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[Antigone Isle] Raid: Into the De-Magicked Zone

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Commotion, commotion, noise. The ruining of plans, the shattering of glass all of it annoyed him to no end, especially the portion in which he was commanded to kill people. This was not a time for killing, this was a time for the gathering of information on a massive scale and in order to do so, one had to blend in with the local life. Four or five on army was not his style of doing things. He stood from the bed and eyed the panic button on the wall, the alarm switch. One flick and the sack of bones that stood before him would more than likely be overrun by guards and murdered. He had hoped she followed his eyes to the switch. Speaking as if she knew him huh? Speaking as if she knew what action he would take next. Perhaps he would just kill everything and brutally sodomize her with a mop to teach her a lesson but instead, his arm reached out casually for the alarm switch but stopped.

“Who exactly are you?”

He smiled, devilishly eyes on the alarm switch which would surely send the entire building they were in into a lockdown, and a guard frenzy. Luckily enough, Souji had enough glass injury from her abrupt jump to make some sort of tale of it. Perhaps the rebels followed him and tried to kill him before he could pass information. Perhaps not. She was not quite good looking enough to give him orders.

Souji giggled manically.

His plan probably ruined he may have no choice but to kill everything in the room.  His hand flicked up wrist lose he flung shards of glass like shrunken with deadly accuracy, one, two, whatever was there was struck fatally. But that was the least annoying part.  His anger took the better of him, and instead of continuing onto the guards, he would near instantly go to put the lich into a choke hold. He was fast and very strong and if, or once he latched ahold of her he would apply pressure and begin to twist with every wild ounce of strength. How dare she ruin his plan, and for that she may well die.

He could easily blame the guard's death on her. Use her corpse as bargaining material and get back into his plan, but his fury overrode him, and his eyes that were once white and purple became that of a solid color and his teeth elongated into fangs used to rend flesh, he became feral like an animal backed into a corner.

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Even if it was only for a second, but Middy did see the dagger dig in deep into the assassin's shoulder before she disappeared from his view. Her movements reminded him of Little Sans. That insane strength combined with that insane speed he always envied ever since. As close as they were, he always felt inferior to her foster younger sister. He was an average man fighting against monsters. He may not win but he will damn well survive.

'Shallow bleeding at my neck and the side of my ribs,' he muttered to himself, assessing his injuries. He needed to keep hinself focused. Despite his earlier bravado, her attack had dealt serious damage to him. The wounds may be shallow but his back really hurts like hell. Who knew that his sturdy clothing would be the end of him. Bastard leather coat. If only that piece of crap let those dagger rip through it instead of lettig the damned things snag its fabric lifting him off his feet resulting to his back crashing on the occassional building. Godforsaken spellfondled cartel coat. 

Suddenly, she was behind him, rushing at dizzying speed. He was too slow, only detecting her when she was already closing in on him. Only a hair's breadth away from leaving the mortal realm, Middy had no time to run lest the woman strike at his unprotected back. His only choice is to stand his ground, opting close combat. With his experience fighting Little Sans, he is rather optimistic of his chances. Hefting her own bloddy dagger in his hands, he took initiative to close the gap. At the moment they meet he would instantly open a flurry ofshort thrusts aiming at vital areas in an effort to limit her attacks. Electricity coursed through his body, taking over his body, enhancing his reflexes and processes to lighning speed. But he knew it can never be on par with her but still it could at least ensure his life. 

"Now monster! We dance!" 



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Confusion flushed over Reyna’s face when her airway was suddenly crushed. She tried to say something, but no words would come out. Her mind could barely register Souji’s powerful arms wrapping around her. In those brief seconds, she struggled, body writhing about. He was behind her. If he had looked her in the eyes, he would’ve seen raw agony, not just from the pain being inflicted on her, but from the senselessness of this wicked twist of events.

“Sou… Ji…” she choked.

She clawed at his wrists. She tried to push him back into the wall. Frostbolts formed in her hands but cracked into droplets of water in mere milliseconds. In a land without magic, Reyna was no match for the fae. She watched helplessly as the two remaining guards overcame their shock at the death of two of their comrades. Rifles raised, they pelted the room with a hailstorm of bullets.


Had Middy really moved at the speed of lightning, the fight would’ve been over much before he was able to utter those words. But what he may not have factored in while preparing his counterattack was that when he moved, the assassin did as well.

Turning himself completely around left him with few routes of escape. He might’ve acted differently, had he realized how ineffective his flurry of blows would be against the assassin’s magitech armor. Weapons small as her very own knives would need distance to attain velocity. His blows pelted her, leaving dents like eggs would in a mountain face. When his weapon was driven into her face, he would find his arm hurled backward as it was deflected off her visor, shimmering with every blow.

Now in close proximity, she would thrust her needle-like blade into Middy’s abdomen, running him through. At the top of her right hand, three tiny needles popped out of the suit, deadly tips gleaming viciously. If one had the eyesight of a hawk, they would notice the toxic green liquid oozing off the tips.

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Middy knew he was losing the exchange, his pathetic attacks were easily deflected by the purply assassin. He had lost the initiative. Soon he will lose his life. As each pointless thrust he makes, his foe casually parries it and deftly steps into his guard, slowly, methodically reduces Middy's chances at escaping. Middy barely able to defend himself tried to back away, giving ground to his opponent in an effort to give himself some breathing room.

There. A poor thrust.

Middy screamed internally at his mistake as his recent attack left him open, a blunder he would not have made if he was not concerned for the blood trickling off his wounds.

Gritting his teeth he, he used his ability once more. Well, Lady Sera's ability to be precise. Right now he is simply copying her skills but he will never be able to matcg their ability. But for now, his survival come first. Electricity surged around him, creating a magnetic field. Through the use of repelling and atrracting forces, Middy pushed against whatever is metallic the woman carries while also pulling himself to the nearest building.

As he flew through the air for the third time in this fight, Middy gave the assassin a rude gesture with both his hands.


And his words were cut off as his back hit the car behind, knocking the breath out of him.


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Issac had been sneaking through streets crawling with soldiers; air abuzz with aircraft, all trying to find the cloaked truck that he had recently vacated. Not sure what else to do, he silently followed behind the vehicle as it approached the barricade, deciding he might at least get a look at the places defenses. Surprisingly, the barricade looked pretty rushed, and in general it looked like the city guard was still scrambling to respond to the groups intrusion. But when the truck appeared, the soldiers sprang into action; every gun on the ground and in the sky letting loose to blow the transport sky high. As the flames rose into the night sky, he sighed.

"Well, that kills that idea..."

The situation was looking grim. The truck had seemed like the best chance they had at getting into the facility, and now it was little more than molten slag pounded into the street. The no mans land between the city and the facility was now more impassable than ever, and the only bridge was swarming with trigger happy soldiers. With the city on lockdown, it looked like getting out of the city was going to be a difficult task. It seemed to him that his best chance was to complete the mission; but he had no idea how he was going to do it. 

Issac slumped down against the wall of the building he was hiding behind, feeling more than a bit dejected by this turn of events. What the hell was he going to do? His team was scattered to the wind, and he had to assume that he was the last man standing. As good as he was at improvising his way out of situation, he just didn't see any opportunities for him to take advantage of.

"Freeze! Hands on your head!"

"Hold that thought," Issac muttered.

The alchemist looked down the alley to see a cop in full gear advancing on some poor civilian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the officer threw the man to the ground and began to search him, Issac got closer. When he was only twenty feet away, he saw the cops vehicle. A plan began forming in his head, and he quickly decided to go with it; lacking any better options. Sneaking up on the occupied guard, he pulled out his syringe and filled it with Aether from a canister. Once close enough, he pounced, covering the guards mouth while jabbing the syringe in his neck. The officer struggled for a few seconds before going limp. Phase one complete, now for the most important part. Issac helped the citizen to his feet and dusted him off.

"I'd get off the streets if I were you friend. Curfew's in effect!"

The frightened man nodded before disappearing around the corner. Newly alone, Issac pulled off the cops helmet and pulled off his own mask, inspecting the former for a few moments before deciding that the ventilator from his mask would fit in the helmet without altering its appearance. A few minutes later, he had stripped out of his own cloths, and replaced them with the cops uniform; slipping his own clothing onto the unconscious man before slapping his own cuffs on him. Loading him into the back of the vehicle, he started the car and made for the facility, hoping this gamble would pay off.


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