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Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

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They had been given an address, little more. Seeking it out would bring them to a decrepit farmhouse out on the lonely savanna that spanned the great plain between mighty Hell’s Gate and the distant mountains that stood sentinel around Blairville. Right in the midst of this plain was a sizable plateau, which rose more gradually from the lowland in the South, but which starkly dropped off into the the deep depths of Sidereal Lake to the North. Not far from the shores of Garrison Bay, known locally as Garrison Lake despite its connection to the larger rift lake, lie the region known as Norkotia. Officially, Norkotia City was a somewhat larger port city located directly on the bay, and served as the seat of a confederation containing its surrounding city-states.

But the limits of this coalition only extended so far, before the political influence of the capital city began to wane and give way to many smaller villages and communities, which operated independently despite their common culture and heritage. These more isolated places, despite having their own mayors and sheriffs, often fell under the direct or indirect control of major landowners, coal or mineral mining companies, or powerful energy conglomerates. That decrepit farmhouse they all now gathered in was but a few miles from a town in such a situation, and one could easily deduce that the massive strip mine visible even from here was the lifeblood of the village.

Whether or not they, the small collection of foreigners and transients that had been directed to this place, had taken time to learn this local lore or not, mattered little in the end. The one who had organized this little gathering, by sending out agents to distant cities, towns and even roadside taverns, only desired that they perform a simple task.

“Are there any more?” the man who was addressing the assembly inquired, but his guards at the door signalled negative, “Then let us begin.”


Dressed in a tan suit with a dark tie and wearing a charcoal-grey hat, the relatively common-looking human looked over the men and women who had gathered in what had once passed as the farmhouse living room. There were a few somewhat more local-looking fellows, but most had the distinct look of foreigners, exactly what he wanted. There were about ten of them in total, but three or four of them caught the man’s eye as the ones likely to become the ringleaders of this little gang, while it lasted.

“You have all been summoned here for a specific purpose.” he continued, “I’m certain your recruiters already gave you an idea of what is being asked of you, but I shall attempt to clarify it for your benefit.”

He hiked a finger over his shoulder, pointing out the foggy, broken window toward the dusty road that led toward both the town and its neighboring strip mine.

“Kohle Creek is your target. The town is run by a corrupt mayor and sheriff, who both owe their position to the nearby mining guild. Your primary task is to kill the sheriff, the mayor, and anyone who attempts to come to their defense. Your actions will likely draw-out private security enforcers from the mines. Kill them too. However, I must emphasize that I do not want a massacre here! The citizens can be roughed-up a little if needed, but avoid killing them unless absolutely necessary.”

He eyed the foreigners, gauging their reactions and temperaments as closely as he could, allowing himself a brief pause in speech before he continued.

“Once the opposition has been eliminated, you are to intimidate the townspeople, make demands, and possibly cause some superfluous damage to the town to make your point. But do not totally destroy the town or take any of the people hostage. Ideally, I would suggest you make some sort of demand and provide a deadline for them to meet it, then depart. Presuming you are not followed, you will all regroup here to receive further instructions, or payment should we no longer require your services.”

At this point he looked directly to the most outlandish of the foreigners, particularly the ones he suspected of being magic users. There were a few that made little effort to hide it, based on their attire.

“If you have not already, you will soon learn that magic is significantly hampered here. The locals have learned to live without it, but this also means they more unfamiliar and fearful of it. I encourage those of you who have it, to make liberal use of it. You will find that even small displays will be get you a long way.” the man in the suit appeared near the end of his briefing, “Now then, if any of you have questions, I suggest you make them quickly.”

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Dahlia was on the quest to travel the world, but of course completing such goal would require a lot of things. Those things included time, energy, and of course, money. On her travels she often did jobs that involved spirits for the local towns and villages during her stay in one particular area. Her next stop made her a bit concerned, however. She had caught word that Norkatia, which would be her next stop, lacked the magic in the surrounding area that most places she had visited harbored, which would also mean her powers would be significantly less than what it would be since she relied heavily on her surroundings. That would mean her usual job offers would be harder to achieve and less effective.

Though as she was contemplating her next course of actions, she had been approached by a man and offered a job. She had been given details and it seemed simple enough. Though intimidation and killing weren’t her forte, she had enough tricks up her sleeve to be of use and support the other people that would supposedly join her as well.

She had taken some precautions and brought with her a dagger, slipping it into her back just right where he ritual knife was. She wasn’t experienced in using such weapons, but it was better to be prepared than not. Though, she hoped she wouldn’t have to use it. Or worse, mistake her ritual knife for the dagger.

Now, that would definitely be a sight to behold if she does mistake it for the dagger.

As she stood in one corner of the room where she had been gathered with the rest of the people who had accepted the job, she kept her staff close and lowered her hat a bit to hide her face. It’s not as if she didn’t do well with strangers. It was just that she felt a bit intimidated, but each one of them was emitting an aura that were both dangerous and unsettling.

Thankfully she wasn’t the only girl. That was one thing she certainly wasn’t expecting, however. Honestly, she had expected more males.

She kept her expression neutral as their purpose were once again explained, lightly tapping her finger against the wooden shaft of her staff. The glow of the flower sitting atop of it had been considerably dim, noting that her powers weren’t as powerful as they are. Though when the man had mentioned what a small display of magic could do, she relaxed a bit.

Once they were given a chance to speak up, she did. “What exactly are we supposed to be demanding here? You’ve been mentioning making demands from the townspeople. What point are we supposed to push across?”

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Six weeks in Hell's Gate was about all Hyeok could take, so when a Weland fixer Hyeok often associated with contacted him about a job in the backwater dust bowl of Norkotia he didn't even hesitate about accepting - no man can guard a warehouse for six months and not be itching for action. Now that he was here Hyeok was questioning his choice of joining up, his magitech was non-functional, the arid climate was irritating his eyes and worse still the team was huge. Hyeok had always found it difficult to point adventurers in the right direction, they were like cats; always more interested in their whims then the mission at hand - herding nine cats was likely going to be a herculean task. Made harder still by the parameters of the operation - it was common wet work, assassination and populace intimidation; the risk for collateral was high even with a trained team with complimenting skill sets. For uncoordinated wild cards? Civilians were going to die, and probably a lot of them.

But in the end it didn't matter, Hyeok was on board and he wasn't about to back out and go back to guarding a warehouse in Hell's Gate. Hyeok stepped forward from his near front row position. "I'm going to need firearms provided to me, can you accommodate that?" Hyeok asked, his voice the heavily accented tone common of an Eastern District Welander. A single glance at Hyeok told most people what they needed to know; he was below average in height and olive skinned, with narrow fox like eyes - a Welander by all appearances. He wore durable green and black fatigues with a high collar, a plate carrier with pouches was worn over top that with a black crystal polymer rifle strapped tight to his chest by a single point sling - he screamed 'Military Contractor'. The magitech wonder strapped to his chest was useless within the borders of Norkotia - it's multi stage magic dampened too much to effectively function - and that likely made him mostly ineffectual as a combatant. 

At around the same moment as Hyeok spoke so too did a young female mage, the sight of her made Hyeok wonder how effective she could be in a place without magic - but there was little doubt her appearance alone would strike doubt into those who feared magic like those in Norkotia, and doubt was perhaps the most useful thing against unpredictable civilians. She was asking specifics, what it was we were trying to gain from them in demands - Hyeok imagined the demands were a cover, kill their protectors and then demand the impossible and vanish; watch the villagers run to the Government they've been ignoring and seek protection from the foreign threat. It was text book wet work, the kind of operation Hyeok excelled at - morally gray and highly profitable. 

He couldn't help by crack a smile.


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Persephone fingers drummed a slow and steady rhythm on her arms where she had folded them, she disliked dust and heat, it was all nonsense. But how could she know a job like this? It sounded most exciting, and Persephone loved a good adventure. Thus, she had travelled from Hell’s Gate, arriving dusty, bothered and impressed that anything could maintain a prolonged survival in their surroundings. Her eyebrows raised in curiosity at their little gathering, enjoying the exotic blend of persons present. Her eyes scurried over each, inspecting them.


The man, though perhaps ordinary in appearance, had an air of authority one would assume to be a general. Definitely, the one who held the cards, she almost wished to stand to attention and salute him upon his entrance. She listened intently to his deliverance and their task. Her right eyebrow curved momentarily in surprise at the no-kill rule, but she soon returned to a look of attentiveness to his words without raising a comment. A no-kill rule? That would have been so terrible effective in bringing the town into line, such a shame. Besides this, Persephone had no qualms about the plan, it seemed efficient and to the point. Get in, have a little chat, a little punch up and get out. Simple. She smirked slightly, ah the best-laid plans always go wrong.


Her eyes snapped to the girl, a mage perhaps, as she spoke. Good questions, she’s a smart one Persephone thought. How wild could they be with the demands? And how much could the town provide for them? Most intriguing ideas. Would they want everything or would they want a little mercy for the poor townspeople?


Next, her gaze flicked to the military man of the room. Was that Welander? That accent was definitely familiar and had everything else going for him to be from Welander. She would have to check with him later. He appeared to be capable, at ease and even a smile! My, my, how unusual. Persephone watched him closer, not hiding her gaze. Best to be direct during these gatherings, get everything out there.


When they had finished speaking, she moved forward and raised her hand to ask the next query. “You mentioned that if we are not followed, I assume if we are then we take certain liberties to eliminate any tagalongs?” Persephone wanted to be sure of her, somewhat, blurry limits on their actions. Better to know the rules now if they should need to be broken later.

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And she missed Sector 3 already. However, ever since the lab was roaring to work on some new innocuous drugs and weaponry, the Royal Nurse went on the hunt for mostly adventure. However, she had an underlying purpose as she walked into the city. It was boring. Not just any sort of boring city. It was a really boring city. The kind when there was nothing to do but hang around convenience stores at night. When you went to the grocery store because you did all of your chores and you just wanted to get out of the house despite the fact that you had no money. The funny thing about these towns is that they hid things well. 

Gisela Valance had been wandering around Norkotia for three days before she met everyone at the address. Sure, she looked out of place compared to everyone else. The woman was tall, very muscular, with a shapely figure, pouty lips, and blonde curly hair. She didn't have the look of a hardened criminal. Instead, she wore a permanent smile upon her face. It was as though she had won some sort of prize and was not going to tell any of these souls. Gisela was not one of the first people there. She was the last person to arrive. As the man explained the mission that was lying ahead, the woman's face lit up even more. 

Kill the mayor? Kill the sheriff? Check. Check.

What flavor of death shall the Royal Nurse give them? Her violet eyes glanced upwards as her lower lip slid beneath her teeth. She had give it a thoughtful chew as she daydreamed what the flavor of the day would be. Her hands clenched together. 

Intimidate townsfolk? Double check. 

Gisela sighed softly, like a child listening to the adults speak. Finally, she rose a hand. "So we can do anything to intimidate the townsfolk and maybe do a little bit of damage?" She asked. "Anything at all?" The question of "do you know what I am capable of?" had not come up at all. "Well, aw shucks. I'm excited." While everyone else seemed to have some sense of gravitas, the free-spirited Unseelie was ready for some action. Unlike most of her race, she could not come up with many cool magic tricks beyond glamour magic and some mind control. She had particularly honed her skills in physical strength, but in Norkotia, she was weak. Though she was still definitely strong enough to withstand a human's blow, but a bullet would definitely stop her. 

"The demands are we make something up." Gisela said quickly. "We free the town from their pathetic, corporate slimeballs of leadership and maybe something will get better for these people. Or maybe things will just be the same. Or maybe some bigger, stronger, meaner person will move in and own this town." She definitely had the means to do some serious damage to the town if she needed to. That was the disturbing thing about this Amazonian woman. One could both know and not know what the fae was up to.

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"What exactly are we supposed to be demanding here? You’ve been mentioning making demands from the townspeople. What point are we supposed to push across?"

The young witch had elected to speak first, quickly drawing the man's attention her way. She was perhaps the most obvious of the magic users, though she looked pretty young, and the man hoped she was skilled and experienced enough to handle this job.

"Think like a bandit. Money, valuables, weapons, provisions, anything a roving bad of brigands might demand. Make it believable." the man in the suit answered her question quickly and simply, prompting the rugged Welander to ask his.

"I'm going to need firearms provided to me, can you accommodate that?"

"My men will provide any additional equipment you require once we're done here." was the quick response.

Then came the unnatural-looking woman, whose subtly abnormal and sinister appearance intrigued the organizer. She might be one of the keys to intimidating the locals.

"You mentioned that if we are not followed, I assume if we are then we take certain liberties to eliminate any tagalongs?" said woman inquired.

"Naturally. Nobody can be allowed to trace you to this structure and survive to tell the tale. I suspect that anyone who attempts it will likely be working for the sheriff or the mining company, so you would be obligated to kill them anyway." the man in the suit informed her.

At last there came the question asked by the large, muscular woman. It was a question that the man had previously questioned his own superiors on, but had been given the directive to focus only on preventing a massacre or complete ruination of the town. The rest, unfortunately for the townspeople, was pretty wide-open.

"So we can do anything to intimidate the townsfolk and maybe do a little bit of damage? Anything at all? Well, aw shucks. I'm excited." the woman began, not waiting for a response before continuing, "The demands are we make something up. We free the town from their pathetic, corporate slimeballs of leadership and maybe something will get better for these people. Or maybe things will just be the same. Or maybe some bigger, stronger, meaner person will move in and own this town."

"What sort of change the town will undergo is the concern of people other than us. Your concern is to ensure the town has the need to make that change. My concern is to ensure that there is a town left for that change to take place in. So, in a basic summary, you can use whatever means you want, so long as you do not slaughter the whole town. Kill the defenders, scare the civilians. Simple as that. I shouldn't have to explain further that if things get too out-of-hand, you will wind up as unsatisfied with this task as I will be." the man stated.

"So can we... 'ave a little fun with the womenfolk?" one of the other recruits, a rather filthy-looking drifter, cut-in, "Give 'em somethin' more to remember us by?"

"As I said, do what you need to do. Just keep the civilian body-count minimal." the man in the suit rolled his eyes, "Now then, if there is nothing else, I believe we need to make sure you are all adequately equipped."

He snapped his fingers at one of the guards, who nodded, then motioned for the ten to follow him into a different room. Here they had laid-out a fair number of different local firearms, most of them revolvers or lever-action rifles. However, there were some bolt-action rifles, as well as pump and break-action shotguns. The most modern-looking gun was a somewhat clunky semi-automatic pistol. Though new, all the designs appeared pretty dated compared to modern weaponry like one would see in the Terran Military. The guard beckoned Hyeok to take his pick from the lot, then spoke in reference to the ammunition stacked in the corner.

"Don't be worrying about the gunpowder problems they have out there. We use petrol in our bullets instead. World just as good, but without the problems." he explained.

The organizer followed the group to the room and eyed them all closely; he was curious how they'd react to local weaponry.

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Dahlia was satisfied with the answer..somewhat. She could tell it was obvious that she wasn't going to be doing much good with intimidation, since physically she wasn't much of an intimidating person anyway. The only aspect of her that would honestly be considered intimidating was when she was really in action-- Which wouldn't be much since her magic wasn't as effective as it originally was in Norkatia. She heaved a heavy sigh, this wasn't the job for her.

"You only think that now when you're actually getting into it, huh Dahlia?" She mumbled to herself, lightly huffing at her own inner thoughts. "Welp, no backing out now."

She gazed at her other companions, quietly listening and taking note of their questions and the answers they've gotten. Well, if she was going to end up demanding something, then she might as well think up of things she might actually need if the townspeople would actually hand it over to them. Which brings her to the next thing she's curious of; their reward.

Though she supposed it would be best to just leave it a surprise.

The very last question that came from one of the less noticeable people in the group made her grimace and roll her eyes. Of all questions that could've been brought up, something as atrocious and disturbing as that was brought up. She supposed it would've been expected from a man looking like that.

Pushing herself off from the wall, she followed after the man along with the group, gazing at the weaponry laid out on the table. She inspected each and every one of them, uninterested. It's not like she could properly use any of it. She had no idea nor experience on how to properly use a gun other than cocking it and pulling the trigger. She glanced down at her messenger back and began looking through it, making sure her dagger was there and so was her ritual knife. She hesitated, before taking out her ritual knife and placing it in a farther area in her bag.

She didn't need to accidentally summon a demon into the world. They have enough of those.

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Hyeok made note of the man whom suggested raping a few civilians as well as the giant woman with a smile that would make a stripper nervous - wild cards, but the gruff looking bandit seemed infinitely less useful then the Amazonian. It wasn't uncommon to get a few psychos mixed in with any group this size, but if you were going to be insane it was best to be useful. Eventually the group was ushered into an adjacent room, a pseudo armory with antiquated looking firearms laid about - this brought an audible chuckle from Hyeok, he had heard of Norkotia's 'preference' toward self manufacture, but to actually see it was another matter. There were some old lever actions, enough revolvers make ones head spin and a few bolt guns and shotguns of various designs - the classic styled stripper clip fed semi-automatic however peaked Hyeok's interest almost immediately. It was a timeless design, the kind that comic book weapons were modeled after - and Hyeok was lying if he didn't say he loved it, and so without hesitation he grabbed it for himself. 

It was noticeably front heavy, it's thin u notch rear sight and wide front blade giving a frankly abysmal sight picture as he peered down the sights in a test grip. It's classical broom handle grip wasn't conducive to the modern two handed grip but some adjustment allowed it be surprisingly comfortable in the hand. That was when the organizer made mention of the rumored petrogel ammo invented in Norkotia, a medium Hyeok had only heard whisper and rumor of - as he approached the cases of ammunition sure enough there it sat; without delay he fed a stripper clip and jammed into the top of the antique. It fed rough but accepted its rounds without too much fuss, it would take some adapting but Hyeok figured he could get relatively quick at it. 

The question was, how did the petrogel ammo handle, did it have significant recoil? How was the smell? Recoil impulse? Ballistic lethality?  These were questions that could only be answered one way - and Hyeok knew just the guinea pig for his experiments, without hesitation Hyeok raised the pistol in a two handed grip, took swift aim and squeezed the trigger. The room filled with the deafening blast of explosive energy being shot out of a cylinder - those unaccustomed to the sound in enclosed spaces would find their ears shrieking in protest, and they would also find one would be rapist slumped face first into the table a small hole in the back of his head hiding the gaping wound that was once his face.

"Seems lethal - and smokeless, good to know. I'm satisfied with the weapons provided." Hyeok said calmly, paying no mind to if anyone could hear through the ringing in their ears. Without ceremony he approached the table with the weapons on it, grabbing a pump action shotgun and the accompanying holster for the broom handle semi-automatic. He quickly stripped off his plate carrier and set down his magitech rifle, laying them on the table alongside the bleeding corpse. Quickly he removed the magazines for his magitech rifle from the pouches, replacing them with loaded stripper clips for the pistol and loose 12g shot shells of various varieties from buck to slug. 

All the while the soft smile on his lips never faded, his fox like gaze focused on the task at hand. Hyeok slid his plate carrier back on and strapped it tight, slinging up the pump gun much like his rifle once was - he cycled the action dry a few times from a firing position with the single point sling still attached, there was no bind and the action itself was smooth as glass, as good a shotgun as Hyeok had ever used - but then again slug guns hadn't changed in years, so an antique being good was hardly surprising. Fully in kit Hyeok took a seat near the exit of the room, eyes scanning the other eight brigands that were to be his team-mates. 

[OOC: I took liberties with one of the NPCs, if this was stepping out of line please let me know.]

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Persephone giggled slightly at the lady who inquired about their limits, she seemed like a most liberal person. All bronze skin and golden curls, she tapped her arms lightly pondering what her heritage was. Definitely not a human, perhaps fae? Persephone shrugged slightly, resolving to ask later and re-focuses as the man started to deliver answers t their questions. She watched carefully, taking note of the answers and inkling her head when he answered hers to show she understood.


At the mention of having a play with the women of the town, Persephone’s eyes became brutally cold. She positively glared at the individual, hostility radiating off her. She resolved to kill him the first chance they were out of the eyes and ears of the organiser. Filing the thought away for later, she was momentarily distracted by the appearance of such… Unusual weapons.


Leaning closer to inspect them, she couldn’t help but be surprised by the almost ancient weaponry. They looked like they could kill someone, they were clean and most likely effective, but they were something alright. It was almost nostalgic seeing these old pieces, Persephone almost wanted to shed a tear in mock sadness. Ah, the memories.


She inspected the bolt-action rifles, the sound a clip being loaded catch her attention but the noise at it went off almost defended her. She reached and rubbed her ears slightly, her face remaining impassive till she noticed the bleeding corpse of the rapist. A grin of epic proportion licked her features, it was a shame she hadn’t gotten to him first. She would have been sure to make him suffer a little bit, but he was dead and that was the most important fact. She nodded in approval at the man’s test subject. “Nice one.” She whispered quietly, selecting one of the bolt-action rifles and putting it into position to test its weight and the feel. She preferred it for the accuracy, the barrel and the rifle felt good in her hands. Ah, the wonders of technology.

Ultimately though, she returned it to the table, she was most comfortable with her own natural weapons than a gun these days. Turning to the door, she nudged the corpse of the rapist so it slumped with a sick thud to the floor in a messy heap and moved to lounge near the door in preparation to leave.

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Bringing up the rear of the group, the woman preferred to fight with her own fists. However, you don't bring fists to a gunfight and expect to win. Gisela at least knew that much. She inspected the weapon and admitted to herself that she didn't know how to use one effectively. She could learn. She watched with the same impassive expression as one of the others shot the man who seemed to have a desire to mess with the womanfolk, as he referred to them. A grin was plastered to her face as she watched his corpse slide down the wall. Oh, this was going to be fun. 

"He was going to hinder the mission." Gisela stated, but no one asked. "Keep your eyes on the prize, not on your penis." She took a pistol herself, then smirked. "Seems sufficient." She muttered. 

Gisela's weaponry was powered by its own magitech mechanisms. The design was to disperse gas into the air. The gas varied. Sometimes, it was a simple poison. Sometimes, it was some genetically altered plague. This was one of those times, but she didn't care to disclose this to her teammates. The plague was always a last result. A full display of the weaponry that Sector 3 in Alterion was known for in some backwater part of Terrenus, so far away. It was a last resort. If shit hit the fan, Gisela was pulling the trigger. Shit shouldn't hit the fan, though. Right? Her team was capable and she needed to trust the process. 

Humming to herself as she readied herself, the woman in white was tying to mentally bring herself to the moment. In that moment, there was going to be mayhem. This would be the time Gisela would wonder how it was that Kallias, the gawky little kid that guided her to the goddess's temple, was so calm when destruction rained around him. Gisela was simply a champion, a fighter and not much more. Then she arrived on Valucre and the world was her oyster. Who would have known that a former slave would be doing such things as involving herself politically in business that she typically did not care about? After all, these were the affairs of man. 

Gisela grabbed another pistol. There was a cool, silent confidence as she awaited more information. Her party was varied. It was going to be a challenge without the aid of magic, but magic wasn't everything. She supposed that there were simpler spells that could work to their advantage. The woman was no strategist. That was where White, who was missing yet again, came in. The pair in the most sterile of whites were two different parts of the same machine. It was fair to mention that like White, Gisela had taken to wearing white as well. 

"Let the party begin?" 

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There was no visible reaction from organizer when Hyeok blasted the scummy drifter in the back of the skull, particularly since he had been watching the mercenary at the time and had been able to anticipate the shot enough to not be startled by the noise. Even as the two nearby ladies voiced their approval of the Welander's action, the man in the suit wordlessly motioned to his guards to dispose of the body. The two guards did so promptly, dragging the corpse from the room and out of site, leaving the organizer alone in the room for the moment with his hired guns.

"I'm pleased you're satisfied." he noted in Hyeok's direction.

He looked over the entire assembly, which had taken its time to pick through the weapons and equipment, though some had elected to rely on their native arms. This was fine, since too many Norkotian guns in the hands of supposedly foreign bandits might be a tad suspicious. A few guns could be passed off as the loot of a previous raid, or purchases from a dealer or merchant in the outlying territories, however.

"Now then, if everyone has taken what they require, there is only one item left. Transportation in Norkotia is done primarily by motor vehicle, however; the further from the city you get, the less petrol stations you will find. Take things a couple hundred miles out, and motor vehicles are nearly non-existent. So we've instead arranged for a compliment of horses to be provided for you, as it will be more believable for a group of foreign bandits." he explained, "Feel free to steel any automobiles you want from the town though."

When the guards returned, they started stowing what guns had been left over and preparing to remove them from the premises. A few boxes of ammunition were left for the bandits, however.

"This farmhouse has been abandoned for some time, so you can use it as your headquarters for planning, but don't waste too much time that you accidentally tip-off the town before you can attack." the man in the suit looked toward Hyeok, who he had already pegged as the likely leader, "I'm confident you'll use good judgement. There is a radio transmitter in the upper bedroom, use that to contact me with confirmation of the mission status. Good luck."

With that, he helped his men haul the last of the excess weaponry out of the farmhouse, then departed with his men in a truck. This left the "bandits" free reign to prepare and begin their attack.

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It took al in her not to instinctively conjure a barrier around herself at the loud bang, grimacing as the loud noise left a ringing in her ears. She lightly rubbed them, grimacing a bit. She mumbled soft words underneath her breath, incomprehensible and definitely not English. It was so that whoever just got shot didn't follow nor linger around, and hopefully just went straight to hell.

She waited for further announcements, perking up at the mention if transportation. It would help to maybe have a motor, but as they mentione motor vehicles aren't exactly common all over the world. A horse would do.

Once they were left alone, she suddenly felt a bit intimidated once more. Though she didn't let it affect her and kept her face calm, turning to face her companions for this particular mission. She took a moment to look over the more particularly noticeable one. Obviously, they came from lands farther than the outskirts of the town.

"I don't believe we've passed around names quite yet." She started. "Just so we would know who's being addressed and make communications easier.

"I'm Dahlia Gloomwood. A witch." She gave a small bow, something done out of habit more than purposely. Having previously served a royal family, it had stuck with her. 

She then gave the floor to whoever decided to speak up next, taking note of their names and faces becaus God knows how horrible she was ar remembering names. She wanted to take a quick peek at their auras too, and wondered if they'd mind. Or notice. Whichever. Subtly, her eyes fell half-lidded, her staff glowing just a tad bit brighter that only a sharp eye would notice.

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Hyeok nodded to the fixer as he made his exit before standing and joining the rest of the team more near the center of the room. The first to ask the elephant of a question in the room was the one Hyeok pegged as the least prepared for what was about to happen - a young female mage with a conscious and an air of nobility. At it's face her question seemed benign, after all it was only names? The reality of course of asking a team of potential scoundrels about to commit a series of crimes under Government sanction was quite different, most people in this profession preferred to not to be known - more so for those in the gray area of morality. "You all can call me Fox." Hyeok replied with a nod to the mage. It wasn't his name, but an appropriate call sign to call him by worked just as well - now came the next big hurdle for this group. A team needed a leader, and without doubt the fixer had pegged Hyeok as the most likely to take that role; Hyeok could see the thought process, he was experienced in wet work but Hyeok was lying if he said he didn't dread the idea of forcing these individuals to follow him. Leaders often got knives in the back, for those with free spirits poorly liked to be ordered around; but what choice did he have?

Stepping out from the group Hyeok turned to face the assembled group of miscreants, murderers, psychos and adventurers. "I will be leading this team - those who want to run cowboy and do things solo." Hyeok pointed to the door. "The exit is there, after the town has killed you we will be able to judge their response and plan our own attack." The Welander spoke with a firm, trained cadence - leading wasn't his specialty, but it wasn't the first time he had done so and it likely wouldn't be the last. Hyeok allowed his gaze to meet each of the members, paying special mind to stop on Gisela, Dahlia and Persphone - these three would likely be pivotal to their success or failure and Hyeok wanted to be sure he could rely on them when the time came. 

"We have limited intel on the town, their positions, fortifications and numbers aren't intel our good employer could provide. That leaves the job to us - I need a volunteer to run the recon team, two or three people whose job is going to be enter the town ahead of us and gather intel. Numbers, locations, armament, general layout. Only fools rush in - and I have little desire to be a court jester." Hyeok allowed the request to float for a moment, but not long enough for anyone to actually volunteer - he wanted each job on the table before anyone decided. 

"After we get our intel we need a leader for our first contact team - an anvil our hammer can strike against. An important job, absorb early counter assault and of course intimidate the town into thinking twice about rallying out alongside side their sheriff to oppose us. I have little desire to eradicate an entire population, so whoever does this job needs to be willing to get their hands dirty. You'll have to be openly brutal enough to strike fear. This team should be large, consisting of whoever the recon team left over." Hyeok knew the importance of this task, but he also knew it required a certain personality to achieve - worse case scenario it was a job he would do himself. 

"Finally we need an assassination team - a team of two at most to take out the high values as they try to respond to the intimidation. Stealth is paramount to this task, because if the sheriff, the deputy or even the mayor are particularly charismatic they could rally the townsfolk against us. Better they die before they get the chance." Hyeok finally let the questions hang, waiting for those with guts enough to lead to step up and do so - it was a smart tactic, by forcing them to volunteer they felt as if they had made the choice to do what in the end was Hyeok's plan. He could have simply chosen, but by leaving some manner of free will involved he hoped it meant they didn't act on their own accord. It of course left tactical holes, someone unqualified could volunteer and lead the mission into jeopardy but in the end Hyeok fully expected that even the best laid plan was going to implode the moment the bullets started flying.

Adventurers never stuck to the script. 

[OOC: I hope you all don't mind me taking the reigns!]

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Horses? An unusual choice of transport for her. Horses are horses. Perhaps more likely to be temperamental than a machine but that could work in their favour. For example, if they needed to do some tricky manoeuvres during this mission, a horse would be a fine getaway. Not that she didn’t mind horses, just that she personally was more of a motorbike rider.  A bubble of gleam popped inside as they were given free reign over the possible choices of vehicles in the town, oh that opened up so many new avenues.


Her eyes snapped up at the round of introductions, her form once languid now tense but it soon relaxed to its earlier position of relaxation. Dahlia Gloomwood. A witch indeed! Oh ho oh, she would be interesting. And was she glowing? Her eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at the witch with curiosity. And the military man was called Fox. Straight to the point indeed, she meets his gaze, leaning subtly forward to listen better. An excellent speaker, his voice held great authority. It was quite enthralling to listen to.


Mulling over his words, she raised a long slender arm to indicate she wished to speak when Fox had finished. “Hello, my fine friends, my name is Persephone. I would like to put myself down for the assassination team. I am a vampire, blessed with the skills of speed and stealth which will assist heavily in taking down the targets. But I am also open to intimidation and all that jazz." Might as well give herself credit, their process was like a very odd interview. Qualification, cold-blooded murder. She smiled at Fox and then rounded her gaze to the group, looking at the rest of their crew. 

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Gisela's smirk never left her face, as she did not particularly care about where she was put until some thought was put into it. She tilted her head suddenly in a jerky motion as everyone introduced themselves. She was last. It didn't matter. Gisela was itching to go do something interesting in Nowhere-tia. 

"My name is Gisela. I am the Royal Nurse of Sector 3 in Alterion, which basically just means that I am in charge of the whole shebang there. I don't care for being in charge here, so don't expect a sudden usurp in your authority." Gisela spoke slowly, more likely in an effort to make herself clear. "Now, I put some thought into something for once, and I believe that I have a unique skillset that will make it beneficial to be an assassin."

Her face lit up. "My skillset includes disguise, just as I am doing right now. Now the issue lies in the fact that magic is bullshit in Norkotia. So while this is a somewhat effective disguise, is this enough?" Gisela shook her head, then she shrugged. "Maybe. I am able to disguise one or two other people." 

"However, I am not above causing mayhem and tomfoolery around town. It is, after all, what I do on a professional level. This would require no magic at all. Just watch out. I have heard that I am crazy." She shrugged again. "Use me as you see fit, Mister Fox."

The blonde formulated a couple of fun scenarios. It doesn't necessarily take cruelty to cause mayhem. But it does take some thought and some wit. Was Nowhere-tia ready for this? It didn't matter. It was here already in a weaponized form. 

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