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Talia; The Battle of Iblis; Breaking Apart the Grand Library

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The young Casten was about to speak up but he heard this woman speak of the axe. He was taken back, his eyes looking to see a very quick hand grasping around his face. Glee had gripped his hand around the boy's face with one hand and around the axe with the other. 

"Casten! Where is he! Where is Drogis!" Glee spent no time slamming Casten into the wall hard enough to leave a dent in the wall. "Speak quickly you might live to see tomorrow!" The heat generating off the captain was great, he was enraged, the axe chimed loudly, almost happy to be back in it's master's hand. 

The boy tried to fight back, his hands pulling against his former captain's hand. "Glee..look..he's..not..here.." His voice was strained from the blunt force injury to the back of his skull. He was bleeding from the intense strike. "Drog..he's...hiding.." It wasn't much but he hoped it would be enough to keep Glee from bashing his head again.

"Where.." The word was a hiss, sounding like water striking burning hot coals.

"Hide..out..I..can...show.." He was fading out, very weakened from the hit. His head suffered a rough hit, he was beginning to fade out. It was a smart play, this let him stay alive. His foot was still in contact with the witch. 

"Fine.." Glee released the boy, letting him slide down the wall. Content with not killing him, Glee turned back around to match eyes with this new comer he met earlier. "Ore?" He looked down to the witch expelling the blackened liquid. "What..in the hells.."

Casten was not out yet..the whispers in his ear kept him awake. He felt a pulse coming from the axe, part of him wanted to hold it again, to feel it's strength. Questions needing to be answered, what was the axe, where did he get it, what did it do?

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Yuma smiled as her hand left Casten. She turned without answering Glee's next question nor answering Ferghas either. The poor witch was becoming a part of the ore since Agatha appeared and mingled her way in. The fog grew thicker as Yuma called them, wantumg to show them the visions of things she could grant. 

Blood..  Blood covers the land. Seeped in us all. You desire the axe. You must trade. 

Yuma's voice came from the fog. Ferghas ran ahead after his companion. He was afraid of what had happened. He didn't want her to become like the rest. But that was already too late. Yuma appeared omce more towards Glee and Casten. Her hand outstretched. 

A trade. You eat the ore and I'll give you the axe. That's what you seek no? Becoming a demon under no one's rule but mine. 

Yuma looked at him with those dead black yellow eyes eating in his presence, his soul. Yuma was trying to fight the ore herself but because she was a key to save the land, her transformation would be painful. And yet as it would slowly come over her, she would change into such a blood thirsty beast. 

What do you say? If you're afraid the princess is involved. She's not. I offer something great for the axe. And this axe, is powerful. How about you Casten?

Her hand caressed his cheek then as she started to heal his injuries. 

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Glee tilted his head, a wicked smile coming onto his face. "A fool, you must think I can be manipulated. No..I've waded through bodies to get this axe once, I won't let go again." Glee flipped his axe over his shoulder, "You're barking up the wrong tree..." His foot came down to kick the 'pies' away from Yuma. He turned back to where he though the other man came from, "Hey, I this might be the person you're looking for."

Casten felt the whispers sing in his ear, he held out a hand to Yuma, he wanted the power. He would kill for the axe again, he would kill Glee for the axe. His body was craving the power this axe carried. It played on demonic power, feeding it's wielder so long as they sated it's cravings. Glee kept a good reign over it's cravings, feeding it well enough. 

"Please..."Casten was practically begging for power, his hand outstretched staring at the axe. 

Glee cared not for the troubles of the world, for a moment he was in bliss, feeling the axe surge back into his system. He heaved it off his shoulder to spin the axe, "Good to have back at my side." There was a chime, almost agreeing with the captain, but it was hungry, the axe needed some blood, it hadn't drank in a while. It was swaying him, trying to get him to kill one of the three people present. "Not yet..we will spill in good time, trust me." He had a strange relationship with this weapon. 

Casten could feel the axe call out to him, his body lurched forwards, his eyes almost glazed over wanting nothing but the axe and the power to claim it.

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Yuma smiled as her hand grasped at Casten. Pulling him in and surrounding him. Her black feathered wings ripped out of her back and wrapped around him. His body against hers, her fangs appeared and ripped into his neck. As she drank him in, the ore would find its way into the boy. 

It began to wither his heart. Slowly disconnecting the veins and arteries. But as she finished, she let go and fell to her knees. Her wings hitting the ground as they went back inside her. Her hands grasping the ground. The desires and wishes the boy hid, secrets of the past would slowly come forth. Though Glee had left and gone, the boy had remained. Greedy for power. And she gave it to him. Yuma doused his body in the Black Sun Ore. 

Casten was it? You do know the axe he took was a fake right? The look on his face is going to be priceless. But the power you crave, drink me in and rise to the power that enslaves you. That makes the black heart of yours beat. 

The witch gleamed as she opened her arms once more to Casten. Her blank eyes corrupting into her being. The ore that was placed in her was making her more than just another ore creature. She felt the old ages creep into her mind. 

But she wanted to bring the change to all those that wanted it. Yuma lifted her head, those eyes staring into him. Casten would either fall to her or become something terrible. It would have to wait and see.

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There was a 'thud', Glee turned back to quickly see the woman hit the ground. "Shit.." The captain turned back, moving quickly and slid back over to the winged woman. He tried to assess the situation, no blood, no cuts, no wounds. His head turned to whistle loudly for the man who was with him, " EY! Might want to get over here!" Glee's hands moved over Yuma's neck trying to find a pulse to see if she was dead or unconscious. 

Casten felt a terrible energy course in him. Something was trying to take over his mind, his reasoning. 

A fake? But how? I was holding onto it with my own hands..I had the axe, I felt it's power! He just took the axe, that can't be a fake! 

This was a thought he was wrestling with while the ore seeped into his body. He was not used to the feeling of corruption, of mind loss. He carried the axe, but Glee had sated it's thirst many times over, it had not tried to fight him much. The boy was still weak, he wanted the power but he was afraid of the price to pay for it. It was a loosing battle, best he could do was to slow down the process. His body felt limp, like he had less and less control over it as time passed. Around him everything grew dark, it grew empty, a void. He was afraid, he grew afraid of what this was.

Then..there were memories. Being part of Glee's crew, the way he treated his crew, like he was a brother. Glee was a good captain, there was regret of having to go along with the mutiny that left the demon captain stranded. For all his gruff appearance, Glee genuinely cared about his crew. Next came the layout of the ship, the crew members, the chatter, the gossip, their shared secrets. The greatest being Glee, the rumors of him being a noble who was exiled for being disrespectful to the ruling houses and being a partaker of many vices. No one had proof of any of this but the rumor managed to rile up the captain on more then one occasion. There were others, more secrets to unravel but Casten was fighting back, it was harder to pry deeper just yet.


Sorry! I swear I posted already but I guess I did not.


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Ferghas ran up to Yuma as he eyed Glee checking her for a pulse. As he stood there, he knew what happened. He had failed. His head lowered. He was suppose to guard her from becoming the black heart ore witch. The young witch wrapped her arms around Glee. She leaned in, her eyes half open as she moved her mouth though it looked like she wasn't saying a word. 

The demon had rejected her time and time again. But she now knew that if she wanted the demon, she'd have to be forceful. No longer playing nice, her hands ripped the skin on his arms as if laying down an imcantation. The boy Casten would be busy at the while, fighting the dark visions of the past. Crying forth twisted memories. 

Yuma eyed Glee. He fought so hard for an axe and that was sad. Ferghas came forth and he wondered what the hell was happening. Why her? Yuma then opened her mouth and bit down into Glee. Her fangs drinking him in if she had managed to do so.

Casten... Casten... called the ore. Why do you fight? You crave the power and yet you're timid to embraced us. You want to be a scared ee boy forever? Glee doesn't need nor want you, all he cares about is the axe lost to time. Join us. Become a tyrannical demon and drink in our power. 

"We need to get out of here!" Yelled Ferghas as he tried to pull Yuma off Glee. "It's all falling apart. I don't understand this. Please God--"

He went flying into the building as Yuma laughed. 

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Bloodshed..his nose sniffed in the scent like a wonderful symphony. "Ohhhh.." The sounds of a repressed urge to kill. "Mmmm...you have no iDEA how good that feels." Glee pulled back trying to get her away from him. Her hands were in deep, he'd have to rip himself open to get her off. She was quick with her fangs. Glee managed to pull back and push against Yuma, hoping it would get himself loose with a quick shove of his strength. Already his mind was changing over to get ready for a wonderful blood spilling. He embraced the rush that came with it, feeling it surge through him, making his body want to crave more blood spilling. The only thing on his mind was shoving Yuma off of him. He had to act quickly less she bite him, he could only fight it for long enough. The captain did what came first, slamming his forehead forwards to meet Yuma's welcoming face.

Casten still fought, more of the ore crept into his head, in a matter of minutes he'd be overcome. 

No..no..this feels wrong! Glee wouldn't do that! 

It was right...wasn't it..he didn't know anymore. His memory of Glee was being distorted..he couldn't tell anymore what was right and what was wrong. Already his body was feeling the effect of the ore creeping deeper into his veins. There was the demonic taint that wanted this power, almost craved it. It was fighting to get loose, to take over his mind and let this power walk in toe with him. To let him become a monster as he watch Glee become time and time again.

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ByYuma rolled away from Glee as she laid on the ground. However the witch's power ebbed. Bloodshed, was callimg to Glee. All she had to do was allow it as she chuckled. Sitting up, she smirked. Standing slumped, a black mist crawled from her mouth. Those caught within it would become feral. 

Come my dears, embrace this. You know you want it. 

Casten would see nothing but twisted reality as Yuma opened her arms to the boy. She was a key now to be used to turn others into feral creatures. Bloodthirsty monsters that hungered. She ran at Glee slammimg her left fist into his jaw. Hungry for blood herself. 

Yuma then twisted her fingers as she walked up to Casten and wrapped her form around him. The two vanished as Ferghas ran at her. He stopped in dead air as he looked at Glee. He was confused on what happened. 

"What the hell--" he said as he sighed. "Seriously she's gone. What, how did she turn?"


At a unknown location.

Yuma placed her foot down as her wings unwrapped from Casten. He was coming along gloriously as his memories were neing eaten alive. And in truth she only needed one of them to turn. Her lithe fingers lifting his chin. The ore changing him. 

My little demon. Drink in my blood and unleash your hunger. Casten was it? Glee doesn't care about you. He tried to kill you for an axe. 

Yuma smiled as she sat down in a chair tired from consuming the lad. 

You belong to me and I hunger. Lets us dance in blood.

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The two vanished, leaving an angry Glee. He let out an thunderous roar, it echoed out loudly. "I HATE this damned place! TWICE! TWICE now I've had bloodlust get STRIPPED from me." The Captain slammed his fist into a nearby wall. "Grrrr..Damn her to the NINE HELLS!" Pissed was not the word to describe this feeling. Glee was seething with rage, only able to focus it on wanting to hurt someone who deserved it. Glee took his axe in hand before looking over to the man with him.

There was a loud 'pop' as Glee reset his jaw. "This isn't over..Now, I'm coming along to help you track her down..so..this is 'your' gal, 'your' call." Glee could hardly think straight, the only thing truly helping to mellow him out was having his axe back in his hands. Glee's tail wrapped around the handle, holding it in place like a knot. "Bastards...I'm being blue balled on anger.."

This place..they were alone. Casten was scared and the twisted visions saw this woman, this witch as some 'divine' presence, someone he could trust to not be afraid. He accepted her, this 'acceptance' was followed by the loss of everything but a delusional sense that this woman was safety from Glee. 

"Glee..he's a monster..he's always been a monster...that's why we've always been afraid of him..I can't allow him to exist..I need to be stronger then him..I need to kill him..for the crew..no..for everyone! He can'e be allowed to exist anymore." It was a fanaticism now, his eyes saw falsehoods that seemed so real. Casten embraced his demonic power, it overtook him like a rushing wave, giving rise to what his race used to look like, larger vicious beasts barring wicked teeth and horns along with cloven feet. He would kill Glee for his own reasons.

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Her hypontic voice cooed as Yuma embraced Casten. Her dead heart beating slowly as she kissed his lips softly, allowing the boy to become a feral demon. As she lingered, the two were safe. Lost in the ether for her to use her wicked magic upon. Yuma then bit into his neck, greedily drinking her fill, pushing her form against him as she allowed her ore to fill him.

Bathe me in your glorious blood, make our union complete. Come forth my feral monster. 

Yuma then let go. She watched him now.


"Of course we're going after her. Yuma wasn't like that and I'm afraid they got to her. And she's not my g. I was just hired to look over her so the evil didn't get the keys to win."

Ferghas muttered as he walked down the path. Unfortunately he had no idea where the two had gone. He couldn't track her. And the anger he watched wasn't good either. His eyes went towards to the axe noticing a chink in the weapon. 

"Um, you sure that's your axe? It looks in terrible shape."

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Caten felt the surge, his body gave way to this feeling of intense savagery that seemed like it wouldn't fall off. It wasn't a full on change but his body was seething with nearly the same power Glee was pushing out before they escaped. 

what is this?

Part of him mind still remained, not giving in everything just yet. His body was not his own, he was moving off impulse alone. Less hesitation, faster reaction time.

This is what he feels?

"Look, call it whatever you want, you're still tied to her." Glee chuckled moving forwards back towards the street. He stopped only to take in what the man just said. His hand grazed the axe, the feeling of power was different.

"Damn...she switched my axe, AND took away a fight.." Glee swung the blade around in his hand, it still bore heft like his axe. As long as it could take a hit, this axe would do. "Well..now we have a way to track them..we just need to find my crew and we find your gal." The captain set the axe back to be held up by his tail. He walked back out into the street. "Name's Glee. We're going to get to know each other close, might as well get used to it."

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He replied. Still shaken up about what had concurred. His faliure in the one job he had to do, keeping her safe. As the two walked, he wasn't sure where to begin. The pair could be anywhere.  And he sighed. He was more angry at himself than the man.

"And just because we are close doesn't mean that. I was just supposed to protect her. Yet it seems the land got the better of her. A crew? Why are you looking here of all places? Nothing like that ever occurrs here, its a land of broken dreams."

Ferghas kept moving. 


Grand. Though Yuma pumped more of the dark inky blackness into him since she sensed him still fighting her. She chuckled. Knowing that she liked this new lifestyle. Slumping to her knees as this took most of her energy out of her. 

She yawned exhausted.  

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Glee smiled to himself, Alright..he's on board..things are looking up.

"Defend it all ya want to, I see things as they are." Glee was picking on him a bit, mostly cutting up. It was a quick way to bring a crew together or to isolate them, only time would tell, "You're sticking with her so I suppose that means there's more to her then that. We'll find her.The crew might be long gone at this point, but if we don't get a lead their the best option. My guess is the rat bastard who took my ship is sticking around the area trying to siphon off the demon energies, or he's lost...the first option will lead him to being like Casten, the second option will lead him to me." 

It wasn't easy getting here, nor was it easy navigating through it. Glee had to keep the crew running tight when he was at the helm hitting the supplies and convoys moving about. He'd planned on pulling out of the area, part of the reason he was left high and dry. This place is heavy in demonic aura and the crew felt it, wanted more. None more then the crew that wasn't demon blooded, they saw it as a point to 'gain' that extra oomph of power.

Glee caught up to the guy, Ferghas. That wasn't a common name, mostly reserved in style to some of the Hastolic tribes back home. He'd only hoped where ever this guy came from he could hold his own in the grind. 

"Don't beat yourself up. All it takes is one moment of looking away and you can loose it all. Besides, unless you're a rager like myself, being angry in a fight makes you careless." He was calming down fast. Having someone else going through a feeling close to what he was experiencing was enough to want to help him get this gal back. "We'll find her. Just think, she's be taken by the enemy, what do they have to gain now with her?" Glee kept pace, keeping his eyes out for any more signs of opposition. Though the gal was taken didn't mean the enemy presence wasn't gone.

It would be a time until Casten was taken completely. The fight would be hard fought, but eventually Casten would reach a point where he reach out to Yuma, embracing her in the end. His body was twisted to the sight of what his ancestors looked like, strong, savage looking creatures with strong infernal magic. When Yuma rested, he kept watch. His mind was set to that of a summoned, protect the summoner, defeat those in their way. 

After the ordeal, it would be awhile before Casten would rest. His body was exhausted from the change. It would take a while to get used to being like this. Time would do nothing but make him stronger as he mind ran the course of the body, feeling out it's strengths and knowing it's limits.

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"Yuma is a key. They wanted her because they can use her as a beacon.  Her energies combined with the ore will destroy the good in anyone. Making them demonic beyond the point of redemption. Becoming feral beasts in the long run. That's what they can do now. Did she mention a name by any chance?"

Ferghas listened but he couldn't help how he felt. Yuma was supposed to remain pure, good. How, why did they want her? Was it true? She an iblis? He didn't know. Looking at Glee, he sighed defeated. His men could have been turned demon by now, blackened by their hidden secrets yet he still wanted to find them. 

"I am mostly of this land. Born in Talia, it houses all kinds of creatures. Most humans that come here grom the human world settle down and if not infected by darkness, lead good lives. But it sounds like your crew could be demon by now."

He hoped not. 


Yuma stood then as her black yellow eyes gazed on the creature she created. Licking her lips, her dead withered heart beat softly. Her deep secrets rising to the brink causing her to approach Casten. The witch looking up as the black miasma whispered through her lips, drunk on the new stronger being she had become. Her form covered in the miasma as she roared. The power rippled through her as her eyes showed nothing. 

You are my puppet. A demonic being of what secrets you hide within. Blood... raining from your blade as you kill.. Your crew awaits thee.

Yuma smirked as she caressed his cheek. Her form nestled against his in such an embrace.  Yet it meant nothing to her. 

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