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Arachnophobia--Quest Complete

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Spotting the opportunity, Haru quickly draws a straight line of ink in the air. Tachi glows white as the line turns into a gleaming sword, which flies up to the spider's neck. With one smooth strike, the sword slices through the spider's carapace, revealing the soft flesh within.

The giant spider lets out another screech as it body gets wounded, black blood flowing from where it had been sliced. 

With the spider hurt and blinded, Haru has enough time to remove the wreckage off her with Tachi's help. The moment she's free, she runs up to the spider's head and starts ramming the edge of her shield into the open wound she created earlier on. More and more black blood splattered out of the wound each time she slammed her shield into the spider's exposed flesh.

Haru attacked relentlessly, the giant spider screeching at every strike as its head started to peel off its main body. After a long string of brutal strikes, the spider's head finally came off, bouncing off the rafters as it plummeted into the depths below.

The headless spider body relaxed and stopped moving entirely. Black blood soaked nearby wooden beams, as well as Haru's face and her otherwise red & white yukata. Haru has stopped to catch her breath after her flurry of attacks. Tachi looks at the mess around him, including the stains on his own fur.

Tachi speaks up first. "I think it's time to go and tell that lady the problem's gone."

Haru nods as she resumes walking. "Yep, I'll- aaaAAARGH!"

She's slipped on a puddle of blood, causing her to start falling down the vast rafters. On the way down, she bounces off several wooden beams, and after a seemingly long time finally lands face-down on the floor in the Tavern of Legend, next to the severed head of the giant spider.

In front of her, was Leveah.

"Hello," Haru waves weakly, then points to the spider head. "Your problem's gone."

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Levhea comes rushing over after hearing the crash.

"My heavens, look at you. I'm going to have Ghallen come check you over straight away!" Before any protest can be lodged, she is off in a flash, rushing into the kitchens to bring back the apron-clad chef moonlighter whose real work is serving the Mother, Gaia. He looks over the young lady and says, "Well now, she's just got some bumps and bruises, nothing too severe."

He waves his hand over the girl and with a quick few flourishing movements, her pain is gone.

"There, good as new."

He then takes the severed head of the spider queen and carefully wedges a vial beneath one of its fangs. With a few movements, he squirts some venom into the vessel and then puts a stopper over the top. He puts the venom into his pocket, and then pulls out another smaller tube with a similar looking, but more saturated, saturated substance. 

"As promised, concentrated spider venom. Save it for when you really need it. On the right foe, it could mean the difference between life and death. Thanks, lass."

He hands it over and then announces he must get back to his souffle before it burns. 

The big man dashes out the room, rather nimbly for a portly older gentleman. 

/Quest complete. 

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