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Talia; The Battle of Iblis; Breaking Apart the Grand Library

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Watching the knight be turned into a familiar face, this was an Ideal moment. Something that came very early, but none the less ideal. As the late metal golemn Aston was made into Josef, Morrigan made sure he understood that this was the time to strike. She strode forwards waiting for Josef to make his move. Once the witch was down Morrigan chuckled.

"Good work Josef. Abalone would be proud." She smiled over to her fellow 'brother' before kneeling down just before Yuma's head. "Stop struggling, 'my love'. You made me into this and you gave me dear commander a form. Now sit back and just enjoy what comes next little witch." The ore was oozing from her lips. Morrigan leaned down to force her lips to press against Yuma's. He tongue slid into Yuma's mouth pouring out more ore into her throat. It would choke Yuma if she continued to pour out the black mirror ore as she was doing. This witch would not be made into something such as herself or as Aston was made into being, no. This one was a little token for herself, a little prize for giving Morrigan a suitable body. 

When there was a sufficient amount of ore inside Yuma for the moment She pulled away from the witch some to catch her breath and speak again. "Mmm..this is what you wanted wasn't it? To be the carrier of something great? To be a puppet of someone greater then you? That is why you called me into such a voluptuous figure was it not? Gave me a naked body to show the world I have returned? Oh don't worry, you will get your prize in all of this little witch. You'll get to stay at my side once you swallow that ore..even if you don't. You'll choke on it, die and be mine once you come too."

The temptress rolled her shoulder and her neck, getting a good feel for this body. "Ahh..Josef..make sure she doesn't break free. After all it would be rude for her to not accept this gift. We must make sure we are ready for Abalone to arrive and we can't have any distractions." Morrigan would look upon Yuma's face as the look of being deceived would cross her face. She tread water too deep for her own good. 

Glee rolled his shoulders ready for Castern to give him another go. When he charged like a wild beast there was a wild bout of fire that was sent his way to mask Castern's flow of attacks. Glee took the heat, feeling it beginning to start to make a dent in his defenses. The captain charged through the fire jumping up to attempt to grapple the beast while his tail slammed the axe back and forth against his skin. 

The fist coming from the fire missed it's mark as Glee leaped up to latch onto Castern's tuff of fur. The axe slammed into the beast's leg. It was not long before it flicked the other way, slamming into the other leg while Glee was bashing his head into the beast's chest over and over again feeling his horns strike against the bone behind the layers of fur, flesh, and fat. The thrashing of the axe kept striking at Castern's leg while he tried to pry Glee off his chest. In an attempt to kill Glee, Castern gripped Glee's arms with his hand and tried to rip the captain apart. All this accomplished was Castern missing fingers as the axe chopped through the appendages. This was it for the beast, he would die here to this demon. 

Glee kept hacking away once he was loose. The tail transferred the axe back into Glee's hands. Starting with Castern's leg, Glee made the beast fall. His axe found mark against the inner thigh forcing blood to spurt from the wound while he started hacking at the other leg, the arms, and chest, whatever he could reach. By the time it was over, the beast was watching the captain mutilate what was left of his body while his blood was being soaked up, absorbed into the axe itself. Drinking in this sad excuse for a demon. 

Just like that it was over. Castern was dead, the axe returned to his side. Glee looked around, calling out into the air around him. "Agatha! Where are you?" His heart rate spiked up feeling content with his kill. His axe back was an accomplishment in and of itself. Now he just wanted to stop fighting and take in that blood soaked air to find relief in getting something done right in his long time here.

Davius was running with Ligg in his arms, the boat was not far now, another few streets and they were out of here. Agatha, the promiscuous witch, showed up before them. Temptation if he'd ever seen it, Davious kept moving passed her, this was not the time to become side tracked. Ligg fought to try and get free to take temptation over the fear of everything that had happened. Davious fought on to keep control of Ligg until they made it to the boat. 

After starting up the propulsion mechanism to get the boat started, Davious sat Ligg down in the boat and plotted the course back to where the ship was waiting for them. As he pulled off, Ligg leaped from the boat. This place was better then back there. Aston missing, Kalith taken away from them. She wanted to be selfish, she wanted to be embraced by a voluptuous woman who she would give her soul to. 

Ligg was soon swallowing the ore from Agatha. Falling into darkness and being reborn under the witch's will. She was weak willed, seeking something she hadn't had since the captain was marooned. Ligg lost it all to her own cries for selfish carnal desire.

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Ligg was soon swallowing the ore from Agatha. Falling into darkness and being reborn under the witch's will. She was weak willed, seeking something she hadn't had since the captain was marooned. Ligg lost it all to her own cries for selfish carnal desires.

Ligg would find her way back to the island as if she knew it well, as if she lived here all her life. The Sunburst Justice ore wrapped its etheral arms around her, cradling the hume as if she belonged to it. And Ligg did. Each bite, each intake of the ore claimed her piece by piece.

Ligg's mind began to fog, began to forget pieces of the past as Agatha stood there among the docks of Serphus Alumna. O’ how she smiled a malicious smile, as Glee would have to wait a bit for her return. But she wouldn't be long.

Well, you've come back for more haven't you little hume? Agatha cooed as she pulled Ligg against her, her body tight against the girl. You desire to be great, you want to cast aside the weakness. O’ ho! I see it.

The witch smirked as she pulled Ligg closer to her, the black heart mirror ore oozing and wafting into Ligg's nostrils. It would weaken her more to Agatha's game. The witch then pushed Ligg against the building. She held a special piece of black heart mirror ore, Catastrophe’s Horizon.

Now, let's make you a selfish little princess. Agatha cooed forcing the ore down her throat. As she let go of the girl, she grinned once more. O’ how you will suffer to become something grand.

Ligg would choke on the ore, falling to all fours. The ore, Catastrophe’s Horizon burrowed into her heart, dissolving everything in her body. Vines would shoot out of the black heart mirror ore cross and remake her insides. As it oozed, it unlocked such dark secrets, finding out she was selfish to the core, wanting to own a kingdom. Wanting to enslave others and be worshipped by everyone, everything.

Her mind eat this up, agreeing with the secrets as it reformed her memories. She was a princess, ruler of Serphus Alumna. That her black heart swallowed many to her side. She would never know her form was changing. Ligg had horns curling under the mane of black blue curls that ran down her spine. Her eyes were blank golden irises that held malice, seduction and despair.

She held fangs upon her teeth now as they almost jutted out of her lips. Her fingernails and toenails were clawed. Her body grew bigger, voluptuous. Her bosom grew three sizes, ripping the clothes she wore now. Her waist filled out to hold her new form, along with her hips, thighs and legs. She also had a tail.

Rise, Madagascar, Black Heart Mirror Ore Princess, demoness of despair, seduction and vile desires. In time you will lose your innocence to become the most vile creature of all. Of course I am afraid there's a price for this. You won't remain thin for long. You're going to become chubby with all that power you ebb. Your selfish carnal desires will never be satisfied.

Now, Madagascar, there's a knight to capture before Abalone arrives. Ferghas. You may do what you wish with him but do not let him remain as he is or he'll take away these beautiful gifts.

Ligg, now as Madagascar began to change. Her eyes eyed Agatha, as she smiled. No, Agatha couldn't just leave that easily. Her arms wrapped around the witch. She knew that this witch gave her such gifts yet she was selfish--hungry.  And she knew that becoming a part of the island, she wanted to delight in her own wishes. 

Agatha wanted to slip away back to Glee but before she could, Madagascar slithered her form around the witch, those eerie golden yellow eyes staring at the witch. Madagascar pulled her close against her own form. Leaning in, she smiled. 

You don't have to go back yet. I want to show my creator my thanks. purred Madagascar. Though she wouldn't let Glee take her witch. In fact, little witch, you realise you're mine now right?

Let go. I'm late. Agatha hissed. 

Madagascar chuckled. She didn't let Agatha know she made a mistake in crafting Ligg into a monster. The black ore oozed into her mind and cross like heart. Vile wicked thoughts clamored throughout her mind as she let the ore claim her as she was such a selfish girl. 

Agatha growled as she tried to push Madagascar off her. Yet, in a way the girl smiled and picked the witch up and began walking to her new castle, Agatha in tow. 

I have a surprise my dear. cooed Madgascar. She smiled pressing Agatha more against her. And I want to have my new witch completely devoid of free will. O' you'll get to experience the pain I went through when you gifted me. Let me repay you.

For the first time, Agatha was afraid. Afraid that Madagascar was going to do something terrible to her. Maggie stopped as she pinned Agatha against the tree as she couldn't move. She closed her eyes for a moment sending a thought to Glee as Agatha telling him she didn't want him. 

That he could go home. 

Opening those hungry eyes, Maggie leaned into Agatha. Her hands pushing down against the witch's arms. The malice dripping off the newly made princess.

O' dearest witch, no one's coming to save you. You're going to enjoy what I'm going to make you. Now, to decide what to make you.

Or let me go. Agatha hissed. I'm not yours to take. I've--I've--Let me go you monster, you beautiful--

The words failed Agatha as she began to eat the ore. Her hands reaching in and eating more and more of the ore. Sitting on the ground, Maggie chuckled as she let go of the witch. Agatha's fingers were stained as she ate. She didn't know as she did, her body began to expand. 

But she ate. Nothing else mattered at that moment. The buckets depleted as she ate, her body twice her size in mere minutes. 

More... she cried licking her fingers of the ore dust. More, give me more mistress....

Madagascar laughed as she snapped her fingers and more buckets appeared before Agatha. She consumed it, until she couldn't move, she was too heavy and big to move. 

Now, to begin your transformation my beautiful witch. purred Maggie.


Yuma's eyes widened at the deceit pouring forth from the two. She honestly didn't see it coming nor thought it would. O’ how she squirmed trying to get out of Josef's grip yet it didn't work. His grip was tighter as he was a blackened golem. He would lean down and ooze more of the black heart mirror ore into the witch's system.

She gasped trying to breathe but choked on the ore as it drowned her. Yuma couldn't move as she felt her body collaspe. In that instance, she died. But it was long before she jolted and jerked in Josef's grip. Her body grew alabaster, as her eyes opened slowly. They were dull, empty eyes. Eerie black golden irises looking up at Morrigan.

Her hair was now a mane of black blue curls that ran down her spine. Her body broken beyond repair, as it ebb black inky markings of the black heart mirror ore. Josef let go of her as her body became voluptuous and beautiful than before. Her heart remade from a witch's to a puppet. Strings weaved all over her skin before she stood.

Yes… she whispered. A gift to Morrigan I am for crafting you.

She stared longingly at her, as the ore oozed into her mind. Her dull eyes waiting for her instruction, her command. Josef stood by Morrigan, both tools to the child. Yuma looked down then as she knew soon the elf would come for her toys. 

Yuma sat there blank and empty. Morrigan could do anything, tell her anything and she'd believe it. Her body ached in anticipation for her mistress' command. Her eyes empty and devoid of the witch that once was in control. 

The ore carved Morrigan's heart out, oozing more black ink into her. It's etheral arms wrapping around her heart, whispering vile thoughts into her mind. She its puppet to command and control. 

Morrigan... the ore cooed. Corrupt her into nothingness, destroy all the good in her until she can't even remember her name. Yes. Erase her existence and remake her. Rename her. Create my tool.

Yuma looked at Morrigan longingly not knowing of her fate in store. The girl was still ripe for corruption, and as she stood, she was leaning against Morrigan. Josef exited the house, closimg the door to guard it. The two were left alone. 

Corrupt me my mistress into the monster you think I am. purred Yuma as she wanted to be unrecognizable and unredeemable all of a sudden. Remake me into your puppet, your servant. I am ready to become yours forever.

Yuma leaned in then slowly kissing Morrigan's lips. Whatever mind she had left had been shattered by Morrigan's tempting ways. However, Morrigan was special as Abalone crafted her to be not just a seductive power. The demoness had used this to enslave the seed and take over the Black Heart Mirror Organization. And now she had Yuma in her claws. 

Morrigan smirked pushing Yuma to the ground ready to craft her. She held the black heart mirror ore in her hands before placing buckets before her. She ordered her to eat the ore. Yuma obeyed becoming covered in it. Yet her volutpous body grew as large as a cow as she ate. Her eyes dulling more as she chewed this special ore pieces. More and more consumed, more and more she grew. 

More and more she was being erased, rebuilt, remade. Morrigan was making a new beloved. A new obedient servant to the organization. Morrigan lifted her chin then as she smiled. Yuma would be hers forevermore. Unlike Abalone, Yuma would worship and love her. She would remain at her side, she would be her bethrothed, her right hand woman. 

Morrigan was bringing back her beloved servant Lucinda back into Yuma's own form. Her dead lover killed by Abalone. She then knew as she stared at Yuma's engorged body it was time to begin. Time for creating her beautiful monster, Lucinda. 

This won't hurt a bit. You'll never remember you died Yuma. And in your place, the Black Heart Mirror Sorceress and Beast, Lucinda will live again. Morrigan purred.


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