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 I’ve been having a bit of nostalgia lately, and I know I can’t be the only one who does this.

So I’d like to hear everyone’s favorite or well liked RP stories. It doesn’t have to be from Val – it doesn’t even have to be recent - it doesn't even have to be yours! Just something you remember that struck you, or something you remember very fondly.

I’ll start (obviously).

Way back in the days of Yahoo, the dark ages, there was a man named Nick. I don’t remember much of him beyond his love of the band Dope and his absolute love of Stargate Atlantis. Zoom ahead to where our characters meet – it’s a tavern, dark and broody (as they always were) with free-flowing bloodwyne and many edgelord mongrels taking up space. His character, Alex Sypher, rolls in from a Stargate just a couple miles into the forest or whatever.

MY character, also Alex (who happens to be the most ridiculous catgirl because I was young and semi retarded), has been terrorizing the tavern with her obnoxious energy for some time when she finds her newest vic—er, friend. Skip ahead a bit, and Sypher and Alex are talking and a giant ass dragon starts trying to burn the tavern down!

So in his infinite wisdom, Sypher ‘frags’ the dragon, which only results in making it angry (of course), and Alex panics and flees into the Stargate with an angry ass dragon chasing after them.

Thus began the adventures of Alex and Alex.


This isn’t the only one, but it’s been on my mind a lot because I’ve been rewatching Stargate: Atlantis.

Anyone else?

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Ok well. I’mma drop another, because I can.

It should be no surprise to anyone that this memory includes Praetorian.


This one also falls back in the day – and is probably one of my absolute favorite.

It’s a beach, I don’t remember why. I think Senko (Prae’s dude) and my Koori were headed back ot their compound after finishing a mission. They decided to pause at the beach because who doesn’t love beach days, amirite?

Anyway. They’re prancing about in the waves, and Senko does something silly, or probably nothing at all. Poor guy gets abused at every turn. At some point, for whatever reason, Koori picks up a starfish and throws it at him. Senko being dramatic, screams

“SHURIKENFISH!” and flops over, starfish attached to him. After that, any projectile was dubbed shurikenfish.


Of course since then, it’s been a running joke.

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Let me step in and bring up a memory of my own. 

So this one goes far, far, far into the past. The absolute first RPing I have ever done. Which was... Neopets. 

Yeah-yeah, whatever. I had a soft spot for cutesy animals. And surprisingly there was a bustling RP community there. So in all the flurry of Naruto RPs and whatever else, I started a super edgy vampire/supernatural being roleplay. And in those days I was a very primitive roleplayer. One-liners and ** for actions and dialogues along the lines of "Hello." and "No way." and "Sugoi!"

But then all of a sudden, Summer break happens, I take a pause from the vampire/supernatural being RP. And during the Summer break little me just goes "Wait a minute. Can't I just kinda fill in more gaps? Describe what's happening around the character? Or in his head?" Cue me coming back to my very patient partner (whose name and/or username I can no longer recall, and whose willingness to stick with me through my horrific one-liners baffles me in hindsight) and rolling out my first long post. Two whole paragraphs elaborately describing the dance of my character with hers at the ball we set up just before I left for my Summer break. 

My co-player was suitably impressed and in OOC told me how "All of a sudden in just a month you have improved by miles!" And that's kind of how my "voyage" towards Adv-Lit RP began. 

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My favorite RP was during a tournament--the Grand Tournament. And it involved an interactive arena. My opponent turned out to be a long-time friend Tzak Bishop. A Russian Metahuman thug who owned a bar and fight club Rae attended and supported regularly.

They were in Budapest, and had to make it over the Danube on flying gondolas. Tzak was ahead, and Rae was trying to catch up to him, trying to jump from ship to ship. They were finally on the same ship when their gondola was struck down and crashed near a cathedral. Inside the cathedral was a crown that was said to have the power of God. Naturally, Tzak wanted it, and Rae wanted to stop him--worried that such a relic isn't possibly made for humans to have.

And so, they began to fight. It's not that they had anything against each other. They were friends and allies, but she wanted to stop him from destroying himself, and he wanted to stop her from getting in the way of his ambition and desire for power.

Then they were interrupted.

By a very tall, very powerful Hungarian King, who attacked them both with his big-ass sword. And it's one of those rivalry things where, "Well fuck this, no one gets to defeat you but me!" So they had to fight the King, save each other from crippling or life threatening blows from said King, while still fighting each other. It was a very dynamic and dramatic fight that wasn't just a fight--it reminded me of action movies. It really highlighted both competitors, shed light on their relationship as well as their fighting resolve.

We didn't get to finish the fight in the allotted time, but I walked away with a victory.

Easily the most memorable thing I've ever written. It's still on Gaia, and I occasionally go back and read it for reference.


I think my other favorite was waaaaaaaaaaay back in the chat room I used to attend. People knew I was a decent speed fighter and would try to ambush me to get the upper hand in beating me and it never really worked out.

I remember I had gone to Cookout and gotten a milkshake, so naturally when the next person attacked me, Raven had a milkshake, and was using the milkshake as a buffer against attacks. She had stopped a kick with the tip of the straw after she was done. It was absolutely ridiculous and impossible, but those were the days of DBZ, Gundam, Kenshin and Bleach. Everything was ridiculous and impossible.

But mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn...that kid was salty about losing to a milkshake straw.


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