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High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

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Breaking News!

 High Treason Against Terrenus, Her People, and the Saint-King


The anger and fear that is crushing Terrenus with waves of civil unrest, threatening to plunge the empire into a national civil war has finally made its way beyond its grassroots beginnings. Originally it was a thought. Then it was a decision. Then an action. And now the Terran government is showing signs of internal conflict. The military branch known as T.I.T.A.N. was last heard being in conflict with the Taen Empire for reasons that have yet to be confirmed through official channels. The Federal Investigative Service of Terrenus, on the other hand, has been unusually quiet. Many of its higher ranked officials have not been activated or deployed to areas most near the tipping point. In fact, though many cities and towns have already broken out into armed conflicts between civilians, F.I.S.T. continues to be silent and unmoving. 

With T.I.T.A.N.'s situation currently unknown, F.I.S.T. is the last major source of information the federal government relies on before making decisions. It can also be viewed as Terrenus' last line of defense against internal terrorism against the government. With the ranking officials of that governmental branch seemingly unconcerned or proactively ignorant of the situation, many of the Terrenus military have adopted one of two ideologies. 

The first is that the threat of civil war in Terrenus is really just propaganda. The whole deal with growing factions is actually a plan stemming from the generals and directors to weed out anti-Saint King factions. 

The second is the opposite. There is a conspiracy rampaging throughout multiple governmental agencies, the most obvious being F.I.S.T. which hasn't even attempted at pretending to be interested in stopping the country from imploding. Instead they send their most proficient officers to investigate small town curses and intercity murders. 

An anonymous whistle-blower has collected and sent an envelope of evidence to Detective Alexander Hawk, First-Lieutenant of F.I.S.T. for the sole reason that he believes Hawk is trust worthy. Luckily for the whistle-blower, it would be hard to find an agent more loyal to the ideology of F.I.S.T. than Hawk. Since the evidence points to a future coup d'etat, there's no way he'd stand by idly and watch the flames danger grow larger. 

With proof and evidence of corrupt official within the higher levels of F.I.S.T., Detective Alexander Hawk plans to uncover how far the conspiracy goes and whether or not it truly exists as depicted in the evidence.

First, he requires an expert team. After all he can't fight an entire organization just by himself. 

Second, the envelope of evidence details a secret meeting of military officials to further plan the coup. He plans on collecting more information such as names, photos, voice and video recordings, future meeting dates, and perhaps even a weak link that he could turn.

Pretty much everything that is stated above. There are a few more notes that you should consider before deciding you want to participate:

  1. This is a canon thread, so your post should be at least a paragraph and be readable
  2. The posting time limit is going to be extended. I'm not a fast poster and have a fairly busy life, so I'll usually need more than three days. Thus this thread could continue on for quite a while. I'd prefer people who joined be okay with having this thread by slow moving.
  3. Think really hard about the second note. I don't want people dropping cause it's going too slow. 
  4. You should probably read the Terrenus Military thread. It's pretty relevant.
  5. That's it!
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8 hours ago, Aziella said:

Count me in, the timing is perfect for me as well.

Sweet! Welcome aboard :)


7 hours ago, Radioactive said:

First Lieutenant Anouk Enouk, reporting for duty.

I figured you'd join up >:) You're climbing the ranks like a man with a bone to pick lol


4 hours ago, jaistlyn said:

Damnnnnnn this sounds really cool. Throwing Delistair in on this. Good to work with Maira again!

Yessss this thread should go faster than our other one! Which I promise I have not forgotten about <3

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20 hours ago, danzilla3 said:

Still got room?

Of course 😘


19 hours ago, PandaHat said:

Kickin' it old school, like we goin' to destroy half of Casper trying to solve a mystery.

Hahahahahaha well, if the covert operation fails and we go brute force, we might end up doing more than just destroying half a city >:)

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On 4/7/2018 at 6:48 AM, Gospel of the Throttle said:

Kind of an odd jump in, but if you think your team of hitters is going to need to get somewhere fast - I think Frank might be up to the task. 

If not I'll still keep my eyes on the thread; looks like it is gonna be interesting!

Can always use a get-away driver in covert missions!


Aight guys, if no one else is thinking about joining, I'll probably get the thread going on Tuesday or Thursday. It might be before or after depending on how long my college stuff takes, but those are my most realistic days to get in posts. I'll set up the situation more clearly in the post, so if you guys have any questions feel free to ask! 

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