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Serphus Alumna; Crashing Through The Gates of Sorrow, Rising Above the Tragedy {Talia}

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And once the Umbral Year approaches we are all in danger. Those sensitive to the dark whispers will fall first. 

This was always the proof. The people of Serphus Alumna hadn't suffered the most like other cities but it birthed something terrible. Something to add to the terror of the land. The land of Talia could no longer stand by and allow the people to become like Lyonesse and Athentha. Yet, the people were led by an elder who didn't care about them. 

Standing there at the entrance came their hope and strength. A lone elf trained by the militaries of Athentha and Lyonesse. Tangled with Esben, Rin and even the darkest of hearts. The battle scars had tried to claim her, but the knight templar had risen above it all. And in her time became Inquistor of Rowan and Allia. Yet she allowed Vex to have that title in Rowan. 

Her most famous fight was with Allia's own elder Yevon. He had tried to capture and enslave her to become the voice to tear the small island apart and start a civil war among them. That plan backfired as the elf battled against Yevon not allowing him to take her. Her skills learned in  the icy prisons of Athentha helped her well. However she didn't go unscathed. 

The elven girl had been carrying the elder's bite among her neck for awhile now. The infection had been running through her blood and she managed to cover the mark with a bandage. The elf girl didn't have time to deal with it at the moment. Walking down the path she had come to Serphus Alumna to get allies to help her fix Allia. 

Her name was Myrrah LaZyrix. And her purpose was to stop the war at any cost. Anything to get the land back to normal. 

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Myrrah remembered that name well. Not because he was a slaver but because of the events he tied himself within. First Rin and now Platinum-Neptune's own princess. But Esben was dying, it was the main topic of gossip within Serphus Alumna. That he was looking for a auccessor to his craft. The whispers she heard didn't bode well for the elven princess. Myrrah had noticed the similar plot chains between King Lhorr and Esben. Both wanted to use Seldeth as their end goal. Esben unknown but Lhorr did it to spite Virga. Virha had taken his land away and banished him to Platinum-Neptune. 

Lhorr was banished because he wanted rule of Talia. That he could fix every problem Virga made. He felt that Virga used his own daughter to commit horrible atrocities. And she did. The Seldeth before her kidnapping and change was a vile and corrupt woman. 

Myrrah sighed. 

Esben what are you planning?! We cannot allow Seldeth to return to that state. She would be another Rin running around. Unless he knows about the Amulet of Yevon, Seldeth should be okay.

Myrrah wondered to herself. The amulet was named after the elder for some odd readon no one knew about it. But the amulet was a key factor in many rituals corrupt the children of Virga Talia. You see, another helped Lhorr steal his daughter away and even helped in her corrupted state. Her brother, Abalone. Myrrah walked through the center of town as she knew what happened so long ago. Another tragic tale to add to the islands. 

Grand. Shaking her head, the elf headed towards the caverns. If God was on the heroes side, the amulet would still be there. Myrrah needed to retrieve it and then meet up with Yuma. She had a plan to protect the targeted witch. 

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Myrrah shook her head. She knew that things weren't going well. Yet she was determined to find the amulet. Of course Esben would desperately try to convert Seldeth to his old flame. He had been wronged by the land and it was tragic. The king of Platinum-Neptune, Lhorr, had kidnapped his love and his son was sent to assassinate him. Esben roughed him up real good, even left some hefty scars. And Virga betrayed him harder. 

But those transgressions did not allow him to commit egregious acts without consquence. He was not innocence in the debacle either. Myrrah let her thoughts go then as she didn't want to think about everything that happened in the land. It left an inpleasant taste in her mouth. Entering the small of Roux-Salas City. It was nestled in the hub of Val-Roux. But it was the best place to get information on rare and legendary items. And the amulet of Yevon was indeed rare. It was made from the blood of the vampire himself, with a bloodstone hanging from the silver chain. 

As she walked down the cobblestone streets, the buildings looked so old and dishelved. The bricks and mortar looked broken and falling apart in places. Yet others looked new and taken care of. Myrrah made her way to the market place where the hustle and bustle sounds filled of people doing their errands and whatnot. 

She made her way down an alley towards a secluded area of houses. It was where the location of where she needed to go to meet the mysterious C. 

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