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The Beast is back

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Alright I took that nickname of my character I use here. But I have been here before but dropped off again due private stuff became to much to handle all at once. Now my final exams are all over and the storm of my private life is calm I can again focus more on the site. For those who remember I made a character here under the name Slatheok. I will post the link later. For those who dont remember me...

I keep it short since I have a test coming up tomorrow. I am Slatheok (also the name of my character here) from the Netherlands. I am a 21 year old girl in the last stages of my study. I have a mild form of ASD or Autisitc Spectrum Disorder. I joined here somewhere in 2017. Fantasy has always been my way of dealing and releasing anything related to my autism. I do also write my own stories though I never plubish them online. Some of my favorite things are related to fantasy. It has been the escape when things became to much in my life. Anyway this is what needs to be known about me/ I hope to be more active here again after dropping off for so long.

Link to my character (changes will be made or stuff will be added)


This character will be the basis forwards towards other characters or animal characters I might make with all variations on the same things since I work the best from one base rather then keep thinking over and over about stuff. But none are the same as the main. The way I wrote her allows me to adjust her towards many things without being to specific. I always wrote her as something that can be formed into many new things and not be stuck in one main form.


Though I must confess now I am back again on the site and the threads I used to participate in most likely have stopped I dont really know how to start anew. Never been that good.... I always had trouble getting back into forums again after long hiatus especially on forums as large as this. Yeah Im socially really awkward and introverted what I forgot to tell.

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Although a ton on the site hasn't changed since November, we did put out a new member guide to organize a lot of the information and make it easier to find and more accessible for the user wanting to nail down navigating the site and understanding the canon world. Hopefully you find it useful but would love any feedback you may have to give: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/nux/new-member-guide/

Welcome back!

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Welcome back! Val is always here, and quite a few come and go over the years. Fret not, there's always returns and newcomers that are looking to get involved just as you. At most, give it a little time, though surely something will pop up before long. (I think I already saw you post in the Watercooler, excellent idea)

And I totally understand the introversion and socially awkwardness. I have social anxiety, and I'm myself a bit introverted. No shame in any of that, we accept all sorts of writers :smile:

Enjoy! And don't hesitate you share any questions you might have. 

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