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[hh4h;r] hellhounds for hire; redux

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Tea Key Oasis


He awoke to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and the general roar of wind rushing over the sea. The warmth of the sun was at his back, but the sand he lay in felt cool, almost refreshing. The sounds of civilization filled his ears, the quite hum of vehicles droning on, feet moving across wooden flooring...maybe a dock? The sound of gulls swooping overhead prompted Char to lift himself off of his sandy bed. Brushing his clothes off, while simultaneously wiping his hands free of any sand, Char peered about at what appeared to be a tropical island paradise. Gingerly rubbing the sand off his face, he wondered just where in the hell he was. 

The memory of the rift was still fresh in his mind. He’d been in the lab—no, Dojan’s office. Now he stood before a bustling resort? There was none of the vaulted architecture he’d grown to associate with Alterion. The buildings were fairly squat by comparison, but far from dilapidated and wide enough to house several businesses. Char turned to look out over the sea, in some vain hope of gaining his bearings and stared in dumbfounded awe at the horizon. The ocean that churned before him was not composed of water, but energy...that same coalescing radiance he’d seen in the rift. 

The vast sea of power thrummed in tune with the beat of his heart, only serving to further unnerve the erstwhile youth. Suddenly, he became aware of his hair marring his vision and moved to sweep the blonde locks clear...wait...blonde? For as long as he could remember, Char'd had black hair...pitch black. His journey must have changed him? There was still so much he was trying and failing to understand. 

His gaze moved to the buildings just beyond the shore and Char resolved to at least figure out where in the shit he was before he absolutely lost his fucking mind. A small sign clung to the dock, simplistic if not adequately carved. It bore three words of varying capitalization: " TeY KeY OaSiS "


Shrugging his shoulders, Char felt his pockets searching for the weight of a coin purse and finding little more than some wadded up and rumpled Alterion bills. "Better than nothing, I suppose." With a sigh, Char made his way towards the dock and civilization beyond. 

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The TKO was much more than just a pub. The center of the bar was double-tiered and had a perfect mesh of old-world and new-tech as they were a middle-ground of sorts. The bar served as a staple for the port work as it was in the middle of a massive walking path between other shops and the port itself, which entangled almost every bit of seaside space available. Only the rich still had beach access and few had resort spots along the western side that was more enclosed and secluded. Around the bar were stout tables which were often filled with sailors, travelers, and tourists eating and drinking from the full-serve kitchens which served primarily seafood—obviously. Other meats were often considered delicacies and thus were over-the-top expensive and rare at that. Surrounding this walk-through with a bar in the middle was an inn and lodging for groups which would include barracks, which included bathrooms and bedrooms, keeping it short and sweet for people who wanted to be in and out.

A seaside, one-stop-shop for anyone passing through the area

—TKO Informational Board—


A board right inside either side of the walkthrough offer a vibrant LED menu and other options.


The Oasis—Healthy and the Best … Alcohol





Sushi, Cod, Halibut

Squid, Marlin

Mahi Mahi, Shrimp

Crab, Lobster, Clams


(special orders accepted)


Salads and Fruits of all nature




You name it; we have it.

We serve sailors, afterall.


Oasis Tea—generational specialty


Teas: Black, Green, All-fruit types

Coffee, Water, Club soda

Job Posting


Full-time bartender/

bar manager



Vessel Slip


1 bedroom, 1 bath


2 bedroom, 1 bath


3 bedroom, 1 bath


10 & 20 person rooms,

two 3 bath sections


More than the layout of the bar, the informational board caught Char's attention. Not only were the delicatessens items he was familiar with...but they were absent prices. Raising a brow at a dark haired man behind the bar, Char directed an extended finger at the menu. 

"How much?" He asked in Izrali. 

The man behind the bar paused long enough to perk an eyebrow at Char's accent and shook his head. Long dark hair billowed down the man's shoulders and a pair of spectacles rested upon the bride of his nose.

"Those who find themselves at TKO have already paid a price. The refreshments are gratis, lodging--as well, pending our occupancy. Are you hungry?" The man asked, his tone one of mild interest. 

Char thought about it for a moment. Astonishingly, he wasn't. Not in the slightest. "Not at all," he answered, failing to hide his shock. "I'm not particularly tired either." 

The slender man nodded his head and returned to tending his bar. "Not surprising. You've the look of a Gatekeeper. Most humes we get, that have passed on, reek of death. You're clearly very much alive." 

"And I don't need to eat?" He said, confused. 

"You're in the Celestial Realm, but you are not truly a Celestial being. For the time being, the ambient Celestial energy is nourishing you. Once you start to utilize it and expend it, then you'll find hunger and fatigue." 

"Oh..." Char said, "Thanks. For explaining that, I mean." 

The man nodded. "I'm Luxian Fairfax, btw. Co-owner of the TKO. I'm also something of an arbiter for those who transcend the veil...you're very fortunate you ended up here and not Vast Gigante, or Exodyus. The denizens there are less welcoming of Outsiders...” A finely trim brow raised in surprise. “Especially one bearing the Brand.” 

Outsider. The term got thrown around a lot in Valucre to refer to interlopers from foreign worlds and in some cases was synonymous with Unnatural. It seemed an odd thing for the Outsiders to think Char an Outsider and what in Riva’s name was the Brand. Before he could speak, Luxian spoke up again. 

"Part of my charge is to ensure that denizens of your ilk are provided for, upon your arrival. There should be a room available in the back, last door on the left." A key appeared on the bar before Char. "You'll find something more suitable to wear and just some overall helpful items, in general."  

Char took the key, feeling numb. Luxian to his credit handled it all with an overly practiced grace. How many times had he given that speech, Char wondered, as he shuffled towards the back after murmuring a quiet 'thank you' under his breath. True, he may not have been tired, or hungry, but that didnt make his situation any less confusing. 

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Since moving his entire kingdom to within the Celestial realm, it's King "Proteus Rauz" had not ventured beyond it's limits. Like a gardener, he tended to the lands given. Metaphorically, readying soil, setting the seeds and providing the nutrients which would give way to the beautifully blossomed city out in the Neutrals of this vast place. He'd put in the long hours and the hard work of establishing a network of communication and transporting ley-lines between Taurus Prime and its "Embassies" and "Interest" out in the outside world, particularly in Izral and it's surrounding lands, with ventures as far out as Terranus. His procurement of The Mines of Sern, the establishment of a work force there and security in escort of the precious materials produced and exported there pushed his reputation and diplomatic status into the stratosphere, however, a being such as himself could never walk their lands again. Not as he was. His Avatars-----Constructed M-BODIES of various configurations and uses, containing dismal fractions of his prominence, but still extensions of his will---instead were often set out for tasks much like the one this "Dominus Avatar" was on now. 

In light of his success in transitioning his kingdom, and establishing the other just at the end of the planar junction, Proteus sought to expand. To lay claim to more of this infinite place, this Celestial haven, ripe for the taking for anyone with not just the ambition but the power to supplement it, and thankfully he was highly abundant, arguably infinite in both. Even an Avatar had a gargantuan presence and "Pressure" accompanied with it's arrival, announcing it's being here without having to utter a word. It was a presence that gave birth to many an onlooker, passer by's, citizens and the like casting their looks upon the Titan who promenaded through the city streets, at a daunting 12' in height, and enough weight to tremor the ground with his every step. The majority of his physique was hidden beneath an even more impressive cloak of grossly exaggerated length that was fastened down by hard-points on the armored collar of the Hardened-carapace he wore, head to toe. The mass was so extensive, and far spreading, that's it seemed to almost be alive, in the way in moved and responded to the wind. 

They were fair in their decision to part and move out of his path, one that led to the front doors of TKO, where kind patrons, possibly employee's saw it best to open the door FOR him rather then he do it, and after craning down and stepping over the divide he'd rise back to his full height and survey the interior, as any first timer would. Onlookers would be denied the details of his facial expressions, while the hood over his head remained and shadowed them. Even as he'd approach the bar and the tender behind it---the light never quite made it's way into that hood and onto his face. The dark haired man was addressed, a voice that seemed to speak with several others at once, "I've come seeking some information, I was told this would be a good place to possible gain answers. "

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