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What is a Wizard without his Wand?

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Priscilla was proud of Luis for speaking to his parents and have them understand that he, one day, would be a man. A nobleman. A Lord. Right now he was a good place to explore the world and get to know what was out there to bring knowledge back home to make it a better place. The sooner they knew that, the better. She would smile at the parents and looked to Lady Cassandra. "I'll make sure he goes home once in a while.  Besides, I want to meet his brothers and sisters."She smiled and  rose as they did to give them a proper farewell.

Once they were out of sight, she sat back down again and felt warm lips on her forehead. She smiled, looking to Luis and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "I love you completely, Luis..."She said, bringing her hand up to brush her hand on his cheek. 

There was a throat clear and she forgot for a few moments that they were in the dining hall and Kalmuli was sitting beside them with Ingrid on the other side of the table where the Uldwars had sat. Priscilla blushed. "Alright love doves...I have a bit of work to do with Luis here."She said, taking Luis' arm and looking it over. She would have the make the seal stronger than the last...something about volatile teenage boys made controlling emotions a lot more difficult.  Kalmuli's palm glowed, her hand moving over the problematic arm. "I'm adding some extra protection here. Next time you get an emotional outburst like that again, it'll  dissipate some of your mana. It'll make you tired but sleepy is a lot better than explosive."

"A seal?"Priscilla said, leaning around to look at Kalmuli's work.

"Luis here has two mana...one of which needs extra care not to cause trouble."

"So he's a Latent?"Priscilla said, looking surprised. 

"Yes. Ah..."Kalmuli said, looking to Luis. "I don't think that was explained to you yet."

Ingrid would clear her throat to regurgitate information on Latents. "Latents are individuals who are naturally born with two mana wells. Usually like a chimera effect where it splits evenly in the middle. Latents have an easier time combining two mana pools together to cast spells but depending on the elements...it can be a little chaotic."

Priscilla looked on in awe, looking down at Luis' arm.  "His is fire and..."She said, knowing what the other one meant. "So that's why there's a seal..."

"Yes...but over time, I think you two being together will help the mana find it's balance. I think you two tame each others...tempers."Kalmuli said, finishing with the seal and patting Luis' shoulder. "And teach you to be gentle with each other. Save for this South Seas trip. You may have to fight each other."

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Looking down at the new seal, Luis felt himself regaining control over his mind. It felt nice, knowing that the darkness was being held back once again. All the seals in the world however can't stop the fact that he did have this darkness within him. Someday, and he was guessing soon, he was going to have to face that darkness. He honestly hoped he came out on top in that fight.

"We'll have to battle each other, huh?" Luis said, smiling at Priscilla as he did so. "I'll do my best not to show you up in front of the other students. Your blushing looks best when it's just the two of us."

Looking to Ingrid, his smile shortened somewhat. "Thank you, for convincing them to come back and apologize. My father and...even my mother, it seems, can be difficult to deal with at times."

Then he looked to Kalmuli. "Thank you as well for not hurting them. Seeing you be able to hold back makes me feel certain I can keep control of my emotions as well."

Throughout this journey, Luis felt as if they had grown together, in a way that he didn't think possible. It wasn't quite a family, not yet, anyway, but close to that, he believed. Luis felt as if he could rely on both of the elves for support and guidance, not just for his studies, but for things concerning life as well. In a way they were almost like his aunts, and he loved that about them. Together they truly could be family, a family that could stick together through thick and thin. They were his family, and this place was his home. 

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Priscilla and Kalmuli looked at each other with a little smirk when Luis said something about tripping her up. Master and student knew much better than that. "We'll see...just don't get mad when I've got you on the sand looking at the sky."She said with a little, teasing chuckle.

Ingrid looked up from having been trying some of the banquet food, raising her eyebrows while she had a cheek full of vegetation stored there. She swallowed, patting her mouth and smiled. "They're afraid of losing you...but if you protect a plant so much from the world, it will whither without water and light."She said, seemingly quoting a odd proverb for this situation. "I just told them the truth...and I know how your mother feels. One day, Camille will attend this school. One day, he'll have to grow up and leave to be his own person to meet his own Priscilla."

Kalmuli smiled. "Camille should already be in school..."She noted. The young half elf was already showing signs of having a connection to his mana...usually with his tantrums but it was something he would learn to control. A lesson he could probably learn from Luis later on. The older elf looked to Luis, reaching over and putting her hand on top of his head. "I wouldn't have hurt them...just shamed them to the point that they wouldn't show up at the school anymore...but your mother does have a sharp tongue to her when she's upset."

Kalmuli leaned in closer to Luis, whispering into his ear. "And mind your hands around my pupil, Young Lord Luis...otherwise you'll lose your wand hand."She said in warning. 

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Luis was no stranger to threats, though he did smile sheepishly and nod at Kalmuli in his own attempt to hide the nervousness that was in him. Even with the threat hanging over his head, he was ecstatic about being with Priscilla, even more so now that he had the full support of his parents behind him.

"Well then, now that the excitement is done with, guess we should be heading off to bed." He looked at Priscilla, his heart warming just at the sight of the half elf and said. "Goodnight, my lady."

They were on the path to becoming wizards, lovers, and so much more after that day. A long journey was ahead of them, but together, they could make it through to the other side.

[Thread Concluded]

Summary Plot Points:

Luis has the dark side of his mana sealed from him by Kalmuli.

Illyana and Cassandra Uldwar reconcile their differences and begin rebuilding their relationship as mother and daughter.

The Weaver Academy is constructed and holds its first entrance trials for prospective students.

Luis excels through the various trials, along with Kalmuli's student Priscilla, a half elf who once lived on a farm and had an abusive father before Kalmuli rescued her.

During the trials, Luis and Priscilla form a relationship and become boyfriend and girlfriend, taking things slow so they can know each other better.

After an intense shouting match between Luis and his parents during his graduation party, the seal on Luis's arm breaks, but he rejects the call of darkness and vows to fight it with all of his might.

Luis and his parents reconcile after they apologize, giving him their full support and blessing towards his path and his relationship with Priscilla.

Luis learns from Kalmuli that he is a Latent, a wizard with two wells of mana, one of fire and one of darkness, and a stronger seal is applied to keep him from losing control until he is ready.

Consequences of Thread: The Weaver Academy is now open on the island of Misral, where a select few come to learn and master the ways of magic.

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