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Seal Breaker Gnosis

World of Viq'trul; Sector 88976-BBL12C

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There was much power here, this realm bled with the energies of the strong and weak force zones. Each hemispheric zone encircled a cavern-based environment that hosted the residence of something odd and of alien nature. The outer "spheres" governing the current planet of Viq'trul (which was surrounded by a blanket of nebulae and odd claw shaped galaxy structures, were of a modified, yet weak gravitational potency(possibly altered by some intellectual organism that could operate and manipulate the sciences to their will), thus causing a sort of soft attraction effect that could pull down celestial and cosmological "crust" or debris, however once it passes the first outer layer, it sort of hangs within an ozone cloud constructed of a dense electromagnetic force that literally rips apart the remains. Passing through the ozone clouds, the third sphere consists of a heavy atmospheric pressure that inflicts three phases(Deoxygenate, Static Blur, and Compulsion) upon entry for those that aren't accustomed to residency upon the planet. The first phase is shortness of breath, almost as if something is stealing the air supply stored within the lungs. The second phase is "static" vision. What this means ins't in relation to electricity or actual static, but actually the pressurized air particles begin to inflict a feeling of heaviness upon the eyes, causing the pupils to dilate, as well as the eyes themselves to go through a series of opening and closing. The third and final phase is that of the organism's body feeling the air particles "solidify" over the body, breaching past all three layers(Epidermis, Dermis, Hypo-Dermis), this causes the body to naturally fall faster towards the planet's surface, its a long fall that takes anywhere within the time frame of five days, to en entire two weeks before one can finally hit the ground. Upon getting close enough to the surface(about 5ft or so off of the ground), the air particles(as one comes close to completing their descent) begin to loosen up and calm down their compact and clustered behavior.

The air particles, because of their loosened hold upon the organism's body, in turn causes the organism to "float" and plop against the ground. Once the organism officially makes contact with the planet surface(which they will be surrounded by vast plateaus, a small trace of their metaphysical existence(without their knowledge of such), will be imprinted into the planet. This metaphysical trace will allow said organism to travel back to the planet of Viq'trul through means of a crescent moon shaped mark upon their body somewhere(randomly manifested). The metaphysical trace also splits off and surges through the first two layers of the planet's crust however no further. the first two layers of the planet are constructed of a thin, crystallized sheet of Neo-Platinum(Layer 1: Neo-Platinum) and Water(Layer 2: Water). This open part of the environment(surrounded by a random scattering of Neo-Platinum monoliths) favors lightweight organisms, as an organism of a heavy weight, would easily shatter the naturally brittle crystallized sheet. Middle weight organisms would be able to press down onto the crystallized sheet, but in the process would continuously dampen themselves with the coursing. cloud gray liquid underneath that would splash up in small droplets. During the colder seasons, the Neo-Platinum compacts together creating new molecular bonds that help to hold the weight of northern as well as southern migrations for the creatures such as the Opwalmee'Nu(which I will be revealing soon within my world), their bulky forms supported not only by the molecular bonding of new Neo-Platiniumeis, but also because the water is changed into an amorphous solid, specifically like that of a muddy substance. This is called Liquid Formula AW (amorphous water), the amorphous water layered underneath the compact Neo-Platinum is subject to state change during the hotter seasons, the heated air particles loosen up the compacted Neo-Platinum molecular bonds as well as heating up the amorphous water, this in the process causes two effects to take place. Because of the loosened molecular bonds of the Neo-Platinum, when organisms travel across it(depending on their weight as the Neo-PLatinum is almost super fragile), they may come across that the Neo-Platinum has broken off and even cracks apart like sheets of ice, drifting along helplessly as the "loosened" amorphous water carries it around(Effect 1). Whilst the amorphous water carries the Neo-Platinum and plays around with it, cellular debris of the Neo-Platinum sheets get mixed into the amorphous water, and because of the surrounding heated air, microscopic pockets are formed in the amorphous water, causing any cellular traces of Neo-Platinum to react by sprouting up a hot stream of thick, pressured air, before evaporating(Effect 2).

The humid rain forests of Viq'trul are to be carefully traversed. It is best to go without carrying any sort of metals or super conductive materials(Metal weapons, aerodynamic crafts, etc), as the humid environment has given rise to evolved ions known as Plazarim Ions. These "special", evolved ions have three material states(Solid, Liquid and Gas), The liquid and gas states are highly reactant to metals or metallic materials due to that being a sort of fuel source that allows the ions to breed and produce new, healthy Plazarim Ions. There are pools of liquid Plazarim that act as "devouring quicksand", meaning that the longer you're in, the faster your body will decompose and deteriorate. It's best to have a traveling partner or some type of tool to help pull you out, because if you rush the process, the decomposition of your body will react with the same speed, if not faster. Below these pulls(which one won't be able to feel despite being trapped or otherwise within the "quicksand" are the next three layers, each one composed of different forms of Ezuplatin Minaeris. These minerals, prismatic in shape, almost resembling quartz, are produced through through the rapid combustion of fossilized bone(possibly Dinolium L; I will integrate later on) which is what is found in microscopic traces of each of the three layers of Ezuplatin Minaeris are Dinolium L, Dinolium S, and Dinolium A, each mineral layer having the fossilized remains of a specific dinosaur-like creature that inhabited the planet approximately 17.4 billion years ago.

Next, we have the oceans completely composed of ever changing Plazarim Ions, the solid form freezing over with small pockets of air during the cold seasons, while a liquid state is achieved through the hotter seasons. The planet of Viq'trul is under constant evolution, almost as if something, possibly the essence of the planet itself(if any), has begun to awaken from its eternal slumber.

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Somewhere deep within a cavern, were balanced "zones" if you will, governing the cave and the surrounding vicinity. Said zones are, the "Weak Force" and the "Strong Force", both zones hold the particles of the cavern together as well as everything within it. Gnoxiss currently resides deep within this cavern filled with various rocks and minerals, the pillars and columns of rock hang from the ceiling with their piercing gaze as they present their unwelcoming embrace upon those that dare travel to such a domain. The very core of the cave is balanced by both a strong force and a weak force, this keeps a sort of residential binding to the cavern, signifying that Gnoxiss is the owner. All are welcome, though a direct attack, or an attack in general is not recommended and will be dealt with accordingly. An orb would pulse it's midnight blue color as it was upheld by a triangular circle of three small monoliths that were positioned next to a throne of garnet. The orb pulsed again before a flock of ravens burst forth from the orb, each identical as they all possessed midnight blue feathers with onyx colored eyes. What seemed like hundreds of them, flew right out of the fanged mouth of the cave in a mass of audible and disturbed caws. However, a single raven swooped down and perched upon the monolith shaped rock in place of the spherical form it had just possessed not too long ago. This raven within the cavern signifies the first Zero Disruptor, while the other hundreds flocks elsewhere and would split off to cover more ground, surrounding the cavern home, if they were to travel elsewhere other than the cave, they would need for Gnoxiss to give them permission to do so. Gnoxiss ventured out from his cavern home, the Zero Disruptor staying behind to keep the cavern protected from any intruders. Gnoxiss would gather a bunch of minerals though he was specifically gathering a certain type of mineral to forge a weapon of sorts. Gnoxiss, using his molecular abilities, or at least a fraction of which) would conjure a bubble completely composed of vibrating molecules of air that formed a bubble with a misty, exterior, thin in structure, however the rest of the bubble was transparent, as if Gnoxiss had simply created a floating ring of cloud gray. The area outside of the cave was an open field of aged, grassy patches, pillars of various gems, rocks, and minerals, preferably quarts.

Gnoxiss, with the bubble in his hand, a half of a centimeter looming above the middle of his palm, Gnoxiss would reach down and directly aim his palm at a set of quarts, the elongated structuring totaled to about eight, despite them all protruding from different parts on the base quartz itself. A faint shwurrrrp echoed as the small breezy song of the cool air molecules began to encompass the whole of the quartz; which was a beautiful teal coloration with flecks of orange. "I should be able to make good enough use for this." Gnoxiss said to himself, pressing the sides of his palms (around where the wrist bone was) together, the molecular air bubble floating above Gnoxiss' hands. Gnoxiss simply guided the bubble to the right of his right shoulder before he conjured about three more with zero effort, all of which whispering and whirring with life. Traveling farther out, Gnoxiss found a small stream and for a flash in the corner of his eye as he looked to his left, just about two feet or so under the water, was an object, no, two objects. Colored respectively as hot pink with flakes of dark blue that was swallowed by the bubble of molecular air that was hovering in front of Gnoxiss' left hand, and the other, directly aimed at by Gnoxiss' right hand was swallowed by the other molecular air bubble, this quarts was completely light gold with not other traces of color found in it. All three bubbles no floated by Gnoxiss' right shoulder. Standing up, Gnoxiss decided to head back to the cavern in order to get to work on his little project that he couldn't wait to see the final results of. It didn't take him long to get to the cavern either, Gnoxiss was greeted by the caw of the raven form that the Zero Disruptor had taken.

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