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2kMhaWI.pngShe hates anything that has wings and teeth; there's something terrible about anything that has sharp teeth, and pair that with violently flapping wings - ugh, she shudders. Now let's not get anything turned around here, she never said she was scared of things that fly and have pointy teeth, she thinks they are unnecessary additions to creatures that do a fair enough job being obnoxious without flying and biting. They are troublesome, offensive, and need to burn or just drop off the face of the world. However it happens, she'll be pleased with their removal.

The sooner, the better, she thinks quietly to herself. Gnawing on the end of her gloved thumb, she stared at the scene of slithering bodies attacking the pitiful airship. They told her to take the best ship they had on hand, but she declined and instead chose something worth wasting. There is no reason to destroy a perfectly functional airship, especially when they don't have the resources to cushion the loss. At the time it was entirely justified, and she felt pretty good making the perfection decision all on her own.

The ship lurched off to the side, daring to barrel roll, but beneath the tactical hands of their pilot, it did not. Instead, the small crew moved with the attacks, all the while remaining stiff-necked and calm. Wren admired their admiration and determination to stay calm on the outside because there is no damned way any of them were feeling that way on the inside. Her own heart had lurched into her throat; her nerves were drawn taught, and her thumb was feeling the worst of it. In the company of familiars (kinda) she wore her emotions plainly on her unadorned face.

"Now is good a time as any!"

Their Captain yelled over the commotion, a strain on his words as he tried to keep the ship under control. With a heavy sigh, she stopped chewing on her thumb and looked at the two that'd be accompanying to the hell hole beneath them. She's a partial stranger to one of them, only knowing them by association, and the other person she hired to tag along. 

If the city below them is anything like the sky above it, they're in for one wild ride. It didn't take them long to know where they were at; the instant the ship came into view, a hoard of drakes and wyverns attacked and haven't stopped. She had understood the description of the city well enough, but seeing it in action made her feel a little uneasy and anxious to get this whole thing done and over with. 

Their goal was to get a ship and then leave as soon as they can - easier said than done, that's for sure. Knowing it's a huge risk just having a group of three total, Wren wasn't keen on taking more than that. Too many cooks in the kitchen;  she wasn't willing to overwhelm herself with so many people. Her choices for the mission weren't made blindly; she believed that with their combined skills they'd make it in and out - not without a few scratches of course. 

"Well! I guess it's time," she withdrew a small crystal from inside her uniform jacket, "gather 'round."

Blue eyes glittered with budding determination. They had to get the ship; it will be their only way out of the city unless they plan on walking out of there. The thief was born and given a particular set of skills, and today she will be tested.

Wren crushed the crystal, and they became enveloped in a cloud of dust - they were gone. Transported from inside a failing ship down to a hellish world full of things that shouldn't be able to fly, but do. 

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Howard 'Bezaliel'  Lasoto

When the strange crystal dust dispersed and they stood firm on the ground of the hellish city; Howard couldn't help but let out a dissapointed sigh. Why he said yes to the woman when she proposed such an idiotic and suicidal idea, He did not know. Howard stood firmly with great posture; A ciggarette hung between his lips. Lit and smoldering with a flick of smoke drifting from it's blazing tip. Both his hands sat in the pockets of his black slacks; He wore the outfit of a priest in every detail. He even had the white color protector around his neck and the bronze cross necklace hung down to the middle of his chest. He had circular rimmed glasses and a less than pleased look on his face. The scarf hung around his neck waved lightly in the pungent wind and caught a small amount of the ash falling from his ciggarette.

Howard looked up to the ship they had just disembarked from; seeing it beaten and battered by the wyverns and such hat had pestered them through the last few miles of airspace. He then looked down to the ground below him. The stone was cracked and scorched; covered in who knows what and the smell of burned flesh and death hung in the air around them.

"Lovely; We leave a perfectly decentish airship only to step in what is quite possibly second to hell itself. All in the hopes of finding a more decent airship. Am i the only one who sees the unholy irony in this?"

Howard let out a grunt and tapped a piece of burnt stone with his shined formal shoes to just a few feet away from where they stood. Pulling his left hand from his pocket; He grabbed the ciggarette from his mouth and let out a deep, murky, smoke filled breath. He spun around for a moment to examine their surroundings to see whather or not they were in any immediate danger. So far he didn't see any large fire breathing lizards or staggering undead corpses. All in all it wasn't the worst landing he'd ever seen.

His only real worry at this point was the fact that their mode of transportation out of this nightmare was an airship that they hoped was still in good condition. Considering their surroundings; Howard doubted anything left here for as long as this ship supposedly has been would even be left standing. If anything it was kindling for the bellowing chest of a dragon looking for ash to warm it's bed.

"So... Do you know where you're going or are we gonna play peek-a-boo with death until we accidentally stumble upon a flying machine?"

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Plague doctor-sketch, Giovanni  Roschini on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/plague-doctor-sketch-958325f9-0e75-4508-872f-3b41bcf86591


Though most of the crew of the small airship seemed to greatly dislike the winged creatures that surrounded them; Issac Graham couldn't figure out for the life of him why. The creatures were simply fascinating; and he wished he had the time to capture one and study it. Alas, this outing was not for pleasure, but for business; and thus his employer called the shots. Not that he minded the idea of getting down to the surface. While the drakes and wyverns were a passing bit of curiosity, the wonders held by the city down below were endless! A legion of vampires guarding one of the most powerful airships on the continent was an adventure he would be hard pressed to pass up. Hell, for such an opportunity he would have worked for free; though he wouldn't be sharing that thought out loud...

Eventually the boss called him and the priest over to stand with her as she crushed some kind of blue crystal that enveloped the group in blue dust. The next thing he knew they were standing in the ruins of the once proud city. As he looked out upon the death and carnage that had been wrought by Whispernight; he felt a pang of sympathy for all those who had lost their homes and lives to it. But he was unable to focus on this notion for long, as the method Wren had used to transport them here from the ship was fascinating! He would have to question her about another time. There were other matters to attend to.

Such as his godly companions bad attitude about the whole situation. Really, such a boring way to look at thing; grumbling about the whole idea of finding the airship when they had flown in on a perfectly good one. Did he not understand that the two vessels were separated by many orders of magnitude? Comparing Godfury to their meager transport was like comparing a house cat to a proud lion. Yes, they were in the same family; but the difference between them was night and day! 

"Chin up my fine theologian! I'm sure our employer wouldn't have come here without a plan. Although I am partial to winging it myself!"

A moment of silence passed as he stared at the priest before he loudly whispered, "I'm winking conspiratorially!"

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2kMhaWI.png She heard that sigh and followed up with her own, playfully (kinda) mocking the man who wore his disappointment so plainly on his face. He voices his saucy opinion, which drew a roll of the eyes from Wren, who quickly grabbed at the man’s cigarette. The sight and smell of the city pulled at her nerves; she needed a quick drag of the firestick. The woman returned it just in time for him to take another puff and talk out of his … ear.

Smoke slithered from between her lips as she nodded, understanding the man's feelings towards this hellish attempt at success.

“We find the tunnels first.”

Isaac chimed in, his attitude made her smile, forcing her eyes to glow brightly. The dynamic thus far has taught her a few things, and they're things she can like. Howard will be the more honest one out of the bunch; Isaac will keep them somewhat grounded. Wren fits in there somewhere, but she's not exactly sure how she should judge herself against the two men. For now, the thief knows she can depend on their skills along with their growing personalities. This is her opportunity to show she can lead, or at the very least, be extremely dependable.

It did not take long for the world around them to come alive with the beasts inhabiting the fantastic city. Somewhere off in the dark horizon, you can hear the yells and screams of creatures with roguish wings. But those creatures (no matter how they disgusted her) are the least of her worries at the moment; it’s the undead, the restless who still roam this city that makes her chew her bottom lip with uncertainty.

“Underneath are tunnels, and we need to find an entrance to them, and with that, we will be led to Godfury.”

The woman snapped her fingers; the sound caused her skin to ripple and right eye to go from bright to pale. The world slowed, the noise hummed, and points of interest began to glow as her single eye moved on its own as it started to evaluate the area the best of its abilities. There was so much to see, so much to learn, and such little time to do it all in, but with Isaac and Howard, they can do it.

“There’s a hoard of wyverns and drakes ahead of us, and they’re not happy. I think I see life five miles ahead, but it’s too shaky for me to get a read really - we will follow the hunch.”

Her calmness betrayed the need to move - and fast! Close on their heels are the undead and their tamed beasts, and they know fresh blood is there, and they are hungry for a change. Getting to Godfury will be a test of their skill and determination to be successful. Surrounded by creatures with no minds left to think, they are facing a nearly impenetrable wall of fury, but that’s why the tunnels are so essential and if they have to run around the city to find them, they will.

They’ve no other choice.

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Howard 'Bezaliel'  Lasoto

Howards eyes widened for a moment as his cigarette was taken from him and given back all in a quick instance. On his next puff; The flavor from the butt of his cigarette gave a slightly different taste. 'Did she just?' he pondered for a moment and looked to see her let out a quick trickle of smoke from her lips. 'She did.' He wasn't appalled by her taking a drag of his smoke rather than a little intruigued. He stared at her for a moment with a sort of confused smile. Perhaps the two of them could get along after-all. Something about her sort of sassy attitude made him feel a little more comfortable, Eye rolling, snatching things without asking. Howards kinda girl.

When she spoke of the tunnels it snapped him out of his daze and brought him back to reality. Unfortunately however it was just in time to hear the jolly banter of their masked comrade. He didn't hate people with an overly exuding enthusiasm, He just felt that their was a thin line between optimism and idiocy. Howard himself stuck to realism; Although the dreamers would call him a pessemist for bringing whatever it was they hoped for into perspective. Made it real difficult to make friends or anything of the sort.

"You do realize im not actually a priest right? Like quite literally the opposite. These clothes are just comfortable and give the desired effect of people leaving me alone. After-all who distrusts a travelling priest?"

When the man narrarated his facial expression due to the covering of his mask; He knew already that this mans uppity attitude was going to annoy him down to his bones. 

"You know one of the many points of a mask is to make yourself expressionless Right? Kind of the defeats the purpose if you tell us."

While the two men were bickering back and forth; It seemed like Wren had been doing a little planning for the road ahead. Scouring through tunnels dispatching undead was a perfect job for howard. The darker it was; The better he thrived. The wyverns and larger species of fire breathing lizards however would pose a problem for him; One that he hoped Issac would be better at dealing with. 

It wasn't that Howard was scared of or couldn't fight with a dragon; It was just the unfortunate fact that shadows and things breathing bright burning fire didn't mix well.

"So; You do have a plan. And here i thought you were unprepared."

As Howards cigarette was dwinling down and reaching the end of it's life; He pulled out the pack it came from and playfully shook it in Wrens direction at about chest height.

"There is a pack of em you know; Im not against sharing so it stands to reason i could give you your own."

Howard put on an almost wicked half smile before propping another cigarette between his lips and stepping ontop of the ashes of the last one.


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Issac couldn't understand why a man who claimed to be the opposite of a priest would be comfortable in a priests clothing; but he wasn't about to start questioning the fashion choices of others. Hell, he was wearing a plague doctors mask and a top hat; not exactly business casual. Still, his mask served an important function; one that he would happily tell the not-priest. Right after he figured out what the opposite of a priest was... he was still scratching his head over that one. What the hell was the opposite of a priest? An atheist? A scientist? An atheist scientist? As he noticed that his companions were taking off without him, he decided to put it on the back burner and catch up.

"Oi! This mask isn't to hide my face! It's to keep me alive... and also maybe to hide my face just a little bit. People kept staring..."

The masked man couldn't help but notice the way the Not-Priest chased after their employer in more than just the physical sense. She was an attractive woman of course; Issac wasn't blind to that. If it weren't for his aforementioned physical strangeness, he might have made a pass at her himself. He had no idea what she thought of the two of them either; other than the fact that she seemed to trust them. In his thoughts he had let the pair once again get ahead of him, so he caught up in time to see Howard showing off a cigarette box.

"Ooh, can I have one? Actually never mind, I don't know how I would- DEMON! Opposite of priest is demon, hah! Knew I'd get there."

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Their conversation hadn't gone ignored during her little search of the area. While her eye roamed all its own, the other kept a steady gaze forward, somewhat keeping her attention anchored to the other two. The bit of back and forth gave the atmosphere a refreshing vibe she can deal with. When Howard showed the pack of cigarettes, she shrugged with a lazy smile on her lips - sharing is caring right? Isaac silenced her with his enthusiastic evaluation of Howard … these two. This almost felt like herding cats.


Her voice rose above a heavy breeze, carrying with it a group of ten drakes that look battle worn and famished. The rising temperature caused small drops of perspiration to freckle Wren’s forehead and chest. She shuddered at the sight of the enemy, not out of fear, out of disgust. The other two may not share her sentiments, but she may honestly never come to appreciate the drakes charging straight for them. If she did though, may be a bit harder to do away with them.

Wren continued to move forward, ready and determined to meet these creatures head on. A slender hand slid into her jacket, where she withdrew a single arrow and threw it towards the drakes with the skill of any fine spear thrower. The arrow split the group, hitting a few of the monsters but only killing two, and injuring 3 more. She would have to be satisfied with that, because they certainly didn't slow down.

Her arrow returned to her, slipping back into her jacket. Wren raised her right hand, revealing runes in various shapes and sizes carved from fingertip to shoulder, though most of this is hidden behind her clothing. The runes glowed and seeped steam; she closes her fist, and the injured drakes stop midflight, their shadows snagged by her touch.

“I can hold them for a bit!”

By now the raging hoard was but feet away from them. Wrens heels dug into the ground as she held the 3 drakes in the air by their shadow, making them easy targets.

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Howard 'Bezaliel'  Lasoto

It seemed as though their time for conversation and calm irritation/flirtation had come to a halt. Howard picked the ciggarette from between his lips with his thumb and index finger and threw it to the ground at his feet before stamping it out with his shoe. He let out a sigh before raising his right hand to his forward toward the wyverns. His left hand sat comfortably in his pocket and he let out a quick smirk.

"Holding them by their shadows huh? A nice tactic. Mine is a little more aggressive though."

Howard snapped the fingers on his right hand and each individual finger became enveloped in a dark purple shadowed material. Moments after it covered his fingers, It shot out in long shadowed lines. spearing through several of the wyverns that had been held in front of them. He was powerful no doubt but far from god like; He couldn't tear through all of them as much as he wanted to. However he could certainly dwindle their number. 

"The world cant exist without a little darkness and someones gotta thrive in it right?"

The shadows pulled back from the chest of the wyverns and dispersed into his fingers from wence they came. He held his hand up with his fingers in a gun like formation and blew a small stream of shadows from the tip of his index finger like a smoking gun cowboy. 

"Im not exactly a fan of lizards but i've gotta say i'd prefer scales over rotten flesh."

Howard pulled his left hand from his pocket and held both his hands out with fingers guns and shadows enveloped his index fingers.

"So eagle eyed beauty. How many we dealing with? Also; You gonna jump in on this Mr. Charisma?"

He first spoke to Wren with what was supposed to be a sort of flirtatious compliment; followed by a genuine question of the situation. He couldn't help but address Isaac as well considering he had no real idea what kind of abilities the man was bringing to the table. He had only seen a fraction of what Wren was capable of as well. It seem each of them would probably be pulling their punches in the beginning to keep their true power a mystery.

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"Ooh, shadow powers, how fun!" exclaimed Issac earnestly, "But it's my turn now! Hmm, how should I show off..."

The masked man made a show of scratching his chin with his left hand, all the while making the mental connection to the Aether in the shell he was about to fire; changing the substance to suit his will. 

"How. About. THIS."

Issac's right hand blurred to his hip and drew the revolver holstered there faster than the eye could see; training the gun on the crowd of wyverns in an instant. The shot rang out, and the round hit the center most creature in the group square in the chest. But as the creature began to fall, the hole in its sternum began to glow, and an instant later it exploded into a great fireball. Pieces of flying reptile rained down over the group; and when the smoke cleared there where no more of the beasts in the air. Not all of them were dead however; as there were three creatures on the ground, shaking off the blast, and getting ready to go airborne again.

"Ah, ah, ah, none of that!"

Issac quickly fired three more shots; these aimed at the wings of the creatures. When they hit, they exploded into globs of foam that quickly expanded and hardened; weighing the beasts down and restricting their movement. Having disabled the remaining creatures, he made an 'after you,' gesture to his companions.

"Lined em up for ya!"

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2kMhaWI.png"More than ten."

Her comment wasn't meant to be flippant, but there indeed is no right number to give the hand slinger. The more they killed or incapacitated the wyverns, more came out of the woodwork to see what was happening. Between she and Howard, the group had dwindled down to a respectable amount, but that ended up not mattering at all. Isaac showed that behind his silliness, there's a respectable madness. 

Relaxing, she searched their surroundings for one brief moment before waving the two to follow after, and be quick about it. 

"There's too many to make much of a difference in their numbers."

Her single eye continued to bounce around, slinging back and forth, doing small and large circles as if it were suddenly confused. The other was fixed forward, utilizing the knowledge its companion is feeding it, helping guide the group to a cluster of fallen buildings that's seen better days. She heard the shrill cries of the beasts wreaking havoc above their heads; for now, they had a moment to themselves, and she was thankful for it, no matter how brief. 

The smell of the undead was getting more pungent, it made her wrinkle her nose and spit to the side, hoping to get the disgusting flavor our of her mouth. 

"We can keep running in circles to get the undead off our heels long enough to take care of the flying rats."

She turned to face the two men, looking at them with her single eye. 

"There's a sewer to our right, but ... I can't tell how far, something weird is distorting my reading. We get there; we're closer to finding our tunnels."

Her finger pointed the way through a string of fallen buildings, wandering winged beasts, and freckling of undead that were slowly making their way towards them. There is no way to avoid any of this pains, but she hopes to do her best to limit their dealings with them the best she can. Closer and closer the undead scoot closer, bringing with them a symphony of mangled moans and garbled words. 

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Howard 'Bezaliel'  Lasoto

"Well this isn't this just paradise? You know I can feel whats in the darkness around me. I'll give you a hint; they aren't bunnies. Just a whole lot of bad."

Howard stuck his hands in his pockets once again; His right hand pulling out the pack of ciggarettes from earlier and placing one in his mouth. It was a bad habit for sure but considering he'd already died once before, he had no real worries about it. When he reached into the inner pocket of his jacket his eyes grew wide as he pulled his left hand from it's pocket to frantically search for something. "You've got to be kidding me", He said aloud as he began to rub his fingers on his temples while holdin the unlit ciggarette in his mouth. He held open his jacket and lifted the pocket up to eye height before sticking his hand through to spread it open. He closed one eye and peered in to see a sizeable hole in the bottom of the pocket. He could clearly see Wrens face through this hole which was a tad bittersweet for the moment. His lighter was in that pocket.

"Guess it's just there to make me look good now."

Howard spoke with a grunt before turning around to check out their surroundings. Damn this place had really become a dump since it felt it's own personal apocalypse. He stepped forward past Wren, lightly rolling his teeth ont he butt of the unlit ciggarette. He could feel movement all around them for a good distance; The shadows weren't accurate enough to tell him how many and what exact positions but it was enough for him to know that they were almost completey surrounded in their current position. 'It started at hello and ended at Hey! lets go to possibly one of the most dangerous places left on the planet!' Howard thought to himself as his eyes darted around through the darkness.


He removed the ciggarette about an inch away from his mouth in order to speak. His words were directed mostly at Wren but of course that wouldn't stop Issac from releasing any annoyingly enthusiastic comments.

"So should I work for my pay and take the lead? Or is this a ladies first sort of deal?"

Howard was already standing ahead of the other two and spoke again after placing the cigartte back in his mouth.

"You've obviously got some superhuman eyesight; However i'd like to think I see better in the dark."

Howard spoke as the ciggarette shook up and down in-between his lips.

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Dreams and adept hands, is what it takes to shape new idea; and if the resources are there it can be built. Schematics and diagrams had rested across her desk for weeks and Aunoma’s handpicked team from home had come prepared to fulfill her requests on quick notice. Although she took on the heavy lifting, she delegated smaller matters to her cohorts in order to have a testable model ready in time to meet Alfonso’s requests.

The end product, though not beautiful, came out functional. Their attempts to maneuver with the equipment had done well so far, just as it did for the troops selected to test them thereafter. However, despite the clinical trials, the more pressing issue on her mind is their ability to function during battle.

All the while they endure this flight to the coordinates of Alfonso’s choosing, she rests with paper diagrams rolled out across her lap. Pencil-tip marking different things here and there as she muses and imagines at the same time. With every new idea her eyebrow raises thoughtfully and when flipping from one page to the next she sticks the end of her pencil into the corner of her mouth until she reaches the spot she is looking for. Only to repeat these motions in agonizing reiterations, over and over and over again.


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Reinhardt sighed as he began to equipped himself with the latest invention that hit the Rising West. Well, he would have like to say that, sadly under the orders of Alfonso everything about this project was kept secret. Not that he could blame their clever leader for being cautious. He did feel for Aunoma, the lady had to work hard, and had already made the impossible possible. “Are you sure I’ll be able to fly and fight at the same time?” He was sure if anyone other than those present heard him say this they’d think he was insane. Hell, he thought he lost his mind when he agreed to field test the latest iteration of the so called 'flight gear'. Supposedly it would allow one to fly without the use of an airship or high-mana consumption spells. Still...he didn’t like the idea of having a magi-tech engine strapped to his chest. On that note. “Hey you sure this box you’ve strapped to me won’t just explode...I’m all for going out in a blaze of glory, but I would rather avoid it so as to complete the mission.”   He really should have stayed at the test facility, but then to his childlike sense of adventure he couldn’t resist the chance to fly

Well it’s too late to change my mind now.

Taking a look over his equipment he couldn’t help but be impressed with the design. Strapped to his right leg was supposedly the flight device, resembling more of a boot than anything else, from several places there was a soft glow of blue mana. To his left leg was a smaller device that Aunoma called a stabilizer designed to keep them from going  in odd unintended directions. All of this connected to a small box strapped to the chest almost like a small backpack. Inside was the engine small and supposedly ‘safe’, with enough power to lift a person into the air and keep them there for several hours of flight. Of course to use it properly one had to at least be a competent mage, the whole point of the engine was to lessen the load on the mage using it. He really just wanted to try the new caster-rifle, flying was all fine and dandy, but the new artillery magic sounded like it was going to be fun.

“Alright, I’m all set I’m ready to go when you are. Once we prove its successful we’ll be the first to actually prove Alfonso’s mage corps possible.”

Turning hazel hues towards Aunoma, hoping beyond hope that she was as good as Alfonso promised.  As a soldier he was prepared for the eventuality of his death, he just didn't want to die due to a technical failure in the flight gear. “Need to do any last checks in the gear?” He said this more in the hope that he wouldn't have to fling his was out of a perfectly working airship. Please, for the love of Zare l better fly. Taking a deep breath he began to do another check in the hopes that Aunoma might find something wrong. He had confidence in her abilities of course, albeit he still wasn't too keen on jumping.

Lets hope it all goes well.


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At first Reinhardt’s tribulations regarding the gear adorning his frame, seems to go ignored. Aunoma deep in thought and caught between the matrix of a rifle and the flight gear. So many variables dance in her head; little faeries intent on driving her mad via numerous equations. Eventually, his fear tugs her in. Cool teal-faceted eyes gaze emptily at him before she sets aside the stack of laborious diagrams and schematics in her lap. Sliding them onto a nearby crate where she places a box on top to keep them from flying around or falling loosely to the floor. Why? For reasons not yet disclosed. Windows and doors on their portion of the airship currently sealed shut. Nice and tight.

Nimble fingers, once she engages her subject, pull and tighten the straps of Reinhardt’s gear while she expounds on him the effort placed in his safety. “Here take a look,” she tightens a strap and locks the clip in place at his shoulder before extending her arm out in front of him. The square watch on her wrist comes to life in neon blues and greens, highlighted words in red. The images are hologram pages fluidly structured side-by-side. “This is what you are wearing. It is not only designed to enhance combative strength but also has fail safes with the wearer in mind, should you not adhere to the course instructions as you were taught.” A tap from a finger at the end of the opposing arm zooms in on the rear portion of the pack; the thick circular clasp holding the criss-crossed straps on the back of the harness. “There is a parachute with a tracking beacon attached to it. Well...on this design, there’s one. On yours, we haven’t implemented it yet. We need to make sure the engine works first before we tweak anything else.” Once she's shown him her arm drops and while squaring up in front of him she takes stock of his concerned expression.

“Now as for exploding. It could happen should you accidentally burn out the exalta core over your chest. Which could potentially interfere with the synapses of your heart as well as blow your head clean from your shoulders while filling your body with shrapnel from the salerian steel casing.” Aunoma provides this answer calmly, her expression blank as she continues. “Just remember, the sensors in the engine depend on your ability to clearly define your intentions. The magic imbued on the parts in combination with the exalta crystal allows you to boost past the force of gravity, enabling flight and allows you to move through the air because your body chooses for it to do so. Just make your best attempt to maneuver yourself the same as you would on the ground.”

The side door pops open, one of the engineers yelling to them out over the rush of wind whipping past it as the ship continues its forward momentum. “We’ve reached the projected height you requested Ma’am!!”

When notified, Aunoma does a few different things. Waves and gives the guy a thumbs up from over her shoulder. “Alright!” Nods at Reinhardt while checking his traps one last time. “You are indeed, good to go.” Grabs the front of Reinhardt’s shirt for good measure. “Don’t look down!” And pushes the man back out the door and off of the airship.


“He’ll be fine. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”


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