in the city. Once we get there we will find out how deep we are in trouble.”


Yuma nodded as they walked. She hoped Ferghas knew what he was doing.

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Yuma stopped then as she heard Ferghas speak. He held such a flame inside that if the princess got a hold of him, he would be doomed. Yuma didn’t understand the princess or her plans. Why did she want to change Athentha? Was it foreigner who came and tried to fight her? Raven something, the last name had escaped her at the moment.


“It won’t be easy to understand at all Yuma. Sometimes goals of a person are distorted over time and wither, corrupt into dust.”


Yuma looked up as Ferghas spoke. Their connection was so strong that he knew what she was thinking. It had been months since their meeting in Glacial Reed and they had remained at each other’s side even when Esben wanted to enslave her. Which he almost died to get her back, to protect her. Even though she was a sister of Legendia. And her ties made people hate her, degrade her.


“Ferghas…” Yuma started but stopped.  She couldn’t bring herself to talk about that moment. Nor what she was thinking. She was a coward. “But she’s the princess, she’s supposed to remain strong, not turn on her people.”


Ferghas shook his head. “Don’t tell me you believe everything the elders say is truth? You, of all people with the knowledge you possess. That would make this day suck even more. And I’d hate that.”


Yuma laughed then as she caught up to Ferghas. The two hadn’t even set out yet and they were still on the path digging up old thoughts and feelings. Yet the two didn’t care. If what happened next to the pair hadn’t happened they could have happily lived out their lives together. But the course set, they would become a part of the tragic cast of characters.


And so it began here. Down this path that Ferghas and Yuma would be horribly tragically torn to shreds trying to understand and save a land

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Death was never the price Ferghas thought he'd have to pay. And Yuma... certainty didn't deserve it. Yuma looked back as she eyed him standing before the grand city of Yuhalla-Serphus Ahalla. The buildings showed such gradiose and fearful sights. The lights danced among the cobblestone and gravel streets lighting each little hidden shoppe and alley. Yuma smiled as she saw the city, ideals floating amomg her head. 

"Don't even think about it, we came here for a mission. Not to sightsee and shop." Ferghas replied eyeing the dreamy look in her eyes. "We don't have time to waste on petty desires."

Yuma frowned as he walked down the path. Ferghas was too focused and serious. Sure they were here to find their objective but Yuma figured they had time to at least visit the shops. Even get some food and reenergise their systems. But Ferghas denied it as he didn't want to waste time. His heavy footsteps crumbled onto the soft gravel as he stood in the center of town with Yuma.

I can't believe that witch came here... 

I heard she hexed everyone in Absolon. She's the cause of the curse. 

Yuma is a disgrace.  Don't let her touch you, you'll be cursed.

Yuma grabbed Ferghas's right hand with her own left hand in fear. She heard the rumors and gossip. The whispers bothered her greatly. It wasn't her fault what her sisters did. But she was blamed nevertheless. Ferghas shook his head as he pulled her along. Ferghas hated rumors and whispers. He saw what it did to Yuma and it was making him mad. 

"Maybe we should leave." Yuma whispered. "Myrrah isn't here. I know it."

"Don't let them get to you. It's nonsense. And you don't know that. We haven't reached her hut yet. You shouldn't let them bother you. You're not your sisters."

Yuma smiled softly as he continued down a lone deserted road. The whispers drifting off as they went to see the mage who lived here. She would have answers they needed. And she had studied and lived as long as H.H Dylan had, even longer. Myrrah would know how to solve the Rin problem. She had to, Ferghas believed this.

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The old twisted tree stood out as the two reached the end of the road. It was dead silent even wih the wind blowing lightly. Well it had until that mysteriously stopped here at the end of the road. Yuma eyed the house that stuck out from the base of the tree and up into its branches. And it was oddly shaped with the panels and windows jutting out here and there. Ferghas eyed the house and sighed. It definitely belonged to a witch. And Myrrah was one indeed.

"Ferghas do we have to go in there? I mean can't we just ask her to come out here instead? Myrrah probably needs a breath of fresh air. She is an old witch."

"I told you a million times that we have to. That there is no other way. Myrrah knows how to deal with Rin since we lost the key items. Time is short. And things are dire. We need to get the info for the princess and then meet back up with Sayndar and the resistsnce to form--"

"A plan? One that will fail. I just can't believe Sayndar survived his bout with that foreigner Raven. Sithis is a long line of powerful demons. Their clan has lingered as long as Rin's own. And he used her own dark game against her, ensnaring her to be his pawn. However there is a way to reverse the ore. Though it is risky. You could die."

Ferghas eyed the old hag known as Myrrah. She was missing an eye just like Rin. And she was hunched over. Holding herself up by the cane she was dressed like a normal citizen. The usual robes of a witch.  Yuma hid behind Ferghas as though being a witch herself, didn't get a long with other witches. Myrrah chuckled as she shook her head. 

"Sithis is an ancient demon among its clan. They like to use trickery to gain what they want. However, its as dangerous as our own demons. What I know about Sithis is the mark is the dangerous part. Unlike the ore or the lich princess, it drives you mad. Leeching away your life until you're a mere puppet. And seeing the temple has been rebuilt. I heard that the mark makes you into a soulless husk. I like the ore better... if you ask me."

So Raven had come to Athentha not to do anything bad. Ferghas eyed Yuma as she came out from behind as she also knew of Sithis. Ashlyn had done many dealings with Sithis and Rin. She sighed as she decided to chime in. Myrrah noticed. Yet she allowed the child of Legendia itself. Something not just to be taken lightly. 

"Sithis is something dangerous. If he went after Rin, she must have tried to make him a puppet first. Since now that the Umbral Year is upon us, she had to hurry to get a way out of becoming the next Demon King. Unfortunately she had to use the ore sometime and it must have backfired.  The ore must have over taken Raven and plotted against her. But... that means Raven is looking to rebuild his line, and going to marry Rin.  Also, the new temple looks more like a castle. Rin's blood can reverse the ore. We need to get that."

Myrrah nodded. Yuma was correct. Ferghas groaned. So Rin was the key to reversing the ore. But Myrrah never told them how to kill her.

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"You really going after the princess? I doubt that Athentha can be redeemed. It's too far soiled and destroyed. However, if you really want to kill her..." Myrrah looked at Yuma then. She sighed softly for what she was about to say wouldn't be sugar coated. "Your friend Yuma here will die. She's your new key. For she possesses powers to rival Rin herself. And that's why Ashlyn kept you under her thumb. Your magi within can destroy her lichness, in turn killing her. But in turn all that power will kill you. Also, you will be a target."

Yuma gasped as Myrrah spoke. She was their hope. Of course Myrrah was vague as hell as to what exactly her power was or what it did to actually kill Rin. Ferghas however didn't like this plan as he had grown attached to the witch. However he said nothing. So if he was against this he was silent in everything. And it bothered her. 

"Ferghas you've been silent about this. If I have to die then I am not afraid. I rather the people have a chance at peace. Myrrah I don't understand. You can explain right? I know that I'll be a target but it's worth it if I can save the islands."

Myrrah laughed heartily then. Almost choking on the laugh as she shook her head. It was too much. Yuma believed that this was the right path. Yet she knew the dangers ahead, that time was short. The darkness encroached upon them faster than they could plan. The people of Lyonesse were suffering, slowly decaying into beasts, demons of what they hid in their hearts. The Black Heart Mirror Ore ran rampant, everyone and everything eating it. War was inevitable. Myrrah hoped Sayndar had a plan to lead the resistance to victory. Myrrah coughed regaining her composure. Looking up at the blood red moon, everything was against them. 

Athentha needs to die. Nothing here will ever grow out of anything good. You cannot save this rotting corpse of a cursed land. Talia would be better to rebuild a land. Your efforts however are courageous. What you will need to reverse the ore, is the Black Heart Mirror Ore itself. Mixed with the blood of the newest Demon King. Amomg these two you must mix the blood of Legendia. ALL of it.

Ferghas didn't reply. He nodded, turned around and walked down the path back the way he came. Yuma stood there on the path with Myrrah. She had a choice ahead of her that she could only make. And she would find out in time what she possessed to save the people. As she followed behind Ferghas, she heard the name of the ore. It was the deadliest of all the ore. It changed you into a hollowed twin of yourself. Yuma wondered what would happen if she touched it. Clutching the paper in her hand that Myrrah gave before she left explained all.

Yuma was the key because she was one of the first Athenthians. Besides being a witch, she had gained knoweldge to all magic. Though holy magi wouldn't affect Rin too much, it was the young witch's blood that was toxic itself to the princess. She read on that only Ferghas touches the ore when collecting it. If Yuma did their entire plan would fail. And Athentha would be truly doomed. Yuma would become a Black Heart Mirror Witch, corrison and corrupted, her mind would be a playfield for the opposition to use to their wishes and desires. 

Ferghas looked back to see Yuma catching up. So their first stop was Yral, the capital of Lyonesse and the black market of Black Heart Mirror Ore. He would do anything to save the people but he was uncomfortable with sacrificing the only person he cared about. So for now he was reserved. Ferghas would say what he needed along the long walk. 



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Yuma had separated from Ferghas as the late afternoon settled upon the landscape. Their first fight had come from her decision. And that she would give up her life to save the land that mocked her and blamed her for the princess turning into a monster. Their words had gotten heated and she stormed out. Though she cared for Ferghas and knew he only did this because he cared for didn't make it any easier.  And so she decided to take a walk and a breath of air. 

Yuma passed many shops that looked out of place. Small shady businesses that popped out of nowhere overnight. And they all had new and exotic items. However she continued walking past them into the center square. Letting her form fall onto the bench, she sat there in silence. She didn't know Ferghas cared so much for her it would lead to fighting. 

Yuma placed her head in her hands. At times she wished she found the Black Heart Mirror Ore and let her emotions leave, how badly she craved to be hollow only so this didn't hurt. The witch knew that she was the key to saving the land but was that true? Could Myrrah be lying? Yuma didn't know. And it would be a terrible thing if she died for nothing. 

But what if the Black Heart Mirror Ore didn't make her evil? What if that was a lie? Yuma slid back into the bench as she wanted to at least tty it out. 

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Hello deary... Would you like to sample our black heart pies? 

Came the voice of the shop keeper Agatha. She however was no ordinary shop keeper. She was one of the few able to withstand the ore's effects without getting harmed. And as she eyed the young witch, she could read her mind a little knew the pain of wanting to test out Myrrah's prophecies. In her old crooked hands she held out a small pie. It was freshly baked with a crumbed topping. 

Yuma smiled as she took the pie asking how much it was. Agatha said free of charge. Only because the next hundreds of doses would be painful and addictive. She handed the young witch a fork and before totally leaving the girl, pointed out her stall. 

Yuma thanked her before placing her attention now on the pie. Taking the fork, she stuck it into it and pulled up some of the pie and flaky crust before placing it into her mouth. As she ate it, the ore entered her body. But she didn't notice as she ate more and more of it, not realising the ore coursing through her now. As she took the last bite, she dropped the fork leaning once more against the bench. 

The Black Heart Mirror Ore stirred in the witch, finding its home in her own heart. Her eyes remained half open as she felt hazy. Licking the crumbs off her lips and off her smudged fingers from grasping the pie, she felt odd. Yuma stood as she let herself wander to the stall Agatha resided at. Somehow, this was a losing battle and another kick in the pants to the heroes.

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If you want more come to the east alleyway where my little stall is set up. In the heart of Serphus Alumna is where I sell my best wares. I'll see you again. 

Yuma read the note a million times. And she knew exactly which back roads to take before she had entered the heart of Serphus Alumna.  It was almost as the world of Talia separated here and became a whole new place of secrets and dangers. As Yuma looked behind her she couldn't see the entrance. And that worried her. As she wanted to look down and the paper was gone. 

Yuma was scared. Her eyes showed it best as her heart thumped heavy in her chest. A lump forming in her throat as she wanted to call out. And the whisper from the shadows thumped hard in her ear. No other point but to go forward. And so Yuma did. As her footsteps moved on, buildings came into view, catherdal and gothic like. People came into perspective as they walked past her. This didn't ease Yuma at all. 

Shops began to crop up now as she eyed them looking for one that held Agatha's shop. It was more hidden than the regular one. And it didn't help that she still felt sick from the pie earlier. It wasn't sitting well due to the fact it held the Black Heart Mirror Ore within it. And Yuma being as pure as gumdrops would be a painful encounter once it began. 

Back to the matter at hand, Yuma had felt shadows around her. How they crawled and wrapped around her as she watched in horror. She was paralyzed with fear so she couldn't move as a figure appeared out from the alleyway. Yuma recognised her immediately that it was Agatha. Or what appeared to be Agatha. However she rose her hand out to her as her appearance changed. Before she was a wrinkled old hag, here Agatha was exotic and beautiful. 

The young witch couldn't take her eyes off her. And even though she was barely dressed, she appeared to the girl as a demon. Agatha smiled softly as Yuma didn't realise she placed her hand in Agatha's own. 

I knew you'd come my dear. All those that come to me desire greatness. And you, the sister of the great Legendia sisters that followed me here. Yuma wasn't it? The most powerful of the three... You must be alarmed. I have to hide among the people as an old hag. 

Yuma listened dreamily as Agatha spoke. The demonic woman chuckled as she eyed how captivated her prey was thanks also with the pie. The woman pulled Yuma close as she lifted her chin. Yuma needed more ore within to erase her purity. They needed the witch if the bad guys were to succeed. Yuma was then let go as she spoke.

"You know of my hertiage?"

All that and more. Follow me. 

Agatha said nothing more as she turned and walked into the fog. Yuma stood there a moment before running after the woman with many questions running through her head.

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Suddenly the fog ate her. It was so heavy Yuma couldn't see as Agatha wrapped her form around the young witch. She tried to cry out but the pain strifled her voice. This wasn't good. Yuma looked up as Agatha placed her lips against her ear. Yuma was beyond frightened. She wanted to run but her knees buckled underneath her. 

I'm afraid that you fell for a trap. You see Yuma, I cannot allow Rin to be defeated. She has done wonderous things for the land. I'm sorry for what I'm about to do. 

Yuma struggled as Agatha entered her body and she fell to the ground. Agatha was complete ore. A puppet only living to bring more into the ore. Yuma screamed in pain as she sat there before going silent, her hair falling into her eyes then. The witch didn't move as Agatha reappeared. She grinned eyeing the young witch. The demon had weakened her a bit before placing down three bowls of the Black Heart Mirror Ore,  each bowl different from the last. 

Agatha disappeared, her job done at the moment. 

Yuma eyed the three bowls. Each stronger than the last because she was so pure. Her hands moved slowly forward  as she eyed the splotches on her hands. Yuma fell backwards out of fear. 

The Black Heart Mirror Ore... Do I really test out Myrrah's prophecies?

Yuma asked as she grabbed a piece of ore staring it down. The ore projecting a vision of Yuma darkened beyond recognition even to herself. Licking her lips, Yuma ate the first basket of ore. She didn't look any different than before. However inside she was screaming. 

The young witch pulled the second batch near her then. Yuma stared at the basket as she felt like she was dying. As she coughed, the black ink fell upon the ground.  

What is this ore?!

Yuma screamed inside. Her heart, was it still beating? Was she still Yuma? Her eyes were starting to lose the light, dimming slightly. 

Forgot to mention, this is a non canon story. Yuma's canoned story is in Serphus Aluminum; the Neverend
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A trail, he'd been following a trail he picked up from rumors on the winds. His crew was here, touched down for a short time. It was time to move on it, from what he gathered the crew would be leaving tonight. Glee, drained of color from the feeling of pure anger coursing through him, took off to where he heard his crew was around, hoping to at least secure his axe. Casten, his deck hand, had his axe and was parading it around like some trophy. The demon was hot on the tail, he could feel it.

There was a knack, a feeling, a sixth sense about finding trouble, one blamed it, a curse, on the axe. Casten, the young bastard son of a knight, had been foolish enough to wield his former Captain's great axe. It radiated with..such a strange aura..it almost felt like it was alive, breathing, pulsing, speaking out to him. Casten was out for a quick score, hoping to find something to gain before leaving, the axe was his leverage. His gut was telling him to follow along down the back alleys, maybe he could get lucky, find someone he could get a good score off of. What he got, was a bad feeling, a terribly wind picked up, guiding him off onto darkened trails. Fear gripped the bastard, but the axe drove him forwards. A fog had set in, this wasn't right, it wasn't even cloudy. The axe had began humming, almost like a chime, it was hungry, it wanted to eat. Casten pushed on, feeling something dark around the bend. His steps were not light, each came down as a heavy thud as he did well just to figure out where he was going. This young devil had gripped the axe tightly, his will being contested by that of the axe, driving him forwards around the bend, it wanted to be sated.

He heard it..his Axe..it was chiming...Glee was close enough to hear it, close enough to feel his axe's power. His eyes looked around but saw no sign of it. 'He must be hiding out around the back streets..' The former captain moved to follow the trail that his axe was giving off. Rin could wait for his return, he 'was' getting his axe tonight. The red skinned demon turned, tucking his tail around his waist as he began traversing the back alleys to try and find the bastard with his axe. 

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Ferghas had wandered the street looking for Yuma. They had gotten separated in a crowd outside a food shop. Now he had been frantically searching for her. She was the key to stopping this and if she turned to their side, they would be doomed. 

They couldn't bring back another being of the past. Well Yuma had, and Esben so it could be possible. Ferghas made his way into the back alleys looking for the witch. 

He sighed. Hoping that he'd find her before she do something dumb. He then bumped into a man and almost fell to the ground. Dusting himself off, he spoke. 

"Sorry, I'm looking for a witch named Yuma. You alright? I didn't see you there. Have you seen her?"

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The horned captain was a bit taken by surprise, seeing someone else back here was a bit strange. He was polite, maybe he could get some help securing his axe, "I can't say that I have stranger. What does she look like?" This was a slight bump in the road but with luck this would be a progressive bump. He did not much care to help out, however it would not hurt to at least have someone to watch his back if he could convince the man to follow him.

Casten had a heart heartbeat in his chest, he pushed forwards..his eyes did not want to believe what he saw. A woman, knelt over expunging a black liquid from  her mouth. The axe propelled him forward. The no tailed, no horned, demon ship hand was trying to act brave with a heavy underlying layer of fear settling in over him. He pushed on moving closer to the woman. Casten was hoping for a simple robbery but instead he saw this display of strange self mutilation. 

"Hey.." he called out, "..what the hell are you doing!?" His legs propelled forwards, driven by the axe. Soon enough he was within a few feet of her, hoping to stop her from doing, whatever the hell this was. He could not get himself to force her to stop just yet, something was around that he could not see, it made him stay on alert to the area around him.

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Yuma looked up as she heard a voice. She didn't know what had come over her. Last she knew a woman named Agatha gave her a pie. The old woman tricked her? The witch fell to her knees as the rain lightly fell. Ferghas stood nearby. Yuma eyed the man before her, her arms now at her sides. It was like she was in a trance. 

"I don't remember much. I followed an old woman named Agatha here. She told me that I'm Talia's iblis. That the pie she gave me I should eat. I don't remember anything after that." 

Yuma looked down as she had eyed Casten. Without even knowing, her hand caressed the blade lovingly and without fear. Ferghas noticed the change in the witch, the fear in his eyes read him so. Standing, the witch approached the blade, feeling its wild hunger. It made her smirk inside. Yuma then looked at the man as her words seemed not to be hers.

"That form is terrible. Don't you desire to be the bloodthirsty demon you carry that blade around. Or do you want to find that axe you crave?

"Yuma?" Came the frantic voice of Ferghas. "You okay? You're not taken by the ore are you?"

The young witch looked down then as her hand remained on Casten. 

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