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Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

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Luther and the other Dragon Knights did work against these droves of mindless creatures. Their greatest strength was their sheer numbers against the skilled warriors of Vdara. Yet, Luther was calm and firm in his decision to push forward. He trusted that the plan that was formed earlier this day would come together, and that all of Vdara would be saved by their actions. Even if he failed with the other Dragon Knights and the two new recruits, he had faith that him comrades would complete this mission. 

Shadow magic formed around them as Liandri and Nethious gathered their powers, spreading their magic to slip in and out of the shadows. It was as if the creatures didn't even notice at first, as if the Dragon Knights slipped inside and out of a cloud. The shadows in the sky were many, and the magic hid them all too well as they slipped past the wall of eldritch monsters ahead of them.

Upon the other side Luther and Kenthu were battle ready. They were so lose to the Sky Terror that it's form nearly consumed their entire field of vision. He wondered if the others had landed upon the Sky Terror yet, if they were already commencing their objectives and missions. Only when Reyna had gained his attention, did his own purpose come back into focus. 

When fire crashed into ice, Kenthu and Luther would be the first to break through the final opening. It would stay open long enough for Reyna and Liandri to make it, but the remaining Dragon Knights would stay behind to distract the remaining foes. As the Sky Terror came closer and closer into view, the other two would see exactly where they were heading, or what they were heading into. A large, dark cavernous opening, one of many, would be where they landed upon the Sky Terror.

The opening tapered off into flat flesh like skin, that slid deep into the Sky Terror. The cavernous vent would be large enough for their three dragons to fit comfortably, though, would make flying difficult for all three at the same time. Brass talons dug into the flesh, ripping it with purpose. Once the other two landed, his lips would part and he would explain their purpose just a little more.

"We go as deep inside as possible. Destroy anything that moves. If this thing has a heart, we will find it, kill it, and get our asses out as quickly as we can before it comes crashing down into the Eastern Lake." 

His eyes would dart back to the darkness. Luther didn't doubt there would be most monsters lurking inside, he only hoped that the three of them would be enough...

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Reyna dismounted immediately. The feeling was icky, stepping on living, moving flesh. She felt the ground give in and sink beneath her feet, as if standing in one place for too long would cause her to be swallowed up by the ground.

“Perhaps we should send the dragons back. Their size may hinder them from following us into the heart,” she said to Luther.

As Athari waited for his directive, she slipped her glove on and conjured another fireball in her palm, barely giving them some vision in the darkness. It was oddly quiet at the mouth of the heart. Did the creature not even attempt to defend itself? Or was it just baiting them further in? The possibility of an ambush lying around every corner was nerve-racking to say in the least.

“Watch the ceilings. They could come from anywhere.”

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Luther nodded to Athari at her suggestion. Though it made him feel vulnerable without Kenthu at his side, the logic wasn't faulty. His eyes peer back down the tunnel as he hops of his dragon, dismissing his friend. Kenthu would leave, but remain close just in case he was needed. The knightly man spoke once more as he started a slow advance down the flesh-like tunnel.

"The Princess of Vdara has troops targeting the Sky Terror's defenses while we engage it's core."

The hand on his sword tightened as he stepped to the edge of Athari's fiery light. His eyes were narrow and pinned to the furthest edges of darkness. "Deep down here, somewhere, should be an opening with the creature's heart." Luther's explanation continued as they stepped further and further into the fleshy beast, going downward more and more. Heat flooded the cavernous hole they walked down with an unnerving pattern, making each step harder and heavier - as if the creature exhaling could be felt upon their faces.

"If they fail to lower the defenses around the heart, we may be forced to retreat." 

Just as he says this, a shadow of claws and talons fall from the very ceiling that Athari warned about. Luther narrowly dodged it as the mass of the eldritch beast slammed down between Luther and Athari. The creature's form was broken and torn as the light from Athari's fire wasn't even strong enough to distinguish its very being. The only thing distinguishable, was that it stood nearly fifteen feet tall and five feet wide with white claws and eyes floating somewhere within.

 Only when Luther gained his footing, he would cant his sword and prepare an attack of his own. Getting ready to step, Luther was stuck! Flesh like tendrils wrapped Luther's feet to the ground, trapping him as the shadowy eldritch beast began to charge him once more. Luther would swing his sword frantically at the tendrils sticking his feet. But unless the others helped him, he would have to brace for impact. 


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The smell inside the fleshy cavern was something mythic. Tears welled up in her eyes as it seeped into her wrinkled nose. When the suggestion came to leave the dragons behind, her heart sank a little. A glance back a Nethious showed that he agreed that he wouldn't fit much farther inside, even with his smaller size compared to the others. He nodded, turned and lept back into the air to defend the opening lest they be cut off from each other. 

The fireball held by Reyna gave her a little comfort but it was still too dark for comfort. With her bladed arm at the ready she followed the other two, eyes trained to the rear of the group. It was hard to distinguish what was flickering shadow and what was some creature poised to jump out and slaughter their little group. Damn if only they had some more light, she thought to herself. As the thought came to her, a blue light begin to emit from her arm. Looking down she saw that the magitech circuitry imbeded in it had begun to glow a cool blue. "Didn't know it could do that." It wasn't much more light, but it was something.

A crawling feeling spread across her skin suddenly as she heard Luther's voice, something didn't feel right. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard Luther give a warning and saw the mass crash down between him and Reyna. Blades drawn she began to run towards the creature but felt her feet being tugged at. The same as Luther she was held fast by fleshy tendrils grasping at her boots. Unlike Luther though, she had weapons which weren't as unwieldy. Freeing herself took only a moment with her razor sharp blades. With her feet constantly dancing around she began run towards Luther while avoiding being grappled again. This floor was going to make things difficult for them. Her mind spun back to her time in the Military. 

On one particular mission they had been ordered forward to clear and prepare a site to move to. Along the way they had to cross a stretch of land that had become filled with thick mud. Their small party was able to find a path but that wasn't going to help the main force as it moved across. With no time to wait for the mud to dry, they had their mages use whatever they could to burn and harden the ground in from of the force. Liandri called out to Reyna. "Sear the flesh of the ground!" 

Leaping to the side she was able to skirt the charging beast and put a gash down its side with her bladed arm. She knew the damage she had done was minimal but it might be enough to pull its attention to herself and away from Luther long enough to get free. 

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It appeared that this very moment would be a horrible moment for finesse. Or at least, forced finesse. But it seemed to Reyna that finesse was the only way out of the situation. And with finesse, she struck.

It would’ve been an impossible process for almost any magic user to weave two spells at the same time, but she wasn’t bound by the limits of mortality. Internally, her throat muscles divided into two separate columns, each one sounding off a different incantation from the other. As she did, rapid steps were taken to Luther’s position, each hurried but insistent. It wasn’t that the tentacles hadn’t tried to coil around her. But when they did, they recoiled at the deathliness that radiated off of her, sinking back into the ground where they had come from. In her left palm, a rotating blue sphere formed.

Liandri might’ve preferred fire, but Reyna was no fan of the element. And if they were going to be saved, they would have to play by her rules. Now standing between the two, she raised her left hand above her head, before slamming it down into the ground. A layer of ice formed over the ground, although its moisture was quickly absorbed by the Sky Terror itself. Reyna snapped her fingers. The ground beneath them suddenly hardened. What was once flaccid flesh now looked as if it was ready to burst. Filled with water and frozen over, the Sky Terror would have great difficulty removing the moisture from its system.

Then came her second spell. A purple cube had formed in her right hand, and she pressed said cube against Luther’s back. It wasn’t an area of magic that she was well versed in, but a shield was a shield; this one was especially big. A large purple wall of solid mana formed between Luther and the creature, dissolving the cube as it built itself.

As the creature rammed into the shield, he would find the impact to be greatly minimized, albeit being knocked back slightly, landing on Reyna who was right behind him.

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