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Akako Akari

Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

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               The smile at his gift caught him off a bit. His smile turned into something a bit twisted like a confused face before he shook it into a blank slate. She felt mostly normal, for a vampire. If a normal person were to glance her over he might not even be able to tell the difference. She didn’t react to the sun, and her fangs were very well hidden.

“Perhaps it will perhaps it won’t, it was not the flower that had me so troubled. It was the fact that the flower had caught my eye and while watching it from afar it was snuffed out before I got a chance to decide to eat it, or not. It was a common thing, but rational thinking is for the mortals.”

Souji allowed the hollow smile to return once again as they moved. His eyes not exactly set on one point for long. A passerby here or an animal there caught his glimpse and held it if only for the briefest of moments. It wasn’t if he was trying to seem uninterested in her it was just his impulsive nature driving him to do such things. Faeries were mostly known for their childish and impulsive behavior, even the broken ones.

“Are you sure you don’t want a pet name?”

The fae replied to her in a sly manner.

“I suppose fluffy just wouldn’t do for a name.”

This time he teased.

“Maybe nibbles?”

A reference to her fangs, one that allowed him a brief chuckle.


He sang the name right back to her in a playful and mocking way.

Were they really fully acquainted though? A friend? He seemed lost in thought for a moment.

“Friends? What are those exactly?”

Souji heard her second question, but he still seemed to be stuck on the friends portion of the conversation. The fae continued to mull over it in his mind.


His voice sounded lost for a moment while he answered her question on autopilot.

“I did not pop out of the air indeed, I was born from a tree. Actually.”

The fae was serious.

“There key differences in our kind. Most of us mate, have children and those children are the second generation. We even interbreed. Ever see an elf? They are born from our spawn.”

He paused for a moment.

“Now, those of us who are lucky enough to be from the first generation are born directly from the world. While there is no anatomical difference between us and our second-generation brethren, we are much more powerful as you would assume one born of magic would be. Yes?”

Souji giggled.

“It’s extremely rare for a first generation to be born. There have been a hand full of them here and there but what makes it a big deal, is we are what most mortals would consider higher beings. There is only one tier of divinity above us, your Gaia, for example, is one of them.”

Was he boring her yet?

“So, I am not born of the sky, unfortunately. Just a tree. Which is why my eyes are the same color as flower petals and why I eat things you wouldn’t find suitable for digestion. It’s another reason why my blood smells different, it's more akin to… sap? Though it’s not as thick.”

He giggled.

Then turned to the real question.

“What exactly is a friend?”

He was still confused.


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His mother being who she was, Grant was well aware of the importance that dance held in the Matreyan culture. That it could convey meanings and emotions when mere words were not enough to express oneself. Personally he was still learning the intricacies of what was essentially a second language of his adopted homeland; and therefore lacked much of his mothers grace. His movements were fluid and precise; years of training in efficient movement showing itself through his dance. By comparison Raveena was like a stream, or a piece of silk on the wind; one move seamlessly blending into the next. Though the pairs style seemingly contrasted, somehow they made it work; coming together to express their affection for one another through that Matreyan language. 

As they danced Raveena spoke of the new life that Port Kyros would bring to their people; of their new home in the Rising West. In his heart Grant still had no idea where home really was for him; or if it was even a physical place. The one memory he had of a home had turned out to be a lie, just like his wife, and he had never stayed anywhere long enough to develop a real attachment. Slowly this was changing, as he continued to learn more about the culture of his home; but he just wasn't quite there yet. Suddenly the thought entered his head that his mother could sense his feelings as he contemplated all this, and spoke to set her mind at ease.

"Home is... an abstract for me. There is no place that I can go to and say, 'This feels like home.' But I love you. And the Brit. If one of you calls a place home, then I will defend it with all my power."

For though he was still working out how to live, he was still a warrior, and could at least protect the things that were important to him.

@Deus Ex Aizen

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Is rational thinking for the mortals? Persephone smirked, enjoying the freedom of the idea of one being able to say whatever they wished because they were of the supernatural. Well, Souji did seem to be a very free spirit, even for a supernatural. Always watching and looking, she stayed looking ahead. Her gaze only faltering on something or particular interest or curiosity and if he walking companion should speak.


She scoffed at his choice of nicknames, an artful look crossing her own face. “I knew you would find something truly awful. Should you call me fluffy or anything similar to nibbles.” She took a mocking pause of great offence at this name before continuing. “I shall have to refer to you as Smile or Flower for the duration of our time together.” She giggled as snickered as he sang it back and waited for his next answer patiently. She had all the time till she crumbled to dust to wait after all.


She cocked her head slightly at his tone, his face looked less hollow and a little lost or perhaps unsure. However, his answer satisfied her greatly. She nodded at the appropriate moment, mulling over how exactly to bring his power into a scale of thought. Did this make him a god? Or a demi-god? Perhaps a minor god? Hmmm, but she disagreed with the comparison of his blood.


“True, that is excessively unique, you have quite the history. But personally, I find your blood to smell more like nectar than sap, slightly light. Definitely not as thick as sap though.” She could agree on that front and took a moment to study his eyes, noting their colours and hues with deliberation.


His next question struck her a little lost for words. Was there a way to answer it without becoming too physiological? She threaded her fingers through her hair and twirled the end, her eyes glazed over as she thought about the words. “A friend can be many things, good, bad, honest, reliable or selfish. In my opinion, their someone you share a mutual bond with and want to spend time with. You can trust them and go to them for help and advice. Or just for a laugh and a good time. But it's a subjective experience for everyone.”


She smiled and grew a little wistful, thinking of her own friends, those she had, those who were still her friends and those she had outlived. “When you’re with a friend, you feel more alive.” She thrust out her arm in a dramatic way, causing a few walkers around them to give her an odd look. “And that’s a friend is!” She called out gaily, laughing as people gave her a few more looks. Then she lowered her arm, turning her head to give her companion an inquisitive look. "Does answer you're the question?"

@Bardic Knowledge

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     “Perhaps you will call me flower because you find me beautiful?”

       Souji gave batted his eyelashes at her playfully an exchange for the mocking look she had given him. He would answer the question she had as if reading her mind.

     “A lesser god if you are trying to place it.”
        Then on to her comment.

       “Well I suppose that’s good, I’d hate to be hunted to be spread across the pancakes of see fat human Noble.”

       This time his voice was so flat it made him seem almost serious. As she spoke on friends Souji tried to mull it over in his head. His face contorted again as if he were in some form of great concentration like a young child trying to put the square piece in the round hole. 

     “ So it’s a person you spend time with, but they can have poor qualities also it’s someone that you like spending time with. Like a mate without mating? Why does this not make any sense to me.”

  Souji halted walking for a moment looking down at his feet. Why couldn’t he understand this concept, even after she explained it so well to him. He tilted his head and looked up at her his face still holding a very concentrated look.

    “I can’t say I have ever had a friend before...”

   He had not overlooked the spectacle she seemed to make of her self while explaining it. He couldn’t help but wonder if it was for his benefit. After a moment the fae looked back down thus time at his hands, then back to her.

   “I don’t understand.”

   His voice sounded a bit defeated. It took him a long moment before he was able to focus on something else entirely so that the frustration of the unfinished equation did not show on his face. 

  “ So tell me nibbl—I mean Persephone.”

  The fae began to walk again this time looking only at her and nothing else. 

    “From where did you hail? If I must guess I would say it’s not from there parts. Simply because of your smell.” 

The fae then dares to ask.

“ What shall we do next?”

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Since the previous meeting with his mother the Pendragon Prince had been wandering this world, this Valucre. He had partially been in travel with maniacal cousin of wild attitude Koji, or relaxing to his own vises. It was in the recent days that a presence Dark Aether tickled Sebastien to travel outward. Due to distance he could tell who this presence belonged to so he...kept to his own 'distance'. 

Recounting his recent learnings and thoughts could lead him down a rabbit whole of contemplation; Instead he chose to act. At the edge of the festival a swirl of smoke came to life from what seemed to be the concrete itself. In short time Sebastien stood and waved away the remainder of the cloud with his hand. 

The city was alive, bustling, with smells of foods, and drinks. People moved to a fro, some politely, others like they needed to enjoy themselves. A young woman bumped into the right shoulder of the Pendragon Prince causing him to turn and face her in a quick snap. 

"Apologies!" She spoke quickly, before glancing him over, and continuing on her way.

His teeth clinched and he turned and continued walking towards his mission. Signs of his temper and darker ways he was still getting a hold of; his mediation in the verse helped. 


As he closed in on the reason for his journey, the being which whom it belonged became more clear.

On 4/22/2018 at 4:16 PM, Red the Ambivalent said:

"I'll be taking my leave shortly, unless there is reason for me to stay awhile longer."

Arriving as woman stated her upcoming leave, Sebastien stood slightly out of the group only nodding to the ones Xartia stood with.

"Uncle. It's good to see you. I had hoped you were not my father."

It was at this moment another presence set off his radar. A presence he hadn't looked for nor had he hoped to see, but he noticed her none the less, his mother was here. Koji had mentioned she was not the same, that her memory had been wiped and she may not remember him. Should he try again, attempt again to meet the one who abandoned him and promised his death?

@Red the Ambivalent @Deus Ex Aizen @Twitterpated @Grubbistch 

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Persephone’s eyes rolled so hard in her head at the battering of his eyelashes that she feared they would roll back into her own head. Though a smile still played on her lips and a twinkle rested in her eye following his words.


She waited for him to speak of friendship and friends, almost seeing the cogs turn inside his mind. The stopping was not unexpected, she remained silent till he spoke again, her mouth curved down in sadness at the idea of having no friends at all. How lonely. She wondered if it was where he had come from or because he didn’t understand the concept of a friend. He looked like a leaf lost in the wind, the stark emotion on his face was a little unnerving but not unwelcome.


When he started to walk, she let the matter drop but was determined from that point to befriend this strange creature. “Well Smile,” She did not even pretend to have not called him by the nickname used, poking him sharply when he accidentally referred to her as nibbles. “You are correct, god you must have an excellent nose. I couldn’t really say where exactly I am from. I’m would describe myself as from nowhere.” She shrugged passively and pondered his next question.


Inspiration drew like a sunbeam over her face. “Since we have most likely exhausted all to be seen in the streets, shall we head towards the esteemed house of the patron of this festival? I’m sure there will be something there to even amuse you Smile.” She smirked at him and waited for his reply.

@Bardic Knowledge

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“Home.” Dark brows furrowed in thought, “Less and less I find home to be a physical place as we know it. Four walls, a roof, a picket fence? Mm, no. Home is here.” She reached up and pressed the palm of her hand flat against his chest, just over his heart—where she gave him a gentle patting.

“Rowan is my home. Rafael is my home. The sounds of singing in my native language. The warm, coastal sand beneath my feet. They are things I carry with me here.” She retracted her hand and patted her own heart with an understanding smile, “I am of the opinion that despite your circumstances, your feelings are real. If that’s home for you, don’t let those feelings go.” She reached up and swept a hand along his temple, “What’s here may have been fabricated,” She patted his heart once more, “But that doesn’t make what’s here any less real.” She would know. Despite how estranged she had become from Andrew, the dagger she carried with her that had been crafted and named in his honor, Alistair, carried remnants of emotions that sometimes felt as though she were prying into another person’s life. That Raven was long gone, with no sign of her returning any time soon. She had no doubt that Raven Kanzaki loved Andrew Alistair Clark.

But she also knew that Raveena loved Rowan. She pondered, time and time again, what sort of conflict she would face if her memories returned? Could she overcome it?

“Your Imperial Highness.” A curt voice interrupted them, and Raveena paused in their dancing to address them—ah! It was one of her own, and she smiled, “Is it ready?” Excitement colored her question and her attendant bowed deeply.

“Yes your Highness. They’ve been freshly trimmed and watered and are ready to be presented.”

Raveena disentangled herself from Grant with a joyous clap. She had carefully chosen the flowers she wanted to give to Akako. She had assembled a small team of experts to determine the proper species, the breeding, and the upkeep leading up to the festival. It was a small window of opportunity she had taken—for it was no secret that Raveena cherished gardening, inheriting the green thumb from her mother. The Arboretum in Port Kyros was dedicated to the late Empress, with a hidden statue of her tucked away that Raveena had come to frequent often when she wanted her alone time.

Turning back to Grant, she gently patted his arm while grinning ear to ear, “Let’s make our way back, we likely have a long line ahead of us and night is approaching.”


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     Souji could tell she did not like his comment by the way her eyes rolled into the back of her skull. He wondered if it was possible that he had said something so lame, that her eyes would come full circle again. When she suggested they go to the main portion of the event his emotionless smile returned. Perhaps she would watch him work? Or perhaps she would go straight away to her own business. He felt as if his free time with the woman had finally ended. His mind also assumed it was because he could not grasp easy human concepts. Alas, it was time for them to move onto the culminating event.
     Souji still kept pace with her but as they came closer and closer to the main building his attitude seemed to flicker to something more twisted. His once around beautiful purple eyes had taken over, and there were no whites left to be seen. Instead his eyes held a solid lilac purple. The fae made sure to avert his gaze so that she could not see his face. It was also as if someone put deep gold makeup around his eyes. Closer they came and the fae gently pulled his arm away from his vampire companion. He tugged at the opening of his kimono, peeling it down and tucking it into his sash. His muscles burned, the silver in his veins shimmering through his skin.  Another few steps and he grunted, his teeth replaces with small fangs top and bottom. They were unlike hers as they were not for drinking but rending flesh. 
“Please do not look down upon me Persephone.”

He could see the circle of guards come into vision, and that’s when vibrant silver and golden wings exploded from his back. She could not touch them if she tried, as they were made of swirling fae magic that had been stirring inside him. 

Souji turned his face to her and the wild echoing voice she had heard earlier brought itself back. 
“You can watch is you wish just be careful and absolutely do not touch the purple fire.”
   The fae whispered it and like before he vanished away in the blink of an eye. Evidence of his movements like in the shattering of the stones that served as a walk way, and before the first guard even knew it Souji had cleaved him into two parts from shoulder to hip. He stopped just on the other side of the man now between the layers of Rae's personal guard. He flicked the wrist that contained the sword and blood easily slid from it’s rainbow colored blade and stained the ground to his left. The ones that looked on him at this point saw nothing but the purest form of wrath.  
     The guards took action as they saw him, coming in numbers, Souji of course, smiled at this and set to them with his blade. His movements we’re elegant. The blade was positioned expertly at every Parry and it seemed almost every slashed worked to cleave a part from his enemies. This continued until blood and body parts littered the ground like the leaves of trees during the fall. Eventually the fae would become encircled by warriors. He used rather curious burst of purple faerie fire from his wings in combination with his seemingly ever changing weapon to dispatch them. Souji was not unscathed, he had taken several slashes and stabs his silvery blood also staining the stone. He was exceptionally brutal to the two final men, hacking each limb effortlessly from their body.
     When they were gone Souji spun his blade in his left hand singing a song in fae tongue. He was covered in blood from head toe with a twisted smile on his face. He pushed forward until he could come face to face with the Lady Rae. 

“Useless fucking bastards every last one.”

@Abigail666 @Deus Ex Aizen

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Aiyoki tucked her yoki within her, so tightly wound that no one would sense her from here on out. Her movements were like a shadow on a wall. It would be difficult to know she was there unless she wished it to be so. The serpent scented the air with her forked tongue before reaching to her mistress via their mental connection.

“My Lady… no one is mortally injured. I will return to tracking the assassin.”

There was a pause before Akako’s voice sounded within the familiar's mind.

“The source of blood?”, the vixen inquired with obvious concern.

“A game between a Carpathian and Fae.”

“I see… Very well then. Find the assassin and bring her to me.”

“Yes, my Lady.”

The connection severed and Aiyoku vanished in a wisp of violet smoke.

Meanwhile, Akako shifted her attention to those before her. The young elf had been speaking, but she only caught what the spirit at her side said regarding her being a Queen. While he wasn’t entirely wrong, Akako was only a Queen by rumor. The Yokai population considered her as much due to her longevity and the power she had accumulated over the many millennia she had lived.

The daiyokai considered this apparition for a moment before shifting her golden gaze to the elven Lord. Her name was upon his lips and on cue, Akako’s own pout curled into a beautiful smile. The volume that Lothlorain produced was enormous and Akako’s dainty brows rose in amusement. There was a little snicker that she covered with her fingertips before she waved her hand over the book in his hands.

Ancient magic brushed over his palms as her yoki surrounded the bound collection of poems before vanishing altogether. “Many thanks, Lord Lothlorian. It is among my favorite pieces of literature. I will certainly take the time to enjoy your lovely gift.” She then watched as Xartia and Red were bestowed equally amusing trinkets to add to their collection of gifts they had surely amassed as she had. The elder demoness decided at that moment that she was rather fond of the trickster elf lord. The only hint that he was up to something was the subtle change in his scent. It was a citrusy aroma that was a tell-tale sign of mischief, one Akako knew all too well.

The demoness parted her lips to comment on Xartia’s gift in particular; however, the words died on her lips as chilly white flakes fell over them, disappearing before they even touched her lavish silk. Akako’s eyes lifted to the sky before looking for the culprit. Her ears caught low chuckling from several guards that were not her own. A lovely young girl that the fox spirit was unfamiliar with blushed brightly and Akako tilted her head in curiosity. Her gold and silver tails swayed and before anyone could stop her Akako was moving away from her guests.

“Excuse me…”

She was silent across the courtyard on her bare feet as she made her way onto the dancefloor. This would not be the last time the demoness would dance during the festival, there would be a bond fire and the demonic children would come to dance with their queen. For now, Akako would entertain this gifted child even as a scuffle took place just outside her walls. She knew there had been a death nearby, several even, she could smell the stench of blood, and hear the commotion outside her gates. While she didn’t mare her face with a frown, Akako knew and felt a familiar presence nearby and knew the situation would be handled.  

“Do you mind if I join you?”, the demoness inquired upon her approach to the young girl even as she waved to the guzheng player. “Spring River Flower Moon Night…”, the instruction was telepathic and the human guzheng player bowed gracefully before laying her fingers on her instrument, waiting for Akako’s young companion to oblige her request.

@Grubbistch @Twitterpated @Red the Ambivalent  @Ataraxy @Deus Ex Aizen @Voldemort 

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Humans were such strange things, having so little in their minds they can hardly control the gifts they receive at birth. It would hardly require a second thought to banish this snow or whatever weather phenomenon was being conjured, but Lothlorian had other matters to attend to. Finer details would have to be hammered out in regards to the meeting date of their little alliance. In a way he was looking forward to it, if it meant seeing that little enigma of a fox demon once again. Lothlorian was beginning to grow a fondness for Akako, nothing romantic, simply curious as to who she is as a person or demon for that matter.

Just as Lothlorian contemplated requesting a dance from the Red Queen herself, one of his own burst through the perimeter, having easily dodged the guards through her superior acrobatic abilities. By the look of panic on her face, Lothlorian knew the tidings were not well.

"My Lord! You need to come back to our group immediately, it's a bloodbath out there and we can't find Iselda." Discouraging news indeed, though it was difficult to know who he was truly angry at. The elven lord's mate was no doubt responsible for his own misadventures, but news of a massacre right here in the Port was disturbing enough news as it stood. Just the thought that Iselda could be out there, unconscious, hurt or even dead, put Lothlorian in a smoldering demeanor. How easy it was to forget how little control these lesser beings had on even their own home fronts.

"Tell me what happened." Lothlorian said, his outward appearance still calm, yet underneath his mind was already beginning to tug at the ancient wellsprings of power within himself. It had been a long time since Lothlorian felt the need to truly battle someone, but that in no way meant he wasn't capable of devastating effects when provoked.

"We well...we couldn't stop Iselda from drinking and then he started throwing Gold Hawks around, buying all the participants in the festival food and drink." Typical. "Just as that party was starting to um...get the way it does when Iselda gets carried away, I left to come and warn you." That damned elf never could resist the debauchery of a truly wild party. "Halfway to the estate I noticed a lot of screaming, with humans getting cut down in a matter of moments. Things are in a panic, and from what I could see the attacker was a Fae of some kind, I felt the energy of old magic on it."

Fae, the barbarians of the old times. Such petty little things that looked so highly upon themselves, yet uncivilized and ungainly in their methods. Formerly the religious doctrine of Astra Terra denounces them as part of the true elven race, for they were far too wild and unpredictable to fall in line with the natural order of things. No matter what tall tales they weave about being the progenitors of the elven race, rat meant nothing when they divided themselves from their cousins in such frivolous acts of vulgarity. Another fine reason to keep one's borders shut tight, and a careful eye on those that would come sniffing around your home.

"An assassination attempt from a couple of random humans is forgivable, but this..." he shook his head "its just out of taste." Looking to the female acrobat, he would give the first of his orders. "Go and find any elves that have volunteered to come back to our fold, then transport yourselves back home. We will have a talk about your negligence when I come back, but you I think will be punished less severely than the others, as my thanks for telling me of all this." Nodding quickly, the acrobat departed to collect the envoy so they can return to their homeland. "Now I have to go and clean up this mess, but in the spirit of maintaining our future friendship, I won't hold this against you, Lady Akako. This world after all is crawling with those that are so tragically uncultured they resort to violence at every turn. Good day to you all, losson destaria." Making his own exit, Lothlorian would start his search for his companion, hoping that he was not hurt in any way or form.

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On 4/27/2018 at 4:39 PM, OutlawD_One said:

"Uncle. It's good to see you. I had hoped you were not my father."

As Xartia prepared to deliver his offer of seeing the Scarlet Queen off, a familiar presence became apparent. A similar feeling to those associated with one's own child, and certainly most true in this case considering Xartia and Orphen were twins. A jovial grin took his expression, his slightly narrowed eyes and the early signs of crow's feet taking the boy turning man in with sincerity. 

"Are you insinuating that I am child? Then again, whom else would be so bold as to step on the King's feet? Hmm?"

He mused into a snicker as he stepped towards Sebastian, his left hand raising, only to clap assuredly onto his nephew's right shoulder before applying a strong, yet gently grip. My how the time had flown by. It had been nearly as long as he had seen Koji since he last saw Sebastian. Around the time of the wedding in Terrenus nearly over a year ago. Though what was a year for this world was nothing like the way time moved back home in The Verse. Pulling the boy in for a hug, he wrapped an arm around his neck and push unto his tippie toes to be certain there faces were close enough to touch. Though not simply for the sake there of.

"Stick around for a bit, I'd like to have a chat in private with you while I've got the chance."

Obviously, Xartia wanted to ask about Lucius. Though here was hardly the place to investigate, and in the region of the Carmine variety, it was better to not directly oust him as an associate to an enemy of the state. Sebastian being the heir to the Pendragon throne, there was absolutely no way that he could allow anything to happen to the boy. At any and all costs he would protect the boy despite his ability to do what their brand did best. Survive. Releasing him, he patted his shoulder once more before breaking away completely. A warm smile afforded him once more with those shimmering emerald eyes. Returning his attention to the Scarlet Queen, he returned to her side and offered her his arm. With the same jovial expression, he awaited a brief moment before asking,

"May I?"

Certainly within a week's time, Red had likely been made aware of his latest reveal. Still, he had the obligation to speak with her, admit himself face to face, and briefly discuss about their current predicament, courtesy of him regardless of how one would spin the perspective. Casting his gaze over his shoulder back to his nephew, he made a vague remark that certainly none would understand as much as Sebastian himself.

"You should go see Her."

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