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Ever Turning Wheels [Final Fantasy]

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Marishi was confused. She could smell the salt in the cool night air. She could see the torches, lamps, and housing lights lit within the glorious city that was Ala Mhigo in the distance. It’s brass minarets and arching domes sparkling even in the twilight. “I have been here before,” Marishi said quietly. “No, no, I haven’t. That’s impossible. This place though is somehow familiar to me. I have walked those shores below, though I know not when and know not how.” She was almost frustrated at her own gap in memory. She HAD seen this place before, but she could not remember when. At each attempt to snatch the memory the further it fled in her mind. Marishi looked at Rae with her contrasted and damaged eyes. “I can feel it too. There is a warping of aether here. I have felt something similar, but not to this magnitude. It bends the very air we breathe and contorts the aether into grotesque hues that choke the soul with hate and despair. I can feel it. It’s manifest evil. It’s Shinryu.” She spoke slowly and softly whereas none could overhear. “It’s strange though is it not? There doesn’t seem to be logic or thought driving it. I don’t sense a consciousness. Just hate.” She looked back to the great city. To the stars that were choked off and stolen from the sky. “There is malice, but no intent. It’s a thing bred from the cries of a million souls, but itself is mindless. It has no purpose. It exists to exist.” Marishi said.

“That’s very perceptive of you Marishi Ten. As usual” A voice called out. One familiar, but one she couldn’t place. Marishi frowned and her hand went for her Katana. “No need for that there lass. I’m afraid I’d not be a match for you. Though the last time I saw you, you wielded a staff, not a sword. Or are you her daughter?” The voice walked into the light. Attire in yellow and green of the Order of The Twin Adder, an Elezen in his 70’s with a scar upon his forehead stood before them. Marishi gasped slightly and she stared at the soldier. “You remember me. So, you’re not her daughter. You haven’t aged a single day. A miracle from the Elementals indeed! Here you stand on the eve of a great battle in a war you have no business being in, just like you were so long ago. You have a companion though this time around. A beautiful one at that. Would you be so kind as to introduce us Lieutenant Ten?” He said with a smile on his face. His uniform marked him as an officer in the Twin Adder. It was obvious he knew Marishi well. Marishi stuttered his introduction. “Rae … I present to you the c-current Serpent Marshal Brookstone. The leader of The Order of The Twin Adder. Sir, I present to you Rae Ten. My wife.” The Marshal laughed. Though he was in his twilight years, he was in good humor and quick to smile. “You truly are a favorite of the Elementals to wed someone so fair. What brings you to The Lochs may I ask? You’re no longer with The Twin Adder, so we can do away with formalities.” Said the Marshal.

“We are in search of someone. A pair. Elezen. Ishgardian. High born. They would be finely dressed and likely be piloting an airship. Have you heard of anyone matching this description in this area?” Marishi said. The Marshal’s smile reversed its direction. “It is possible that there have been reports of persons of similar stature. What do you want of them assuming you find them? No – never mind. I see on your face why you seek them. I cannot condone murder Marishi and if I know you as I think I do, you want to deliver unto them something they won’t much enjoy I wager.” Brookstone grimly said. “Serpent Marshal, I apologize for my brazenness. My emotions – “Marishi was cut off before she could continue. “Never once while under my command have I heard you apologize. For anything. Time hasn’t changed your body, but it has tempered your spirit. Yes, these men were spotted heading toward the city some time ago. We assume them to be stuck in the Ala Mhigan quarter as the Garlean’s won’t allow anyone not of pure blood to proceed further into the city. I don’t know if your presence is good or ill, but it cannot be chance meeting you again here. I know you’re likely tired and in seek of a meal and bed, but if I may ask you – both of you – to attend me to the war council that has been called. We stand on the eve of liberating the city or marching to our deaths. Would you do this for me?” Asked Serpent Marshal Brookstone.

To attend a council whose attendance would be the three state leaders humbled Marishi. It was an honor to be asked. “Sir, we will attend you as your cadre.” Marishi said proudly. “Come along then! I can already feel Merylwyb’s eye’s boring into my back.” The Marshal lead Marishi and Rae to a command tent of finely spun silk dyed red and trimmed with gold. At the four corners, tall brass pikes bound it to the earth. Inside was a large square table made of oak and upon a map of Eorzea with small figurines or various nations tokens scattered around like chess pieces. Around the table stood the Alliance leaders in full stature. Kan-E-Senna was present for the Forest City of Gridania. Marlwyb Bloefhiswyn attending on behalf of the coastal city of Limsa Lominsa. Raubahn Aldynn, an Ala Mhigo native stood as envoy to Ul’Dah. And finally, Ser Aymeric de Borel answered for the holy knights of Ishgard. Among them their various generals and commanders strategizing their attack on the city.

It was mostly a blur for Marishi as she tried to take it all in and understand the full scope of the battle. The Alliance had dug into the Port while the Garleans hid behind the city walls marking The Lochs as a No Man’s Land. Scouts were dispatched on both Chocobo and Falcon delivering and sending messages to the various squads in the field. The Alliance was to attack the city at Sundown the next day hiding under the cover of darkness as mask their movements and avoid the siege cannons that lined The White Aisle. They were to attack from the ground as well as the air. The Resistance providing Griffins and Falcons while Ishgard would provide air support on the backs of their enemy turned allies, dragons. Marishi knew this event, this moment, was history in the making and that this would take the heroes of the city-states and turn them to legends. Even if they fell. Marishi felt a great awe of being able to witness the events, even if she didn’t participate. Her hand found Rae’s and interlocked her fingers with her wife’s. She could see the awe in her eyes as they began to sparkle like emeralds with tears.

Soon, the council was adjourned and the Serpent Marshal turned to them. “Thank you for escorting me, Marishi and Rae Ten. You spoke of two highborn previously. They are confirmed to be in the Ala Mhigan ward, waiting to be received by the new Viceroy. From your faces, it appears that if they were to be admitted, we would all suffer dire consequences.” The Marshal sighed and ran his fingers through his white hair, obviously at contention with himself. He was quiet a moment until he said in a commanding tone “Marishi Ten, step forward.” Marishi did as she was told, puzzled by what the Marshal intended to do. “You have served the Twin Adder in times of war and are noted for participating at the Battle of Carteneau. Though you were discharged from your position upon your return to Gridania. Lieutenant Ten, Gridania has need of you and you are hereby restored to your position in The Twin Adder.” The Marshal saw the shock on both Marishi and Rae’s face. “Furthermore, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain in the Order of The Twin Adder. Your duty is to steal into the city at the commencement of the battle and stop the two-high born from Ishgard at all costs. You will be given what you need to accomplish your mission. Your companion, Rae Ten has been given honorary status as a combatant in service to The Order for the remainder of your mission. Do you object?” His voice was commanding, yet warm. The Marshal had no worry of these high born, but it was clear that to Marishi, they were everything. He remembered her standing before him so many years ago receiving orders that should have been her death. But she survived the ravaging of Bahamut, only to have her rank and title taken away for attempting to aid those who could not aid themselves. To the Marshal, this was a way to make things right as he said nothing in her tribunal. He didn’t accuse her, but he didn’t defend her. An action he bore the shame of. Perhaps this would make up for his inaction. “Sir, I have no objection. I accept the post you have assigned me with pride. I will complete the duty entrusted to me or die in the attempt. This I swear.” Marishi said reverently. Marishi didn’t know what Rae was thinking. She looked stunned as to what she was witnessing. Before she could ask Rae if she was alright, the Marshal spoke. “Captain Ten, in accordance with your rank, you are bestowed a personal tent on Loch Seld. You are released from current duty and formation until sundown tomorrow. At that time, you will both report personally to me. Understood?” “Understood sir,” Marishi said. “Good. Now, take what rest, comfort, food, and affection you can and prepare for the coming storm. You are dismissed.” Commanded the Serpent Marshal.

Marishi turned to Rae, with tears in her eyes. Not tears of bitterness or anger, but of honor and joy. “I love you, Rae. I don’t say that nearly enough. But I do. I love you more than anything I’ve ever found in this world. I will defend you unto my death, but perhaps, I need to walk to my doom. Perhaps with my love for you and you at my side, it will be enough to see this through. I dare hope for a shining and bright future for us. Come, let us find our comfort.” Marishi took Rae by her hand and together they began their descent to Loch Seld, where their tent waited for them.

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Things went so swiftly. Rae was quiet as her wife was promoted back to her station, but her heart was elated. Her surprise quickly changed to joy as she looked to Marishi, meeting her gaze when she looked back at her. Unfortunately, they weren't afforded a moment to speak before they were ushered into the tent with all the great leaders. She felt out of place. Never was she in a position where she was important enough to be in the presence of the City-State leaders. Rae kept to herself, trying not to be noticed. Raubahn was her leader, or rather, he would have been had she stayed in Thanalan longer than a year and a half. It was shortly after that that her family moved to the Black Shroud to avoid being captured and killed by the Nuhn that her parents defected from. Her eyes caught the attention of Kan-E-Senna and they held each other's stare a moment before Kan-E-Senna smiled pleasantly to her. She, in turn, smiled back. It was strange to be greeted as such. She was so used to people being hard of heart and wary of strangers. Perhaps those who needn't fear strangers were kind to them?

Before long, they were out of the tent, the battle plans for tomorrow decided. Rae could feel her feet wishing to be given a rest. When they were pointed to the direction of their personal tent, Rae let out an audible sigh of relief. A tent of their own. She'd be able to rest, finally. The next thought that wracked her brain was of the impending dooms day tomorrow. That ferocious creature that flew above Ala Mhigo was their target. How they would beat it, Rae did not know. They would manage, though. She felt that to be true. And the Ishgardians... The villains they were after stacked up in her mind and she had to shake her head, freeing her thoughts of the sense of insurmountable doom. Things will work out for the best. She had to believe that.

Once they reached the tent, Rae walked in behind Marishi. It wasn't a lavish tent, but it certainly was higher-standard. There was room for them to place their belongings and two Chocobos and still have room to dine at a table that seated six and set up a small kitchen. To their left was a bed. It was clear they knew they would be there a while if a sturdy bed was set up. Or perhaps this was a merchant's tent that had been here for a while? The bed appeared to be undisturbed, but the linen on top was fresh. Perhaps they had some one prepare it for them, or the owner of it had previously lost their life in a recent battle. Whatever the case, it was theirs for that night. Rae went to remove her cloak, but Marishi had beat her to it, removing the brooch that held the ends together and taking it to the chair to lay it across the back. She then felt Marishi's hands slide around her hips and pull back, pressing her flush against her body. Rae leaned her head against Marishi's as she rested her chin on Rae's shoulder. "Marishi..." she murmured. Part of her worried Marishi would flash back to that night, but all worries washed away as she felt her soft lips trail up her neck. Rae's eyes fluttered and her lips parted, a soft gasp escaping them. 

Rae turned around in Marishi's arms and slid her arms around her shoulders, pressing her lips against hers. She breathed in deeply through her nose, willing herself to forget. To get lost in the moment. To forget what was outside their door. She forgot the pain beyond with a stroke of her lover's hand down her chest. She forgot the war that still raged with the pull of her shirt over her head. She forgot the hatred she felt as kisses trailed down her stomach and her hands rested on Marishi's head. She forgot the suffering as she was laid down upon the bed and watched as her wife disrobed.

Soon, nothing existed but the two of them. Marishi's lips were upon hers once more and their hands gliding across one another's skin. She recalled this heat before. She remembered the feel of her wife's soft, smooth skin. The flood of memories came with the sounds and feeling. She tasted her lips like this before. Rae felt her weight against hers before. Her hands wandered across Marishi's. She knew her weaknesses, and she reached for them, revelling in the sounds Marishi made as she did so. Everything was a haze, an assault upon her senses. There were sounds she missed so, the smell of her wife as she sweat, the feel of her teeth across her flesh and her fingers pressing against her. There was a brief moment they had paused. Both breathing heavily and gazing into one another's eyes. Marishi's hair was a mess, as was hers, but she couldn't see it. Rae reached up and cupped her wife's cheeks and smiled, still panting deeply. "I love you, Marishi. I love you with all my heart, and that will never change, no matter what. You truly are the one for me and I will be at your side until the end of time itself. You bring joy to my life that no one else has brought. You bring peace to my heart. And I hope our future will be as bright as you are, my Star, my Moonlight, my Marishi." As she spoke, tears formed in her eyes. She spoke from her heart and her emotions overflowed, presenting in the form of tears of joy. Before more could be said, Rae pulled Marishi down to her, locking her lips with hers once more and losing themselves both to their love. And they loved as if it would be their last chance.


The next day, Rae stirred first. Her arms were wrapped around Marishi, and Marishi's wrapped around her. She smiled and nuzzled her face into her wife's bare bosom, inhaling her scent once more as she slowly woke herself up. It took a bit to remember they weren't at home, but in a tent in Ala Mhigo. Still, the moment was too perfect for her to let thoughts such as that spoil it. It wasn't until Marishi stirred that Rae moved, reluctantly pulling away from the loving embrace. "Good evening, my love," Rae purred, smiling to Marishi. Rae sat up, propping herself up on an elbow while reaching over to affectionately stroke Marishi's cheek. "it's almost dusk. Come. Last night, you undressed me, this night, I shall dress you." With that, Rae climbed out of bed, walked around to Marishi's side, and fetched the clothes they had placed on the trunk at the foot of the bed.

In the morning, they had put on their small clothes, which made the work a little less for Rae. She started with Marishi's Hakama. As she knelt before her, Rae giggled at the expression Marishi gave her. "Don't you remember? The great warriors of the Far East have their women clothe them the day of a battle. Let me indulge myself a bit longer." She quipped, smiling at her wife as she slid the pants up her legs and fastened the buckle. She then pulled on the under shirt, taking gentle care of Marishi's ears and not to irritate them as she pulled the shirt down. Next was the chain mail. Rae herself had never worn such a thing, but she knew how to put it on. She helped Marishi fit her hands through the sleeve, then moved for the Osode to pull on top of the mail. All the while she was close to Marishi. She moved slowly, carefully, ensuring her gear was fitted properly to her.

Rae pulled on the leggings for Marishi, fastening them to her legs so they wouldn't slip or fall. Then her Kote and at last, her boots. Rae smiled to Marishi, letting her hands slowly slide off her body. Finally, Rae fetched Marishi's weapons, her Katana and Wakizashi and fastened them to her side. Once done, Rae lingered in Marishi's space. "I love you." She whispered.

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Putting clothes on our damn girls.

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A quiet filled the air. All was still as if the world itself was muted, waiting for Marishi to speak. Her face was sad, though she tried to smile. “You’ve done a perfect job. A real Samurai could ask for no better. Rae ... I want you to know something. The time I’ve spent with you is the only peace I’ve ever known. The only happiness I can ever recall I’ve shared with you. You must listen to me when I say this. We hang on the edge of the knife. If at any moment our position seems untenable, you will run the other way. As fast and as far as you can. It does not matter the foe. Get out. Understand?” Marishi said. She knew this was like to be a fool’s errand and that one, or both of them wouldn’t be leaving Ala Mhigo alive. There was little to no hope that they could defend themselves, let alone down Shinryu. Marishi was setting the table to give Rae a way out.

They may not even reach Shinryu. Marishi thought to herself as she watched Rae dress In her Red Mage attire. They were to be part of the vanguard of the first wave of assaults. Literal cannon fodder. The White Aisle was dotted with Garlean and Ala Mhigan cannons pointed right at the Porta. The moment the army moved into range, they would be cut down. They had the night to help mask their advance, but the Garleans would quickly see through the attempt and call in warbirds and dreadnaughts to illuminate the sky.

As Rae had finished, the Marshal announced himself at the front of the tent requesting to enter. Marishi accepted. “My thanks, Captain. It would have been a tad awkward speaking to you through the thick carpet.” Brookstone laughed. He was ever light of heart. Even when waters were receding to form the tsunami that would drown them all. “Let us go over your involvement in the operation.” The Marshal said changing his tone to one of friendliness and jest to one of command. “Captain, you and your companion are to join the vanguard and begin the sortie of skirmishes to confuse and weaken the enemy. You and your companion are to not engage. Though you will be part of the vanguard, when you reach the White Aisle, you are to break formation and head east to the Ala Mhigan quarter. My personal guard will provide support to ensure you arrive at your destination. Once you have reached the quarter, you are to ascertain a way into the city proper avoiding engaging the enemy where possible. You are then to gain access to the Palace of Ala Mhigo and ascend to the Menagerie located on the roof. Our scouts report seeing two Elezen donned in garments from Ishgard there. Your mission is to engage these two individuals and defeat them. Either through death or surrender. You are under no circumstances permitted to engage the Primal if seen. Am I to be understood, Captain Ten? Am I to be understood, Rae Ten?” Marishi had a twinge of remorse knowing that Shinryu was their actual target. The very thing, the Serpent Marshal was forbidding them to encounter. “You are understood Serpent Marshal and I agree to undertake the tasks appointed to me with all fervor and valor befitting an Officer of the Twin Adder. Are we to be joining the main vanguard assembled upon the salt flats, sir?” Marishi asked. “Good Gods no! You’d be dead before you were able to step foot on one of those stone stairs. That vanguard is just for show, Marishi. The real Vanguard is holding position by The Saltery. Please, follow me.” The Marshal said exiting the tent.

Marishi opened the flap for Rae and cast one final look inside. She could still smell the intoxicating sweat and sweet taste of the day before. If Marishi was to die this day, her only prayer would be to take the memory of their time in the tent with her on her journey to the lifestream. Marishi left the tent and looked around. It was like a hive, men running to and fro. Maelstrom, Flames, Adder, Resistance, Knights. All working together as one. In all the history of the world, there was never a time that all 5 great Eorzean armies bound together to band against a common foe. Here, history was being written. Scholars and Bards would tell of this day, about how the Alliance stood against the might of the Imperial army. The doom of their age decided on the salt flats eclipsed by the treasure of Ala Mhigo. Marishi felt proud to partake. For glory, for kin, for victory, for-. Marishi’s thoughts were interrupted as she scanned the area. The hair on her neck and arms rose. She felt like she was being watched and that the gaze was not benevolent. But she could find no man or soldier that was even so much as paying attention to her, busy with their own orders. Marishi slowly turned to The Saltery turning her head to make sure she wasn’t being watched.

They soon arrived at The Saltery. Or, the ruins of the place. It had been decimated and left to crumble by the Garlean Empire. Among the gutted storehouses and homes waiting for the real power of the Eorzean Alliance. Men and women mounted and ready for the charge. The Resistance of Ala Mhigo on their Griffins of snow white. The Holy Order of Ishgard, riding their once ancient enemy, dragons. Ul’Dah and Limsa Lominsa riding exotic birds from the Far East. Gifts from the newly liberated Doma. And finally, the Twin Adders, mounted on large hawks. Their beaks and talons razor sharp and glistening in the night.

There were no stars this night, for a heavy and oppressive inversion had settled its clouds over the battlefield. The sounds of thunder intensifying and growing closer. The flash or white purple as lightning danced between the clouds in perfect alignment and harmony. Marishi caught up to the Marshal and Rae. “It’s about time, Captain. I was about to send a company to find you.” The Marshal smiled. “The true vanguard of the Eorzean Alliance!” Over 400 mounted soldiers of varying region and religion shifting in saddles, eager to be given the command to engage. “These two are my finest birds. They will not fail you. One for you Captain Ten, and one for you Rae Ten. Here is where we part ways, my friends. Not all farewells are evil nor permanent. I bow to you Marishi Ten of Coerthas, and to you Rae Ten of Ul’Dah. May the Gods protect you in your journey and if I should fall, may we be rejoined across the River. Goodbye, my friends!” The Marshal said. His words bringing tears to Marishi and Rae’s eyes. “There walks the noblest of Men I have ever met. I will see you across the River Serpent Marshal. I promise you I will.” Marishi swore.

Marishi and Rae both mounted their Hawks. Well mannered, behind their eyes was intelligence and cognition. Though they may not be able to communicate with them, it was clear they were not just animals. But something more. Marishi took Rae’s hand and kissed it “Good luck, my love. I will be right beside you. I will see your beautiful face in The Ala Mhigan Quarter. I love you.” Marishi said. A low bass heavy horn blew in the distance signaling the shell army to advance and draw out the Garleans. Marishi moved lower into her saddle and wrapped the reins around her hand. She locked her feet into her stirrups, looked to the lightening streaked sky, and waited for the signal.

It didn’t take long for the low bass sounding horn to be heard again, signaling the soldiers on the ground to close ranks and withdraw. The sound of Magitek fighters could be heard faintly along with hoarse yelling from the melee. Then, a higher pitch horn sounded and split the night air. All at once there was a great billowing of dust at The Saltery as 400 mean and beast reached for the sky. The sound of so many wings beating in unison was all that could be heard in the entire valley. The dust reached high into the air like a cyclone, the dust could be seen, but what had created it and what the new sound was, the Garleans couldn’t tell. Lightning streaked openly in the sky as the first of riders broke free of the aerial blast and darted for the unsuspecting Magitek warplanes. Griffins and Dragons tip to tip raining death instead of water. The rest of the vanguard broke free and began their assault, Marishi, and Rae among them. The Hawks rose to greater height than the vanguard to ride the thermals on their way to their destination. They did not go unnoticed. A pair of Magitek Fighters broke off in pursuit of Marishi and Rae. Marishi noticed them moving at full speed towards them. “Fighters!” Marishi yelled to be heard over the rushing of wind. The Hawks did not alter course, nor did they turn. “What are you doing?! They’re going to kill all of us!” Marishi yelled to her Hawk. The Hawk had noticed the fighters before Marishi did and both were already preparing to disable them. Men. The ground is their only concept for warfare. In the skies, battles were fought differently with Hawks being the apex predator. When the fighters came within firing distance, without warning the Hawks banked opposite one another. Marishi banked left and Rae banked right. She lost view of Rae as one of the fighters began pursuit of her. She climbed higher into the sky at full speed staying just out of range of the fighter. Soon, wisps of moisture could be felt. Were going into the clouds. The electrically charged clouds. If I’m going to die up here, I’ll at least leave my mark on that gunship. Marishi brandished her Katana that flared bright white against the dark clouds. A shaft of moonlight coming from her hand. The Hawk screeched in excitement and approval. The smell of sulfur was all around them and she felt her hair rise from static electricity. A burst of several bolts fired from all around. The sound was deafening and the heat from the bolts so intense it singed strands of her hair. She had closed her eyes to the blinding light to shield them. When she opened them, she turned around. The warbird, being completely metal, had been struck a bolt rent from the skies. Damaged, but controllable, the warbird began to descend. The Hawk and Marishi were of one mind. Finish what nature had started. The bird banked to the left, allowed itself to glide a moment, then tucked it’s wings tightly to its side and became its own bolt, ripping through the clouds.

They broke free of the storm to find the warbird below, but close by. The Hawk screeched at Marishi, signaling her for close impact. Marishi had only heard of such feats in fairy tales and books from antiquity. The Hawk was going to fly by the warbird. Close enough for Marishi to use her Katana and cut into its hull. This is impossible! Marishi thought. My arms will be ripped from my sockets, or they’ll shoot us both dead, or I’ll miss! Marishi thought she could hear a voice from the clouds quietly say “Fear not, Daughter of Man, for I am with thee”. Her katana erupted into a brand of pure light as the Hawk overtook the warbird. With both hands, Marishi stood up in the saddle and thrust her Katana at the hull of the ship. The Katana turned steel into butter and ripped through the hull as if it were nothing. Bearing full weight down the Hawk giving the inertia to rent her weapon free of the metal they flew past the fighter as it’s exhaust turned black and the unstable ceruleum erupted into a large explosion.

The Hawk spread its wings to regain control of altitude and Marishi smashed back into the saddle pinned to the bird. It beat its powerful wings to regain altitude and resume course to its destination. The Ala Mhigan Quarter. The other Hawk could not be seen. Marishi could only pray that she would see Rae again when she landed.

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"Oh shite!" Rae cursed while clinging tightly to the falcon as it banked suddenly, nearly rolling her off the saddle. She enjoyed flying, but not like this. She felt at any moment she could slip out and fall to her death far below. The falcon seemed to sense her distress and straightened out, taking smoother motions now as it flew to avoid the Magitek enemies. Rae glanced up at the sound of thunder clapping and spotted Marishi's falcon climbing with an airship chasing behind. Rae wanted to chase after her, but she had trouble of her own following up behind her. Glancing back, she cackled while reaching for her crystal. "Oh no you don't," she called out while channelling magic from her crystal. She let drop a spell of flames and watched as the unsuspecting airship flew right into it, the ceruleum catching fire and forcing the ship to land, but not before an explosion went off. With another spell at the ready, Rae aimed it at another airship gaining on a falcon that hadn't yet noticed its approach. Lightning coursed through the machine before several secluded explosions went off and the ship went down.

Before she could deal more damage, the falcon began its descent to the inner city. Once landed, Rae dismounted. War was all around them. Clashing of steel and the sound of screaming and commands being shouted filled the air along with the pungent scent of blood and sweat. Not far from where she had landed did Marishi's bird perch. Rae took a quick look around before gasping. "Marishi, look!" she shouted to Marishi, pointing to a pair of figures moving up the staircase to make their way to the castle's roof. The two moved unnoticed by the fighting soldiers. Rae wanted nothing more than to jump in and assist the soldiers fighting, but she knew that wasn't their task. That wasn't their task at all.

Before they reached the foot of the stairs, the sound of steel slicing through steel and the death cries of many men caught her attention. Rae paused and her face paled instantly. There, walking like a god among men, was the lone heir to the Garlean throne. Masked in the typical helm of the great military and royal leaders of Garlemald was Zenos Yae Galvus. His walk was like a saunter. Each step slow, deliberate, confident. She had heard tales of him, read of his battle prowess, dreamt of his coming to end all days. For truly what she read was the power of the harbinger of end. Each swing of his arm cut down a line of men. No armour stopped his sword, no sword stopped his arm. His movements gave him command of the field, but also... he looked bored. Disinterested. While many concentrated, his movements appeared as though he found this as a minor inconvenience. He swung at totally armoured men and cut them down like a scythe would the stocks of grain. Just how strong was he? Rae snapped from her horrified trance as she noticed he was making his way to their direction. Turning to Marishi, Rae grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her up the stairs and towards the grand archway that lead into the castle. There was more fighting within, but that didn't matter now. There was a door  that had closed across the way. It was up another set of staircases that were dimly lit. No one bothered with them. "That's where they went." She murmured to herself while running over to the large pair of doors. Before she could do anything, they opened for Marishi and Rae.

She paused a moment, hesitating to move forward. Up on the roof was their destiny. Whether they lived or died, this day they would see the end of their quest. She turned to Marishi, but couldn't muster a smile. She was nervous. With Marishi at her side, however, it would all be fine. "I love you, Marishi." She professed, stepping closer to her and kissing her lips, their noses pressed against one anothers' cheeks. She pulled away, turned to face the doorway, and ran through it while holding Marishi's hand tightly, refusing to let go.

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They stole into the palace. Dimly lit chandeliers dotted the roof and low burning scones on the wall. The floor was marble, polished to a gloss finish to where there was a mirror image of oneself on the floor. It was quiet in the Palace. In contrast of the chaos outside that Marishi and Rae had barely made it out of. Zenos Yae Galvus. The heir to the Garlean throne entering into the melee as a combatant. Marishi was frightened by his very presence. He lived up to his reputation and cut down swaths in his wake. His movements slow but devastating. Marishi silently thanked Rae for grabbing her by her collar and pulling her back to the shadows. Marishi would have engaged Zenos. He would have sliced her down just like all the others. He said nothing but moved through the courtyard killing all who came in reach. Resistance, the Alliance, even his own men. Marishi feared for the Marshal and Alliance below. That wasn’t a man. That was a storm of blood and death bearing down on them.

Marishi shook her head and turned to the task at hand. They were in the palace of Ala Mhigo. She knew nothing of the place other than to get to the Menagerie on the roof. Every step they took seemed to echo loudly in the eerily empty and large antechambers. “The way up must be in the far end of the Palace. Either through the Throne Room or behind it.” Marishi whispered as quietly as she could. “I don’t like this. There’s no one here. Something isn’t right.” Marishi slowly pulled her Katana free and kept it at the low ready while moving forward.

The Palace truly was magnificent. Floors of the highest quality marble. Columns to match with solid jade outcroppings. The smell of sweet incense and rose petals hung heavy in the air. There were small man-made pools fenced off with gilded wrought iron fencing, the water crystal clear. The Garleans saw fit to upgrade the palace it seemed as there was large conduit runs tracing to powered stations where maintenance and repair would be performed on Magitek Reapers. None were occupied. There were artificial lamps from the Garleans on the walls casting an ugly blue light in contrast to the warm light of the scones on the wall. Fine tapestries hung from the ceiling or an archway. Some depicting a great battle that Ala Mhigo had been part of, or the ugly flag denoting the Garlean Imperial Army. Some tapestries and murals were defaced. Either being ripped or the stone broken right out of the wall. These must have been made to honor Rhalgr. The Destroyer. The patron deity of Ala Mhigo. Religion was outlawed in any Garlean occupied territory. Religion leads to prayers and desperation. All that’s needed is a stock of crystals and the summoning of a Primal was imminent. The Garlean Empire would not tolerate Eikons, as they call them, to bleed the land dry. Garleans denouncing religion in general as a hoax with the uncovering of several ancient Allagan schematics and relics that propelled their technology to that of the Allagan’s themselves.

Marishi and Rae passed, hangars, barracks, dining halls, training rooms. Not a soul in any of them. As they were turning the corner to begin their ascent to the outside antechamber of the Throne Room, they saw 4 soldiers run past. Each equipped with a Katana. “Far East reinforcements trained as Samurai. I’ve heard of these traitors. Doman. Turning upon their own kin to embrace the Empire who ordered they spill their own families blood to prove loyalty. I don’t think they’re even human anymore if the rumors of the Empire experimenting with biotech is to be believed.” Marishi whispered to Rae. The 4 ran past not saying a word to one another nor noticing Marishi and Rae skulking in the shadows. “They’ve gone and I don’t think there are any laying in wait. Come. One last dash to the end.” Marishi said as she held out her hand to Rae. She fervently took it as they broke from the shadows and sprinted up the stairs to the antechamber.

The room was small. Designed to be a waiting room for those to be received by the royalty of Ala Mhigo. There were finely stuffed chairs seated and backed with red velvet. There were no windows in this room and the great gilded bronze and copper double doors that opened to the Throne Room was closed. “Shut the door behind us,” Marishi instructed Rae. The doors swung inwards on silent and well-oiled hinges. Rae slowly let the latches catch, confirming they were closed. “Barricade the door,” Marishi spoke. She didn’t need to whisper as the room was small the doors were thick. The chances of being overheard impossible. Marishi and Rae set about pushing every chair, rug, bench, and table against the doors, jutting them and wedging them to reinforce any attempt to enter. “We don’t have the keys to lock it, so this will have to do. Though, if a Reaper were to show up, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.” Marishi said as she turned to the doors that opened to the Throne Room. Marishi kneeled down and set her weapon on the ground. Her hands were visibly shaking from the adrenaline and fear that shook her. She could feel Shinryu above them. Lazily gliding over the top of the city. Her hands were sweating and her breathing shallow. Shhh. Still your heart. Marishi thought to herself as she closed her eyes. Still your mind. Whatever comes next, comes next. Don’t be afraid of death now when we’ve spent a lifetime trying to find it. She placed her hand on her breast to feel her heartbeat. Shhhh. Still your soul. You are not without aide, nor love. You wife is diligently by your side and you by hers. Miracles can happen. You have seen them. You have felt them. You will not fall. You will not falter. You will not fail. If not for yourself, then for the one next to you. Open your eyes. And do what must be done. You are ready. Marishi slowly opened her eyes and took he hand from her now regular beating chest. She gripped her sword with hands that no longer shook. “Rush the place in the event there are those waiting for us. Let speed and the first blow be the deciding factor. One more thing” Marishi said to Rae as she gripped her by her tunic and pulled her close. She kissed Rae long and hard. The pain melding with the pleasure. “I love you.” She said after she kissed her wife.

Hands on the rings to push the door open, Rae on one, Marishi on the other, they both pushed in unison, hard, and flung open the doors. Marishi darted in with Rae right behind her channeling incantations. They sped up a small set of stairs and stopped. They were in the Throne Room of the Ala Mhigan Palace, but there was no one occupying the stone seat in the middle. The tapestries of the Garlean Empire adorned the area, hung from the ceiling. But no one was here. Marishi moved to the right of the chair and Rae the left. Behind the chair and the murals, was a dark hall. They rejoined and began to walk down the hall. Rae’s crystal dimly lighting the way. There was a small flight of stairs and a normal, nondescript door at the top. “It leads outside to the Menagerie,” Marishi said. She didn’t know how she knew, but she knew where that door led. “Outside we will find out quarry. All of them. They are out there.” Marishi hissed. Recalling the men that nearly drove her insane and killed her for the sake of experimentation kindled the fire of vengeance in her. “I will have what has been denied me. Their malice ends here, with their life blood dripping from my blade.” Fueled by hate Marishi walked up the flight of stairs and opened the door to the night sky above.

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"Ah! The party finally arrives!"

Rae and Marishi came to a halting stop at the roof. The first thing they noticed was the smell. Flowers. All around them were beautiful, vibrant flowers. There was not a direction that one could look and not see the beautiful flowers both native and foreign to this land.They blossomed happily under the night sky, their warm colours of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows painted the rooftop a pleasant and cheerful tone. Water. There were pools of water, miniature canals carved into the rooftop. The water did not flow, but rested still, churning only under the gentle caress of the wind that seemed to still in reverence through the sanctuary on the roof. The textile stones that created an illusion of silk across the walkway. The stones were so carefully placed, so immaculately cared for. They did not break flow. No stone was cracked. No plate uneven. There were lights that appeared of both Ala Mhigan style and Garlean-made. The Ala Mhigan lights gave off a warm glow, comforting, welcoming, while the Garlean lights gave an abrasive chill in contrast. They were unsightly in this happy haven.

The most unsightly of all, however, were two, battle-clad warriors. One was tall, pale, and lithe. His hair as bright and cold as his eyes. He was clearly a thaumaturge based off the robes he wore and the staff he kept at his back. The other was tall, muscular, well-outfitted in metal, and darker-skinned. His eyes were a dark, discomforting red like old blood. He stood in front of the robed Elezen, shield drawn and sword at the ready.

The parties stood apart. While the Ishgardians stood in the middle of the roof, centre to all around them, Marishi and Rae had just burst through the Garlean gates, now tightly sealed behind them. The Ishgardians must have allowed them on to this rooftop. "Well, Honfraint. What shall we do with these two?" Asked the lighter-skinned Ishgardian, turning to his iron-clad partner.

"Now, now, Tarresson. You know what must be done. They've come all this way just to see us! We surely must hear them out before they... attempt to murder us." The darker one explained, his eyes never left Marishi and Rae. His tone dripped with patronizing snide. Rae made no movement, no indication his words bothered her. Her face was a stone and her gaze set on the magician. His eyes never drifted from Marishi, however.

"The samurai is mine," He murmured to his friend, trying to keep his tone hushed to avoid them hearing it, but thanks to their cat-like ears, Rae and Marishi could hear it easily. 

Rae smirked and shrugged. "Oh, please. If you think you could last three seconds with Marishi in your space, you're only fooling yourself," Rae scoffed. Both Ishgardians turned to her and she chuckled, but could feel their stares piercing her soul. Whether she could hide her unease, she wasn't certain. Her body felt numb at that moment and she was certain her expression slipped. "I will be killing you, dear... Tarson. Make no mistake. We will see who the better wielder of black magic is this day!"

The thaumaturge rolled his eyes and shifted his weight to one leg, propping his hand up on his waist. "By all means. I've heard Red Mages have a mastery of black and white magic. I've also heard that makes them incredibly incompetent at both since they never fully learn one nor the other. Perhaps you'd like to show me how that works?"

The gladiator laughed. "Tarresson! Such a fighting attitude! Look, these two clearly came ill-armed for such a battle. Defeating them would be a child's chore with their broken gear and ill-fitted garbs."

Rae's ear twitched. "Insulting our clothes? I thought we were confronting adults, not pre-pubescent children!" She was more insulted that their taunts stooped to that level, than what was said.

Honfraint turned to Rae, a wide smile on his face that caused her to flinch. "My! You're right! How childish of me! Perhaps we should strike where the iron is more hot? I like what you've done with your body. Torture scars truly strike fear into the opponent. Of course, most people wouldn't get captured and whisked away to get such scars. I suppose it simply tells tale of how inept you are. You've passed your hand too many times, Kooooooooo-Rae! Ahaha! First a failed archer, then a miserable Summoner, then you tried your Astrology, but that failed you, so what do you do? Become mediocre at it all! And for what? To protect the people you love? You couldn't  even save your father! Your only option to protect your mother was to leave because you were too incapable of anything but running away! Now you can't even protect the only one left in your life that will tolerate your presence! You couldn't save her in Coerthas and you haven't saved her in Ala Mhigo! In fact, you're the one who constantly needs being saved. Where were you when Marishi was having everything short of her own life stripped from her? Hm? Chasing boys through Rhalgr's Reach. Maybe if you spent more time paying attention to your wife and her needs, she might still be able to see the sun!"

Rae's body language had closed off. Her expression was unreadable and her gaze was empty. The two Ishgardians laughed to themselves until a light formed from Rae's hip. She suddenly raised her crystal and withdrew her rapier from its loop at her side and sent a raging fireball hurdling towards the two. Honfraint moved quickly, using his shield to deflect the ball of flames, but Rae took that moment to send an aether-summoned rope flying towards the thaumaturge, who reacted quickly by pulling out his staff to catch the rope. Rae tugged on it, hoping to disarm, him, but Tarresson held fast. Instead, Rae rushed him, moving faster than they could see, but a spell of fire from the staff stopped Rae. It blasted her, stopping her progression and sending her rolling to the ground. Thankfully, her clothes were fire-proof, so she wasn't burned nor singed.

She rolled to her feet and held the crystal and rapier in front of her while channelling a spell through her crystal. As she did, Honfraint charged at Marishi, that same wide grin on his face.

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Before she stepped outside, Marishi had sheathed her weapon and adjusted it horizontal to her torso. This made the katana faster to draw and that much more lethal.

Marishi listened as they mocked her. As they mocked Rae. As they made jest of her assault. They were well informed it seemed and they were keeping tabs on Marishi and Rae as much as they were keeping tabs on the Ishgardians. Marishi stood next to Rae, unmoving and unflinching. Their words meant nothing to Marishi, but she watched Rae as the color drained from her face and lips. She would attack the mouthy one. The mage. Tarresson. She didn’t stand a chance against him if the other one, the one with the great sword, Honfraint, rushed to defend him. Marishi had to break Honfraint away from Tarresson. To level the playing field. Marishi knew they were dangerous. Members of the Heavensward before the disbandment of the order. They had seen their share of battles and bloodshed.  Marishi felt Rae stiffen then draw a hissing breath. Marishi made her move.

She covered the 20 paces between them quickly, barely touching the ground filled within bloom wildflowers. Left hand on her sheath, right hand on the weapon's grip, she came into striking range and brandished the katana slashing at Honfraint. At the same time, Marishi could hear Rae engage Tarresson, their magics charging the air as leeching the lands aether. Honfraint jumped back. He wasn’t expecting such a fast attack, but his reflexes were honed enough to dodge the attack. He pulled the greatsword from his back and leveled it at Marishi. The weapon was large, double-edged and honed to a razor-sharp blade. Much larger and heavier than Marishi’s katana where in contrast, looked small and delicate. Marishi went back on the offensive dropping her sheath to the ground and gripping her sword with both hands. Honfraint met her halfway stopping Marishi’s attack and turning it defensive. He slashed down on her from overhead. She turned her blade to the flat to absorb the impact of the blow and parry it away. The weight on the great sword itself was enough to push her back.

Honfraint let his sword cross down Marishi’s katana and push her slightly back. He suddenly pulled his sword back, spun and lunged with it attempting to impale Marishi. She couldn’t deflect the blow so she attempted to dart away from it. His blade didn’t find it’s target though he caught a glancing slash at Marishi’s upper thigh. She howled in surprise and pain. The bite wasn’t deep, but blood flowed freely. The attack left Honfraint open. Taking advantage of the lowered defense, Marishi slashed from overhead down at the Knight. What damage he had done to her leg, she was able to repay with a gash across his face. He leapt backward to wipe the blood from his eyes. Marishi glanced over towards Rae’s direction to see she was pinned being overwhelmed by the mage. Marishi broke engagement with Honfraint and ran cut Tarresson down before his flare incinerated Rae.

All the air suddenly felt like it was drawn out of their lungs and the rushing of wind the sound of cyclones. The sky was gone, replaced by the sound and two glowing green eyes. Shinryu. Perhaps sensing combat below or the smell of fresh blood, it focused its attention on the four combatants below. Tarresson lost concentration and his spell fizzled out as he looked up in terror at the dragon. Rae’s emerald green eyes widened in shock and horror with her mouth slightly open. Honfraint was sweating and his sword arm visibly shaking. Marishi had stopped mid-run, pointed her sword down and looked up in shock. Pure malice lit the eyes of the dragon. It banked to the right, then swept to the left turning around. It beat its massive wings to slow its movement sending earth and debris in the air. As it landed on the ground, the whole Palace shook as if an earthquake had shaken it. As it landed, it screeched in challenge at the four. The sound was horrid and cause both Ishgardians to flatten to the ground and for Marishi to drop her weapon and cover her ears, tears forming in her eyes. She was looking at Rae who looked like she was in a total state of shock. Look at me, Rae. Focus on me. Marishi’s thoughts trying to reach her wife. Rae had caught Marishi and she held her stare with hers. Focus on me. Don’t look at it. Look at me. Keep looking at me. Marishi was thinking. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay, Rae.

The screech ended and Marishi dropped to her knees, the roar being enough to almost completely disable her. Rae in not much better shape, reaching for her rapier with shaking hands. The Ishgardians were collecting their wits and beginning to stand. Marishi picked up her katana and stood on wobbly legs and feet. Shinryu silently stared at them. Waiting for one foolish enough to engage it. All was quiet or all were deaf. They all glanced at each other one at a time and as if an unspoken treaty was forged, Tarresson moved to join Honfraint on the left and Marishi joined Rae on the right. All faced their common enemy. Shinryu. The dragon would slay them all regardless of feud or affiliation. All found took up the fighting stances of their training, all facing Shinryu.

As they were silently gauging and planning out their futile attacks that would end in their deaths, a faint hum could be heard. Resonating and vibrating in Rae’s hand. The humming grew louder. The Dreadwyrm blade issuing challenge back at Shinryu. As dark purple aura began to emanate from the rapier. Bahamut had come to aid its wielder. Like an electric shock, the humming jumped from Rae’s sword to Marishi’s, her katana joining in the frequency. The katana went dark and began to faintly glow white, it’s brightness intensifying every moment until it became a brand of pure light. Alexander had also joined the fray to assist his harbinger. Strength and vigor surged through both Marishi and Rae as their Gods enveloped them in their blessings granting them succor and aid. Shinryu felt the threat of the Dreadwyrm and the Lord of Time. It felt the threat directed at it. With both Primals lending full strength to their chosen, they could overpower Shinryu. The dragon moved to stop the well from filling.

Honfraint and Tarresson watched as the dark and light wrapped around their enemies, giving them strength and life. They saw Shinryu’s eyes squint in disapproval and it begin to its move to crush the life from them before they could bear the full weight of their god down upon it. Tarresson moved first, channeling a firestorm directed towards Shinryu’s unprotected flank and wings. It stopped and reared back in pain while Honfraint dug his greatsword into the side of Shinryu, burying it the hilt. It had disregarded the Elezen as a threat and moved to stop the two gods from awakening. Honfraint placed his boot on Shinryu’s side and pulled with all his might to yank his sword free while at the same time Shinryu shook its body sending Honfraint and his sword flying away from it, landing harshly on the ground next to Tarresson. The Elezen we, not strangers to warfare with dragons and knew their weak points and strengths. This dragon was familiar, yet different than anything they had ever seen, but it was still a dragon. No match for the full brunt of Shinryu’s anger, the two prepared their last stand and Shinryu turned towards them, forgetting about Rae and Marishi.

The Eorzean alliance had routed all the Garlean warbirds in the skies and in the distance explosions from their Dreadnaught ships could be seen. Control of the sky belonged to The Alliance. The Marshal landed his falcon and jumped off it’s back. He began yelling and rallying his troops to make safe the city, while in the back of his mind he knew that two threats were unaccounted for. The Legatus and the Dragon. Brookston could only pray that neither would show up.

The Alliance and Resistance had secured the districts around the Palace and some younger soldiers were celebrating the day won. The Marshal wiped the sweat off of his brow and smiled. Almost believing it to be true. That’s when he felt the earth quiver and the most hideous of sounds he had ever heard bellow like a trumpet. He didn’t need to look up to the domes of the Palace to know what caused such a disturbance. Shinryu had decided to join the fray. Where Zenos Yae Galvus was, the Marshal didn’t know, but he knew the greatest threat to them all landed on the Menagerie. The place he ordered Marishi and Rae to. Brookstone began to despair. He sent them on a suicide mission. There was no way they would be able to overcome such a monstrosity. A lump in his chest caught in his throat and all he could do was wordlessly stare up at the domes.

When it looked to the Marshal that the dragon was bearing down on something, or someone, an event occurred that he did not understand. He could not understand. The storm clouds had parted at two small points. On the right was a jet of black and purple, like a lance driven from the heavens to the ground above. Immediately after, a shaft of purifying and blinding white light followed suit. The two jets boring into the Menagerie. The Marshal, for the first time since the Calamity, prayed to the Twelve for a miracle. He prayed that his friends would survive. He prayed for Marishi and for Rae.

Too late did Shinryu see the dark and light shafts from Bahamut and Alexander grant unto these two pitiful mortals their blessings. Tarresson and Honfraint had backed into a corner waiting for Shinryu to finish them. They saw the blinding lights and guess at its portent. They withdrew into a nearby door and hallway and watched as the scene unfolded.

“Thy foe that lays in front is beyond thee to vanquish children of Man. It is a being of malice and hate. Bereft of thought and morality.”


“I sense in thy foe a kinship. Though, thy kin is far gone beyond thy plane of Aether. Thou musn’t suffer such a beast to walk the realm of mortals.”


“I grant unto thee thy strength and thy power. With thy Lord Bahamut’s aide, ye hath been given the means to strike down thy foe. Thy judgment is thus and thy judgment shall be rendered. So shall it be.”


“I bequeath unto thee mine vigor and potency. Thy Brother Nidhogg I sense, though he hath long since returned to thy halls of thy sire. This mockery must not be suffered to exist. Use thy strength, coupled with Lord Alexander’s strength to silence the atrocity from this Star.”


“To thee I give blessing.”


Marishi and Rae were lifted from the ground, bathed in their godly light. A pulse shot down from the heavens from both shafts surged upon Marishi and Rae. The shafts dispersed and both lightly touched the ground. Their pacts fulfilled, Marishi and Rae turned to face Shinryu.

Though Shinryu was a mindless beast of rage and hate, it also felt fear. It felt it for the first time. Gods traveled from the Heavens to challenge it. Gods that it could see. Shinryu no longer saw Marishi and Rae as mortal and frail Miquot’e. It saw Rae as terrible dragon wings extended moving to bear down on it. It saw Marishi as a mechanical citadel, gleaming and glistening in radiance, angelic wings on it’s back moving to administer judgment. Shinryu sucked in a breath and breathed its toxins and venoms on the two.

Neither Marishi or Rae could recall the events in full that night. They knew they faced Shinryu. They knew that, somehow, they had managed to fatally wound the creature. What they didn’t know was though their bodies never altered appearance, The Lord of Judgement and The Lord of Dragons inhabited mortal shells and through them wreaked terrible destruction upon Shinryu. Its breath could not pierce their barriers, its talons scrape their being, it’s maw not crush the life from them. Gods incarnate walked the land of Eorzea briefly that night. Judgment was rendered and their foe defeated.

Alexander and Bahamut stopped in front of the dying beast it’s breath shallow and labored. The beams that lit the sky moments earlier reformed.

“Thy task is done and mine judgment complete. I leave thee now mortal for there not be enough Aether to sustain thyself without destroying thee. Marishi Ten, Wife of Rae Ten, daughter of Man, Harbinger of mine will, I will be with thee until thy own end.”


“Thy foe and mine brother are no more. Undone by thy aid, Rae Ten, Wife to Marishi Ten, daughter of Man. I hath chosen thee as mine champion. Go forth and know that I shall be with thee.”


The purple and white lights intensified and the surge reversed its flow, firing back into the heavens before dispersing in a shower of Aether that fell like falling snow upon The Lochs.

Marishi and Rae were their own again. Both drained, Marishi breathing heavily on one knee and Rae bent over double trying to catch her breath. Marishi looked at Rae and smiled. “We may yet make it out of this ali- “her words cut short by the blow of a sword hit the gashed open her scalp pouring her blood on to the lawn. Another blow followed shortly after intended for Rae as she fell to the ground, face first. The last thing Marishi heard before darkness took her was “we take them with us. She’s the key. Restrain the other and put them aboard the airship. We make for Azys Lla immediately and without delay. The Resistance will be here any moment.”




The conclusion of this story can be found here:The Embrace of Nymeia [Final Fantasy] [Act III - Final]

Edited by Marishi Ten

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