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City boards converted to tags

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The subboards under Cities of Terrenus have all been converted into tags. I cover the "why" of this in an AMA question that a member posed to me, which you can find by clicking this link, but it basically comes down to 1) improved exposure since there are more threads visible at once with less compartmentalization and 2) improved management for me as a BL, since I don't have to worry about giving multiple members access to the Mod Panel so they can lock and pin threads, though they still retain creative control over their respective areas. I think it's both better and easier but really time will tell

Every time I converted a city to a tag I posted about it in the canon update thread, so if you want to know when a city was converted you can check that for reference. Below are some instructions and screenshots on how to use the tags

Basically you create a thread, and choose the appropriate tag or tags to apply to it. Clicking on a tag in a thread will filter the threads and bring up other threads with those tags automatically. The only thing to really watch out for is the fact that this filter sorts by last post, but displays by thread creation date. It can be confusing at first if you aren't aware of this



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