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[Antigone Isle] Raid: Into the De-Magicked Zone

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They had finally reached their destination, and already Riley could see just how difficult the mission was going to be. Beyond those walls laid a very likely tyrannical regime, with the means necessary to enforce their oppressive ideals on most others. In a way it reminded the priestess of the Old Ones, before their empire was toppled by the very creatures they enslaved.

After hearing the dead one's idea to infiltrate the city via a sewer duct, Riley gave a small nod to the plan. It would be best to remain as inconspicuous as possible for this mission, seeing as how they were critically outgunned by the more technologically advanced opponent. To make their way through would be difficult, but Riley was confident enough in her skills that she knew she could make it through intact. Without another word she gracefully jumped overboard, a small splash heard as she made contact with the water.

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"Ooh! Through the sewers! How stealthy!"

Issac clapped his hands together rapidly to further signify how excited he was at the prospect of sneaking in through the sewers. He had snuck into many places in all manner of ways; usually melting a lock, or a hole in a roof or something. But sneaking into a sewer someplace was something that he had thus far seen only in fiction. Getting to live it out in real life was one more thing he could check off the bucket list! Maybe if things kept going well, he would get a chance to walk away from an explosion!

"But wait... uh-oh. That's a vacuum lock right there; whole system must be airtight. The moment we open the door it'll flood the pipe! That's not a problem for me; I've got a rebreather in my mask. If only you guys had... hold on a sec."

Issac bolted back to his workspace and began working furiously. It turned out it was a good thing he'd brought so many spare parts. A few minutes later he returned to the group and presented them with thee masks similar to his. 

"Presenting the latest in not drowning technology! Sleek! Stylish! Will keep you from drowning!"

He would give the masks to any who wanted one, and then jumped overboard to join Riley. Issac then swam to sealed pipe and secured a vial of Aether over the locking mechanism of the door. The alchemist signaled for Riley not to be in front of the pipe and waited for her to get out of the way before mentally setting off the charge. The Aether replicated the effects of a HEAT round; pushing a molten slug of copper through the door. The sea in front of the pipe bubbled and hissed as water began to fill the pipe. When it was over, he surfaced and gave the people still on board a thumbs up.



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Through the sewers? That was stupid, an obvious route, and more than likely the fastest way to find yourself killed. Souji would ignore this standing he made his way to the bow of the boat and looked out to see how far from the land he was. The mission was to steal things, not wade around in the sewers like an obvious target. The city was technologically advanced, and if anyone had done their due diligence to read, listen or ask questions about the area before leaving, they would know that there would more than likely be some sort of countermeasure from invasion by sea, especially in a pipe that close to the shore. It was to obvious, but it seemed one at a time his companions dropped into the sewers like they were first time adventurer’s Souji, had a better idea.

From doing research, he knew that there was already a potential uprising at hand. Where there was tyranny there was a group of people ready to rise up, and those would be the distraction needed to get inside the isles and steal what they needed, not a trip through the sewers of a tenfold technological marvel that specializes in anti-magic operations and deterrence. The idiots, or in this case his comrades took a poor path into the city and were certain to meet an inevitable end. Did no one know how to raid these days? Souji shook his head and slipped off into a cargo container.

Using druidic magic, Souji would take the form of a bird native to the area. Small and black, but he kept his faerie’s eyes. He hopped on his new legs and took fight back to the bow of the ship. There was a slight head tip, that allowed him to calculate where he wanted to fly, and effortlessly he would leave his suicidal party members behind on a flight path that would direct him to the forests outside of the city limits. There, he would hope to look for and find the resistance or a group of resistant magickers willing enough to cause a large distraction so that he could slip in and out with what he needed.

“Never again Rae, will I EVER quest with individuals you select. Trying to get me killed. I will have words with you later.”

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Apparently, Middy is stuck in a dilemma. One option is to join the larger group into the underground sewer and the other is turn into a bird and follow the fae. His first thought was to try to transform into a bird. After a couple failed attempts and slight bruises from falling hard on the deck, he finally realized that going with the larger group would be a slightly better idea. However, getting wet and going through the sewers reminded him of fishes. 

Shrugging those idiotic ideas aside, Middy assessed the current situation. Going through the sewers is a classic idea, a bit disgusting but nonetheless always a good idea. Problem is that, we are not the only ones who would have thought of the idea. This path could possibly be full of twists and turns, leaning on the more lethal side. If only he had not rejected assistance from the Black Head, this would have been easier, even if he only had Little Sans for backup.

Seeing the thumbs up from Isaac, Middy put on the mask he received from Isaac earlier and tried to strip before jumping, only to remember Little San's 'advice' in the ship's holdings hours ago. Making sure his clothes are firmly attached to his body covering all that needs to be covered, Middy jumped into the water in following in Riley and Isaac's wake.

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