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The Atrium of Lights

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Taking modest sips of the wine, Kevinar watched the lady and her partner -  her brother, it seemed. He moved aside as she made to fetch a glass, but not enough, as her arm brushed his. He smiled in prepared acceptance of the expected apology… which was not at all what she delivered. Her words, spoken quite clearly and with volume, turned a few heads and extracted a few giggles from nearby guests. While not one to be easily embarrassed, Kevinar could not help but blush a little even as the knight restrained his sister from further actions.

“Hmm, ‘that’, am I?” In spite of himself, Kevinar laughed lightly. He observed the lady, dressed most becomingly in blue shades not too far off from his own chosen color. It was very elegant, not too chaste or revealing, at least not to his taste. He smiled over at the brother, his eyes roaming over the armor worn. “’That’ is having a fine time, ser. And there is nothing to forgive… in return for the flattery, she is quite lovely,” he grinned, tilted his head her way and winking.

He straightened then, the wine glass in his hands spinning once between dexterous fingers as he examined the knight. “Excuse me, ser, but… ah! Stand there, please.” His eyes caught the sigil embroidered on the Knight’s back. He leaned sideways, seizing a better look at the rearing white stallions. “House Dormaeus, of Nvengaria,” he stated, finally recognizing the knight and where he had come from. “Renowned jouster, yes, I have heard. Your reputation precedes you, ser,” Kevinar said, bowing.

Kevinar had not firsthand seen the performance of Ser Dormaeus, but his magic and contacts allowed him certain knowledge and pathways of information others were not privy to. Needless to say, Kevinar was rather relieved at finding another Genesarian individual here, even one whose native island preferred a rather isolationist affair with its motherland.

“My pardons, ser. Perhaps you have heard of me.” He glanced around and his voice dropped so that only the pair could hear. “I am Kevinar Reyse, Archmage of Mageside City. But my friends simply call me Kevin, or my very close friends, Kev.” He smiled and held out a hand to the Lady Dormaeus. “I apologize, my lady, but your name eludes me.”

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"Dreamer." She smiled at Oxidus, finally responding back to him with her name.

The demon watched as Lapelle responded rather dryly to the person that had delivered an extravagant message. Just by her reaction, Dreamer noted that she probably didn't care about it at all. Maybe she had mistook the elf. There was a sense of air about them that called for extravagance whenever she saw them, therefore she assumed they liked that kind of attention. Lapelle seemed more annoyed than thankful. It was then that Dreamer started to wonder if what she had said was offensive to her.

Gray eyes wandered back to Oxidus, "Maybe we should go after her?"

"I think our link to finding out what this whole thing is about, just wandered off." She turned and tugged at his arm, "Seems we are already on an adventure, care to find out more?"

With that she turned, setting her glass down on the next table she saw. The demon scanned the crowd for the elf again, and then she looked back to see if the tall man was following. Dreamer tended to have a curiosity about her. Having squashed the fun Lapelle was having she wanted to make it up to her, maybe the three of them could have some good conversation, and that wasn't worth losing in a city she knew no one.

"Oxidus, your own horns, they are really colorful. Can I ask where you come from?" She smiled at continued to walk at a fairly fast pace.

As they neared the outside they found themselves in yet another crowd readying themselves for the parade. It was there that she spotted the woman, but she had no name to call out so she could get her attention. The demon pursed her lips and snorted it annoyance. Not something she was looking to do in a crowd but she had to try something. A black mist appeared in the woman's right hand, she let it drift off through the air. It slithered through the crowd like a cold breeze until it met Lapelle's arm, it then looked like a ribbon squeezing her arm and pulling it backward so she would have to look back.

If she did she would find the demon and maybe Oxidus staring at her. Dreamer smirked, wondering if it worked.

In her mind, if Lapelle was important enough to get invited to meet high people from this place, then she knew more than she was letting on when she appeared before the two of them. They knew nothing, therefore she might have found solace that they didn't question her authority. But when the invitation appeared, maybe she felt outed.

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Upon flattery paid in kind, Ada's head swiveled like clockwork toward the Blue Knight.  "See?" she bragged, leaning as she pointedly placed her hands on her hips, "And you were worried about modesty."  She sported a grin tenfold more smug than a cat having caught a mouse by the tail, and even by his posture alone, the Blue Knight liked it just as little.

Ser Dormaeus and Ada exchanged glances at the recognition of their house-- or would have, though his sister was quite used to communications between the blank-slated helm that preserved her brother's identity.  It was clear that the Blue Knight was still a bit baffled, until Ada reminded him with a point of her finger that he was wearing their crest on his shoulder.  "I'm afraid we haven't the pleasure, Archmagus.  I wasn't aware that mages took an interest in the lists," the Blue Knight replied, tapping a closed fist to his chest to hail Kevinar.  It rattled slightly, for the heavy chainmail weaved beneath his tunic.  Even in friendly conversation, however, he seemed rigid, hesitant.  Much like his country, it seemed, the Blue Knight was not keen to trust outsiders.  Truth be told, the whole grandiose party and Ada's devil-may-care audacity had him quite on edge.

Ada placed her hand delicately into the offered palm, her fingertips poised like a bird on a branch, accompanied by a small, bounced curtsy and a dip of her eyes.  "Lady Ada of House Dormaeus; quite the pleasure, Kev," she answered, assuming familiarity, as was her wont to do.  In an effort to ease the tension, she smiled.  "The nation of Nvengaria has only recently opened it's gates, you see, and we haven't yet been so far North.  Unless it sports a tournament or has a dealing in horses, it hasn't yet made a mark on our maps."  Her green eyes shifted sidelong to her brother, aimed upward considerably, for he towered over her.  "My brother doesn't quite share my appreciation for laissez faire."

Taking a sip of her drink, she tossed her long red braid over her shoulder, and inhaled deeply.  Ada's hair was an unnatural red, a merlot dyed with the utmost care to retain it's shine and deep hue.  "I, for one, enjoy what this Hyperion weather does for my skin.  Nvengaria always smells of salt; what I wouldn't give to have good hair days as fair as these."  Her vanity was stifling, with eyelashes as thick and batted as a butterfly's wing, the beauty mark poised by her eye almost animated with her cheekbones as they rose for each individual smile.  It hadn't seemed like Kevinar had minded, as she touched his arm affectionately.

From the slat in his helm, even blackened by the paint that darkened a streak across the bridge of his nose, his eyes zeroed in on his sister's touch, which had been anything but platonic.  "Mageside is of the Sanguine Empire, is it not?" Ser Dormaeus asked the Arch Mage very matter-of-factly to avert the subject, with at least a basic knowledge of their neighbors to the North.  "They say the Queen is to be adopted by your Emperor.  I suppose you've come to foster favor to pursuits of magic with your new allies, Archmagus?"  It was subtle, but the Blue Knight spoke with a cold, reticent tone.

"Brother!" Ada objected immediately, a hiss that could only just be considered playful.  The house of Dormaeus was only a Barony, a title granted to their great-great-grandfather for his service in Nvengaria's military.  Even in Nvengaria, they hadn't much of a say or claim in the politics of their island, let alone the Empires that waged expansive efforts across most of Genesaris proper.  With a balking gesture for her brother's candid rudeness, she swatted his arm, jingling the chainmail beneath.  "It's a party, for Odin's sake; let the poor man be.  Maybe he's come to enjoy the party, dance with a fair lady!"  As if right on cue, the music swelled into a festive tune, gathering much attention to the center of the light-speckled atrium.  "Speaking of which, I love this song.  Care to join me, Kev?"

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Raising and lowering his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug, Kevinar smiled. “I do not squander my energies, Ser, but I do like to keep up on the latest news. As it is, magic is not my only interest, so I take more notice of the lists than you might think.” His smile widened, as if he had taken notice of the Knight’s discomfort and sought to allay it… or as if he had taken notice, and found it amusing. Although Kevinar did try to practice modesty and proper behavior, he still fell prey to human delights.

“Ah, yes,” he continued when the Lady Ada spoke. “I have rarely been so far away from Genesaris myself. I find Terrenus quite engaging, don’t you? Its beauty is a rare thing to see, and this new city is quite a marvel. I look forward to perhaps seeing the queen herself,” he breathed, his eyes sparking at the thought of meeting true nobility.

When her delicate touch landed on his arm, Kevinar did not pull away, but let her linger there. His smiling eyes, crinkled at the edges with mirth, swiveled first to her just briefly before turning back to the Blue Knight. He did not miss the coldness in the knight’s voice, or the sharp edges present in every spoken syllable. Even so, Kevinar maintained his easy, relaxed posture and gracious manner.

“Indeed, I am proud to call the Sanguine Empire our… fatherland.” The slight hesitant pause was accompanied by a slight falter in Kevinar’s smile. The allegiance between the city and its new empirical high rule had been a trial, not all of it so enjoyable. He fell silent for just a moment before clearing his throat, raising an eyebrow as his smile returned in full force. “To foster favor? That’s an idea. I may just have to keep that in mind, my good Ser. Now-” He spun to face Ada and tilted his head to her brother. “With your leave, my Ser, I am the Archmage, so allow me to take advantage of some of my privileges – the right to dance with a fair lady.”

With a sharp movement, he shrugged off Ada’s hand, only for his own to whip out, seizing her by the arm and spinning her out to dance floor. He was there with her in a blur of blue shades, taking hold of her hands and moving into the steps of a traditional dance with enviable grace and skill. No, he never squandered his energy, or time, but did indeed use them for useful endeavors, and dancing he deemed was one of them. He moved perfectly to the steady beat of the music, dipping his body slightly in accentuation of the faster rhythm behind it, enjoying the harmony of drums and wind instruments driving the elegant, but lively sound forward.

The lights of the Atrium played over both their faces and forms, exaggerating their features. Ada’s fiery strands of hair were set alight by the colors, and Kevinar’s black strands reflected miniature rainbows amidst his deeper locks. He moved slightly closer to her, his face nearly touched hers as they danced.

“Your brother seems quite protective… if a little stern and standoffish,” he commented lightly. “Must you deal with that every day? I prefer the more… well, my own friends and relatives are scarcely so stiff. No offense to your family, lovely lady. Forgive me if I speak out of turn.”

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