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Our Duty is Eternal

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Vil's thoughts drew a blank for a moment, and he almost choked on his drink after hearing Esteban's plan. A hefty sigh escaped, one of disappointment, followed by a deep breath to regain his composure. Extortion, it seemed, was the goal. Kidnapping, and extortion to be exact. Dumille rubbed the bridge of his nose between his pointer and thumb, trying not to grind his teeth. Fortunately, Marcus appeared to head a plan to kidnap the child. Villaino wouldn't object in anyway, instead deciding to focus on a way to speed up the process of causing Bloodnight to fold, and perhaps create more leverage.

"Very well. I'll let you handle the kidnapping." Dumille insisted, responding to an almost eager Marcus. "I'll begin forming a counter intelligence." Dumille explained. He paused for a moment, looking towards Esteban who was taken in by his ancestory. "I'm going to need you to lay all of your cards on the table. A list of asset's, favored houses, employment records..." Another pause, stating the obvious fact that these such records were only the beginning. Vil was going to need to develop a network, and fast. Even faster, he would need to find a safe place to stow the boy, and a way for everyone to communicate without direct contact.

Staying within the seams of reality, and hiding in plain sight were definitely strong skills of his. Another among the unlisted was Dumille's ability to stay one step ahead of the learning curve. His mind worked like a machine, coming to a few realizations almost instantly. "You said that Salvador could partition the crown. If the roles were reversed, could you do the same?" He asked. Only a novice in the art of deception would allow themselves to go tit for tat with another. Instead, they would need to cast the first stone, the second, and continue to strike vigilantly.

The situational setup couldn't have been better for them. No one would have any serious reason to believe Salvador Bloodnight if he told them that his son was kidnapped by House Estella-Negra. It would seem like a false acquittal, or at least, an unreasonable one. However, a desperate house attacking former supplier's wasn't unheard of at all. Especially, in the face of bankruptcy. The thrill of the matters at hand suddenly returned, causing Villaino to raise a brow curiously as he awaited Esteban's answer.

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Esteban could not help but understand the frustration his guest was experiencing. This was not the kind of business that he enjoyed partaking in, but in this world there was hardly any other option to take. Sometimes one had to get their hands dirty to reach new heights of glory.

"Yes, it is true we can petition just as House Bloodnight could. Of course to do that is to risk our own standing with the other houses on Orisia. There is a sort of...understanding between us that when there are problems between us, we settle them between ourselves. Running to the King and Queen would be the same as tattling, childish as that analogy is. To lose respect from your fellow houses is how one ends up being destroyed, just as House Bloodnight has disrespected us by trying to take away our business." Politics was a deceitful mine field of traps and pitfalls, wait to snare the unaware victim at a moments notice. Estella-Negra has lived by these rules, suffered and thrived by them as well. It was simply how the game was played.

"Tomorrow night is when the party is being held, and in the morning we will make sure everyone is ready to have fun." Selena said, referencing Wulfyl and the merchant's attire. "Only the finest gowns and suits for our guests on this special occasion."

Servants arrived to escort them to their rooms, each of which was an exhibition of pure decadence. The familiar aesthetic of macabre Spanish Gothic could be found here as well, with small charms tied to the bed frame to encourage good dreams. In the morning, they would begin their preparations for the battle to come.

The next night, within the city of Izabal, a Grand Gala began. Within these walls was a grand celebration, one that had many of the premier nobility in attendance. Such times were meant for merriment and joy, but the air was tainted with the bitter smell of suspicion. Many knew that a party wasn't held just out of the kindness of one's heart, causing some to be a little on guard. It was good they were afraid, for it was a greater shield than any metal could be forged.

Samuel arrived at the scene, knowing his parents were waiting for the right moment to come out and make their appearance. Someday when all of this cloak and dagger business was over with, he would host spectacular parties without any pretense or ulterior motive. Sometimes it was good to just genuinely have fun, to actually be able to enjoy life and all its wonders. Oh well, at least he could enjoy this party before it got ugly.

The others were in place, and Samuel made sure to wish them luck before they began. Something didn't feel right about all this, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

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Wulfyl had left the altar again and wandered around in the dark. She stopped sometimes to catch her breath again. She knew it would come now. ''Time for the ugliest part.'' She noticed her eyes had changed and her ears were already pointy. She looked into her own reflection to see the wolf was coming more appearant. She let go of the wall and stared in front of her. She felt the wolf was now at its strongest. Her legs became more wolf like while her hands began to take on the shape of the front claws. Her head was already shaping into that of a wolf and a tail began to form. While her body grew bigger white fur was covering her body. She thought how it was strange it didnt hurt unlike the werewolf transformations she heard so much about. The transformation was fast and where a human once stood, was now a big white wolf. She opened her eyes but couldnt think as a human anymore. From now on her wolf side had taken over. With that she let out a loud howl what certainly could be heard if someone was in the right place. With that she took one more glance around before disappearing into the dark crypt.

Sahual however missed his master. He just followed where he thought was her scent was leading before stopping before a locked door. Normally he was at her side even in times like this but this was the first time he was seperated from her. He scratched against the door but the door was sealed tightly. He dropped his ears in his neck as a expression of sadness and decided to sit in front of the door. He wouldnt move before he saw his friend and master again. He was always at her side. This time was not different for Sahual. If he couldnt be with his master now then he would wait for her when she was back to normal and the door would open again. He layed against the door and closed his eyes before drifting off to sleep. He would wait.

It was already morning when Wulfyl woke up and staggered dazed around but managed to get her bearings again. She quickly found her clothes and got herself dressed. Studying the door she managed to push it open without making to much sound since it was still early and she figured people were still either sleeping or just waking up. She found Sahual in front of the door and gave him a big hug before she made her way through the house trying to find someone to fill her in on the details of last night after she was in the crypt. She quickly found a servant who informed her that she would go to a party. She froze inside. Wulfyl was never gone to a party before but she would try her best to behave and do what was expected of her. She asked for some cleaning supplies so she could wash her hair and face. When she was done she began to think how she could prepare the best for the party. Her attire would certainly not really fit but she didnt have any clothes of herself that would fit. She didnt have much when she was exiled. She let out a sigh of frustration. She could only hope that was something she could borrow for the party. She looked at herself in a nearby mirror and began to experiment with her hair. ''What would be suitable...'' She thought to herself. She wasnt very fond of dressing up but since this was a party she decided for once to just make herself look different so she could enjoy herself. She tried some styles but didnt find one that would suit. Then she remembered a hairstyle what was worn typically by the women of her tribe. She was lucky her mother had taught her. She took some of her hair and began to make a braid that started from the left side of her hair and what eventually would intertwine with the hair behind her ear. When she managed to reach a comfortable but tight braid she looked back into the mirror. It was not much she admitted but it was not something that would stand out to much and looked tidy with her washed hair. As it was typical she left the right side alone and loose. ''This is better for a party then my usual style.'' She thought and smiled back into the mirror. She was not a fan of wearing any make up since she prefered her natural looks she made sure her face was presentable and her teeth were clean. When she looked once again in the mirror she was happy with what she could work with and something she would feel comfortable enough with in a uncomfortable enviroment. ''Now I have to take care of the clothing.'' She said. With the physical appearance taken care of she began her search for suitable attire. ''There must be something around.'' She mumbeled. After a while she saw a dress that would fit her. She stepped closer to see a dress that was orange and black. It felt good enough to wear but she was stuck. ''Am I allowed to try this on?'' She thought while staring at the dress in front of her. She didnt want to try it on without permission. ''Well I can just try it on right?'' She eventually looked around but it didnt seem that someone was missing it so she took of her top and put the dress on. She looked in the mirror and gazed at herself. This was the first time she felt beautiful. All she could do was giving off a big smile.

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Music, dancing, the intricate wonders of a party that brought men and women together in a wonderful festival of mirth and joy. Samuel merely wished it was under best pretenses, considering what was to come in the passing moments. It seems the game of politics was a difficult one, his own patience for it wearing thin by the year.

Already they had one of the hired mercenaries leave before the party started, leaving them with less than what they wanted for this occasion. Sometimes Samuel wished he were strong enough to leave this place as well, but destiny had ways of keeping him anchored here. Orisia was his home, and he would not leave it just yet, for the sake of his family. Without them though, Samuel didn't feel any other obligation to remain on this island. There was a whole world out there, and he had every intention of exploring it so he could admired it's treasures.

Without the merchant, the task of luring away the Bloodnight heir fell to Samuel, to which he did so with some reluctance. He wanted no part in these schemes, but he did not possess the will needed to resist his father and mother's wishes. They were all that he had after his sibling's passing, and the thought of breaking their hearts was just too much for him. Enslaved by guilt, Samuel put on a happy face while approaching the vampire known as Salvador.

"Mi amigo! So glad you could make it to the party." Turning around to face him, Salvador smiled, embracing him in a good matured hug as they conversed.

"I am honestly surprised to see you here, Samuel. This doesn't seem like your kind of party." He was right in that regard. Social events like these were far too posh and stuffy for his tastes. Samuel preferred to enjoy life with more common folk, seeing as how they have more relaxed behavioral standards and plenty of pretty women to entertain. "Did your parents drag you here by the ear?"

Laughing at the jest made it easier to lie, especially since they did coerce him somewhat to play along with this trickery. "Why else would I be here? I figured I'll dance a little, mingle with some people, maybe even get a little tipsy along the way."

Salvador took his turn to chuckle at the joke, his face an exquisite piece of sculpted beauty that made his eyes twinkle with excitement. Vampires were always known as beautiful in a strange way, more bewitching than natural. Samuel did think him beautiful, but also felt the sting of how spiteful that face could become when brought to anger. More likely than not, Salvador would hate him for what he was going to do, and their friendship would burn to ashes in mere moments. The world could be a cruel place at times. "Do be honest my friend, you would have to drink a barrel of this pathetic vintage just to get buzzed. Nobody knows how to make a good spirit these days."

"Well then, you are in luck my friend. Inside my carriage is a bottle of this incredible Bloodwine I have been keeping hidden for emergencies. Over a hundred years old and ripe for drinking." A perfect choice for drugging an unsuspecting friend, and one that would likely cause him to never enjoy wine again. Salvador smiled and accepted the invitation, slipping out with him as they went to Samuel's carriage.

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