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Talia; The Battle of Iblis; Breaking Apart the Grand Library

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515a3722cf94d06795934f13459c169d--character-concept-art-character-portraits.jpgAgatha smirked as she knew Glee was slowly caving into her. However his plea was not compliable. The boy he wanted no longer existed. Was no longer a part of this world. 

I cannot do this. He no longer exists. The boy you're looking for has become a servant of Yuma. We must begin here, turn them into your faithful knights. Servants. Even slaves. Take back what they stole. 

Agatha whispered as she dug her claws into him now, whispering long forgotten dreams and visions of twisted pasts. She weaved the etheral knife in more as she chuckled.


Oh, but you'll enjoy becoming part of the land. Don't you agree my dear Castern. That they made you hurt, tortured. Repay them in blood and servitude.

Yuma replied as she eyed the foreign men tromping around the land. Knowing the boy was completely under her power. And she was enhoying herself. 

Fall. Crumble. Become nothing more but shells.

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There was a growing snarl in Glee's voice, his rage was opening up. Castern..yuma...these were his targets. 

No..you bring me to them..I want them dealt with now...if I have to wait to take them, I'll destroy this town...

The captain was seeing red, his axe was not wrapped around his tail, this druid witch had not cured him, she was not pointing him in the right direction, the boy was weak..yes..weakness...they were both weak..Glee was strong..stronger then both of them..under his arm they could grow stronger.

Guide me..show me what you see..I am become blind by the weakness around me..

There was a gap in Glee, a gap of not having his axe. It was making him testy, with the constant nagging of how he knew nothing it was making his rage much more acceptable. Around him the air was growing hotter. There was the sensation of claws digging into his back, a feeling that was so welcomed to him that it felt like home. In a fight, in the air, those were the only places Glee felt at home. With the feeling of little daggers puncturing his skin, Glee was in the right mood to see where this witch could lead him. Those around him were weak, nagging, annoyances at best.

The feral beast that was the cabin boy held his captain's axe as he came down towards his former crew. There was a rattling roar as he fell down upon his fellows. 

"Scatter!" The only word that could be shouted by the acting commander of the rescue party, Kalith. She preformed a bout of rolling out of the way as the beast that bore Castern's signal slammed into the earth, leaving the group split. The short archer on her side, the two strong boys on the other side. 

"Kale? Talk to me here!" The muffled sounds of the battering ram was first to speak up.

"He's got the axe!?" Came the shrill response from their sharp eyed archer.

"Castern? No...That's Castern!" Kalith was already getting back on her feet and trying to plan out a strategy to beating this abomination.

"What!? You're kidding!" From the far side, the large dragon-kin was just getting his feet firmly planted in the ground.

"Well he doesn't look like he's got his wits to him. Let's change that.." Aston drew his large hammer over his shoulder. "Nothing personal kid, for your own good." 

There was a moment of target acquisition from the large hulking beast, finding who best to strike at first. The choice became more obvious as the noise of voices bothered his ears. The axe came down after the shrill sound coming from the short target. Though it only struck solid ground and the feeling of a sharp pain over took his leg. The large hammer struck along his outer thigh, leaving with it a large pain. His attention turned around towards the metal thing that just struck him. 

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5d541e9af5fc16fb298f315457ec091f.jpgYuma chuckled as she eyed them fighting, leaving her an opening. Yuma made her way towards Kalith as her black void consumed her. It was only her and the girl now as Yuma stared her down like a vulture. 

Such a weak little girl almost dying to a weapon. My, my. You deserve better. Deserve the ascension of the ore. Not a seed nor what I did to Castern. My gift to you is my left hand. A beautiful corrupted knight worshipped by all.. Stronger... 

Yuma whispered as she now began to try and wear down Kalith as she circled around her. Seeing she was the weakest of the group. And with the power she gave Castern, it would be a grand while before they picked him off. 

Kalith... I can see much in your heart. How weak you feel. How alone. I can make you better. Come and eat the ore. Eat until you burst forth a new better self. 

Yuma then placed around Kalith buckets of ebony ore. It called forth, whispering twisted visions of grandeur to the girl. Wanting to be eaten, the whispers got louder, unbearable. 

You know it to be true. You want my love, my companionship. You desire to be twisted. Become mine and eat. Consume. Fall and crumble. 




515a3722cf94d06795934f13459c169d--character-concept-art-character-portraits.jpgAgatha dug more into him as she drunk him in. Yes, these creatures before him needed to learn respect. The witch's etheral form leaned against him as Glee could only see her for the moment. Ferghas and Zenith confused on what he was doing. 

The druid tilted her head. "Uh, you okay there capt'n? You look a bit green."

"He's been like that since I've met the lad. A bit funny in the head. Kept going on about a mythical axe." Ferghas whispered. 

How they mock such a beautiful man like you. Denouncing your glory like it's nothing. Once you make the pact with me, giving me your everything--mind body, soul and will, you'll see. See the truth you hide my beloved Glee.

Agatha whispered. These two would pay tenfold once Glee became what he ruly was, enslaved under the power. She chuckled as she knew the torture they would receive. 

The witch looked on with anticipation. She wrapped her being around Glee as she eyed him. Agatha whispered such words into him, breaking him down and down until he was hers. 

Ferghas tilted his head. "I'm sure he'll stop dreaming about that axe and find a better use for himself."

"Don't be so rude Ferghas. I don't think he's feeling fine, that's all. Probably a bit sick." Zenith called. 

Such sad creatures. They must be taught a lesson. Turned into twisted servants to your rebuilt glory. Just make the pact and I'll make you into a powerful being. 

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