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A big welcome to Valucre's new members!

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This is awesome, so many new faces.

Welcome one and all, hope you enjoy it here. If not, well just ask a question or reach out to someone. I've found this place to be very welcoming and awesome all around. 

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A big shoutout to our new members!

@Victor C. Solokov @Víðarr Vorweir @Lee8260 @Mahima Dudhat @Bookworm @Shadowless @Komobear @MissKate @velise @Venus Sprite @darkmaster006 @Bones @Starr Sayles @samantha360 @Spirit_of_Purity @Coyotii @The Shy Fennec @Bastard @Linda @NillaWafers @azuranth @LuthienNova @Sivanot @Toren Zhai @Someone. @BiggieSmalls @Dr.Pip @Tom_mct

That's a lot of new people! Some of you I've already met, some not yet, but take your time to look around. My inbox is open to questions, or you could just ask them in this thread! Welcome to Valucre and enjoy!


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