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The Unofficial Official Valucre List of Playable Character Races

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It's finally here, after all this time!


[Canned Applause]


Alright, but before I get started, I have to make a brief disclaimer here for all the newbies looking at this right now. Take a second and read this next bit, because it's incredibly important.

DISCLAIMER: The following list is composed entirely of races other users have already made characters of, and as such this list is always growing. Additionally, this list is not official, and not fully inclusive. You are by no means expected to pick from this list when making characters, nor do you need to conform to this list in any way. This list is not official. This list is not official.

Additionally, I am hoping to constantly add more races to this list as I go, so if at any point you would like a race submitted to this page for others to consider using, then by all means go ahead and send me a private message. I'm on here almost every day, and I reply quickly, so it won't be hard to see something you made end up on this page.

Also, a tremendous thanks to @supernal for not only supporting this idea before I even started working on it, but also constantly checking in with me. Props to that guy.


The following document is an ongoing list of many races that appear in Valucre as player characters and NPC's. They have been documented here for ease of access and identification, and to help new and veteran users find new ideas for characters quicker. The list updates often (hopefully) and I will attempt to frequently interact with users in order to add new races that I find interesting. Please, use this list to your own discretion, and remember that this serves as more of a guideline instead of stiff rules. Do as you please, and make a character you're happy with.

If you would like to submit a player race of your own, please feel free to PM me with the following formatting.

Race Name: (Official and Colloquial) 

Basic Physical Description of the Race: (Things like size, weight, body type, etc; are they furries? Zombies?)

Age of Race: (How long has the race been around for?)

Place of Origin: (If they're indigenous to Val, just specify what continent they came from. Do they share any common ancestors with other races on Val? Are they from another world?)

Character Sheets for Reference

I am fairly lenient in terms of composition, so as long as all of this information exists somewhere for me to find, I will be satisfied.



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Race Name: Demio Mundi (Demac or Half-Soul Elves)

Basic Description: Demac are androgynous, lithe, light-skinned and agile elves who are renowned for herbokinesis and how tree limbs bend to catch their feet as they run atop the canopies of Moonwood.

Age of Race: Pre-historic / Proto-Gaian

Place of Origin: Moonwood, Terrenus

Credit to @Off Topic for this particular race. The official page does it more justice than this little blurb does.

You should play the Demio Mundi if:

You want to write as a lithe, gorgeous elf that leaps through the trees, picking off foes from afar and scaling walls as a quick-moving, and doubtlessly skilled assassin, burglar and thief. Great for rogue-types!

Race Name: Oiche Duende (Night Elf)

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Easily distinguished by their silver hair and full body tribal tattoos. They are lithe and tall, with angular facial features and feline like eyes. Skin tones and hair textures vary. They have a magpie's taste for accessories and prefer to not wear shoes.

Age of Race: Prehistoric

Place of Origin: The Wilds of Terrenus. 

Credit to the lovely @KittyvonCupcake who also mentioned that this particular race is pretty darn anarchistic, and wouldn't actually care for a census of any kind. The fact that they appeared on the Census is a delicious irony.

You should play as the Oiche Duende if:

You want to play a more well-rounded kind of knife-ear. Wanna wield big swords, or shoot things with magic, or just be an edgy samurai warrior? Odds are you wouldn't go wrong with Night Elves. 

(Some Character Sheets for reference: Draug and Ioreth)

Edited by Jotnotes
Added some reference character sheets.

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Race Name: Dyde

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Insectoid Humanoids, resembling that of praying mantis and inspired largely by Duriel from Diablo 2. (Author's note: You are not doing your job correctly if you have to reference an image or idea from other literature to describe something. Never do this.)

Age of Race: Hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. 

Place of Origin: A distant planet referred to as the Dyde homeworld. 

Character Sheets for Reference

Qin the Dyde

Credit to the talented @Wanderlost for both of these commissions here. The Dyde are an off-world race, meaning that while they do have a presence on Valucre they aren't native to the world. There's a lot of races out there that follow a similar rule, so this isn't that uncommon. It also has an annoying habit of skipping around the whole canonizing process, which is kind of cheating. Anyway, the Dyde are fun if you enjoy impaling bandits and monsters with your hands, as well as playing a race that has had to learn to overcome their own xenophobia in the face of other xenophobic races. Lots of wiggle room here, so I'd encourage you experiment with the race a bit and see what works.

Race Name: Edian Angel

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Humanoids bestowed with a divine gift by the god Siwel. They are identifiable as such by their coal black hair, golden eyes, and a unique symbol relating to their fate on their palms, which only appear when illuminated by light other than the sun.

Age of Race: At least 3000 years. 

Place of Origin: The Solace of the Broken Valley, Shattered Continent, The Edian Realms.

Character Sheets for Reference AntiqueAlarinThelan

Look, you know for a fact that playing an angel of some kind is always a good time, mmkay? The Edian Angels are essentially a metaphor for humanity's vanity, and the belief we all share that life has a plan for us. When you play this race you are essentially going on a spiritual journey, in which you beat the crud out of monsters and men alike, all while firmly believing that you are some kind of hero. Or maybe it's just a divine race for the sake of claiming divinity. 

Official Unofficial Lore Page for the Edian Realms, homeland of these angels.


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Race Name: Fairy / Faerie

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Tiny, winged creatures the size of a man''s palm. A subset of the 'races' from the land of the Fae.

Age of Race: Ancient, earlier than humans

Place of Origin: Land of the Fae, a spiritual/magical realm that exists alongside the physical realm of Valucre. The Fae-kind is split into the Summer and Winter courts (or Seelie and Unseelie), with the Fae from the two courts having an affinity to light and dark magic respectively. 

Character Sheets for Reference: Lunara

Full Credit to the wonderful @jaistlyn. I would recommend referring to this species as 'pixies' instead, but there's so much overlap involved with this project of mine that it really doesn't matter much. The Land of the Fae will surely be updated and fleshed out in the future, so I wouldn't be surprised if I update this page in the future. Faeries are small, tricky species that make excellent companions, healers and mages, but if you wanna go on a legendary quest to kill an average-sized spider with a needle and button shield, go for it.

Race Name: Matreyan

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Athletic; Bi-pedal humanoid; Males can reach six foot five, females can reach as tall as six foot one; Almond-shaped eyes, high cheek bones; Long, straight dark hair. Skin tones range for pale to olive-complected.

Age of Race: Terrenus: Two years; In total: Two and a half centuries

Place of Origin:

Terran Matreyans are indigenous to Eastern Terrenus; They are often mistaken for Welanders due to their almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones and long, straight hair. Terran Matreyans are more fair complected than the elder generations.

Old World Matreyans hail from a nation planet known as Vadenia, commonly referred to as Matreya. This imperial nation dissolved under civil war, leaving remnants of refugees from all over such as the nomadic Kanzaki-shi tribe, and the Imperial Senarian house's surviving heir, Lady Raveena

All Credit the the fantabulous @Deus Ex Aizen for this submission. Matreyans are actually one of the first races on this list to be a unique take on humans located someplace in Val. If you just want to play a human, because you don't buy into all that fantasy knife-ear garbage, try out these guys, and take them in any direction you like. Personally, I'd love to make a smug, secretive Matreyan cleric, wearing light silken robes and carrying a giant scythe around to purge nonbelievers in the name of some unfathomable cult. Or, y'know. Make a sneaky archer or something.

Race Name: Half-Giants, "Stoneskins"

Height: 7' to 8'2, on average. Minimal height discrepancies between males and females.

Weight: 184 lbs - 468 lbs for women, 224 lbs - 508 lbs for men.

Basic Physical Description: Colossal Beings that marry some of the height and strength of giants, with the more physiological proportions of humans. Almost always have black, shaggy hair, save for some cases of albinism, and the infrequent red-haired, green eyed recessive trait. Has a unique autoimmune reaction to oxygen on open wounds that results in rapid flaking and scabbing of the skin, forming thick 'scales' that prevent bleeding and infection while also providing natural, lightweight armor.

Age: Appeared on Valucre within the same time frame as humans as Proto-Giants, which later became Half-Giants through successive generations.

Place of Origin: While the species of Half-Giant varies with the Giant progenitors themselves, the Stoneskin Half-Giants are native to Genesaris, and can be found along the mountain range bordering the Easternmost part of the Continent, though their numbers have long been diminished. 

To date, the overwhelming majority of purebred Stoneskin Half-Giants is at an increasing low, following a swift and bloody civil war amongst the various tribes that once made their homes in and around the mountains. If the Proto-Giants were considered first generation Half-Giants, then the Half-Giant as we know it today would have been a third generation Half-Giant or further. Most modern Half-Giants are Eighth Generation Half-Giants.

See Ohma, the Half-Giantess

This is a race I made up on my own. The Stoneskin Half-Giants are a dying breed, meaning that you'd be playing as a part of an old failing race. That doesn't mean the story of the Half-Giants ends with any characters you make, mind, but there is scarce little history behind them now. Characters built upon this archetype would be warriors, hunters and shaman trying to find a new home for themselves somewhere on Valucre, without any real place to call home at first. Just...don't let Ohma spot them, hmm? She'd be upset that she didn't finish the job earlier.


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Race Name: Radar Fox (Vulpes frequentia

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Radar foxes are as large as red foxes, of which dimensions are available on Wikipedia, except for a few key points: the braincases of their skulls are a little taller and a good bit longer, the points of their ears end in long, whip-like growths (around 1/3 of body length), and they have six limbs instead of four. The front two limbs end in five-digit hands biomechanically identical to those of bipedal humanoids, but they need at least five free to balance while walking. The coloration of their fur can be monochrome, spotted, gradient, or dual-tone usually with shades of brown, orange, black, and white.

Radar foxes are fully sapient (though there are quite a few that would argue that their sentience isn't full sapience), and communicate by transmitting radio frequencies between 3MHz and 30MHz (the same band that CB and amateur radios use, also known as the decameter band, or High Frequency (HF)), giving radar foxes their colloquial name. Radar foxes can receive radio frequencies between 300Hz and 3GHz, all through the whip-like growths from the tips of their ears (or eartennae).

Age of Race: Nobody truly knows how long radar foxes have existed as a species, but some scholars estimate that the species first formed around 28,000 years ago.

Place of Origin: Radar foxes are native to various angelic realms and planes, sometimes living and breeding with angelic foxes. So far no known breeding population has been found on Valucre.

 Character sheets for two of these living in Taen can be found here

Credit to @notmuch_23 for this submission. They listed this race as a not quite player character race, so I wouldn't immediately run to this race for all your needs. They do have stats, however, and are playable if you like.

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Race: Kobold

Description: Short, scaled humanoids quite reminiscent of other draconic humanoids, including scales, talons, claws, horns and tails. Kobolds tend to weigh anywhere between 25 kilograms and 35 kilograms at their heaviest, and range from 1m to 1.3m in height. Kobolds typically sport very dull, muted colored scales, such as various shades of brown, green, grey and occasionally dark reds, although there are very few instances of albinism and melanism here and there. Kobold tails are often quite varied, ranging from 1-2 feet per specimen, with most averaging approximately 18 inches of tail. These appendages are quite inflexible, have very little natural armor, and a great deal of blood circulation, making them sensitive and easily injured. This does not stop most members of the species from thrashing their tails around with incredible strength, and some kobolds have been known to fasten blades to their tails to serve as weapons.

Kobolds are said to be a distant cousin of drakes, and are sometimes referred to as 'Wyrmbloods' for this reason. Almost all Kobold live for an incredibly long time, and a peculiar majority of the population is capable of ascending into the role of 'Great Wyrm' if they live long enough. (See 'Great Wyrm' for more details.) Because of the fragile nature of Kobolds, this does not happen frequently.

Age of Race: Kobolds have been around just as long as Dragons have, or so they have claimed. According to Kobold lore, when Dragons first appeared in Genesaris, the Kobolds followed them into their new homes, quickly making their way deep into the depths of the mountains in order to etch out their homes amongst the stone and iron.

Place of Origin: While modern Kobolds can be found anywhere on Valucre, their homeland is within Genesaris, where they've long since taken to hiding within the various caves and ancient shafts of the mountains.

Another submission by myself. Kobolds are interesting in that a lot of other universes don't typically list the Kobold as a playable race for a number of reasons. I like to believe that, given their numbers and lifestyle, Kobolds would be able to flourish quite well among the other races of Valucre, and seeing as we're all trying to scratch that 'smol dragon character' itch, Kobolds definitely fit the bill. Play a Kobold and do whatever you like. They're like dwarves, except actually cool.

Race: Great Wyrm (Deviation of Kobolds)

Description: Wyrm is another word for Dragon, and given that this title has been supplied by a species that worships Dragons, it should be synonymous with age and power. Great Wyrm is a title given to the Kobolds who survive well past maturity, that is, the first eight years of their lives, and begin to grow stronger and stronger. Past their first twenty years of life, Kobolds begin to grow in size, weight and strength over the years, and with that growth they become more of a threat. Should they avoid an untimely demise due to their aggression, Kobolds will begin to develop additional limbs, which slowly develop into wings. Their scales grow heavier, their bodies distort and extend, and at around 120 years of growth, many Kobolds undergo a second birthing of sorts, in which they spontaneously erupt into flame, only to be born from the ashes, should they all remain in one place.

At this point, the Kobold has properly ascended to the role of "Great Wyrm", a mock dragon with great power and strength. Though they still lack much of the strength their idols do, they are most assuredly capable of contending with Dragons for dominance at this point in their lives. Some Kobolds that are predisposed towards having Wyrmblood occasionally are born with wings, or magicked breath, though both do not manifest until later in the Kobold's life.

Also, Kobolds can turn into dragons sometimes. Well, Great Wyrms. Same thing.

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Race Name: Dragoons

Basic Physical Description of the Race: These are human-dragon hybrids. Not to be confused with dragons who can turn into humans. They walk, talk, move, and everything like a human... because they are humans. 

Age of Race: Since the dawn of dragon and man.

Place of Origin: Genesaris - Vdara Kingdom 

Related Lore: These are humans who have bonds made with dragons so strong, that they are able to take on their companion's physical traits. The human is able to grow wings, produce claws for hands, cover themselves in scale for armor, etc. etc. This bond is often so strong that it can be passed down through genetics. Dragoons are offspring who do not need a dragon counter part in order to call forth their scale armor, wings, claws, or fire breath. The stronger the dragon and human who've formed this bond, the stronger the traits. It has been noted, that some can control a full transformation. These dragoons are capable of walking in the world of man and dragon, cousin to the draconian race itself and well respected due to such an accomplishment.

Full credit to the delightful @Ayden for this concept. I mean, you could play a Dragoon, but why would you when Kobolds are obvously the superior race? If you're eager to, though, play a Dragoon if you:

Like wearing fancy clothes all the time, and traveling light, knowing that you have  your own supplemental armor that can be activated at any time. With natural armor, Dragoon make for superb soldiers of any kind, as this armor doesn't hinder movement or fighting style at all. Mages, Archers, Assassins and Warriors alike all get this neat little bonus, so there's lots of room to play around. I think a Dragoon battlemage would be entertaining, in that you become an unstoppable fireball dispenser.

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Race Name: Catfolk (Colloquially Known as Neko, Kitsune and other Weeb trash)

Base Description: Lithe humanoids often resembling humans or elves, but with varying amounts of cat likeness. The most prevalent modifiers include cat ears, tails, eyes, tongues and sometimes fur covering part of or the entire body. Their fur color often matches their natural hair color, though there are some minor discrepancies from time to time. Most catfolk have typical human skin tones, and cross-breeding between humans and catfolk has no noticable changes in the offspring. There are no "half-catfolk" then, which suggests that catfolk are, in fact, the genetic offspring of human/nonhuman relationships. Working theories range from humans mating with the more feral kitsune, or nine-tailed fox girl, or the interaction between humans and certain gods. 

Age of Race: Without formal records, there's no definite dating for the first appearance of catfolk. However, given their habitat and behavior, it's safe to assume that they are at least as old, if not slightly younger, than early mankind.

Place of Origin: Weland, Terrenus

I will not supply catfolk character sheets because you already know what a catfolk is, you dirty weeaboo. >.>

Play a catfolk if:

You have watched anime at least once.

Want to be normal, but not too normal.

Feel like playing a race that's naturally charismatic, attractive and sneaky, without being forced to play a stealthy character. Character playstyles can range from stealthy archer-types, to heavy-handed knights and hunters, and even mages. Arguably, playing a catfolk would be like being human, but you have innate stealth and charisma, instead of innate strength and intelligence, I guess. Look, if you read this at all, you're probably just going to play one anyway, so do what you like!



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Race Name: Minotaurus (Colloquially known as Minotaur, Bovine, Tauren and Cow-People)

Base Description: Towering masses of fur and muscle, Minotaurus are probably best known for their likeness to cattle. The average Minotaurus ranges anywhere from 7 feet to 10 feet at maturity. Like most animal humanoid species, the variation of their animal features varies entirely from genetic specimen to specimen. There are some Minotaurus that can be mistaken for half-giants, save for the horns curling from their heads, and there are even almost entirely bestial varieties, with shaggy, coarse fur covering their entire bodies, with humanoid musculature beneath all the fur and fat.

Female varieties are often extremely voluptuous, with very few instances of small-breasted specimens being recorded. In most tribes, women are especially revered, as Minotaurus never truly stop drinking mother's milk, as it is readily available, and provides most of the species' essential nutrients. Minotaurus milk is widely acclaimed as a sort of miracle product, for this very reason.

While Minotaurus are typically extremely heavy, and extremely strong, they are not entirely limited to being dumb muscle. Minotaurus tribes are generally vibrant places where culture and religion tend to be placed at a forefront. There are plenty of instances of Minotaur Shaman, as well as several other instances of bullmen making their way into military ranks in all matter of positions. Minotaur bowmen are feared for their extreme range, and their heavy endurance. You haven't learned the meaning of terror, until hell rains down upon your position from several miles away in the form of massive iron arrows.

Age of Race: Minotaur, like many other beastmen tribes, claim to have existed as long as humanity has, but interestingly enough the minotaurus have records to prove this claim. According to tanned hide artwork--minotaur tribes have been around to record the formative years of nations across Terrenus and Genesaris.

Place of Origin: Minotaurus originated in Terrenus and Genesaris, respectively. As a result, there are two major differences in their species.

The Genesaris variety are more social than the Terran variety, and many of them integrated successfully into mixed populations all around Genesaris.

 As a result, Minotaur from Terrenus tend to be hardier, leaner and more sparse. Given that their tribes remain self-sufficient, they also tend to be more bestial, as mating pools are quite limited. Minotaurus do not suffer the same genetic failings other races do from inbreeding, and a population can be rebuilt entirely by one male and a harem of females.

Terran Minotaurus are naturally stronger than their Genesarian cousins, who happen to be more intelligent and dextrous (but not by a whole lot. There still exists a great deal of beefcakery in Genesarian populations.)

Play a Minotaur if:

You want to tower over most other races around you.

Reach astonishingly high speeds, hit astonishingly hard, and come up with some astonishingly intelligent ideas from time to time. (Unless you're like Cinderella, who cannot remember her own name from time to time.)

Here's a little lesson, actually: You know how I put this little bit down here? Nevermind it. The way I understand it, if you can put what you're doing into words, you can get away with it.

You wanna be a minotaurus archer? "My guy is so strong, he built a custom bow from dragon bones, and launches arrows miles away!" "My minotaur is too dumb to understand how magic works, therefore, he cannot be corrupted by using this particular magic" "My minotaur reaches top speeds of 80 mph when she starts running!" Just do that. It works all the time, trust me.


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Race Name: Djafi (Colloquially known as 'Yeens', Gnoll-lings, or Hyenakin.

Race Description: Similar to Gnolls in many respects, the Djafi (pronounced 'Yeah-fee' or, if you're feeling humorous 'Yiff-y' >.>) differ primarily from their beastial cousins in that they're much more humanoid in appearance, resembling men more closely than they do hulking, shaggy abominations. That is, they're still covered in coarse, spotted fur, with a a notable tuft of softer fur that runs down along the specimen's spine, but have a straighter spine and less gargantuan skeletal structure. The average Djafi specimen is approximately 5-10, and weighs somewhere in the range of 170-210 lbs. Very similar to other canine-esque beastmen, Djafi age at approximately five times that of a human, meaning that a singular year on Valucre is worth five to a member of this generally approachable race. Pushing the similarities between them and common dogs, the Djafi are considered to be rather peaceable, in contrast to their larger cousins, and live in tight-knit communes, working towards group sustainability above all else. That's not to say that they are pushovers, however; the Djafi are plenty strong, agile and quick witted, making them a common enough sight in all manner of militaries. 

Age of Race: Fossil records indicate that Djafi may have existed alongside humanity for the duration of their time on Valucre, though beyond the fossil record there exists no official writing or records to describe early Djafi society. From the fossil record, however, it's very likely to assume that the Djafi share common ancestry with Gnolls and Humanity, though the origin of the species is not specified. 

Origin of Race: It is suggested that the earliest Djafi originated someplace within Orisia, in Genesaris. Whether they lived their entire lives there, or migrated elsewhere cannot be guaranteed, but it's not uncommon to find Djafi all across Genesaris now. Species-exclusive communes are few and far between in the common era.

A very special thank-you to @Scout22 for suggesting this particular race. It's nice to plug another race into the list after a little bit of silence, and I'm sure you guys are happy to see more races to work with.

And, of course, a character sheet for reference.


Edited by Jotnotes

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Race Name: Sukai (Colloquially known as vampires, specifically 'psychic vampires'.)

Race Description: The Sukai are a reclusive race of empath vampires, creatures who feed off of the strong emotions of other sentient beings, doing so in a matter of ways both invasive and subtle. Their numbers are limited, but their appearance varies widely based upon their birth-host. The Sukai are not naturally occuring vampires, and require sentient hosts in order to come into existence. This process is far more complex than simply being 'bitten' or 'turned', however, and the process has varying degrees of success, which coincides with the different ranks that form Sukai society. 

In general, however, all Sukai are fiercely intelligent, quite manipulative, but sacrifice physical strength in exchange for these improved talents. That is, the Sukai aren't completely crippled in terms of physical strength, but their greatest assets lie within trickery, guile, seduction and sorcery.

The Sukai feed off of strong human emotions, including lust, anger, love, pain and sorrow, and they can gather their strength from these sources either through empathetic links--long term psychic connections with other intelligent species. While the Sukai aren't well-known for growing close to other races, this is arguably the most efficient method of feeding for the Sukai, as it gives them greater leeway over their food supply. This is a two-way street, however, as the Sukai and Subject share their thoughts and feelings much more readily this way. This can lead to unexpected romances, rivalries, friendships, and so forth. The Sukai aren't too likely to keep around their empathy-linked targets forever, and being removed from the Sukai's presence can be damaging for the Subject. They're also capable of feeding passively, off of emotions around them, arguably the weakest form of feeding for the Sukai, or through physical contact (generally through skin contact of any kind. Sex is a popular method.)

The Sukai are perhaps best known for their ability to perform Shadowcasting. Similar to Umbramancy, Shadowcasting involves the literal warping and manifestation of shadows, twisting the absence of light into different shapes for defense, utility or straightforward combat. All Sukai know at least a little Shadowcasting, while some of the more talented, or 'pure' Sukai are capable of bending shadow in any way they please, to suit their needs. Shadowcasting, as the Sukai do it, isn't something other races can perform, but it can still be mimicked a la Umbramancy, or directly subverted through bright light, fire and sunlight.

Like typical vampires, sunlight is poisonous to the Sukai, with stronger specimens being affected more by the sun than their weaker variants. This means that the weakest Sukai can quite readily move about in the sunlight for sporadic periods of time, whereas higher echelons of the Sukai must take great pains to avoid sunlight at all cost.

Age of Race: The Sukai have been around for several thousands of years, existing alongside primitive men in select places around Terrenus, and while there are few records to suggest otherwise, there may be other Sukai residing elsewhere in Valucre, though if they are, they've yet to make themselves known.

Notable Examples of the Sukai include Vas-Vivine, a Vas-Sukai (a term used to describe Sukai royalty) found entombed in stone beneath two ancient crypts unearthed during the construction of the new Fortress erected by the followers of Saint Zedda. Where she is now, is unclear.

Play a Sukai if you wanna get deep deep deep into political intrigue, pulling the strings from the inside, messing with the affairs of mortal men and women and savoring in the emotions brewing all around you. After all, in the wartorn lands of Terrenus, emotion is raw and ripe for the picking, and it's a good time to be an emotion-eating vampire! ?



A very special "Thank You" to @Raspberry LA for their fantastic work on the Sukai, a race that I absolutely could not do justice in the short space I was given to write about them. Folks, if this race is something you might want to check out for yourselves, then I implore you to check out the official page of the Sukai, where Raspberry goes into more detail about the Sukai, their hierarchy, caste systems, lifestyle and life cycle, and even their taboos, superstitions and so much more! It's really an astonishing labor of love put together for the love of the craft, and it's been a lot of fun getting to know the Sukai in my own way. 

Once again, please check that page out, and drop a thinking emoji on it if you have to. Thanks!


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On 5/6/2018 at 12:17 PM, Jotnotes said:

Race Name: Changeling (Official Name Unknown)

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Androgynous, peculiar beings with a diverse, and oftentimes confusing history. Changelings are perhaps best described by what they usually are not. To explain, Changelings are best known for imitating other races in order to infiltrate social groups, including those of baser animals, as well as most humanoid societies. A changeling's appearance outside of this shapeshifting varies, and their size is determined entirely by how much biomass they've consumed. Larger changelings can imitate larger beings, but much jettison excess biomass in order to do so. Typically, changelings outside of their disguise appear in whatever shape best suits their current needs. Animalistic changelings tend to have multiple limbs, and even fur. More humanoid changelings are typically taller than humans on average, with transparent, gossamer hair. They typically retain an androgynous form, male or female, but, again, due to the nature of Changelings, this will vary.

Age of Race: Officially speaking, nobody really knows exactly what a changeling is, or where they came from. There are folktales and speculation, of course, but the most critical evidence anyone has is that Changelings, and stories of changelings, have been coming up since some of the earliest recorded histories. Ancient texts suggest that Changelings have been noted among human populations, and even in stories and poems, for quite some time. Whether these are made-up accounts, or 'stories' is something else. Certain populations of Fae have also notated the presence of Changelings among their kin for quite some time as well. It seems to be, then, that Changelings have been around as long as we have, or perhaps longer. If so, where did they come from?


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The latest update to the Player Race list has arrived.


Race Name: Kuu (Name Origin Unknown)

Race Description: Varies from race to race. Tends to assume forms resembling the sentient and observing races around them. This is not guaranteed, and there are various deformations, alterations, and mutations. Some might have different color palates, for instance, more arms, variable hair, or new, previously unnamed appendages, organs or parts. It's uncertain whether or not these are guaranteed, as there are no official records on the matter. Many Kuu simply appear different than their 'subjugates', primarily out of myth, legend, or taste.

All Kuu have, in one form or another, a symbol on their body signifying their nature. This symbol is only visible to other members of the species, or those able to perceive hidden, or concealed runes, glyphs or symbols.

The Kuu are, in one way or another, a race of interstellar travelers, that travel to life-sustaining worlds in search of disciples. The primary source of power for the Kuu is their parasocial relationship with these 'subjects' (or subjugates, depending on the context of the relationship). As their following grows in strength, their strength also grows. Typically, Kuu are meant to be great heroes or villains, movers and shakers in the tapestry of history, and often use their strength to shuttle the world forward.

Age of Race: The Kuu have been around in recorded history for an estimated 5,000 years. Beyond that, if they've ever intervened on Valucre before that, there's no records of it found. 


For more information on the Kuu, go ahead and check out Moi's page on 'em. It's pretty new, but interesting regardless! Give it a gander!

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We have updates!

It's been a while since the last character races were added, but last week @Veloci-Rapture provided me with a fistful of new races to smack down here, and once again, you're free to use these if you like! I'd also ask that if you want more information on them, you check the links provided to check out character sheets and additional lore.

Purple Slimes

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Sentient, Humanoid Slimes of a magical nature, Purple Slimes are an all-female race of magic-devouring creatures. As with most slimes, Purple Slimes don't have a strict 'sex' but are hermaphroditic, and may reproduce as a male or female. Most slimes tend to prefer a female appearance, for reasons unknown. Like most slimes, Purple Slimes can alter their shape and consistency at will, and Purple Slimes in particular are quite adept at this practice, being able not only to change their shape, density and texture, but also their colors as well for a number of hours. However, they cannot change their jelly-like nature, and interacting with them at all makes it very obvious that they aren't solid. Purple Slimes are evil by nature, but their minds and beliefs are incredibly malleable, and the attitudes and disposition of a slime can be shaped quite easily. Outside of well-established cities and towns, most Slimes work together in large families, feeding on wandering travelers and preparing ambushes for wildlife. To a slime outside of the larger cities, survival is key, and their unusual feeding habits call for a careless cruelty. Purple Slimes in particular are well known for devouring sorcery, and can even hold onto a cast spell in order to regurgitate it back afterwards. This makes Purple Slimes perhaps not the mightiest of Slimes, but assuredly some of the harder ones to deal with, as a stray fireball can crush a Slime Hunting Party in a moment's notice.

Age of Race: Purple Slimes originated from the great Squish, an event in which the Great King Slime began to split apart as he traveled the land and sea, splitting into smaller slimes as he traveled. Purple Slimes were among the first to split off, making them rather old in terms of Slimehood.

Place of Origin: Purple Slimes, like all other slimes, originated from a singular, mythical Great King Slime, a massive, possibly alien lifeform that rolled across the sea floor onto land. It split apart slowly, and as it did, its kin scattered everywhere it went, changing color as the Great King Slime devoured newly colored plants and animals. Purple Slimes were born rather early in this lifespan, and according to lore, took the King Slime's magic with them, a parting gift to his lovely daughters. Purple Slimes are found almost everywhere other slimes are, and tend to thrive the most in temperate climates.

Shadow Goblins

Basic Physical Description of the Race: Not necessarily goblins, but goblinoids, Shadow Goblins (or Purplekin) are small, dark-skinned goblinoids. Like all goblinoids, they are of short stature and physique, but the Shadow Goblins boast a strange amount of arcane powers that cut them an edge above their kind, such as the ability to track prey's life source to find them easily. They can kill and absorb some of a prey's essence to recover, and can even shapeshift into that of a prey they've killed or tracked. Shadow Goblins can also teleport, manipulate shadows into weapons and tools and inflict pain--but little damage--from a distance. Despite their shifty nature, Shadow Goblins actually have a strict code of ethics, and seem to hold themselves to higher standards than typical goblins.


Cowardice is not a vice. If something goes wrong, you are expected to leave the slow one behind. If you are slow, you will be left behind. 

If you get away with doing something, it was good, and you are good. If you get caught and effectively punished for doing something, it was bad, and you are bad. 

Shiny things are mine, unless they're yours. Unless you're not watching them and I take them, in which case they're mine.

All promises are binding. To the letter. The exact letter. "Implied promises" are cheating. 

Age of Race: Shadow Goblins are quite old, but never really made their way into the spotlight as their kind tends to live in small clans and keep to themselves. Their stories and traditions are typically oral-based, and Shadow Goblins rarely make such distinctions between themselves and their goblin cousins, further adding confusion to their history. 

Character sheets:


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