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Unwelcomed Guests. (lvl 0 quest) (Complete)

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A loud chuckle escaped Dredge's throat as he tilted his head up. It was a genuine expression of humor for him. Swiftly finishing placing the brood into the sack, Dredge stood and threw both burlap sacks over his shoulder with one arm. Looking over to the woman he simply walked back over near the circle to engage with her briefly. 

"You my friend lack imagination. I think it's just people from your world, all of you see things in rather dull light. You see something for what it is, a pile of rats." Dredge then began to make his way towards the stairs.
"You don't see it for what it could be. Genetically modified beasts the size of hounds covered in disease. Living torture devices. Plague rats that can launched over a city wall and spread their filth." Dredge then paused before stopping in his tracks. 
"But I like you. So that advice is free." As he passed the woman he handed her a small card with a few numbers written on it. 
"My friends and I are taking a trip up the mountains in Terrenus if you'd like to come with. It'll be a good time." And with the coordinates now given to her, Dredge could be on his way. There was so much murder to be had. 

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Aryela scoffed. "You still don't understand me but perhaps you never will. And I see that you love to assume a lot of things about me, but that's your choice, I guess. My world is the pits of Hell, but I haven't seen it's fiery abyss for centuries, thankfully. Just don't let it get to your head that I am exactly what you think. Sometimes using too much of your imagination can be a fatal thing, and I think you understand that much...for your sake." She decided not to look at the foul rodents not far away. "Rats are rats, you are what you are. Think of it this way: what's the difference between a short man and a tall man? Only their height. To me these creatures that you love to play with have only one thing different from their ancestor, a stronger taste for flesh and blood. Maybe a tinge of darkness in their bones. But who would blame them after being around you for long, think of that poor girl..."

Aryela shifted her weight on her other foot and rubbed her eyes. "I think that I'll pass on that offer, I have business to attend to, but don't think that means that we won't meet again, I'm interested in your plans, curious in how things will fall through with whatever is in your future. Let's just say I'll keep in touch..." She flipped the card with her fingers and glanced briefly at it. She frowned slightly and made her way up the stairs softly, brushing pass the man. Then she stopped and turned a step above him, nodding at him. " Take care of the girl." Then she disappeared around the corner. 



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"I think I'm in love." Dredge said with a chuckle. 

Hoisting the bags up on his shoulder, Dredge made his way up the stairs and saw that the woman had vanished. What a woman. With a smile on his face, the towering giant paced down the hall and back into the main bar. Once there he saw his reward waiting for him, some magical elixir that the paper had advertised. Walking by it, Dredge grabbed it with his free hand. 
But before he could make it to the door, one large human standing at about a foot shorter than him in plate armor without a helmet had stood in his path. He must of been a knight or traveling adventure by the looks of him. Just another Good Samaritan with a sense of honor. 
"I saw the girl who went into the basement with you. She came out of it screaming and covered in blood! What did you do to her villain!? Answer me!" The man demanded of Dredge. 
Smiling in response, Dredge chuckled and glared back at the man. 
"I just gave her a good time is all. She had @&%# me eyes plastered on her face." Trying to anger the man, Dredge's ploy worked and soon the man drew his sword. 
"MONSTER!!" the man shouted before trying to take a swing at Dredge. 
With a flash of motion, there was the sound of glass smashing agains wood and shattering. Afterwards a sharp broken bottle found itself implanted into the knight's neck with Dredge holding the bottle neck like a knife handle. With his arm wrapped around the Knight's back, Dredge held the poor man close to him and whispered in his ear as blood spurt from the fatal wound. 
"I showed her the truth, boy. And I'm not even close to being done with her." Letting go of the man, his limp and bleeding out corpse hit the tavern floor with a thud. 
From there Dredge just walked out of the bar with his true prize in hand.
The End

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