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The itch you cant scratch is back!

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Yo, I'm back after my long journey without internet! Yep, my apartment finally has wifi and as such "I finally have wifi"

So, you may be wondering why I didn't just use other mediums? Too much effort. I'm a poor collage student, and my course is long from over. Just happy my pestering has won this battle. I am back! I do notice alot of my friends have disappeared from this site, so I'm kinda down about that. But there's always hopes that they return as I have!

My name here is Ichi, and I cant wait to type up some stories that would never happen in classic story-lines!

Fair warning: Any plot ideas you have will be destroyed by my creative writing, and if that's a problem, I will write with a tiny smidge less enthusiasm. Why CANT the final boss make an appearance early on? Breaking rules makes a story more gripping!

Anyways, I'm back for at least until I lose internet again or I get a girlfriend. One of the 2.


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Welcome back.


Hope you have fun and enjoy the time here. Nothing says you cannot make new friends... as to bosses showing up early hey make your own RP pots and have tons of fun with it. there are tons of new members looking for somebody to RP with and have adventures.

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