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Alternative: Storygame: Escape Velocity Resurgence OOC (Come and play along!)

Persistent Escape Velocity Poll: Updated 9/22/2018  

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  1. 1. Who did RJ hire as a chief mate?

    • Grease monkey-turned powersled racer-turned crew-mate Keira Lansley, she's a proficient engineer
    • Former Federation Surveyor Corps, Julius Hawke, well-traveled and experienced, a good navigator
    • Imposing and heavily tattooed, Malarn claims to be an Auroran merchant who has fallen on hard times, and now seeks reputable employment
    • Virtual Intelligence: Galatea: A hologram, and a constant companion, she can handle almost anything, but provides no specific boost

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Mankind has colonized the stars. The early explorers launched themselves and their followers into the void with little or no idea of what the future would hold. Many were never heard from again, until a genius named Omata Kane came to the fore. Kane designed and orchestrated the construction of the Hypergate system. The Hypergates were a means of linking systems light-years apart with wormhole technology.

A great boom of colonization began, and the dark reaches of space were suddenly not so dark,  nor so distant. The ruling body of humanity, the Colonial Council, grew rich from the colonies, and the lifeblood was the Hypergate system. 

But the Colonial Council grew corrupt and the sickness of that corruption spread through every layer of society. Pirate attacks became more prevalent, criminals flourished, and politicians became military governors. The emasculated Council could do nothing. Terrorists destroyed the Sol Hypergate and the backlash crippled the network. Overnight entire systems were cut off from civilization, and society was thrown into a state of anarchy. 

Few could have foreseen the events that followed. Warlord arose, empires sprung up and collapsed just as quickly, and all the while the people of the galaxy suffered a dark age. Planets sank into a feudal state, and technology was lost, seemingly forever. 

Yet from this chaos, rose order. A newly reformed Council advanced faster than-light technology, and slowly regained contact with the lost worlds of humanity. Over time, the core systems of human space formed a new ruling body: the Federation. Life is now a cheap commodity in a dangerous universe. To the south lies the Auroran Empire, a savage race. The mysterious Polaris hold the galactic east, while the north and west are unexplored. 

You have just purchased your first ship, a shuttle that you hope will lead to bigger and better things. You are ready to start your maiden voyage. The universe with all of its diverse beauty and terrors awaits you...



Welcome to Escape Velocity

This is a Fierach Productions Story Game

This means you, the audience determines the direction of the story. Those of you who are familiar with the story games I've run will know what you're in for, those of you who are not familiar, well you'll learn. Death is completely possible. 

This OOC is for story discussion, exposition, general banter, and polling for story decisions.

Link to Escape Velocity: Resurgence Main Story


The poll has been updated:

Who did RJ hire as a chief mate?


Please see notes link

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Persistent Captain Profile:

Name: RJ MacReady

"Freelancer 101"

Combat Rating: N/A

Credits: 30,000

Ship: "Cardinal Virtue"

Sigma Shipyards Alpha-class Shuttle

Ship Outfits:

1 Light Blaster


1 energy efficient hand-blaster


1 Exotic Ships and Weapons License


Leadership: 2

Piloting: 1

Gunnery: 1

Engineering: 1


Kiera Lansley - Engineer


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