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House Cardell

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House Cardell is a noble family, descended from the ancient Beauchene line


Two blood red blades cast against a field of white, framing a crimson phoenix


Strength through Steel


Castle Cardell, the Winding Wyrm


Earldom of the East


South Eastern Orisia

Current Head

Lord Edgar Cardell

Current Lord

Lord Edgar Cardell, Warden of the Wyrm


House Cardell has not existed long, and though but a sapling in the chronicles of Orisia, its roots writhe deep and terrible, in the annals of Valucre. The Dugrace dynasty has ruled these lands for decades, their reign as enduring and eternal as the paragons of their line, whose immortal blood ever bound the realm to their will. When their dominion was but new, however, and they sought to subjugate the land they had liberated from Areder, many tribes native to the isles bent the knee, those that had survived the brutality of the Beauchene, that is.

Once, the Beauchenes had been benevolent, had sought to spare the island from the strife that ensued after Areder's death, but the intent of men is a malleable thing, an ideal that slips and strays with the passage of time, and so after two centuries, what had begun as a blessing, became the rule of a tyrant. The noble family became infamous for their barbarism, a force which blighted the land, but whilst most believe that it was the Dugraces that toppled this corrupt clan, the truth is far more surprising.

There were whispers amongst the peasantry, tales of demons made flesh, who danced behind the smiles of their lords, but perhaps the most poignant story of all spoke of a curse, and the way in which Areder's grave had damned those that trod its soil. It was from their fortress in the mountains though, that salvation truly came, as legend tells that a bastard born of the Beauchene line sided with the Great North, and became a banner behind which a rebellion was rallied.

Decimating the Beauchene forces, the Genesarian warlord did not relent there, however, and ravaged Orisia, cleansing their legacy from the land until the island nation lay broken, its borders in ruins and baronies aflame. In the years that followed this purge, few scholars now remember the reason that the Great North relented, poised as they were upon the pulpit of conquest, but those that stare long enough into the flames of their forefathers, know of the bastard of Beauchene, and their last and final stand.

Soot stained the sky that day, as smoke and cinder coiled about Orisia like a noose, villages burned, towns had tumbled, and now the Great North had set their sights upon the verdant grasslands of the Island itself, pledging to pollute its beauty, drunk upon the destruction that their campaign had created thus far. There was but one man that challenged him that day, one soul brave enough to stay the slaughterer's hand, for Moloch had been a bastard in life, but now, at this crucial time in Orisia's tale, he became more than flesh, as he clutched the Great North's twin blades, became more than bone, as the sword split skin and sinew, he became a thought, a missive that echoed throughout the ages. “No more”.

House Cardell has not existed long, but the words that were born that day were passed down from one son to the next, from generation to generation, for Moloch's line took on a new name that fateful day, they created the crest of Cardell, and wear words that embody the sacrifice of their founding father.

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