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Akako Akari

Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

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On 4/19/2018 at 1:53 PM, Bardic Knowledge said:

“Come now, there is no need to bring mother into this, we control our own fates yes? You need not worry about the blood, for all things return to whence they came after the prescribed amount of time.”


Despite her distance, she could easily pick up his words under the breeze, mother? She was in control; mother dearest had no control in her life. She would let no others than herself control her path, that included her own urges. To bow to them, she would nothing more than a mindless creature. Common. Alongside that of dogs, lower than a human. Persephone flexed her other fingers, clicking the joints lightly in a little tune to counter such depressing thoughts.


The violence of the change in wind and the sound of his movement drew her from her inner meditation, her eyes flickering around like a hawk’s to catch where he would next stop. Turning in her circle to find him, the fabric of her kimono snapping in the movement, Persephone halted herself a few inches from his form. His appearance was so unexpected, it was more reflexes that had moved her than actual compression. She blinked at him, inhaling the scent of blood and gave a low rumble in her throat. He still smelled as pleasant as the last time. Why did he tempt her so?


She caught his eyes, his emotions and almost took a step back. It was like a being slapped or electrocuted, such hostility and venom. Persephone instantly drew her hand from her face, dropping and freezing into a low crouch locking eyes with him. She was still as the stone; the steady drip of darkness ran small streams down her fingertips as the skin knitted itself back together.


She felt almost imprisoned by his aura, like cement drying slowly over her muscles that tensed like coiled springs. His nature was almost like a physical presence, perhaps if she reached out she would touch it? What an odd thought, Persephone wondered. Was this the call of the void? They want to do something so reckless it defined all reason, like poking the snake or to touch the flames. Her fingers extended slightly towards the fae, expecting to encounter something almost solid. The movement was exploring rather than aggressive before she hurried pulled them back.


She hated being confined to anything or anyone, her body started to tense further, a low growl and a hiss issued from her lips in response to his aura. Vampires and fae, some considered them to be natural enemies. Her blood roared and pounded in her ears, her vision tunnelling and growing hazy till he was all she could focus on. It would be easy to strike. But was it worth it?


Her mind and nature battled within her, slowly the realization of her disadvantage hit her. The urge slowly fluttered like the blossoms on the ground, her eyes grew less cloudy and within a few blinks, they were clear and focused. To attack would be madness, insanity. It would cost her everything.


She retreated a few steps back, her body language not giving the impression of surrender, Persephone would never bend the knee to any creature. Not even Gaia herself could have her on her knee before her. She wary of him now. She no longer wished to attempt to tear him limb from limb to bathe in his blood, the yearning to feed was dampened now and she could think more clearly, with clarity. Like she had been underwater and just come up for air.


Although, there was awe and respect in her features when she focused back on the fae. Such a creature, he only served to make her all the more interested in him. Her ears pricked suddenly, a rustle made by something had joined them. Company? How unexpected. Would they join in as well? Persephone kept the thoughts close at hand, a brief flicker of inquisitiveness painting her face before it moulded back into a look of attentiveness to the fae. What did he want? What was his scheme? His master plan? Persephone cocked her head slightly to the right and scrutinised him hard. “What is your game?” Her voice was still smooth and as soft as velvet, but there was a spirit of wary enquiry. He was so unusual, Persephone feared she would be haunted unless she knew more.

@Bardic Knowledge @Akako Akari

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