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Lyonesse; Crashing Through Despair Hoping to Bring Forth the Light

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The townsfolk of Lyonesse at first tried to regain their footing amongst the pair. They attacked the two known as Raven and Rin. Unfortunately most lost their lives only to be brought back as servants. A lot of townsfolk lost hope and awaited their futile struggle into enslavement. However most were sitting around in camps eating the ore. They were loat in the ore, losing interest from family to their own interests and careers. 

The demon hunter had been the latest casualty as Sayndar stood there staring down at the corpse. Seemed it was magic barely used in the land. Leaning down it seemed he couldn't bring Vex back in that old body. But he could use the dna to birth a new demon hunter. Sayndar picked up the remains and placed it into the jar. 

"Seems he didn't know he was dealing with a monster. Poor soul. But the resistance will retract the information from your brain and help us gather the necessary means to end this."

Sayndar said to himself as he stood and walked down the path back into the city. He would return to the hideout, regrouping with many of the members of the resistance. Many came from homes ravaged by the princess and knights that destroyed their homes by request of the elders. Looking around the city he eyed the sloth like citizens sitting in groups stained entirely in ore. Those that died, weren't truly dead. Brought back to be knights, maids and servants. 

He shook his head. Wondering how it got out of hand. 


Returning to the castle like temple, Rin looked up at the building. It glowed; radiant with dark energy. She tilted her head as she said nothing. The next steps of the plan were going after the elders. However, the elders had in time, labeled her a heretic, a devil. And this gained many to their side amassing large armies. 

Rin shook her head as she sighed. They would need a massive army themselves to even attempt a battle. But for now she entered the temple, as she was tired from the last battle. 

I can feel him... The hero of Lyonesse. I guess he survived his death. But I wonder how.

She spoke as she flopped into a throne chair, her eyes half closed. 

Closed. Continued from Lyonesse; The Rebuilding of A Temple Chapter II

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The citizens of Lyonese had learned who he was, learned that they were to be the army that will rise to fight the elders who opposed them. They fought with courage and determination only to fall to the demons who’ve plagued the willing with ore, bringing the dead back only to do what it was they were fighting against.

Raven felt Rin return to the temple they had commissioned by those who were so eagerly willing to obey them, to serve them as they desired. Walking in through a door from behind the throne, Raven came up to the left of the tired Rin who had been fighting against those who still held the determination to fight.

“My dearest Rin, how is the battles progressing?” It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the fight himself, but he had to attend to other matters in preparation of the battle to be had with the elders themselves.

Beside the throne another chair as large as the one that seated the Demon King Rin, Raven took up her side, sitting in his own chair he watched as the servant that stood off to the side appear with a goblet for both of them. Leaning forward he would happily take the wine that was being offered to him, the dark red it bled like that of their enemies.

Sipping from the silver goblet, he would turn his deep red eyes to his to be queen. “I hear the Elders are growing an army, how do you suppose we turn them against them?”


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Rin looked up at Raven with half open eyes. She was exhausted from all the work she had been doing turning those who opposed them into ore creatures or dead slaves. She smiled softly trying to hide her tiredness. 

Seems the battle goes well. The enslaved are looking for any pockets of resistance and recruiting them to our side. We've lost a few battles though.

It was what he said next that made her raise a brow. He didn't know her next step? It was okay, Rin was always one step ahead of the elders. A big grin came upon her face then. 

Easy. We place a seed among the armies of the elders to corrupt the knights within. It will dwindle their massive size. Also, ww can start placing doubt in the townsfolk's minds. Twist them to see the elders were lying all along. 

Rin grabbed a glass of wine as she drank it slowly. She had a lot of plans in case the first few failed. Of course, if the hero of Lyonesse was still alive, he'd have to be dealt with too. 


Sayndar opened the small tree hole that led into the resistance hiding spot. What he eyed among the land troubled him. And rebuilding the demon hunter wasn't going to be fun either. Walking past several members, he entered the inner most chamber. 

He eyed the artifact Rheumy then. Someone he didn't trust but allowed to be here because in truth he needed the numbers. Sayndar shoved the jar at Rheumial as he grumbled. 

"You deal in forbidden magic, well bring the demon hunter back. We'll going to need everyone we can get. We're not dealing with an ordinary evil this time."

Sayndar don't be so grumpy. But I'll see what I can do. Man, what happened to him?

"He met a foe he thought he could beat.  That's Vex for you. Too ambitious for his own good."

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The idea of planting a seed among the knights of the elders was a great idea, although it was easier said then done. Raven knew that it would take someone close to them to be recruited, to make sure they had the ore and any other supplies to get them started. Rin seemed to have everything planned out from the beginning, always taking steps before the opposing team could react to what was being thrown at them.

Leaning back in his throne sipping his wine, his eyes diverted to the high ceiling of the temple throne room. Admiring the craftsmanship that went into the building of the temple that turned the tides in the battle in Lyonesse.

While Raven was lost in his own mind going over what he knew and what could be, it was getting later outside. It was about mid-day which most of the staff had been preparing the great dining hall for dinner, which for Rin and Raven was almost a feast every time. Sometimes they dined with guests of their army, important players who gave them a hand above the enemy. Tonight, was to be different as the meal was being prepared for just the two of them, their chairs would be seated next to one another.

One of the male servants to Raven came through the main doors of the throne room, walking up to them both he would bow with his arms folded behind his back. “M’lord and Lady, dinner has been prepared for you and awaits your touch.” Standing up straight he would drop his arms at his sides, he waited for the acknowledgement give more often by Raven.

Snapping out of whatever trance Raven had fallen in while he sat thinking, he would sit up leaning forward. Making eye contact with the man he would give a nod, with that one movement the man knew he could turn and leave the room the same way he had entered.

Looking down into his empty goblet a look of disappointment flutter over Raven’s face, as it passed he stood to his feet. Leaving the goblet on his chair Raven moved in front of Rin who sat so lazily on her throne, he would bow before her holding out his right hand. “M’lady, our dinner awaits!” Standing up straight with his hand still out awaiting the fiery warmth of Rin’s in his, he would escort her towards the great dining hall.

Upon entering the great dining hall, the large table that was often used to feed 15-20 guests including the royals was covered with a beautiful red and black runner. Candles of all sizes were lit carefully placed all over the table around the platters of meat and cheeses, wine and bread. Fruit was so beautifully arranged in bowls, and ore sat decorating the table for those who would be bold to eat more.

Raven lead Rin to their chairs at one end of the massive table letting go of her hand, he would pull her chair out for her. Waiting for her to take a seat he would help move her close to the table before sitting himself, watching as servants appeared out of the shadows to fill their wine glasses and serve them what they desired.

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Rin had been lost in her thoughts for a while. Planning had been taught to her from birth by her own father. Though knowing that Sayndar lived made her disgruntled. She had hoped that she wouldn't have to ever see him again. What trickery did he know? What secrets taught to him that kept the worm alive? Here she thought she had wiped out any of the old druid and mages that learned the old ways of bringing back dead lifeforms. 

As she sat there thinking how this could be, who remained in the resistance she could worm her way into, her mind came upon someone she knew deeply to infiltrate the knights. A childhood acquiantance that rose to knighthood. And was a personal guard to the elders. The corners of her mouth crawled up into a smile. Another plan would be easily hatched. The servant's voice brought her back to the real world as she lost track of the time. 

Ah, thank you dear. I haven't realised how late it was. 

Rin stood and took Raven's arm as he led her to the dining hall. Many nights had been feasting with important guests, Inquistors, and even the servants. Tonight Rin wanted to be alone with Raven. She wanted to get to know her beloved more. As she entered the hall, she eyed just the two chairs, excited her wish was granted. She sat down as Raven pushed in her chair. 

What are we eating tonight my dear? Last night's was a little rough. 

Rin chuckled nervously. She smiled at Raven. 


"Gonna be honest with you Sayndar, I don't think I can bring him back from mere ashes." Replied Cid. He looked at jar puzzled in all honesty. "It's nothing here at all, no dna, no bones. Whomever killed the demon hunter musta had an axe to grind with him."

"Well, seeing he was in the military, has to have dna on record right? Something we can rebuild him with? Doesn't have to be exact. We need him Cid. We need his talents to help exterimate the foul beings that are in Lyonesse."

"We do. Though don't think he'll be happy you revived him. I'll try my best but will be a couple days. Old Athenthian magic isn't easy to just do. I'll need to conjur up a few items, learn some rituals. But I'll let you know in a week. I'd suggest you find a replacement just in case. In fact--"

"No Cid, we aren't like them. We aren't gonna brainwash someone to think they're Vex. I know you can do it. You brought me back."

Cid sighed. Sayndar was just asking too much. But to make the old man happy, he took the jar and headed down the hole to the magic part. It would take a miracle to get Vex back. And if not, could his mortal conscience allow him to turn another into him? Sayndar didn't know. And at the moment he didn't want to think about it. He headed to where the knights were, as the new recruits were training. 

It looked bleak. 

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As Raven sat watching as the servants filled their goblets with wine, he would lean forward reaching for that glass to sip from. The touch of the cool glass against his lips was heavenly, but not compared to the dark red liquid that was sliding down his throat. Turning his red gaze upon his queen to be he smiled, gesturing to the various cuts of meat and the cured cheeses that decorated the table.

“I thought tonight we would dine on meat with cheese, and the fresh bread that came from the baker.”

Pointing to the meat he desired on his plate one of the servants appeared from the darkness to put some of the meat on his plate, and the cheese he soon pointed after. “Also, some of the bread.” His voice spoke to the servant who moved with purpose as Raven grabbed from the meat that sat on his plate.

Returning Rin’s smile, Raven had taken note of the nervous laugh. He knew that she was still learning to care for him with her transformation, especially now his Sithis blood ran through her thicker than anything else. The prophecy of her becoming the Demon King wasn’t what all thought it to be, to have a pure demon himself intervene and push the process faster than expected.

“Why the nervous laugh, my love?” Taking a bite of the cheese that sat on his plate, he could taste the age in it as it was made.

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I just realised it's the first time we are alone together without someone attacking us. And I'm also terrible at small talk. But I do know I am enjoying our time together. Possibly we can take a stroll after dinner?

Rin said as she took a bite of the meat. She hadn't had such a treat since the days of being in Athentha's old towers. The princess took a sip of the wine and made a face, it was bitter compared to rum. But she continued eating the meal until it was gone. 

Standing up, she looked around the room. It seemed that there were new servants, more and more of them each day. And their numbers were growing. Though she couldn't get past the thoughts she had. They bothered her slightly. 

I was trying to piece together how Sayndar lived. I fear that he may become a thorn in our side. He is the hero of Lyonesse after all. Unless he is aligned with one of the old druids. There were a few left after time passed. It's just bothering me, I'm afraid. 

Rin sighed as she walked towards the balcony. She wanted to spend time with Raven before the war truly started. Yet, she felt that things would be interesting in time. 

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“Aw yes, it has been a long while since we’ve been alone without being attacked.” Finishing the meal he had placed on his plate, he turned gaze to Rin who was finishing the meat that was laid before her. She seemed to be bothered by something, soon she expressed those fears. “I would love to go for a walk with you.”

Picking up his goblet once more to finish the bitter wine, he stood up in his place shoving the chair backwards. Turning to walk to the balcony to meet Rin, Raven moved up behind her putting his arms around her shoulders. Pulling Rin into his body, standing much taller than her his body heat felt like the flames of hell licked upon his body.

“Do not worry about Sayndar this night, let the others take care of finding him. We can task the assassins to find him, or at least scope out ideas of where he could be. In time we will take him out for good, burn every last dna lifeline he may have left..”

With one hand he would brush a strand of her loose hair from her face, placing a kiss on the top of her head. Realizing it had been a long time since he was able to show affection to his bride to be, but then life taking over Lyonese wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. Pulling back away from her he would turn her to face him, “Where would you like to walk?”

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Raven made her feel comfortable. It eased her worrying mind a bit. Yet she couldn't shake the feeling. She leaned into Raven as she softly sighed. She wondered about something else, how well the people were coming along in their new forms. Rin had been experimenting lately with the townsfolk, some got the ore, others turned into vampires and a few with both. 

We can stroll among the beach. I heard the moon will crash into the sun at the exact moment midnight strikes. It creates a catalyst of such burning passion and beautiful colours. 

Rin replied as she stood there. Wanting to spend as much time with him before they were to begin planning the next phase of the plan. Walking from him now, she made her way inside and down the steps to the main hall. Should he follow, Rin lead him along a dirt path towards the beach. 


Hours passed as Sayndar paced back and forth. Puzzled how Vex had died. What brute force burned him into dust? The druid eyed him walking back and forth with a raised eyebrow. Seems the lad hadn't slept in days as he awaited the answer to the remains of Vex. 

"You do know there's 2% this will work Sayndar? Whomever did this, used a magi I haven't seen since Athentha's birth. I don't even know if Vex's remains are all here. But you should go see the knights and if they have word from the elders. Get your mind off this."

Sayndar sighed as he left the druid. Unsure if they would get the demon hunter back, Sayndar worried about the keys put in place to keep Athentha alive. The keys to turn the tide from war and battle. Walking towards the cobblestone streets, he eyed the weird citizens. Lyonesse had a huge human population but lately he had been seeing more and more different creatures rise up. This concerned him. 

Sayndar was the rightful owner of Lyonesse and his blood boiled knowing some imposteer had wiggled and wormed his way into Lyon's position. A man no one knew, from an outside land. Heading onto a secretive dirt path away from the city, Sayndar was off to see the elder. The knights were preparing to go to Yral and begin the first step of the elder's plan. Gaining access to the ore and destroying any creatire that opposed them.

Sayndar eyed a young knight then as he stood there outside the gates. The knight looked a bit pale as if nightmares haunted her dreams. However Sayndar cursed knowing exactly who the knight was. Amaranth, the rogue artifact and Manah stood next to her. 

Well look what the cat dragged in. Ammy chuckled. She shook her head as she came near Sayndar. And hear I thought you got eaten. Shame really. Though we don't stand a chance against the princess. Unfortunately I have more bad news. Since Raven transformed her with that neat little mark, its done something to her psyche. Annnnd, the people are starting to reflect the new born lineage. Change even. From hume to--

Manah sighed as the artifact disappeared. Not sure where Amaranth went but she hoped to get more information by spying on the couple. Amaranth silently followed Rin and Raven towards the beach. Sayndar shrugged then. He looked at the girl noticing how pale she was also. 

"Are you alright? You look so pale Ser Manah." Sayndar said. "Everyone does these days. I feel an epidemic is on the rise."

"I'm just a bit tired. No need to concern yourself. The elder is waiting in his chambers for you. Good day Sayndar."

He nodded as he made his way into the building. Sayndar had no idea of the agent Rin sent to infilrate the knights and cause discourse. A young vampire named Lyssa had gotten recruited into the knights, having her ways with them and infecting them slowly so that she wouldn't be noticed. She had bitten a few of the knights including Manah.

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Watching Rin walk away from him, Raven watched the rhythm of her body as she disappeared in front of him. Taking the moment to enjoy the way the demon queen moved before him, he would smile as he started to follow her through into the main hall of the temple. She led him down a long dirt path, the smell of sea water touched the air around them.

Closing his eyes as he followed the swaying body of his queen to be, his mind wandered to a time before all of this war in this land. Touching base on his life before all of this with the Sithis lands, Raven felt the bloodline in him stir to such thoughts.

With their destination set before them by Rin, Raven made the effort to catch up with her. Sliding an arm around her waist, his red hues staring out to the vast endless waters before them. The feeling of his boots sinking in the sand gave way to thoughts of those who would soon feel the sinking pain of death as they took down those who opposed them.

“The smell of the water in the air brings back memories from a past long ago lost..”

With his eyes open and looking down into Rin’s face, he would feel the smile fade a bit as his mind started to visit those thoughts once more. Focusing his mind to clear itself from the past and the war in the future, he would pull Rin in closer to him as they walked down the beach.


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The memories of the distant past could be a painful yet exotic force and feeling upon one self. It could build and build until it released and hit everyone near by. Rin eyed Raven as she didn't answer for a moment.He seemed to be lost in the past. And this place, if allowed would draw them into forgotten memories casted aside. 

The princess looked down for a moment as she shook her head. Something troubled Raven yet he didn't speak. She couldn't see the mists wrapping around the young man, something unholy in nature it seemed. However in this moment, he would be alone. The landscape clouded and dark. The illusion showing nothing more but him standing on the beach, the whispers seemed to grow louder and darker. In a whim, they played long forgotten memories of the heart in such the cruelist manner. Not to provoke anything but malice and contempt. 

All must be tested to see if they are fully and wholy prepared to rule the land. In this, can you change the past and keep her from death?

With this, the scene turned back to normal, Rin stood there once more as she tilted her head. Not sure what had occurred for the last minute or two.

"The water does that to all. This place is the home of Lyonessian folklore. They say that spirits of old speak to you and test you by bringing back painful past experiences. Some go mad. Others become tyrannical or ruthless. It happened to my father. Memories of the past? Do thry still hurt since you last left them?"

Rin asked as she came towards him and embraced him. She wondered if the folklore was trying to show its head again since there were people trying to stop the war and the effects of the ore and the undead. The princess then pulled him along towards her favourite spot.


Sayndar had been looking over the knight' uniform as he awaited the elder. It had been years since he saw the elder and now his son had taken over since his father's death. The uniforms looked odd, weird old symbols of trees and flowers painted among the crest that sat in the middle. Sayndar hoped that they could get the demon hunter back because he knew the key weaknesses to the princess. However he hoped the four keys needed to stop the war and the princess were still in the hands of good.

Looking over the knights that guarded the door to the elder, he noticed the faces. One of the knights looked oddly sick and pale. The elf's eyes looked glassy. Before he could question the knight, a young elf girl came out and lead him in the grand main chamber of the elder. Sayndar closed the door behind him before looking at Atlas Lyon, Grant Lyon's son.

"I'm surprised Rin hasn't found you yet. Half of Lyonesse along with your father have fallen to the pair. I don't know how the man got here but he's a force to be reckeoned with on his own as he has used the half breed' twisted game against her. And your knights--"

"You don't trust me Sayndar?  I may be Lyon's son, but i do know the state of the island and whom to trust. And who not to.  I am seeing my land turned into monsters by some kid who thinks he can just take my father's land. Sayndar I know of you and the resistance. I wish to join to reclaim the land. Reclaim it from those monsters. i am sure you noticed the knights.  I am glad we are thinking the same thing. We can not trust them."

Sayndar's eyes widened at the man's words. How did he know about all that? Not many knew the princess's plan of infiltrated the knights except Sayndar, Ferghas and well the bad guys. Now Atlas knew of that, it bugged him. But for now he didn't let this cloud his mind. He would have Mathias check this out once he got back to the hideout And Sayndar would be vague in his answers. 

"Yes, they cannot be for the time being You might want to be more scrutizing with them until you know the one spreading the illness into them and having them become slaves. Grant Lyon would have made a better plan than this but it will have to do. Oh and be careful not to upset our enemies just yet. I'm learning about that magic Raven used."

With that Sayndar headed back to the hideout. No closer to finding out the cursed knight. As the hero left the building, his footsteps gracing the steps, something sinister was occurring inside. Atlas exited his room and locked the door. He wanted to get to tje bottom of the knights. He would not be able to yet. His eyes graced the faces of the knights looked different after Sayndar's visit. The hero made him question what was happening in the land. He wanted to stop the pair at any cost. 

Atlas? Called a voice that chilled him to the bone yet excited him at the same time. I was wondering if you could have a word with me for a moment.

He nodded not knowing his fate was about to be changed.

Can play the woman if you want. Her name's Amarosa, a tainted ore elf. She has long flowing black blue hair, Heterchroma Yellow Orange eyes, and a busty fill. She's wearing a knights outfit at the moment that she stole to infiltrate.
Edited by Rin
Wanted to add a bit of conflict with the new elder

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The memories of his past long since erased from reality faded with Rins presence before Raven, snapping him back to reality. Smiling down at the halfling no more pulling him down the beach towards her favorite spot, Raven easily gave the ground to follow his demon queen to be.

“Little to no pain of my past bothers me, love. Sometimes the memories like to remind me of where I come from.”

The idea of the waters of Lyonese having such power over those who peered into it was astonishing, although shouldn’t really be all that surprising considering the power of those who wish to take land from the people.

The threat of Raven and Rin was washing over the land, reaching even the strongest of their enemies. Unbeknownst to the two of them people of interest were meeting and working together against the couple who wished to wash the land with fire and brimstone. Although the two of them were not ignorant of what could be, they too had a contingency plan in place to counter those who would revolt against them.

“I will never let my mind faulter, even lore can be overcome. I do hope our informant in the inside is being successful.”

Turning he would pull Rin into his arms, combing his fingers through her silky hair.

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2c16cc2d8d422a8a8dbf14223462d62a--fantasy-women-fantasy-art.jpgRin embraced Raven, placing her head into his chest as he pulled her into his arms. They couldn't get comfortable just yet while their enemies were still around to destroy their building of a new land and people. She looked up at her beloved as they stood near the waters of the beach. It was her favorite spot because you could see the sunrise and sunset the best here. 

How she adored her new king. Wanted to bask in his sight and glory. Her dead heart beating only with devotion and love for the nan before her.  No longer able to be freewilled, she longed to make this kingdom, land his home. 

Rin looked up to gently kiss his lips, her body tight against his as she wanted to devour in his love right then and there. 

Our new world is coming into view. The people can sense the war coming but cannot stop us. I hope as well, as it is a newly made informant. But we will be successful either way. These waters like to draw in the past of many. I think it is to help them make less mistakes than the last time. I know, something not dreary, tell me of you. I feel I wasn't told much by my father when he bethrothed us.

Rin smiled leaning her form into his. Kissing his lips once again as she hungered for his form, desired to taste his flesh once more. 

Will I get to meet your family? Get to meet other Sithis that grace your name?


Sayndar made his way back as he had thought something shady was going on with Atlas yet he didn't feel safe discussing anything important with the eyes of the knights. As he entered the hideout, Cid appeoached him with a stern look on his face. Hoping the hero of Lyonesse hadn't been followed. Sayndar looked at Cid. 

"Sayndar, we have a problem.  We couldn't bring Vex back in that body he used. In our investigations and trying to bring him back, we foubd out this isn't Athenthian magic that burnt him to a crisp. And so our revival magic won't work. Not on that body anyways. We'll have to go with plan B."

The man sighed as he listened to Cid. "Figures. Every time that stupid demon hunter runs off to be brave and save that princess he gets killed. This is the third times he died and we had to rebuild him from scratch. Pain in the ass."

Cid raised an eyebrow at his words. Seems Sayndar was use to this. The two decided to get to work on rebuilding from scratch the fourth version of Vex. They had more than enough dna and spare bodies laying about.


Atlas eyed the woman then as he noticed the elf had made a name for herself in the short time she was here in Lyonesse. And he was not wise this woman was the one infiltrating the knights and formung them to Raven's and Rin's side. 

The woman approached Atlas and smiled, almost entrancing and hypotnizing the young elder. Yet Atlas couldn't look away as the girl approached with such danger.

It has been awhile my dear Atlas, as you have grown. And Sayndar seems to still not trust you. I have a way he cannot refuse us.

Atlas remained silent as the elf woman only known as Opal came nearer him, her hungry eyes piercing through him. And he couldn't resist her like the knights. Opal had been corrupting the knights to the side of the pair of Raven and Rin.

"Opal..." Atlas breathed. "You are the one behind--"

Before he could speak, Opal closed the space between them as she corrupted the elder. The plan was going as planned, the elder now stood with nothing in his eyes, dulled and empty. Opal chuckled as she called into Raven telepathically.

My dear master, it is done. The elder is under our power. He will now be riped to use as a puppet to draw out the resistance.

Opal then disappeared into the shadows, her mission done.


Edited by Rin

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While Raven held Rin her head resting against his chest, he let his chin rest on the top of her head. Enjoying the private quiet moment between them, he would look out over the water that lapped at the shores edge. He could see why this place was held so highly of Rin in Lyonesse, she was right it was the perfect place to watch the sun set. Rin’s words echoed of the past and the now future about to come into play, she was right the people knew of the war to come through the rumors that would fly through the country like butterflies migrating.

She mentioned the betrothal by her father, a question about his family. Staring over the top of her head out over the waterfront, Raven thought about his sister; his only living relative. “Well my dear Rin, I come from a noble demonic family, with ties to ancient times.” Pulling his chin from the top of her head, he would kiss lightly upon the cool flesh of her forehead. “My mother and father perished during a war of those times, when I was young and naive. My sister however I believe is still living, we haven’t held close ties for many decades.”

Raven wondered where his sister was to this day, where did she call home now. As he stood holding his bride to be, he would feel a sensation in his mind. Before he began to speak about finding his sister, Raven felt Opal coming into his mind through the telepathy link they shared now. A wicked grin would form over his lips as he heard that the elder Atlas was now apart of them, forever corrupted.

Pulling Rin away from his body gently, deep red hues peering into the orbs that lead to where her soul would be if she had one. “Rin, I am most happy to express that Atlas now stands on our side, Opal was successful in her mission.” After relaying the news to his beloved, Raven responded to his agent in waiting. “Very good Opal, keep your head down, corrupt who you can when you can. Don’t get caught!” Placing another long warm kiss upon the cool flesh of Rin’s forehead, he would begin to contemplate the next moves they would take in this long foreboding war.

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2c16cc2d8d422a8a8dbf14223462d62a--fantasy-women-fantasy-art.jpgRin cradled herself in his embrace. She listened a bit envious that his life was not that harsh as hers. 

Her father on the other hand was another matter altogether.  As Raven spoke, she listened intently on his words, the small kisses upon her brow and forehead made her cheeks blush with color. She was alone for so long in the darkness of that prison that she was still getting used to all this. 

Do you wish to go see your sister? I'm sure she misses you. My family is dead, either perished by insanity, heroes or sickness. My father went insane after I was born, experimented on me greatly to produce the beast of legend. My mother--

She paused then. Looking away as remembering the past pained her greatly. How they almost brought tears to her hollow eyes. A soul she once had, torn apart by those who claimed to love and protect her. Gentle lies she believed time and time again. 

Was killed by father. My sibling, my brother, was killed by the organization of the Red Blood Moon Children. Perhaps you've heard of them?

The next set of words made her smile. The elder was their toy, their possession now. And soon destroyed by his own actions. Their steps to war and power ever coming closer to fruitation. 

Excellent. Soon we will find that rat Sayndar and his little group of traitors. Of course, he'll be harder to put down than the demon hunter. Raven, have you decided the day to wed?

Rin asked as the walked the beach. The haunting crashes of waves would drum up past thoughts and memories of old as these waters did. Illusionary visions of old images plagued the sandy beaches. Calling all those to fight back against the haunting tunes of great power and darkness.


cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpgSayndar stopped walking for a moment as a foreboding thought entered him. He looked back towards Atlas's mansion to find it derelict and falling apart. Yet just moments ago it was perfectly flawless. It unnerved him. 

The hero made his way towards the mansion eyeing the guards and knights, they had hollow black and yellow eyes, their skin grey. He scratched his head, unsure of what had happened. 

"It can't be--" he whispered. "The betrayer couldn't have gotten in there so fast. I was there, I woulda picked up on that. How did this occur?"

Sayndar walked past them all as he entered the main hall. The paintings were crooked, the wallpaper cracked and peeling. Atlas sat in the main chair, hood over his head. He looked so sick as Opal stood beside him. 

That woman looked familiar. Sayndar couldn't place his finger on it but he swore he saw the elf woman before. His eyes wondered back onto the elder. 

"What happened here?" Sayndar asked. "It wasn't like this an hour ago. And you, where did you come from?"

I am Atlas's grand vizier. I watch over him to make sure he's well. After all he is Lyon's son. He could have the same afflictions as he.

Sayndar frowned. Her thick accent didn't sit well with him nor did her words.

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