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Reporting Template and Guide

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The template below is for making a formal complaint for Valucre Code of Conduct violations, through the report function. Reports can be used to request post/thread merging/splitting, in addition to requesting content be hidden or unhidden. You do not need to use the template for these requests, just provide a few sentences explaining what you want and why. Additionally, if you don't know how to file a report I've included instructions.


"I am filing a formal complaint because XXXX of the CoC has been violated. The post violates that section of the CoC because XXXX. In an attempt to resolve the issue the following has been done: XXXX. This issue occurred because of XXXX and is a direct result of XXXX. Please see the following screenshots for additional information: (insert links) I would like to see the following action(s) taken: XXXX."

How to File:

Desktop - Find the post you want to report, look in the top right corner of it and click the words: "Report Post". It is next to the icon for sharing posts. Once clicked, it will open up a popup window for filing a report. The popup window stats "Optionally enter a message with your report." Disregard the word optionally, it isn't optional. Enter in your message and hit the submit report button.

Mobile - Find the post you want to report, look in the top right corner of it, near the share icon, and you'll see a flag. If you click the flag it will generate a popup window for filing a report. The popup window stats "Optionally enter a message with your report." It isn't optional. Enter a message and then hit the submit report button.

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Salutations Valucre Community,

Recently, changes were made to Valucre's Code of Conduct. While it clarified expectations and consequences, it didn't detail reporting procedures. This announcement addresses that gap.

It is expected that users will attempt to resolve conflicts or issues between themselves. 

Users do not need to be moderated solely for being annoying or rude. The Formal Complaint Process is for complaints of a severe nature, and the burden of proof is on the user filing the complaint. If your issue can be resolved by putting someone on ignore, then put them on ignore. Formal complaints are reserved strictly for serious offenses, not for unpleasant disagreements. If you come across blatant violations of the CoC, file a formal complaint.

Below is a perfunctory list of situations where users should seek resolution among themselves before filing a formal complaint. 

1. If a user posts irrelevant information in your thread, or hijacks your thread in some fashion, ask them to "Please stay on topic." or "Please leave the thread." If they fail to do so, and continue to remain off topic or otherwise negatively impact your thread, report them.

2. If you have a conflict with another user and they insult you or otherwise hurt your feelings, ask them to a) "Stop" or b) Put them on ignore. Not all users are going to get along and most conflicts between users don't need moderation. If a user attempts to circumvent being ignored to continue to insult or argue with you, this is harassment and they should be reported.

3. Sometimes discussions get heated and arguments happen. Users are encouraged to remove themselves from these situations if they become upset. When a discussion diverges from a disagreement of facts to insults, users are expected to make an attempt to get back on track. If the users refuse to be reasonable, file a report.

4. Regarding formal complaints against staff members; be aware that staff members can act in a staff capacity or in a member capacity. If the individual was acting in a staff capacity, at the time of the incident, file a report with the staff member that oversees them (This may be a board leader). Otherwise, please follow the normal resolution and complaint process.

When filing a report do not include the following:

1. Insults

2. Rhetorical questions

3. No words

4. Emojis/Memes

5. Irrelevant information that does not pertain to the issue.


When filing a report please include the following:

1. Clear and concise factual statements about what is being reported to include:

a. What portion of the CoC is being violated.

b. How the CoC was violated.

2. Actions taken to resolve the issue prior to the report being made.

3. A concise and factual summary of relevant events that directly pertain to the report.

4. Screenshots or other evidence that provides amplifying information. 

5. What course of action you believe would best resolve the situation.


To clarify, this announcement does not reflect an increase in reporting. Rather, a gap in procedures was identified and it was determined that this is the best method to address it.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Happy Writing,


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