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Terms and Definitions

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I'm going to experiment with giving commonly used terms some specific definitions for how they're used in Terrenus, defining them here, and linking back to them as I add these "text tags" to the tops of articles. This will be a dry run before investing money in a pricey addon or sinking time into tweaking the forum software to support it

Note - These are general theme tags to give an immediate and introductory grasp of the nature of the lore. You should defer to the specific, detailed lore as appropriate. When applying Technology in a mixed environment, use the tag that represents the largest part of the lore

Note 2 - This is a WIP and a living document

  • Technology: Broadly refers to the tools and machines used to solve real-world problems. This can be simple tools such as a crowbar or a spoon. Complex machines such as a space station or particle accelerator. Immaterial versions of either, such as software and business methods, and even knowledge, such as the prehistoric knowledge of how to control fire. Although only defined in High Tech, science fiction and science fantasy can exist at Modern Tech too
    • Low tech: Commonly conceived of as Middle Ages. Cobblestone streets, thatched roofs, horse and buggy, manual farming, swords and bows, etc
      • Examples: COTH; any of the villages in Terrenus lean to having minimal tech and magi-tech and are more traditional fantasy in tone
    • Modern tech: Commonly conceived of as ranging from the "jet age" in the 1940s to the present age. Mechanical vehicles run on combustible fuel, telephones, radios, television, telecommunication. There is a wide spectrum from a "three box telephones" to a "smartphone" so reference lore appropriately
    • High tech: Any technology capable of rivaling or surpassing the current age
      • Science fantasy: Technology which leverages magic or fantasy materials as a source or component; a car powered by a fire imp or by a chunk of sunstone are examples science fantasy
      • Science fiction: Technology which uses only real materials and principles to produce an effect beyond normal capabilities; nuclear technology that is miniaturized or safer by using a real material that is too costly to use in the real world, but which exists, are examples of science fiction
  • Genre
    • Criminal: Expect an emphasis on any criminal themes such as theft, murder, corruption of political figures, drug use and so on
    • Steampunk: Expect an emphasis on steam as a means of power and locomotion. How steam is produced or contained be fantastical, such as a liquid other than water or fire from a fire imp to produce the steam
      • Examples: Tia
    • Horror: Expect an emphasis  dark, horror, or psychological thriller themes. Expect suspicion, paranoia, hallucinations, and so on
    • Realism: Expect no magic, technology which is either Low or Modern, no exceptional creatures, and an emphasis on the power of individual choices and the pain of consequences and likely isolated from greater Terrenus. For example there won't exist the ability to heal or resurrect beyond real world capabilities, which raises the stakes
  • Powers
    • No powers: No magical abilities at all
    • Nominal powers: Spells that are more like tricks or very simple utility, such as Light or Spark
    • Low powers: Spells capable of hurting or influencing a range from one person to a group of people
    • Mild powers: Spells capable of hurting or influencing a range of property from a room to a building (this latter now requires approval due to the changes to magic in Terrenus)

2018-07-10: added COTH
2018-07-08: added examples

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