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T1 and Combat Styles of Valucre

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*For ease of searching and reading up on different styles of competitive roleplay systems (i.e. T1 combat rulesets, dice systems, etc), I'm creating this thread so that I can keep track. Even if a ruleset becomes obsolete and no one really wants to use it, I'm going to record it here just in case it inspires anyone to give it a try or what have you. Note that this is just a list of rules already created for your use. Feel free to create your won. This is by no means "all" the possible rules for competitive roleplaying. 

*If you're looking for a guide rather than specific rulesets because you're just starting and want to get a general idea of what T1 is, there are two T1 guides that I found fairly helpful. The first is @Praetorian's School of T1 which gives detailed explanation of terms that may seem foreign at first. The thread sort of gets hijacked, so I'd recommend remaining on the first two pages. The second is @Chouette's Fun with T1, which is basically a brief overview of how a fight should proceed and the general concept of T1. Both of these are pretty much based on the preconceptions resulting from Valucre's Chosen Ruleset, so don't take what they say as law that interacts with every form of T1.


Current Competitive Roleplay Options (Newest to Oldest)


T1 Evolution Ruleset (2018) created by @Ataraxy

  • T1e takes T1cs and pushes it even further down the road of restricted action within a free form setting. Similar to T1cs, T1e requires each player to have a list of 5 skills. However, for this ruleset the players must create their own skills and have them approved by the host. What may be the biggest different between T1e and other forms of T1 is that each ability on the player's skillset starts out with Innate Damage Points that can be used without the use of prepping. As of April 2018, there is no tournament utilizing this ruleset but there are a couple fights in the Taen board (in Terrenus) that beta test the ruleset. 


Mostly Orchestrated Battle System (2017) created by @supernal

  • In an effort to move away from T1 and enter a more collaborative era, Supernal has recently introduced the MOBS system. Basically, two players each pick head or tails and then flip a coin. This can work also work with a 1D2 (1 Dice, 2 sides). Whoever wins the toss wins the match, though the actual match still needs to be roleplayed out. A cool extra addition to the rules has players roll a 1D3 (1 Dice, 3 sides) to determine how badly the person who won wins the match. If a player who was supposed to win doesn't post within the agreed upon time limit, then you get an upset and the player who lost the coin toss wins. With the creation of MOBS and its collaborative function, it officially replaced The Chosen as Valucre's default combat system. So far there as been one MOBS tournament (2018).


T1cs Ruleset (2017) created by @Praetorian

  • The T1cs Ruleset differs from The Chosen Ruleset in several ways. The main ones being the introduction of disadvantages, a different way for preps to scale, the ability to prep more than once per turn, and the emphasis on preps equaling weight rather than raw power output. In the Wonderland Resort Tournament (2018) that Praetorian hosted to utilize the T1cs rules, each player was given a list of 5 different and predetermined skills. From my own experience, this is the first time a tournament has been run on Valucre that require a list of skills as opposed to the only predetermining the type of abilities (such as firebender, light user, etc) while still being able to create different kinds of attacks using those ability categories you've chosen. 


Terrenus Dice System (2017) created by @supernal

  • Unlike previous versions, this combat system is dice based. TDS has three levels of usage: basic, intermediate, and Advanced. Each level introduces another rule that can be used in a TDS fight to increase the player's wiggle room against RNG. This ruleset can also be used when battling NPC or PC controlled monsters of varying tiers. As far as I know there have only been individual battles set to TDS rules and no actual tournament. 


NextGen T1 (2017) created by @Ataraxy

  • I'm not going to say a whole bunch about this ruleset. NGTI was created as a ruleset to be followed in a T1 league I was creating called the League of Bloodlust (2017) or LoB. The tournament is in the same post as the ruleset. However, the league never got off the ground for varying reasons. A big part is that the actual ruleset and tournament were predicated on the idea of it being on a chat based source such as Discord. And, similar to Roen's VCL, it takes a lot of work to keep going. The ruleset itself has never been tested, but it basically separates actions between "attack," "defense," "prep," and "interrupt." I may go back in run some tests on it in the future.


Not Another Tournament Ruleset (2017) created by @Ran Iji

  • Going back to the basic before forum T1 was truly a thing, Ran takes us back to Chat T1 where fights are relatively quick and dirty with the opportunity to lose by running out of time. Hosted on the discord server that Val used to have, this tournament moved away from the idea of noting actions like preps and advantages, emphasizing reading comprehension and fast typing. All of the fights hosted on discord were later posted on Val in the NAT log book (2017).


K1 Rules (2017) created by @Witch

  • From what I can tell, this ruleset is very vaguely related to T1, so it's not really a T1 ruleset. Maybe like, a sibling to it. From what I've understood, it's a combination of T1 and MOBS and T1e. Kind of. It's tough to explain since I've never personally used the ruleset, but it's basically where each player creates a move-set of 4 skills that follow a specific guideline of 4 components. Players tell their actions in secret to the judge, and then the judge decides everything before the players post. In this way, metagaming is needed because all posts are based on the predetermined judge decision. There is also quantified damage and energy expenditure. 


Tournament of Ascension Ruleset (2016) created by @LastLight

  • In an attempt to regulate the issues of other T1 rules resulting in players storing preps into ultimate 1 hit-ko Spirit Bomb attacks or having fights that last for months, this ruleset proposes a set of fundamental changes. You can only hold a maximum of 2 preps and whenever you launch an attack/ defense, the player is required to state all affects of the ability. Further, in order to stop players from changing the attack away from the initial intention using vague prep wording, this ruleset obligates players to send a PM to their fight's assigned judge detailing the exact intention for the ability. While unlike other rules, these rules need a judge or at least a third party member to be used, it is creates accountability and a faster paced fight for players. A more succinct explanation of how and why the rules were created can be found in the actual tournament registration page (2016-17). 


The Valucre Combat League Ruleset (2016) created by @Roen

  • Although these rules have yet to be demonstrated in a fight on Valucre, they codify T1 in a way that illustrates a possible tournament similar to how the UFC conducts their matches. Players fight in seasons and in separate heats. While still following the core T1 concept introduced by The Chosen, it does further limit the scope of mild powers. Like I said, it really has a "cage fighter" feeling to it though it still does use a variety of different battle fields. 


  • While personally I've never used this system, it seems to be mostly directed toward NPC beast interactions. Rather than having players free form their conflicts with NPC enemies such as thieves, dragons, etc, this D10 system provides a method of making it more exciting. Using this system, you actually have to earn the win rather than just swinging a big sword to topple a million year old Abyss Beast. 


Majesty Tournament's Ruleset (2015) created by @Law

  • This tournament's ruleset is very closely aligned with Ran's NAT tournament. Preps aren't required or really advised. There's also a clause that limits the function of interrupts and another that bans numerical values for speed, strength, or any other physical attribute that can be used as a "I'm better so suck it" argument. There's also a limit that holds you to 1 attack per turn. Further reading will show that this is meant to describe 1 offensive action rather than 1 attack. In other words it's speaking to your action economy but putting a cap on it. It seems to be closely derived from The Chosen but takes some pretty opposing turns. Especially the removal of preps.


The Chosen Ruleset (2013) created by @supernal and @desolate

  • The Chosen Ruleset has been the default T1 rules for Valucre since I arrived here. Although it has recently been replaced by MOBS as the default combat system, it still remains the default T1 system if by de facto only. The ruleset was used in a tournament called The Chosen, site wide tournament event a bunch of years back and was usually hosted by Supernal. This form of T1 takes the idea of free form roleplay and combines it with T1, making for very interesting fights that tend to take advantage of the wiggle room afforded by the lack of limitations. This is the original version and the first time The Chosen was hosted: The Original Chosen Rules (2007).
  • This ruleset has been, for whatever reasons, officially removed from the site will be struck down on site if seen reposted anywhere on Valucre. Essentially, seems like it's an attempt to ban this specific system from the site. You can theoretically still use it, but you can't write it down, so there's no where to read or learn it. RIP December 2018.


T1 w/ Stats (2011) created by @Praetorian

  • I have yet to see a fight using this ruleset, but it seems pretty interesting. Think video game type of skills, where you divide skill points among all your skills in order to increase whatever their attribute is. You can also level up with experience points, though I'm not entirely sure how. I assume with fights using this ruleset, but there might be ways to get bonus experience points. There's a bit of math since, obviously, there's no computer system to calculate all the skill points for you. Praetorian in the thread said it should take a maximum of 30 minutes if you're actually trying which, in the world of roleplay, isn't really that long.


T1 Mass Battle (2011) created by @Glory

  • I've looked around Valucre for a while, but this is the only ruleset that I have found which directly applies to large groups. Unlike The Chosen Ruleset which was specifically made for 1v1, 2v2, and can be extended to battle royals, T1MB is specifically designed to detail how to properly T1 with large groups such as gangs or armies. The core concept's in The Chosen are also upheld in T1MB even if the usage is different. The actual explanation of the rules is written IC kind of, which makes it a pretty interesting read. 
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"Okay, wait a second Ataraxy. You gave me the rules, but I'm having trouble understanding this whole mild powers limitation thing. How can you fight when there's such a wide range of acceptable power limits! Where is that limit?"

I'm glad you asked!

I generally view the mild powers category as being of three separate tiers within itself. It's important to choose a tier if you're setting up a PvP or understand what the tier is of whatever tournament you're wanting to participate in. While it's possible, you don't want to fight a Tier 3 character using a Tier 1 character. You can still technically win, but there's a large disadvantage.

Tier 1 Mild Powers is just slightly above UM (Unrealistic Melee), but quite a bit above RM (Realistic Melee).Think early Naruto or early Bleach. 

Pretty much the first three and a half minutes of this fight.Then Meliodas goes OP cause he's, well, Meliodas but yeah. General idea I think. (Minus the part where Ban is punched through the stadium mountain. Ignore that for this example lol)


Next we get to Tier 2 Mild Powers! It's my opinion that most people hover around this level because they don't want to break MP limits and get into Powered Characters. Because PC is such a HUGE category, ranging from city destroyers to Universe/ reality breakers, I can see the worry of crossing the line. 

Tier 2 MP carries similar physical capabilities as Tier 1, but now we bring in magic and powerful supernatural abilities.I think Fate Stay Night is a pretty good example. I really like this fight for a Tier 2 example.


(Minus last like 10 seconds)



Finally, Tier 3! While most RPers generally stick to Tier 2, everything changes when the T1 nation attacks! Tier three is the very limits of Mild Powers and it begins to push against the boundries of Powered Characters. I have a few examples for this one but, just in general, think about Dragon Ball Z pre-SSj1. 

Example 1 (I love this one haha)


Example 2:

If you can get over the obvious harem aspect, this whole fight is a pretty decent example of getting really close to exiting MP. Certain attacks probably would in a competition setting.



Aaaaand just for fun, my favorite example of power characters fighting....

Toppa Gurren Lagann! #throwinggalaxieslikefrisbees


That's all folks!

*Note: Although I'm confident this is where the site's MP powers stand at, I'm not staff so this is pretty much my opinion derived from combat experience on Val. Also, not all the examples are 100% exact.

*Now I am technically staff!

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